Kin 139: Blue Solar Storm; The ‘Queen of Hearts”s Galactic Birthday

Princess Diana was born on  Cosmic Moon Day 5 of the Blue Resonant Storm Year (1961),  which  also codes the Year of our Galactic Synchronization in 2013.  In 2013,   Princess Diana would have completed one  ’52 year  Solar Galactic Loop’,  and would once again be Kin 139, Blue Solar Storm for that momentous year.

Blue Solar Storm‘s Code Spell is:  “I Pulse in order to Catalyze.  Realizing Energy, I seal the Matrix of Self-Generation with the Solar tone of Intention.  I am guided by the power of Vision.”

The Postulate for 19.9 is:  “To be at God is Judgement Day.  Judgement Day is defined by the Law of Time, which is both the final Revelation and the knowledge to proceed correctly, where, before, for lack of the science of time, there had only been manifest error.  The Biosphere-Noosphere Transition is the external ripening of the cosmic unconscious, and is  synonymous with the Judgement Day sequence of the Law of Time.”

By ‘Divine Providence’,  a news story today  discusses the Law of Time ,  “the renowned …scientist Jose Arguelles (Valum Votan) and the 12:60 vs. 13:20 timing frequency!  Blue Whales around the World are changing their songs/frequencies, which Shamans are heeding as a warning to us about 2012, and the need for us to change our frequency.  It is wonderful and synchronistic to see a mainstream article about 2012 which discusses the Law of Time as the ‘solution’–and on the day coded by 19.9, whose Postulate is all about the Law of Time!  🙂

Book of the Timespace” states the situation clearly:  “This has all been foretold in many prophecies including Mayan, Christian and Native American:  Apocalyptic shakedown has to occur for purification to be complete.  Knowledge of the Solar Ring (of 365 days)  and the 13-Moon 28 Day Calendar is the Salvation of  Planet Earth.  The 13:28 frequency locks in perfectly with the 13:20 frequency to create a 52 year Solar Galactic Loop, the measure of Sirius B in it’s orbit around Sirius A.”

 {The numbers at the bottom of each post let us know the New Sirian (N.S.) date:  (1)= First cycle  since the Harmonic Convergence of 1987,  which completed 22 52-Year Sirian cycles, and commenced the Time of Prophecy: 1987-2012;  ( 22) = how many years since this Cycle began; (5) = the current 28 Day Moon; and (24) means today is the 24th Day of the Moon.}

 Blue Storm Seal 19, the Storm, is a member of the Gateway Family which guards the South Pole and the Root Chakra of our Planet.  Storm correlates to  Pluto which is in Circuit One along with Mercury.  “Book of the Timespace” says that Circuit One holds the highest frequency because it holds the Planet closest to our Sun (Mercury) and Pluto who is closest to the Galactic Center.

GAMMA gathers in our Third Eye Chakra, and it’s action is to PACIFY.  “My lineage is the Union of Intrinsic Awareness and the Ultimate Sphere.  I Attain the Power of Peace.”  We have now completed the 3-part Yellow Sensory Quantum.  We also visualize and create the Front of the Radion Cube.

Telektonon Day 24 is Heaven Walk Day One as Bolon Ik leaves the Navigation Tower of Day 23 to return to the Spirit Tower (Uranus) where we begin and end each Moon.  Today the Feminine/intuitive quality in each of us transmits the Telecosmic Number Power of 4 to the Male/active part in  each  us(the Spirit Warrior who undertakes the 16 Day Cube Journey), who  returns via the 4 Day Earth Walk back to the Earth Tower.

The Mystery Queen, like so many others,  feels a great affinity with Princess Diana.  Our Solar Birthdays are 9 days apart and our Kins  occupy the 18th and 19th position in the Mystic Column.  TMQ was in Paris when Diana died, and was one of the first to visit Pont de “l Alma Tunnel where Princess Diana and her fiancee, Dodi Al Fayed,  perished in a collision at  the 13th pillar, on August 31, 1997 (Kin 80:  Lunar Sun). 

