Rhythmic 9 Solstice coded by Solar Human; 3 Years until THE Solstice!

The ‘Masterpiece’  for this Galactic Activation Portal Solstice  is the man who alerted us to the 12/21 Solstice of 2012, which is now only 3 years away.  Valum Votan has devoted his life to preparing humanity for this shift into the Sixth Sun of Consciousness, and was the person who decoded the information left for us by the Galactic Mayans.  Valum Votan was named the Closer of the Cycle (closing in 2012) in 2003 atop the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan. Kin 11 continues to share his revelations and the fruits of his numerical labours through the Law of Time, the Seven Volumes of Cosmic History Chronicles (with  co-author Stephanie South)  and with on-going reports and conference appearances.  The 13:20 Synchronic Codes we are exploring in this blog are available because of his persistent  and inspired endeavors.  

In 33 days, Valum Votan’s  ‘Electric Dragon Year’ and the first half f this 13 Moon Year will end on Resonant Silio 14.  The second half of  Self-Existing Seed Year will begin with Self-Existing World-Bridger, Kin 186.  This number can also be interpreted as 18.6, Pacal Votan Clear Sign;  Kin 58:  White Rhythmic Mirror.  

On this Solstice, the Kins coding the day (12.9); Moon (2.6) and Year (4.4) equal 18.6, Rhythmic Mirror.    Another Pacal Votan Clear Sign appears in today’s Analog:  Blue Solar Hand (7.9)  The Challenge/Antipode for Solar Human is Kin 22;  White Solar Wind, the Galactic Signature for Bolon Ik, the revered and beloved companion of Pacal Votan on our 28 day Journey each Moon.  The P.S.I. Chrono Kin coding this  Solstice is Kin 99:  Blue Galactic Storm (19.8)  A rare and lovely synchronicity for today:  19 x 8 = 152!  🙂

The Code Spell Kin 152, Yellow Solar Human, is:  “I Pulse in order to Influence Realizing Wisdom, I seal the process of Free Will with the Solar tone of Intention.  I am guided by the power of Elegance.  I am a Galactic Activation Portal.  Enter me.”

Cosmic History Chronicles Vol. II, Book of the Avatar’  discussed the concept of  Humans as  ‘Cosmic Vibratory Roots’, who are meant to transduce the energy of the Sun into the Earth.  This beautiful video explains the challenge and neccesity for us to develop into such Solar Humans: http://www.youtube.com/user/rysa5 (should be the one called ‘Template 3 Light-if not, please see s’aces comment below for link)

The Postulate for 12.9 discusses another function we are meant to activate as Solar Humans:  “Personal Time Transport Vehicles are constructed using the base Time Vector Potential of the Date of Birth (Galactic Signature), coordinated with sets of possibilities of other dates in the personal history, including coordinates of Galactic Signatures of relatives, friends, significant event points, etc.  The personal transport vehicle is of a double-terminated crystal type, operated by the Fourth-Dimensional personality…”

Yellow HumanSeal 12, the Human, also known as the Archetype of the “Sage“, belongs to the Core Family, who are the Second Force Sentinels that Close the Gate of Time.  The Core Family guard the Equatorial Tropics and the Heart chakra (and Heart) of the Earth.  Human corresponds to Uranus, and the critical Circuit Three which she shares with Earth.  Circuit Three represents the Telektonon Earth Spirit Speaking Tube.

Rhythmic SELI 9 gathers in our Root Chakra, and it has the action of Flow.  “My Mother is the ultimate Sphere.  I See the Light.”  On day 2 of each week we build the Bottom of the Cube.  The Patron for Seli is Muhammad.  7:7:7:7 Day 9 corresponds telepathically to the year (A.D. 1994-1995) connected to the Second Solar Witness, Blue Cosmic Eagle. 

Telektonon Day 9  telepathically connects to Baktun 9:  A.D. 41;  Lords of Red & Black.  Pacal Votan witnesses the triumph of 13:20 civiliation in Teotihuacan and Tiwanka of the New World, while Babylon prevails as the  Roman Empire, matched by the Han dynasty in China.

Cube Three:  Abundance    “By my superconscious Warrior Night abundance power, I regain my telepathic 13:20 visionary power in abundance.”  “May Truth and Peace Prevail!”

As the world watched the 12:60 power brokers discuss our fate at the Climate Conference in Copenhagen, one Human ‘shined’ with Integrity. Much transpired during Week 21, which ended with the day bearing Lord Monckton’s Galactic Signature as it’s P.S.I. Chrono Kin:  Kin 97:  Red Rhythmic Earth.  Here is a speech: http://wattsupwiththat.com/2009/12/17/lord-monckton-reports-on-pachauris-eye-opening-copenhagen-presentation/  This courageous champion of the Truth and of Humanity so disturbed the so-called elite, that this Viscount  was shockingly assaulted twice-once by the Danish Police.   His radio interview after being knocked unconscious, shows his Spirit is undaunted! 

Four  years ago today, a great ceremony was conducted by Valum Votan at Teotihuacan, in which the first of Seven caves of the Chaway U Kokan was opened.     Each Rhythmic Moon Solstice, we enter a new cave.  Today we begin a year in the fifth cave, the Cave of Onyx, which correlates to the Crown Chakra and Knowledge of the Inscrutable Mystery.

