Kin 140: Yellow Planetary Sun; Day 20 of Resonant Column 7

Today, Kin 140, the last day in the 7th central column, is occulted by the first Kin in the Mystic Column:  Kin 121: Self-Existing Dragon, which is the Galactic Signature of the Law of Time.  Before we leave the Central column, it’s good to remember that the pairing of Kin with their Occults began with the two central Kin (130:  Cosmic Dog and 131:  Magnetic Monkey) and will extend radially until we reach Kin 1 and it’s Occult, Kin 260:  20.13

As we discussed on Dali 22, the first day of this 20th Week, the period of 140 days (20 x 7) is a significant period of time which will occur at the end of this Week, Wavespell and Moon, on Blue Cosmic Night.  140 is 4 Chromo-Heptads (cyles of 35 days-the time it takes  for the 5 day Chromatic and 7 day week to synchronize).  From “The 13 Moon Almanac”  by Stephanie South, we learn more about the number of today’s Kin:  140 is the number of Telektonon, perfect units ratio 5:7 (28 x 5 = 20 x 7),  same as the sacred ratio 260:364+1“. 

The Code Spell for Kin 140:  Yellow Planetary Sun is:  “I Perfect in order to Enlighten.  Producing Life, I seal the matrix of Universal Fire with the Planetary tone of Manifestation.  I am guided by the power of Elegance.  I am a Polar Kin.  I extend the Yellow Galactic Spectrum.”

Today’s Postulate 20.10:  “By becoming conscious, the Law of Time alters the possibilites  of telepathic interaction between given bodies.   The conscious alterations of telepathy between given bodies in which the Law of Time has become conscious, determine a nexus of possibilities called the Dynamics of Time or Celestial Harmonics.”

Yellow Sun  The Sun belongs to the Polar Family which guards the North Pole and the Planet’s Crown Chakra.  The Sun corresponds to Pluto, so today we remain on Circuit One which includes Mercury.  Planetary Sun is the 4th and last Kin in Harmonic 35, and Seal 20, the Sun is the last of the 4 Kin in ‘the Matrix’. 

Volume V of  ‘Cosmic History Chronicles’ by Valum Votan and Stephanie South, called “Book of the Timespace” discusses the Sun in terms of Ages.   “The prophecy of the Aztec Sunstone reveals that  the Sixth Sun will soon give way to the Sixth Sun:  The Sixth Sun of Consciousness“.       When we leave this Fifth Moon of Radiance and enter the Sixth Moon of Equality , we will explore this concept further.

Catalytic Blue KALI 25 ESTABLISHES the connection between the Yellow Sensory Quantum we built during the first 3 days of this Yellow Week Four, and the Yellow Telepathic Quantum we will mentally construct during the next 3 days.  KALI gathers in our Secret Center Chakra, so see the Blue transformative fluid there, along with this Blue symbol for Kali, as you say:  “My Name is the Glorious Lotus-Born.  I Catalyze the Light-Heat Within.”  Today we ‘build’ the Back of the Radion Cube.

Telektonon Day 25 is Bolon ik’s Second Day on her Heaven Walk, when “she learns to bow in submission to God, the Universal Principle of Divine Creation.”  Today,  we focus on the “telecosmic number power 5-Fifth Force-is the principle of the Center which animates all things.” 

The Overtone number 5 is especially powerful today, in Overtone Moon 5, when Planetary Sun’s  “Fifth Force, G-Force” is Overtone Mirror:  18.5 !   The Kins coding this Year (4.4), Moon (1.5) and Day (20.10)  equal Seal 5: Tone 6.  Let today’s combined Kin: Rhythmic Serpent, 5.6  remind us that we are transitioning from Moon 5 to Moon 6 in 3 days, and from the Fifth Sun to the Sixth Sun in 3 years!   🙂

N.S.  1. 22. 5. 25    Kin 140

4 thoughts on “Kin 140: Yellow Planetary Sun; Day 20 of Resonant Column 7

  1. Next to being occulted by 121 as seen by TMQ even a double occulting square is at charge considering the magis square of 121-121 & 140-140 vibrating 522.

    Then the GLORYdaya vision is given at the sparring partners insite here

    We are on the 25th non-gap-day serial in a sequence of 30 … still 5 to go …

    “The Glorious Lotus-Born Catalyzes the Light-Heat Within”

    is a perfect line that illuminates the celebration day at the pioneers camp, thank for that sub-missed spice! to the trinity VV RQ TMQ …

    What vibration number is expressed here?
    VV=5 5 => 10 ; RQ=9 10 => 19 ; TMQ=7 13 10 => 30
    Altogether at summed notation we have 59 …

    Mark VVRQ has the similar vibration as DODI La FAhed yesterday: 29
    (and note the FA-sound in his FAmily-name)


    “make my day”
    transformed in “you’ve all made my daya” 🙂

  2. hi aGain 😉

    yesterday the 28 & 29 warriors and lover couple Dodi & Diana were Burneth into out mindsets as Time Travellers at Heart Heard … here at the TMQ Digital BroadcasT Wor(l)dPressing … so to saya as a saGa

    that day also informed me on the 12/12 grid happening satURdaya … – here it is on the cyberchannel – mark 12 o’clock we are having a real “Sacred Fire-Hunab Ku Sound and Light Healing” which is performed by a HUman labelled Da Vid (GoaLiath?) ~ we have to see for the seal … while we are on this Planetary SUN:

    Blue Cosmic Night
    Blue Western Castle of Burning
    Earth family- Signal Clan- Fire

    I endure in order to dream
    Transcending intuition
    I seal the input of abundance
    With the cosmic tone of presence
    I am guided by the power of accomplishment

    ~~~ then be aware of the POLAR KIN today which is a’mused by the Jester’daya convention spiced at high pulsar stations as human medium bodies … as buddhies …

    See what is there into your life bound … and bouncing spiralls …

    PU MA PU MA PU MA ~ S’ace

  3. Brrrr. In the Black Hills.Is there truth in the gregorian year 2010,being quite an erotic weather pattern,translated through the Mayan Calendar?Let Me know cuz my lil dogs cant go outside to urinate…Much Love

  4. allowing an open mind to the gregorian date from dog heart power (at urane intelligence force) …

    gies this as figuring out :

    12 9 2009

    12 is as a triangle 1 point travels to two points …

    see the ALPHA and the KALI(KEY) … figures number 4 & 5 in the Padmasambhava Alliance …

    4 & 5 triple in 1 (+/-), 9 & 20 …

    here we have all first 5 number in a storyline …

    and 9 which gives 6-7-8 intermediates between 5 and 9:
    sealpowers of death – accomplishment & elegance
    tonepowers of organize – channel & harmonize

    9 both trembles realizing (oneself) as the action triggered by the pulse ( as in O the Q ) and purifying pulsed from universal water (bags – as human medium communications)

    a’Gain 12 9 2 009 ~ 9×2=19+009 => 27 … rhymes the heaven …

    thX to Hunab’Crew
    and Doggies UranatinG

    :{ lolforce }:

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