Kin 144 Begins the 6th Moon of Equality and the Seed Wavespell of Flowering

The 141st day of the 4 Seed Year is coded by 1 Seed, Kin 144, a Mirror reflection of 441;  Number of the Ultimate Matrix derived from Hunab Ku 21 squared.  144 is a key number, and this Seed year it is also coding the 8th Vinal Meditation, and in the 8th Column of the Dreamspell Tzolkin:  “Which unifies all the pieces

On this first day of Rhythmic Moon Six, we ask:  “How can I extend my Equality to others?”    The 28 days of  Moon Six are coded by  White Rhythmic Wind, and Tone 6 has the power to Organize and the action of Balance.

Yellow Seed Wavespell Twelve has the power of Flowering.  The Code spell for  Kin 144, Yellow Magnetic Seed is:  “I Unify in order to Target.  Attracting Awareness, I seal the input of Flowering with the Magnetic tone of Purpose.  I am guided by my own power doubled.” 

We have a lovely triple synchronicity with the Vinal Meditation “Which Unifies” coding the next 20 days matching the purpose  (to Unify) of the  13 day Wavespell that also begins today. Even the Codon for the 7 days of Week/Heptad 21 synchronizes with the theme of Unity.  “Codon 56:  Voyaging;  Time Travel Unifies the Mind.  🙂

The Postulate for 4.1 which codes today and Wavespell Twelve states:  “A planet body is a spirally materialized projection of a primal stellar mass.  Therefore, the planet body participates holonomically in the same structure of process that characterizes the Galactic  Brain.”

Yellow Seed  Seal 4, the Seed, is a member of the Gateway Family, “the Fourth Force Year-Bearers that Open the Gates of Time“.  Gateway Family guard the South Pole and the Root chakra of our Planet Holon.  The Seed correlates to Jupiter and the middle Circuit Five which includes Maldek. 

Jupiter is  2 & 1/2  times as large as all of the other Planets in our Solar Sytem combined!  Jupiter is paired with the shattered Sixth Planet from the Sun, Maldek, who still manages to maintain her orbit as the Asteroid Belt.   It is important for us to contemplate this extreme inequality within our Solar System, during this Sixth Moon of Equality.

DALI ONE TARGETS, on Kin 144 which says:  “I Unify in order to Target  DALI concentrates in our Crown Chakra.  “My Father is Intrinsic Awareness.  I Feel the Heat.”  Dali Targets Thermic (heat) Force.  Today we mentally construct the Top of the Radion Cube. 

In the 7:7:7:7 practice, we begin each new 28-Day Moon in the UR Earth 1 Outer Earth, Foundation:  Spirit Tower.  Each day in the first week of each Moon correlates to one of the Seven Solar Witness and to one Katun of 20 year.  Day One correlates to the Katun that began with the dedication of the Tomb of Pacal Votan:–A.D. 692.  This Kin is coded by Kin 194:  White Crystal Wizard, the First Solar Witness.

Telektonon Day 1 begins with the Tower of Power:  Accomplishment coded by Kin 7, Resonant Hand.  each of the first 13 Telektonon days corresponds to a Baktun of 144,000 days. (here is another synchronicity with Kin 144).   Baktun 1 began in BC 3113:  The Star Planting.  During Baktun 1,”Pacal Votan enters Earth, beholds revelation of Alpha and Omega, Christ and the 144,000 Kin of the Sacred Baktun Count.  Concord of the Wizards with Merlin at Stonehenge.”   Week One:  Claim Power of Prophecy.

The first 22 days each Moon also correlate with the 22 Chapters of Revelation.  Here is a quote from 1.3:  “Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of the Prophecy, and keep the things that are written in it, for the time is at hand.”  The seven Radial Plasmas each have one of the messengers of Prophecy as a Patron.  The Patron for Dali is Jesus Christ, and St. John of Patmos (who wrote the Book of Revelations) is the Patron for Alpha, Radial Plasma 5.