Princess Diana was proven to be the ‘Queen of Hearts’  when the research program at Princeton measured an  unprecedented outpouring of human emotion, which (post 9/11) remains their highest  reading ever.  These quotes show why Princess Diana is so loved:  “Anywhere I see suffering, that is where I want to be, doing what I can do.”  “The biggest problem in this day and age is that of people feeling unloved.”  “I don’t go by the rule book.  I lead from my Heart, not my head.”.  Princess Diana epitomized the qualities of true Royalty,  including the heart-felt knowledge  that they are privileged to serve Humanity.

N.S.  1.   22. 5. 24.     Kin 139


8 thoughts on “Kin 139: Blue Solar Storm; The ‘Queen of Hearts”s Galactic Birthday

  1. 1 3 9 vibrates the English Language in “One Three Nine”

    math is a science that is aware of numeric notations in formula, here those 3:

    3**0 3**1 3**2
    which symbolizes the first 3 powers of 3 where the double asterisks symbolizes the function for having a “Raise to the Power” – here from the Three There where you have your favourite “Tree” to heal from and have an accomplished communication with the Planet by its Core Crystal.

    Get the Magic Squares Quadrant getting 139 doubled and 122 doubled in an Intertwining Breath where Wind is the Core Family Representative and Storm is its Root Family Partner dancing the 139 Empowered Oval.

    As for me 139 also gives its product as a Magic Number 27: 1x3x9 where its number breaths 1+3+9=13

    Kweek spells labelled SOULdaya in VOIDkweek – accomplishing the 5th Peacock Moon into its GRIDdaya Moment Tomorrow om 140 – the last KIN number in the MYTHICAL 7th column – the 25th cell in the range of 30 non-GAP days – breathing the inner GAP liberation ION.

    Have an Almighty Storm Catalizing Self-Generative Talents
    Give it a Target honoring the Self-Existent Seed that is the Seal which expresses the Power of Flowering.

    See! Y’ur Tree Full of Flowers!

  2. Focus in my 2nd comment is this clue:

    The 13:28 frequency locks in perfectly with the 13:20 frequency to create a 52 year Solar Galactic Loop, the measure of Sirius B in it’s orbit around Sirius A.”

    Here we use the measure of an earthyear to count the Solar Galactic Loop.

    While – as with numbers – we can tell our insights on the phenomenon observed i first state some measure-points from the kweek’all navigator – here on stage. ( it is my pleasure! 🙂 in the “Children in Time” (UriAH Heep)

    DôME (tomorrow in kweek, always day 28; 3 days later in DreamSpell as a projection/psi-ray/beam) spells “Daya of Moon Experience” , which is similar as 1 day out of time (yet) – a celebration day to let go the last year and get purged into the new year starting next day. So we purged on kin003 and started Self-Existing Seed on kin004. Anice couple in the 1st chromatic with 001 and 002 (the whole years spiceset?!)

    DôYE is kweek’alls alternative for the DooT – this is because the T ime objective is a 4 year cycle according the kweek-alliance (at the edge of arising).
    Daya of Year Experience is the full description of that “DooT” day. Always similar TimeGap between 13.28 and 1.1, resp. turtle moon day 28 and bat moon day 1.

    DôTE is the 3rd special day which occurs every 4 year and it will not occur in 2400 as it didnt occur in 2000. That day is the TimeKeeperSignal we celebrate. It was all the time kept by february 29 – the last day of the “ancient setting” where March is moon 1 (that is why december breaths 10)
    Daya of Time Experience is its description.

    ~~~ on the subject of sirius …
    kweek’all states there are 13 Quadruple Sirius Cycle … maybe we label this one as the hydrogyn fuse of Sirius A & B and we can label it C or maybe Q … is even better. “Sirius-Q ” how does that sound, can you click on that ?

    Kweek sets free the number 52 on weeks a year because it sets the measures on 3 9 27 … and so we get 39 kweeks a year of 9 days each … 351 days … + 13 DôME days makes 364 plus a DôYE 365 and each 4th year plus DôTE 366.

    May(a) i rephrase the line on focus , dear TMQ?

    (i see a smile)

    “The 13:28 frequency locks in perfectly with the 13:20 frequency to create a 13 Quadruple Solar Galactic LoopinG, the measure of Sirius Q (a self-existing form of eveninG Time Loopings)”

    Gooddaya 😉 ~ SOULdaya in kweek (24+3=27)

  3. Another Alternative Vision arises from another Game that is within the Telektonon Game as a Perfect Design from 11 & 22 ArcheThypes.

