Limi 6 of Moon 6; Kin 149: Red Rhythmic Moon; G-Force is Blue Rhythmic Storm

Today we have a  multiple Magic Turtle Day with the 6th day of  the 6th Moon of Equality matching  Tone 6 of  Kin 149 and it’s G-Force also.  Such an alignment occurs only once every 13 years!   Only 3 times in 169 years does it happen on a day which is also a Galactic Activation Portal.  This is day 4 of the 10-in-a-row run of G.A.P.s,  so let’s cherish this  rare and special day.

 The Affirmation/Code Spell for Red Rhythmic Moon is:  “I Organize in order to PurifyBalancing Flow, I seal the process of Universal Water with the Rhythmic tone of Equality.  I am guided by my own power doubled.  I am a Galactic Activation Portal.  Enter me.

The Postulate for 9.6 describes our daily 7:7:7:7 practice:  “The first three Radial Plasmas function to create a primary thermic-luminic, luminic-thermic teleptahic field.  Release of the 4th Plasma (Kali) establishes the radion of the Telepathic Matrix, commencing the conscious activation of radion to lubricate…the Biosphere-Noosphere Transition…”

The Postulate for today’s G-Force, Blue Rhythmic Storm, 19.6 is:  The Synchronic Order of the Universe, maintained by the functioning of the Law of Time, defines the “Divine Plan“.  Prior to the discovery of the Law of Time, the Divine Plan unfolds in the cosmic unconscious, becoming self-reflectively known to the intelligence of evolving bodies in time only as revelation.”

Kin 149 (9.6)  is the sum of the Kin of the author of the words quoted above (11.11), and of the writer (18.8) of the words that follow below.  🙂

Tule Tree next to a church The Masterpiece for today is the massive and revered Tule Tree in Oaxaca, Mexico, land of the Maya who built terrestrial archetypes of Tollan (Tule/Tula).  When still known as Jose Arguelles, Valum Votan once lived at 40 Tula Street in Mexico City.  (TMQ once lived on Arguelles Avenue in San Fransisco, back when the only notable thing to her about her address was  the black mansion two doors away which belonged to “The Jefferson Airplane” rock group.)

Detail of knotted burl of the Tule Tree                                                                D.N.A. testing confirmed that The Tule Tree is one tree, with the largest trunk girth:  58 meters.  (Kin 58, Rhythmic Mirror (one of the 3 Kin that can be a multiple Magic Turtle Day), is a P.V. sign-Kin 58 codes the day Pacal Votan died)  “Local legends say that you can make out animals like the Jaguar and Elephant in it’s gnarled trunk, giving it the nickname of  ‘The Tree of Life'”.

The “Cosmic Tree of Life” extends from the navel of Pacal Votan, as depicted on his massive elaborately encoded tomb at Palenque.  From ‘Pacal Votan’s Book of Harmony’, found on page 52 of  ‘Cosmic History Chronicles Vol. II:  Book of the Avatar” by Valum Votan and Stephanie South; “ There is a reason I have been placed in this tomb, where are inscribed all the signs of our Becoming, and all the signs of our Return…All of life is a perfect balance (today especially!)-the Cosmos an equation of perfect Harmony…Two trees emanate from the Mirror-like void, where in the branches high above, the Mystery perches like a bird, while in the roots far below is the perfection of the unspoken word….Equality restores life’s perfect measure…”

Pacal Votan’s Tomb also reveals the “Three Special Messengers of the Awakening” as described on page 96 (9.6) of Vol. II:  They appeared to Pacal Votan in a crystal vision which was transferred to the lid of his sarcophagus.  Buddha is on the left top, looking right.  Jesus Christ is on the far right looking left.  Muhammad is in the center, looking at Buddha.  This means that Muhammad continues what Christ represented, and closes what Buddha initiated.”

Today is the Islamic New Year:  1431 A.H. (After Hejira)   Hejira (The Journey) was when the Prophet Muhammad fled from his persecutors in Mecca to Medina in A.D. 622. {The Islamic Year contains only 354 days}  From page 107 of C.H.C. Vol II,  Muhammad is known as the cleanser of Babylon, and his Prophecy is known as the “Arturus Dominion’s War of the Heavens Victory Plan for Never-Ending Peace”.  “Allah is the personification of the all-equalizing mercy of Hunab Ku”.  One can understand why Muhammad’s persecutors were threatened by the popularity of a merciful peaceful God over the vengeful guilt-imposing God they were promoting.  The additional appeal of a religion which outlaws usury (interest on loans) can explain the current animosity against the religion of Muhammad, which Telektonon refers to as the “Religion of the Rock“.  (Named for the rock from Maldek housed in the Cube towards which 1 million Muslims pray 5 times each day?)

Red Moon Seal 9, the Moon is a member of the Gateway Family, the Fourth Force Year-Bearers who Open the Gates of Time.  Gateway Family guards the South Pole and the Root Chakra.  Seal 9, also known as the ‘Healer’  corresponds to Mercury which shares Circuit One with Pluto.  Mercury is the smallest planet, and this planet closest to the Sun completes her Solar orbit in 88 days.  Since Mercury is visible at dawn and dusk, she is sometimes referred to as the Morning Star and the Evening Star.