The Dali One of Moon Six especially relates to Pacal Votan beholding the Alpha and the Omega, because yesterday (Moon 5/Day 28 ended the Alpha phase of the year, and today we begin the 140 days of the Omega phase.  Rhythmic Moon Six is the Outer Matrix of the 52 Heptads of Hunab Ku.  The 21st Heptad Path which began today has this affirmation:  “Meditation Reflects Evolution of Knowledge.  According to “Book of the Timespace“,  Resonant Moon is the Inner Matrix and the Galactic Moon 8 holds the Core Matrix-Hunab Ku 21.

There are many synchronicities today, as Kin 144 begins  Wavespell Twelve, whose seal matches that of this Self-Existing Seed Year.  Seal 4 is newly known as “The Innocent One” who activates the Centripetal Force and holds the station of the Fourth Light Gate.”  The 13 days of Yellow Seed Wavespell of Flowering are also a good time to ponder the meaning of the 144,000, which the Mayan  found   significant enough to measure their Baktuns by,    and the Book of Revelations refers repeatedly to the 144,000.  Do you have insights or comments to share, regarding 144  during this week (21) which is the square of 441, the Mirror of 144?  🙂

N.S.  1. 22. 6. 1   Kin 144


10 thoughts on “Kin 144 Begins the 6th Moon of Equality and the Seed Wavespell of Flowering

  1. ThX for another great guidance for the KIN, dear TMQ!

    from my insights every 9’er kin is as a bird with 4 kin at each side …
    this bird today is very special while it indeed vibrates 12×12 & 8×18 & 4×36 & 2×72 …

    then i offer the suggestion to see this day also as number 29 of the fifth moon … this facilitates the takng over by moon6 from moon5 and we have 2 oo 9 as its sync stimlathor, do you aGree?

    MAGNETIC SEED in Self-Existing Seed is about setting the new form by measures we did not define before … so this is vitalizing what we “have”.

    What happened tonight on the Telektonon Journey?
    The venus shell went up from day 1 to 28 and the Lovers Couple jumped from 28 to 1 … This is the first time this occurs on the Upgraded Version of the Game … meaning at least 1 of the 4 Dis-Eases on Earth is healed in the Energy Force at Lead … I see that 3 complete round by the couple brings us into the Ancient Moon1 – March where Moon 9 can be the Cleaned Mobilizer in the World(view) we ultimately promote …

    I see we are on a tight schedule considering the mindmasses entering the ships.

    See~D is also a gesture to see real Democracy for what it intenDs to Digest at all vessels carrying precious minds …

    May the Lizard guide this Moon 6 where 6 and 9 are the traditional expression from Cancer as a Crab Nebulae.

    Namasté, S’ace

  2. 4 36s 144 this year cubing 4x4x4 plus 4th seal on tzolkin 4th one down and 4th tone really enjoying reading these each day..thankyou

    • Hi Vernon; Thanks forfinding more ‘4’tuitous synchronicities. It’s the only time that the year (4.4) exactly reflects the cubing of that year. Would have missed that without your input :) Really appreciate your comments. Namaste, TMQ

  3. 144 | 441 … is a very powerful couple – as the Lovers Couple is as that.

    indeed 144 is the 9 to 16 measure that expresses the 16 years Rune Meditation: we have year 13 running and delivered hexagram 30 yesterday at day 28. Now 5 runes to go into 29 (back) again. Resp. 56 50 64 4 59 in 7 days each form milestones into 29 in the 13th week of the Quarter.

    The Mystery Revelating Quarter number 50 out of 64 ..
    50 is the number that goes above 7×7 Quarter 49 (13) .. we are in unknown timespace seeing for what comes to our cleaned minds as potentials to weave the kin-ethical as planetary artists nethwielding …

    144~441 has 5 4-giving symbols wiring two ones …

    having said this it brings the Kuxan Suum to my mind … as the tube we use while morphing our numbers and exchanging frequential similarities without any “boxes” that keep us from sharing …

    273 is the summed number from the 5 x 7 days …
    TzolkinWise this is 273 – 260 = 13 …
    It also seems to express 2×73 communicating 2 ELDERS in 73 Tzolkin Rounds (52 years) ~ (aha) it expresses humanity getting in the mature meant modus!


