Kin 136: Yellow Rhythmic Warrior ends Week 19 on Overtone Silio 21

The Code Spell for Kin 136, Yellow Rhythmic Warrior is:   “I Organize in order to QuestionBalancing Fearlessness, I seal the output of Intelligence with the Rhythmic tone of Equality.  I am guided by my own power doubled.”

“Book of the Timespace” refers to Seal 16 as thePathfinder of the Radial Matrix.  “I see ways not yet seen by others.  My fearless Spirit clears obstacles along the way, so that others may follow paths of increasing Intelligence.  I am the Pioneer of the Future…”

Postulate 16.6 states:  “Entrance into the Dominion of Time, through the conscious self-reflective discovery of the Law of Time, actually initiates the “Cycle of Return”.  Cycle of Return refers to that moment in the stellar evolution when atomic-cellular expansion becomes regressive, and the correct process of excitation of primary material can only be induced by self-reflective consciousness.  As self-reflective consciousness increases, mass diminishes, volume expands, and weight decreases.  This decrease is proportionate to the release of Radion resulting in continuing and super conscious expansion of Thermic Luminic properties.” 

 This describes  the effect of our daily telepathic interaction with the Radial Plasmas upon our environment, and ultimately upon our state of consciousness.  The Rainbow Bridge will be a magnificent display of this.  Each Silio (the day each Week’s practice ends with us inside the Heart of the Earth-her 8-sided Crystal Core) is designated as our day of ‘practice or rehearsal’ of this event to be ‘staged’ on December 21, 2012.  Today, gather with at least two other Kin (defined minimally as a person who has identified their Galactic Signature), if possible, or alone-joining other Kin telepathically.Read the instructions posted last Silio, and then envision the Rainbow Bridge (the Plasmas stored at Earth’s Core which currently stream out as the Aurora Borealis) emanating from the North Pole and streaming down the front of the Earth (the side that faces the Sun) and at the same time see/feel the Plasma flowing through you and the Planet, down through the South Pole and behind the Planet, merging the two streams into the long-prophesied Rainbow Bridge of Peace.

 Yellow Warrior  The Warrior belongs to the Gateway Family which ‘guards’ the South Pole and the Root Chakra of our Planet.  The Warrior corresponds to Saturn which shares Circuit Four with Mars.

SILIO 21 has the action of DISCHARGE, and it gathers in our Heart Chakra.  “My Role is to Accomplish the Actions of the Buddha.  I Discharge the Mental Electron Neutron at the Center of the Earth.” This Week we have completed the Blue Telepathic Time Atom which is the Southernmost of the 4 Time Atoms inside the Earth’s Octahedral Crystal core. 

On every Silio we place ourselves inside the Cube we have created and imagine ourselves inside the Heart (core) of the Earth, and from there, we RADIATE Love, Wisdom and Healing.  This is also the space from which we practice the Rainbow Bridge Meditation.

Telektonon Day 21 is when we envision the New Heaven-New Earth as the Establishment of the Noosphere. Humanity attains 4th dimensional self-understanding: a return to nature, Cosmic consciousness and Galactic memory.

Cube Fifteen:  Vision  “By my telepathic conscious Eagle Power of Vision, may the 13 Moons Peace way restore the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth as the promised Second Creation Peace!”  Today we tone “Ray” (Re).

The Analog for today is Kin 123, Blue Rhythmic Night.  At 1:23 (Swiss time) yesterday, the Large Hadron Collider was again shutdown-along with it’s website.   As previously reported here,   high-level scientists associated with this project believe that Time Travelers from the Future are thwarting their attempts to disturb TimeSpace in order to find the ‘God Particle’.

Other news  during this Blue Transformative 19th Week  is that England ceased to be a sovereign nation as it ceded its power to the European Union on December 1, 2009 (P.V. Lunar Human:  12.2).  Here is  uplifting news from England:  On Wavespell 11, Day 3Paul McCartney whose Galactic Signature is 11.3 (P.V. Electric Monkey) addressed the European Parliament’s hearing on Global Warming and Food Policy.  This longtime vegetarian urged them to adopt a policy of Meat-Free Mondays.  He will also urge the world to reduce its meat consumption when he attends the Climate Change conference in Copenhagen  later this week. 

A news item from America supports the benefits of our ‘Return to Nature“:  It shows how people living outside of cities (synonomous with Historical and Materialism) are so much better off than their counterparts living in cities.  In a variety of ways, the ideas of Unity, a Return to Nature and Spirit, and Well-being for ourselves and for our Earth are spreading.