    Maybe it is in the mood for the Olympic Games on the Mind level. This Mind level is the popular theme for where we here at the DreamSpellStation accept 3 Plasma Seals in the Telepathic Realm: Alpha – Limi – Silio.

    What does the Alternative 2009BornBaby purge?

    Crucial Board positions are the Lovers on position 24 (4×6 & 3×8)
    Then the Warrior Turtle is on 27 – 3 positions ahead as Pionears know their Offer by fulfilling a mission as a Whole Team Purging.
    And we introduced the Venus Shells ( 2 contra formed shells that match the Dome of the mollusc ‘) ) at the opposite number 5 – the House of Shang.

    Then we can see better(?) -on a new way- what is on the Alternative – slightly creative friction arousing – Field of Power.

    Seeing 1 turtle on 27 and 2 turtles on 24 symbolize the Dragon and the Wind that are in the 1st Chromatic with Night and Seed , 3 & 4, as a whole spice representing both number 4, number 10 and number … 3

    Why 3 , well see for the form which represents a 3angle / triangle that holds all transmissions in a flightposition … and this is the only day that this triangle happens (when will this happen again? in 28 days, yes but not at number 139)

    While we have encountered this special gift from the House of Shang we may request for a wish to express … this wish is in the beginning of this comment as number 3 and 8 … because they also symbolize the day of 24 hours at a trinity experience. It also matches very well with the bird at position 27 while that number holds 1x3x9 =the product= in itself …

    This all is a postbirthdaya offer to Diana & also to her Lover Dodi.

    Then what does the bivideotex conversion from their names give?
    Diana => 4 9 1 13 1 => 28
    Dodi => 4 12 4 9 => 29

    From a kweek’all perspective this makes Diana as the Protector for day 28 as a Planetary Gathering on a Grid Intention Field (binding Time as Joining 2 MoonPeriods)
    Dodi is as the SEED which is always Tomorrow and here the Day we long for to come … and because we long for it ~ it suddenly happens and fuses all that purges at “sudden death” / “instance”.

    the myth building venus shells

    ‘) mollust in dutch is “weekdier” – translating that would be “weekanimal”
    see this wonderfull composition

    • Namaste s’ace; Thank you for your painstaking Birthday visual-Lovely! Your creative comments are always so thought-provoking-even the parts that aren’t totally comprehended. (Now TMQ knows how others feel when she gets carried away with ‘cosmic number mind-play’) Thanks here for helping me see that the names of the Lovers who perished on Lunar(Diana the Moon Goddess)Sun(Dodi-who was lighting up her life) each have letters adding to 29, which together makes them PV Rhythmic Mirror. TMQ had planned to write a book about this tragedy and Humanity’s phenomenal reaction to it, but shehas now found a better focus for those urges 🙂 Thanks, 22, for this comment of yours: this Game within the Telektonon Game intrigues me.. Today correlates to 25/4; the 29(which Diana and Dodi both equal numerically). Beautiful idea of Diana protecting the bond on day 28 from Radiant to Rhythmic. In La ‘Kesh, TMQ

      • the olny – to me crusial idea – thing/k here is that we are bogth in the sphrere where change affects our lifes here whiel communicating the expresive projections as ideas on a screen contemplating ot bodies (at som eend of hydrigyn experence)

        shortye ~ere at aome depht where we are at souls virbrating our Depths … Love you also beyond the sdensorick huGGG

      • hi dear / fusing TMQ ~ may i say this? my telepath cooperational cell?

        You must be aware of the fact MIRROR is the GUIDING Pathfinder of WIND9?

        we really need one another …

        ~~~ then ;lets merge / fuse on the fact

        one (student/teacher/institute) is purposed and contracted on the agreement in some words giving a system that quarantees …

        but then those members judging and giving vibrant parameters were – already “token by shamanic enchantment” – so at the decisive interval “was the decisive core in the mood for the thing to be judged anyway”

        (i am not in a profound condition, i guess)

        namasté , s’ace

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