Most of the World rejoices as the shortest day of the year signals  the growing light of the Sun.  For the 10% of the Earth’s population who live in the Southern Hemisphere, we are enjoying the longest day of the year.  For all of us, this is  the last Winter or Summer Solstice to occur on a Galactic Activation Portal until after 2013.   Enjoy!  🙂

N.S.  1. 22. 6. 9.   /3    Kin 152

7 thoughts on “Rhythmic 9 Solstice coded by Solar Human; 3 Years until THE Solstice!

  1. thX TMQ & VVRQ for this guiding program …

    i had a personal focus on N.S. 1. 22. 6. 9. /3 Kin 152

    all numbers seem so fertile and they tell a story – dont Know what – to process:

    1 as always the deepdowndragon(dear) MagnetiQ and Dragon … also Prime Carrier as a Mother to Kweak (Recently Kweek was adopted and thereby baptised into Kweak – including the “EA” ancient WIND goddes’s”)

    22 – B’ol’on IK (mark the backarrow on the K-character)

    6.9 – go together in the CANCER symbol that starts at the opposite soulstice of todaya … ; having the sound KANcer even affirms the KAN spiced year and WAVEspell right NOW in the Kno’wings

    /3 – symbolizes the Factor 3 as the 4th position in the 11235 propagation field including the closure factor (5-center of 9)

    152 denotes to 12.9 where 5 and 9 attune the 11 and 22 twins, 5 as the captain and 9 as the navigathor … to be followed at awe


    Good to See José so prominent on this KIN …
    and it goes with a new lawoftime site …

    How is the Red Queen DoinG?
    Is her 2nd Book on the TimeTraveller oncoming soon?

    Good Soulstice Daya, S’ace

  2. while we have seal KAN at a double/multiple focus i will see for its bivideotex from TEOTIHUAKAN (having the C promoted to the K-sound it inherited)

    TEO: 7 5 12 => 24
    TI : 7 9 => 16
    HU : 8 6 => 14
    A : 1 => 1
    KAN : 11 1 13 => 25

    summed we get into 90 – a nine zero formation 1x1x2x3x3x5 elementary

    okay the 1×1 is obsolete but then it just illustrates the 11235 basic at the fibonacci … that might have blown up into “fibonazi” by some type scientists and their 1 god beliefsystems in a hurry-up.

    one might say 3×3 is also 3 powered by 2 as the first 2 kin examplify 11 and the 3rd position syblolizes that in 2 – 1 swan = phonetically s’one


  3. game on THE solstice …

    THE => 7 8 5 => 20 … Seals

    solstice => 8 12 13 8 7 9 3 5 => 33 32 => 65 (#11 & 5×13)

    65 is the very center of the 64 DNA codons

    THE also vibrates 13 + 7 as well as 7 + 13 as vibrational catalyser (s’thorM)

    V is the very center in M – as ManiTou Character …

    offered as outerspace star at heaven
    :-)) bolon ik ‘mulucK*

  4. Thanks so much s’ace!
    It’s such a great and pertinent video. I’m glad you tracked it down because it wasn’t showing up in my link. Wasn’t able to post your link, but am directing Kin to your comment now. 🙂 Hope you had a lovely soulstice…TMQ

  5. Great to be of help to you and yours, dear TMQ ))) my pleasure as welllmmm!

    my soulstice is the birthday of Cosmic Human 2013 – my destiny female mate YaniQ … so we had a party y’eve :-))

    and the soulstice is defined to a 81 hours happening here while we have wintertimes and long nights – we need this time to receive all the chi send by you and yours on the summersoulstice … not quit sure what is the best formation:

    twilightzone 20-dawn23 december
    twilightzone 21-dawn24 december

    well, maybe to be sure we might span it over 104 hours?
    what is your advise here?
    (81=9×9 and spans in better Density than 104?)

    81 = 3**4 =3x3x3x3= 4thD Number?

    {|-}) Y’ur “BUDH”

  6. welllmmm?

    okay i have to decypher this into its origin thought

    we lllrd millenium minds marmoreus

    we ~ world egolutionists

    what can egolutionist mean, do you think , all readers invited to give an expression?

    marmoreus is a word that sprouted from an etching from “our” painter Rembrandt – painter of the light and the dark …
    This etching is known as the Conus Marmoreus … a shell found on the bottom of the Indonesian Oceans / Indian Ocean …

    Well as many natural things do is perfectly illustrates the intelligence factor that reigns the world …

    simly g*gle it …


    i cannot remember i uncovered it by bivideotex exercise:
    13 1 9 13 12 9 5 6 8 => 23 25 28 => 76 (13)

    76 is as 7 days and 6 nights …
    is the Ultimate Rembrandt Decodex?

    this is one of my favourites that is a snapshot in the NachtWacht …
    Translated that could be a thing as “NightKnight” …

    Still active in the MultipleSoulStice in the East, the North, the West and the South as well as Heaven, Earth & the Heart, KaY :-))

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