At Midnight we begin the Fourth Week of the Fifth Overtone Moon of Radiance and Empowerment. 🙂

N.S.  1. 22. 5. 21  /15   Kin 136

3 thoughts on “Kin 136: Yellow Rhythmic Warrior ends Week 19 on Overtone Silio 21

  1. hi TMQ et all here … mapping the travelling

    my focus is on

    “I see ways not yet seen by others. My fearless Spirit clears obstacles along the way, so that others may follow paths of increasing Intelligence. I am the Pioneer of the Future…”

    Recently i spoke with Monkey9 who is known for teaching people here on the DreamSpellKnowings – DSK (#23)

    I -a highly rewarded seer here in “no-nonsens” LowLands- shared my ways not yet seen by others (and some are -allowed to be- shared in the comments at TMQ). And as a Teacher he was not happy with the new ways. But then as a Human (on mutual influence wings) he showed open in conversation as his wife. It feels great for me and my wife to have such free-ends to speak on those “arising ions”.

    Learning from this meetings i would appeal to other ones to set a role next to the tendency to ignore a certain new way / wave. By having set a role next to that the path is cleared for other roles next to that one. Free-ends do not stick to one role in intertwining affairs and entangling weavings.

    On certain grouped missions it might be good to “stick to your role” as a first task objective – it shows respect to one another for the task to fullfil in grouptrust. Situations can occur that the groupspirit is called in to offer secondary tasks at hand. By then the extra acting is not judged as interfering but adding on the missions objective / outcome / result.

    In this way individuals that are welltrained in all the things handled here on TMQ might be pen for a challenge as a new path seen by a seer and calling for a warrior attempt. The Rhythmic Warrior is a very profound combo that is picking up the new uniQverse from the edge “at the East”.

    In this way i promote the coming for the last 4 Seals in the 7th column – the mystic chromatic 35 (8).


    In the word Pioneer i set the mutual focus on “PI” – the famous 3.14… digit.

    Quite some years ago a saw this rhyme from that digit:

    “Three Self ~ One Four All … All Four One ~ Self Three”
    (which sounds other words too)

    The thing is sort of related to two stories:
    * Tree Self ~ Self Tree : is as the Buddha Bodhisatva experience
    * The 3 Musceteers (Alexander Dumas) and the 4th Musceteer: the opne with the open mind – d’Artagnan

    The 3rd story is my own path … 😉 as a seer, a warrior, a sunwind and all other combo as strong felt relationships a br’ea(r)th – at the edge of Resonant Earth

    3.14 … * … 41.3

  2. Giving this clue “The Warrior belongs to the Gateway Family which ‘guards’ the South Pole and the Root Chakra of our Planet. The Warrior corresponds to Saturn which shares Circuit Four with Mars.”

    … i am very pleased with this TMQ connection 😉

    contemplating on the warrior glyph (see the refered image) … i see the upper half as the Northern Earth Half and the half below as the Southern Earth Half : the ROOT , the SACRAL & the SOLAR PLEXUS aspiration & nutrition facilities for the human being at both sensoric as telepathic fields.

    So that may be the reason the VVRQ couple went over there to build on … the DreamForce in pivotal timesphere.

    “The wedges continue inward to complete this section” write dogon on united community of spirits. Reading his articles is searching to the bodily history and knowledge book itself … to me.

    On that way i discovered a thrid way for listening to the uniQverses all around … i labelled this the BlindMan Method for travelling the mystery as a whole connected within a T-Shell as Trinity-Shell Basic Form. Here is that base unifying image for several themes that merge at the end of the trip.

    ~~~ Today we tone “Ray” (Re)

    YES! this about a beam reverberating acknowledgement …

    ThX dear! TMQ for scattering this RayDance!

    Thanks Southern Earth Community!

    Representing the Northern half on self-commanded initiative … s’ace
    (since 2004 “Chief Chaos2Order”)

  3. from the 3rd to the 4th is for me always a FA – experience … meaning we get to another phase …

    22 is that point where we are dancing the 7777 rhythm-pace on “4”

    why on 4?

    well, we 7 as an harmonic drop falling in the watermirror forming 3 circles and 1 point … getting a line through them all 4 gets number 7 …

    on every moment from a “trinity” as a digit with fractal 3 to the next one (futurestep) we can experience this FA – in dutch FAse-overgang / EN phase shift or passing fron one phase to the next …

    So next to the 777 also the 111 222 333 444 555 666 888 & 999 hold this premise … passing over to the other one in that rhythmbox.

    The ultimate number serial here is 999 – i think and that is on topic where we are all in the ban of the 9th Lord(ener) of Time, anyway “i am”.

    Experiencing the alternative to 7777 – i.e. 9991 – i grow each daya understanding that alternative to the life force “we – in general -” humans speak to and call upon.

    The shift from 999 into the other digit is as 27 changing in 28.
    And we all here know 28 is the number for the Moon Lenght in Days/Kin.
    So here it might occur 999 changes into 000 which is also 0 as a sum of the three numbers. Actually only 000 sums up to its sum giving the 10 trinities.

    Maybe this is why the 28th daya is also labelled as 0-daya – ZEROdaya and GLORYdaya … it is the beginning … the “void itself addressed”.

    Math learns every ground number powered by 0 is ending in 1.

    namasté S’ace0

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