Blue Cosmic Night codes the last day of Overtone Moon 5 and of Wavespell 11

Today feels like a defining one, as the end of the Wavespell,  the Moon and our first (aware)  140 day period all converge on this Blue Cosmic Night.  The Code Spell for Kin 143 states:  “I Endure in order to Dream.  Transcending Intuition, I seal the input of Abundance with the Cosmic tone of Presence.  I am guided by the power of Accomplishment.”

It’s synchronistic that on  12/12 (the ‘Crystal’ number twice) we have this Postulate for 3.13“A dialectic of crystal form and secondary life reflex,  Life,  drives the evolutionary progression of preconscious to unconscious, establishing the possibility of self-reflective consciousness and the supreme moment of the knowldege of the Law of Time.  The function of the crystal is to maintain the primal thought-moment through the duration of the evolutionary process.  Invisible and unconscious correlates of time and consciousness are transmitted by crystals instinctually.”

Blue Night Seal 3, the Night, is part of the Signal Family,  “The Third Force Sentinels of the Day-out-of-Time” who guard the Regions of the South, and the Earth’s Solar Plexus.  Electric Night coded the last Day-out-of-Time.  The Night corresponds to Saturn which shares Circuit Four with Mars.  Saturn has a huge (5 Earth’s could fit inside it!) mysterious Heptagon around it’s North Pole:  It’s interesting to note on this  ‘Signal’ day, that each side of the Heptagon measures 13,800 Kilometers.  (13 for Skywalker and 8 for the Star, who along with the Mirror, are the Kin of the  Signal Family).  Does your Intuition have any clues to the meaning of this huge 6-sided structure at Saturn’s  North Pole?

SILIO 28 is the special day each Moon when we “Meditate the Octahedron Crystal Core in the Center of the Earth, moved by the 4 Time Atoms”  that  we created/enhanced during the Moon.  Today we first complete the Yellow Telepathic Quantum, which together with the Yellow Sensory Quantum becomes the Yellow Time Atom.  Focus on the white SILIO Plasma which concentrates in your Heart Chakra with the action of DISCHARGE as you say the final sacred incantation for this Moon:  “My Role is to Accomplish the Actions of the Buddha.  I Discharge the Mental Electron Neutron at the Center of the Earth.”  

We now enter the Heart of our Earth, her 8-sided Crystal Core, where we will meditate the Rainbow Bridge.  If you are accompanied by at least two other Kin, that is ideal.  If you are not, then know that you are telepathically joined by Kin around the world who also hold the vision/dream of manifesting the Rainbow Bridge.Please see the Crystal Moon post (11/28)  for the text of the Rainbow Bridge Meditation.  Afterwards, Radiate Love, Wisdom and Healing to our Earth, ourselves and to all of Creation  🙂

On Telektonon Day 28, we  celebrate  our Telepathic Redemption of the Lost Planets.  Bolon Ik remains in her Spirit Tower (coded by 2.2, Lunar Spirit) today and tomorrow, while Pacal Votan descends to his Tower of Power on Earth to undertake another 28 day Journey joining Heaven (Uranus) and Earth.

This is the 140th day of the 13 Moon year, when we complete the  “Annual Omega Phase TELEKTONON Unit of Radiance”.  On Page 109 of “Book of the Timespace” is the graphic showing the ‘52 Heptad Paths of Hunab Ku 21′.  Tomorrow (first day of Heptad 21) we will begin noting the affirmation for each Week.  On this last day of Week 20/ Overtone Moon 5, here are the Affirmations for the first 5 Moons, beginning with Magnetic Moon:  “Power of Knowledge“,  “Knowledge Evolves Power of Love”,  “Power of Love Evolves Power of Prophecy”, “Power of Prophecy Evolves Power of Intelligence”, and for this Moon which ends at Midnight:  “Power of Intelligence  It is fitting that today’s Analog is Cosmic Warrior, whose Seal  denotes Intelligence.

Today we awaken the Fifth articulation of the Sixth Bolon Tiku:  the Right Elbow of  “Awesome Vast Blue Sky.”  Know that doing so is part of our path in transitioning from the Fifth Sun  to the Sixth Sun of Consciousness.

Blue Cosmic Night is the Galactic Signature of Michael Jackson, who said:  “Let us Dream of tomorrow, where we can truly Love from the Soul, and know Love as the ultimate Truth at the Heart of all Creation.”