LIMI 6 gathers in our Solar Plexus Chakra, and has the action of PURIFY.  Focus on this Red Seal and your navel area as you say:  “I Consume Dualistic Thoughts as Food.  I Purify the Mental Electron at the North Pole.”  Next, we visualize/build the Left side of the Radion Cube.  The Prophetic Messenger Padmasambhava is the Patron for Limi.

Day 6 of the 7:7:7:7 corresponds to Katun 6: -A.D. 791, which is coded by the Sixth Solar Witness; Kin 199:  Blue Self-Existing Storm.  Self-Existing Storm(19.4) codes the 6th Bolon Tiku, the one we are awakening this year:  Vast Awesome Blue Sky.  All the ‘Sixes’ occurring today should give him a major wakeup!  Day 6 is called the Prophecy Foundation Tower of the Inner Earth.

Telektonon Day 6 is when we telepathically connect to Baktun 6:  B.C. 1536;  Imperial Seal.  King Wen completes the I Ching (8×8) and Pacal Votan uses his free will to claim the 7 seals of Prophecy.  From his Uranian crypt in the center of the Earth, Pacal prepares the Warrior’s Labyrinth according to the Law of the Cube (4×4).  From the Free Will Tower of Day 6, coded by Kin 12 (12.12), we witness the power of 12 over time in the old world, and determine that we will telepathically reclaim the Power of 13 during the Cube Journey we begin tomorrow. 

Days 4, 5 and today, Day 6 of Moon 6 are coded by 12.2, Yellow Lunar Human, which is the Pacal Votan Clear Sign  in the 7th Mystic Column of the Dreamspell Tzolkin.

Appreciate and enjoy today’s special placement of Kin 149, Red Rhythmic Moon,  the Kin which codes   Day 19/Cube 13 of every Moon.  At Midnight, we begin our 6th Spirit Warrior’s Cube Journey of the Self-Existing Seed Year.  🙂

N.S.  1. 22. 6. 6.    Kin 149


5 thoughts on “Limi 6 of Moon 6; Kin 149: Red Rhythmic Moon; G-Force is Blue Rhythmic Storm

  1. this is about a tree guiding people trhough the timespan illusions … 😉

    in England i had the pleasure to resonate on huge trees – often YEWs , also OAKs. In our countree they donot get that “vast”.

    58 is numerically 13 …
    and it has number 5 and 6 of the fibonacci: 11235…8…13…21(0 and Q…uetzalcoatl Return / U turn too & ReVerbeaRaT-ion …

    Lets Manifest This on all Altars …

      • Tule in bivideotex is 7 6 12 5 => 30
        TMQ = 7 13 10 => 30

        We have two systemic at work , dear TMQ …

        they go in pairs as DNA strings go in pairs …

        in this way DNA gives in AZ=126=>19 (QurAN number? Sthorm?)
        in bivideotext = AM=ZN=113=> DNA =>4 13 1 => 18
        18 is as 2.9 => white solar wind in Tzolkin

        there we have 3 systemics at work and they resonate a fuse …

        In this way i have this cabin formed with people working together on DreamSpell ~ Longcount ~ KweekSpell – KIN revelation …

        till the moment someone breaks the integer number reigning the storytellers magical and probably mysterious origin …

        that is in fact the dilemma of a listener at a personal karmic point to overcome (said as mild as i can, open for suggestions)


        then everybody here can comment here to get in the worldcafe experiencing the kweek at work with the 2 leading oracle systemics delivered from the ancient!

        Go in the cabin from a blind faith trust or check it up to overcome the thresholds at the station opening itself … (simple a s’amplifying)


      • yesterday i had a 171 add to 1171 in the cabin experience …

        today i see again to number 18 …

        171 = 9 and 18 is 9 too … 171=9×19

        18 has a bar of 7 …
        say as a tension between 1 plate and another plate ( | as 1 )

        in this way the symbol of II as 2 towers in New York was a symbol of T

        Just see the cube and replace the white and the black … 😉

        So … the Twin Towers were a symbol for T …

        And where do we find T in the Mayan Glyphs?

        right both at 2 and 9 … (counted 11; as a product 18; as a diff 7)

        ~~~ then in the Kweekspell … (see how the double ll gives 2 towers)

        week | and week || symbolize the dilemma at Quest …

        Most people just live a week and another week – no educational paradigm installed or applied …

        In kweek 3 kweeks do the job delivering a DôME – a TOllan …

        1st kweek is the LOVEkweek …; 2nd kweek the LIFEkweek …

        then the 3rd one is the VOIDkweek … that fuses at the 10th day at DôME …

        what to say more on the TIMEbase from the TRIniTY / TREEniTHY?

        :{ … }: buenos noches Valum Votan & Red Queen … i could only reach out for this revelation by your awakening spell and CHC’s now V – Victory … ;-)) looking out for number VI and VII as concluding documents’ … May Peace Prevail in our Cooperations’

  2. JA is YES in DUTCH …

    YES directly brings up Close to the Edge … (part ONE)

    the Edge is an aka for a U2 guitar man …
    where BoNo is the monkey singer … and peace activist …

    i heard he promoted a Gandhi Walk from Down Under “across the Planet” …

    Walk’inG with Gandhi is a continuous stream …

    JA maybe also refers th the Jesters Avatar …
    :-{ … }-:

    the roundabou~T

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