Kin 137: Red Resonant Earth codes 16th day of Cube Journey and the beginning of Week 20

Week 20 has new significance, gleaned from “Book of the Timespace“, which we will explore later in this post.  Week Four of the 5th Overtone Moon of Radiance is coded by Codon 30:  Vision/Sun Crystal;  Radiance of Space Defines Cosmic Awareness.

The Code Spell for Red Resonant Earth is:  “I Channel in order to EvolveInspiring Synchronicity, I seal the matrix of Navigation with the Resonant tone of Attunement.  I am guided by the power of Universal Water.”  In the Mayan tradition, Kin 137, the Resonant Kin of the Resonant 7th Mystic Column is “referred to as the “Ah Vuc Ti Cab”, or Lord Seven Earth.” …”the chronographic “keeper” of the Resonant power of the Earth’s Core”  (page 10 of “7:7:7:7“)

The Postulate for 17.7 states:  “Through participation in the Galactic Federation, angels possess a guiding capacity which is intelligently directed by feedback from the coordinating design of God.  This guiding capacity allows angels to be appointed to any one of the infinite spectrum of bodies in time evolved through the energy-to-mind continuum of the Galactic Brain.”  This is a beautiful Postulate to contemplate.

Red Resonant Earth Earth is part of the Core Family which guards the Equatorial Tropics and the Heart Chakra of our Planet Holon.  A new synchronicity is the fact that this Resonant Earth begins Harmonic 35, whose number will be part of our discussion about Week 20.   Seal 17, Earth corresponds to Uranus and the crucial Circuit Three it shares with our planet Earth.

DALI is Radial Plasma Type One which codes the beginning of each Week.  DALI 22 codes the Yellow Week Four which began at Midnight.  DALI gathers in our Crown Chakra, where it TARGETS.  “My Father is Intrinsic Awareness.  I Feel the Heat.”  Today we begin building the Yellow Time Atom, beginning with it’s Top.

Moon Day  22 is when we visualize and celebrate “New Jerusalem:  The Warrior’s Cube of Intelligence Complete 2012″ and theTelepathic redemption of the Lost Planets

Cube Sixteen:  Intelligence   is Bolon Ik’s 9th Weaving.  “By my instinctual conscious Warrior Power of Intelligence, may I help bring all of Humanity to the New Jerusalem of Universal Life.”  By the Power of the Cube, may Peace Prevail!”  On this final day in the Cube, we tone “Do“, the note which codes the beginning and end of the Cube’s 8 day Journey to the middle (Cube Days 8-9), and the 8 day Return Journey ending today.

On page 173 (an anagram for today’s Kin 173) of  “Book of the Timespace” by Valum Votan and Stephanie South, we find a deeper explanation of the 5 Earth Families, who “Every five days…create a pole-to-pole circuit or Chromatic.”  “This establishes a new cyclic frequency-every 35 days, there are 7 chromatics and 5 weeks (Heptads).   “Every 140 days, the 5-day and 7-day cycles are perfectly synchronized.  This occurs twice a year, once at the end of  Overtone Moon, (on 12/12) and again at the end of Planetary Moon (on Magic Turtle Day Planetary Night, May 1).”  The first conscious conclusion of this 140 day cycle will be at the end of this 20th week, (and the end of  the 11th MonkeyWavespell) on Kin 143, Blue Cosmic Night

Week 20 is special in another way, newly revealed on Page 109, which shows a ‘map’ of  “The 52 Heptad Paths of Hunab Ku 21″  The Archetypal Journey Made Available to Everyone.”   The first 20 Weeks comprise the “Annual Alpha Phase…(when) the Four Outer Courts (Power Cells) are Established.”  The four outer courts represent part of the structure of Tollan, a vision of Sacred OrderThe 20th Heptad Path  concludes this outer structure of 20 Paths of Outer Manifestation

As we proceed, we will understand more about this new way of perceiving TimeSpace, but these two new explanations are something to be aware of during this 20th Week when “Vision Evolves Intelligence.”  This is the perfect time to begin this process, because the Warrior’s  Cube of Intelligence is concluded today, on Red Resonant Earth who Channels (in the Resonant 7th Channel of the Tzolkin) in order to Evolve.

For a beautiful Vision of what we are evolving towards (in about 5 billion years) see this:  which appeared during Week 19.  Also note the synchronistic appearance of 35 (35 times hotter than the Sun) and 3,500 Light Years away.  🙂

N.S.  1. 22. 5. 22.  /16   Kin 137

6 thoughts on “Kin 137: Red Resonant Earth codes 16th day of Cube Journey and the beginning of Week 20

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  2. In 2003 i was informed on my kin, and thereby became connected by interest adn on serendipitous wings at first by a “*” – an asterisk (Greek asteriskos, Dutch “ster-achtig”, Engllish “starry”). That mark was put next to a number that identified one of 260 kin in the Tzolkin: 022 .

    I was on a trip to England, Kent to visit interesting places because of the ancient trees – a “mystic woodtrip” with 6 other fellow and a guide. The guide was related to a Dutch writer on the Tzolkin issue known as “year 2012 happenings”. So he distributed descriptions of our kin and asked to get along with one another enduring the trip. On our way back we were checking up the kin and the person “available to be observed”. By this endeepening effort we got informed on our KIN and there numbers and labels.