Enjoy Vincent Van Gogh’s beautiful painting of  “Starry Night“, as we come to the end of the Blue Monkey Wavespell of Magic and the Fifth Peacock Moon of Radiance.  Van Gogh’s Galactic   Signature, White Electric World-Bridger, begins the 10-in-a-row Galactic Activation Portals,  3 days from now.   🙂

N. S.  1. 22. 5. 28     Kin 143


8 thoughts on “Blue Cosmic Night codes the last day of Overtone Moon 5 and of Wavespell 11

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  2. As a Dutchman it is Entangling to see the Painting of “Our Painter” Vincent van Gogh. I didn’t know he is an Activation Portal … and see he is “sort of psi-on” at the KweekSpellBird that works with a wingspan of 9 seals bruto, 7 days netto (the outer 2 are (Dutch) “tarra” – (English) tare – “tareget” <= tradewind.

    From Wind seen WorldBridger is the RightTipping Point ; 1 seal further it is in the range of the 7 seals content – the packaged energetic body of today. Storm "at" Hand "are" the "taregot" tippingpoints.

    Did you know a famous artist here in Holland was related to the Van Gogh family and was shot on november 2, 2004?

    That day was Mirror7:

    White Resonant Mirror
    White Northern Castle of Crossing
    Earth family- Signal Clan- Sky

    I channel in order to reflect
    Inspiring order
    I seal the matrix of endlessness
    With the resonant tone of attunement
    I am guided by the power of heart

    I think it good to show his birthday too, here – it is pretty aligned to the Kweekspell i sense while that one started last KIN001 – same as Theo:

    Red Magnetic Dragon
    Red Eastern Castle of Turning
    Earth family- Cardinal Clan- Fire
    Galactic Activation Portal

    I unify in order to nurture
    Attracting being
    I seal the input of birth
    With the Magnetic tone of purpose
    I am guided by my own power doubled
    I am a galactic activation portal enter me

    While my own seal is KIN022 it is related to MIRROR while that is my Guide (at 9 – Intention). And then TMQ is MIRROR too at 8 – Integrity. I spice those two with the Purpose expressed by the DRAGON1 – "the ultimate Baby of this Whole".

    Quoting Elisabeth Sahtouris:

    Intelligence means
    being able to see the many levels of the whole
    in space and time
    and taking them into account
    when making a decision …

    It's all about context.

    The larger your context is,
    the more intelligent your decisions will be.
    It's about being able to think
    at different levels of reality
    at the same time."

    I see this is exactly the thing on stage by TMQ giving some structure of the journey at NooSphere "vocabulary".

    Have a Good Night, Knights 😉

    • Hi Serpent ace; Thank you for introducing me to Elizabeth sahtouris–That was a lovely quote from her. TMQ remembers that artist’s murder-didn’t realize he was from Van Gogh’s family. It was amazing to visit the Van Gogh museum–and to realize all those paintings were done in a few short years. (Loved the Rembrandt Museum also)There were other comments from you to reply to, but can’t right now. Enjoy this Cosmic Night, TMQ

  3. 2nd comment on also vibration 1.55 (22+5+28) which synchronizes with 5 x 11 = 55 (moon# x wave#) on virtual GLORYdaya (from kweek’all)

    Then this Merlin – aligned station also picks up Buddha …
    The bivideotex conversion (AM=ZN=1-13) to numeric representation here:
    2 6 4 4 8 1 => 25 (traditional conversion => 45 = 0-9 summed)

    Combined with 30 , 25 vibrates 55
    What is 30 here?
    TMQ! => 7 13 10 => 30

    So what is 55 at day 28?
    As i told some times before (teaching is repeating the sync’ion) 28 is the representation of the bird that has 2 wings with 27 petals – here feathers.

    2×27=54+1 => 55

    (smashing is ’55 is my birthyear at high solstice june 24 => 0’22 and SUN12)

    Of course i state i have nothing to proove but then i can share lots of clues …
    Simply that is why i am here – as you are here too … (any reader and TMQ)


    While it is stated here Bolon Ik is still kept in prison this is illustrating “normal procedures” are still reigning the media … but then we know from Saturn that the Heptagon has a focus from NASA scientists as well. Also the Magnetic Dance of Titan and Saturn is attracting.

    “Titan is a kind of “sister world” to Earth” is says.

    So it simply can be revealed that Bolon Ik has scheduled for another round with Pacal Votan on the Telektonon Board – now for the full 28 days in the Rhythmic Moon6 => Dancing as Titan with Saturn.

    Offer from Kweek’all is the idea Saturday pivoted into URdaya – day 8 – in the Kweek , a new dispensation for the frequency for a “week”: 3 in a 27 day cycle synchrone to the number of moons that circulate Urane.

    Always looking for other ones that get the Solar Notions … mobilizing the 5 into 6th SUN journey …

    |-{ sleep well ~ good night say’gone

  4. Cees, thanks very much for this link.
    Till now I had no knowledge of this site.
    I immediatly send a groupsmessage to all the members of my Maya-Hyve.
    Hoping that several of them can listen.

    In Lak’ech
    WOW (White Overtone Wizard)

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