    • (oops i forgot)

      Having the first day of the 8th week in the 13 weeks as Quarter(ra) 2 …
      i share the Hexagram Site of (Mona?) Lisa that facilitates my reading and might enlighten our commonly wielding fields of pleasure.

      Let us inhale the vibration from “The great image says: High on the mountain there is fire: Itinerant ~ The noble one is clear minded and cautious in imposing punishment and does not protract lawsuits”.

      The last words are very applicable in my sphere of working with water … “does not protract lawsuits” …

      It sets me to weave this thing with my relations into a peaceful ending … exchanging and settling crystal clearness we in fact agree upon long ago / at the instant beginning.

      “The Law Suits … as it does without spending words but the telepathic field of planetary trust”

      I myself see this as a week that concludes climate interdependent targets in a simultaneous move having spacetime to share where the 6th moon expresses equality and the 8th column integrity …

      The trinity that embeds those 2 essentials are 5-7-9 Tone Dynamics , rsp. Radiance ~ Attunement ~ Intention …

      I read the I Ching Page again as a Gain …


  4. The I Ching site of of Lise Heyboer.
    Perhaps one of Anton’s wives?
    One of his pictures is on the home page 🙂


    • I’m pretty sure this is one of Anton Heyboer’s Wifes …
      This is because YaniQ had conversations with her on the I Ching Pages.

      She was the 4th or 5th wife of Anton, all alive and “kicking” …
      Anton -kin012- died about 4 years ago

      this page shows 5 woman – so that is the number of women he married and they are all in peace at a pace … (i trust)

      LiSE’s name is an aka that might mean a thing considering her art for having the I Ching as a hobby to vibrate wisdom from numeric harmonies.

      😉 AHAU~KAN

  5. while we have seal 4 so on focus … i think it fits to give this 4th comment as well …

    this time it is a copyquote from a thing i shared in a ning group world café …

    it also responds to the call of TMQ, here: “Do you have insights or comments to share, regarding 144 during this week (21) which is the square of 441, the Mirror of 144? 🙂 ”

    “i suspect VeroniKA’s blind woman catch hit a sync …

    11, 12, 13 on this day exactly fits a Path signalled on page 107 in the book of Timespace – edition V/VII – the cosmic history chronicle

    There the Path (refering to page 106 Tollan Crystal) mentions TFO144 (this day KIN) at the 2nd Light Gate of 4: WIND

    In the 1st column it states: Spirit Essence; Urania, Lady of the Winds; High Priestess (who to address?)

    The 3rd Column : Court of the Prophet; Spirit of Prophesy, 2nd Light Gate – Darka Pole

    Then the TFI label shows all uniq numbers – and i think TFI is a shorty for Telepathic Frequency Interval/Index?

    At the end of the array number 441 refers to the Label HUNAB KU, seal21 (21×21=441) … which number is mirror to 144 , todays kin144 – Magnetic Seed

    Personally i felt to renumber 441 by distracting 260 into 181 …

    That number mirror about in itself … its seal?
    Red Crystal Dragon – powers communicate Dedicate Birth

    Then it should be stated that we have the 2nd Quarter active in the 13 Rune Meditation at week 21: i ching 56 …

    Q2 Credo: “Space flows as Cosmic Awareness: (is this S*ace? me?)
    Hex.56: Time Travel Unifies the Mind
    (this was anyone’s first intend to partake in the 12/12 session, whatever actually happened)

    Living on Light(Rays as BeamDreams) :-)) s’ace “

    • Hi S’ace,
      Thanks for pointing out that this Wavespell, coded by Kin 144 falls during the moon coded by Spirit, with the TFI of 144. Understanding of the Runes and Hexagrams is something still elusive for me. BTW, today, 4.1 + 18.8 means that I am U today: 2.9 🙂 TMQ

      • when you see my comment on serpent … we have many things in common today, dear TMQ … consider us as a telepathic couple of lovers vibrating planets, stars and nebulae … 😉 while being on the move time travelling gets us even denser and “as dynamite” … take care!

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