    I didn’t see any asteriks at the other papers and it got my interest , so two weks later i met the writer and was informed on Galactic Activation Portals.

    Here, today, we have N.S. 1. 22. 5. 22. /16 Kin 137

    And we know we are in the mythic 7th column for its last 4 days including this one – Resonant Earth – the 7th tone in the 7th column, the 17th seal out of 20, the 5th chromatic of 4 grouped seals. It has the colour of initiation , of informing the field, the matrix.

    Still 9 days until the next Galactic Activation Portal pops up and again as the last one in a range of 10. The last one was on seal 15 Eagle … let us recall its affirmation:

    Blue Spectral Eagle
    Blue Western Castle of Burning
    Earth family- Polar Clan- Sky
    Galactic Activation Portal

    I dissolve in order to create
    Releasing mind
    I seal the output of vision
    With the spectral tone of liberation
    I am guided by my own power doubled
    I am a polar kin I transport the blue galactic spectrum
    I am a galactic activation portal enter me

    Question – what is the meaning for 30 kin in a row without any GAP day?

    My first draw? Is it all about the Inner Journey getting Clearance of the Memory Box? Is Red Earth today preparing TMQ to introspect the Galactic Mirror having KIN day tomorrow? Anyway let me inform TMQ that the KweekSpell has the Label URdaya for its 8th day in the VOIDkweek, its guiding sound is
    ))) ~ K A L I K E Y ~ (((

    ~~~ how do i interpret ?

    well it double resonates number 22 as BOLON IK – white solar wind, agree?
    It is as a twin , but then 22 is a twin itself , so it is about 4 babies in a self-existing matrix – similar as the MAGIC SQUARE that is numerically synchronized on number 522, the sum of 5 kin numbers. And we see we have 522 here in the numeric identification as 5.22 .

    Then, what is 1.22 indicating?

    Is it the fact that the new use of the Telektonon Game is indicated?
    Is it about the Bolon Ik Turtle having accomplished the 16 cubes by herself for the first time being set free from “a prison” into the free life zone?
    Cooperating this Question may give other clues reading the things we live from a densed technique.

    Have a good Earth and Sunday! S’ace – “a bivid biovoiding”

  3. 2nd co**enth 😉

    in the 1st ONE i influenced attention onto the last GAP …
    then here i urge attention to the 1st GAP oncoming:

    White Electric World-Bridger
    Blue Western Castle of Burning
    Earth family- Cardinal Clan- Blood
    Galactic Activation Portal

    I activate in order to equalize
    Bonding opportunity
    I seal the store of death
    With the electric tone of service
    I am guided by the power of heart
    I am a galactic activation portal enter me

    Why do i pull/push/pulse/purge attention to that GAP?

    anecdôte of my mo(u)rning: today in the Netherlands we have a celebration day for “SinterKlaas” who is said to be the pre-SantaClaus Celebrity …
    By having his Birthday Celebration we “all” are educated to honor that Santa and buy presents for one another intimates on december 5. And december 6 is “his” worldorder birthday in our Dutch Minds Set. The Holly Man is surrounded by Black Knights who are all serving Santa.
    This was affecting my personal standing up this morning writing the 1st comment; after that i felt so liberated that i longed for another sleepy hour with my lover YaniQ – Eb13 (also suspected as Chuen12). After some minutes she prepared Breakfast and i claimed some dreamy minutes to be waked up by sandwiches in the oven ~ can you smell that?
    This all was the sphere that awakened my thought on the 1st comment and what it alerted: the 17 seal in the 7th column is also the 22nd kin in the range of 30! … and then it is also the 9th from the other side … !

    So … this got me into seeing it from the “South” (Stephanie?) …

    Anyway we have both number 22 and number 9 meeting one another on this “Santa~daya” … And Resonant Earth is about the Heath on the Planet on a pivotal moment … as the Omega accomplishing the AlphA … where the A is about the KaliKey Plasmic Symbol … Reverberated by 6 other ones in a Womb as the Kuxan Suum intercommunicates this as a Galactic Wire(set).

    And communication purges 2 other plasmic seals whereever they come from – it simply fuses in both stations in contact … of whatever quality in words describing the fusing merge. 1+6+2 => 9

    ~~~ KIN074 can be accomplish-set by 2 other numbers

    Having said this makes any number available to join with another one to fuse in an 074 frequency …

    Why 074?

    My Story here: 022 + 052 => 074 ~ White Solar Wizard
    and White is popular Transparent as Crystal is meant for that …

    Its Wave is Worldbridger as the next GAP …
    And then Resonant Earth here is its 9th “introspective portal” within the serial of 30 kin preparing that GAP + 9 following that one … (theme “death” & “giving oppor-T-unity”)

    While the first co**menth is the Bolon Ik Catalysing one … this Worldbridger can be seen as the one from the “Awakeneth Pacal Votan” morphing Galactic Species in a Healing Weave … .

    Let us be patient without feeling as a patient but as a worshipper … having a laydown and stand laying down our missions “ion” …


    ‘) on Omega this Insight: Mega is from Wega (aka Vega) and is a Lyra Spice in Lyric Phenomenons

    “) destiny? dedicated goal? hmmm … “let us write another Christmesh Story in the remains for the days serving all generations te come …”


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