Rhythmic Gamma 10: Red Planetary Skywalker a.k.a. Quetzalcoatl

The Code Spell for  Kin 153:  Red Planetary Skywalker is:  “I Perfect in order to Explore.  Producing Wakefulness, I seal the output of Space with the Planetary tone of Manifestation.  I am guided by the power of Birth.  I am a Galactic Activation Portal.  Enter me. 

The Postulate for 13.10 states:  “Nature of interplanetary exploration is dependent upon realization of higher level rearrangements of Synchronic Order necessitated by variability of stellar harmonic patterns relected in orbital frequencies of the Planets to each other.”  This postulate describes part of the reason for the daily telepathic practice, and the importance of utilizing the true power of our  minds working together.    

 In his last Rinri Report, Valum Votan  wrote about  Kin 247, Blue Cosmic Hand (19 x 13)  because it signaled the last 1260 days before the end of  the 12:60 Time Beam on Solstice 2012.  4 days before that significant day, on Day 9 of Moon 13, of Electric Storm Year,  a  Mayan crop circle of  Quetzalcoatl (Skywalker)  was placed on our Planet.   This   crop circle on Blue Solar Night is our ‘Masterpiece’ for Red Planetary Skywalker (13.10).  Note the 10 anqular spirals at the bottom, to go with the ‘13′  of the Feathered Serpent’s Seal. Red Skywalker  Seal 13, Skywalker, also known as the Prophet, and also known to represent Quetzalcoatl, is a member of the Signal Family, the Third Force Sentinels of the Day-out-of-Time.  Signal Family guards the Southern Regions of the Earth, and the Solar Plexus Chakra.  Skywalker corresponds to Mars, who shares Circuit Four with Saturn.

Rhythmic  GAMMA 10 appears during the Second White Week of White Rhythmic Wind Moon.  This White Plasma concentrates in our Third Eye Chakra, and it performs the action of Purify“My Lineage is the Union of intrinsic Awareness and the Ultimate Sphere.  I Attain the Power of Peace.”  We have now completed the 3rd partof the White Sensory Quantum for Week 2.  Today we build        the Top of the Radion Cube.  Pacal Votan,  pictured above, is the Patron for Gamma.   7:7:7:7 day 10, we corresponds to the year (A.D. 1995-1996) coded by Third Bolon Tiku, Kin 196:  Magnetic Warrior.

Telektonon Day 10 is when we telepathically connect with Baktun 10: A.D.  435;  Maya.  By the end of this Great Era of Maya Time science on Earth,  1,440,000 days will have passed since the Baktun 1 began in 3113 B.C.  During Baktun 10, Muhammad receives the Quran, and Pacal Votan incarnates at Palenque, leaving the Telektonon prophecy for us.  Padmasambhava, the Patron for Limi, incarnates in Tibet during Baktun 10.

Cube Four:  Flowering    “May the enlightening Solar power of Maya  flower as the Fulfillment of Prophecy for all!”  This  affirmation is particularly synchronistic and powerful today, when Seal 13, the Prophet, falls on a Galactic Activation Portal on Gamma which has the greatest Mayan of all as it’s Patron.  In addition, this Dreamspell year  is coded by Seal Four of Flowering, and it  is the 13th Year of Prophecy in the final 16 Year  Cube ending in 2013.

The last time Kin 153, Red Planetary Skywalker appeared was on Gamma 3 of Red Planetary Skywalker Moon.  Noticing this rare synchronicity the day before,  TMQ realized that 13.10 + 13.10  = 6.7 , the Kin coding the day the 9/11/2004 message appeared on her computer.   Also, 13.10 was the G-Force for that year of Blue Electric Storm.  So, she told her companion that she felt there would be something significant happening the next day on Red Planetary Skywalker.  20 hours later, on  April 6, 2009, there was a devastating 6.7 earthquake in Milan Italy.   Shortlyafter the June 21 solstice, she told this story to someone she had just decoded, because his Galactic Signature was Planetary Skywalker.  The next morning,  a 6.7 earthquake occured in  Papa New Guinea, on Red Crystal Skywalker.  A week later, TMQ related these two events to a friend over coffee,  and the next day, the third 6.7 earthquake occurred, on the Greek Island of Crete, on Rhythmic Sun. 

The Mystery Queen related these Mysteriously Synchronistic events for a reason.  Only twice before 2013 will a Kin occur during the Moon that is coded by that Kin.  On June 23, 2011,  Kin 181: Red Planetary Dragon will fall on Day 25 of Planetary Dragon Moon.  And, 9 days from now, Kin 162:  White  Rhythmic Wind will happen on Day 19 of this Moon coded by White Rhythmic Wind.  That day is a Full Moon and the last day of 2009.  On this powerful day of manifestation, let’s use our combined mental and telepathic powers to envision Day 19, Rhythmic Wind, as  a  powerful and positive transition into 2010.  For the coming year defined by 10, let’s  Manifest Planetary Perfection!  🙂

N.S.  1. 22. 6. 10.  /4   Kin 153

5 thoughts on “Rhythmic Gamma 10: Red Planetary Skywalker a.k.a. Quetzalcoatl

  1. a kweak not’ice in the middle of the solstice 72 hours …

    153 is in this zeroyear for kweak a 9 …
    simply because the number is delivering an integer value from /9 => 17

    and 17 is both seal Earth as well as Tone 4 (the mystic number as 13 is :: too)
    so here self-existing earth is communicated by Q10 …

    the next 8 cycles of the tzolkin deliver 9 values for every other kin-position as a “bird”. The bird as a center of 9 kin-values …

    The bigger bird in Kweak is the 28th day of the Moon, simply while it dragons 2 wings at both sides of its existence … flying through the timespace.

    So 153 also has 149 150 151 152 on one wing where 149 is the tipping point.

    the other wing has 154 155 156 157 … and the EARTH seal is the tipping point.

    U might say the tipping points are in the same color and therefor we also engage the other 2 seals of the bird as its feet: DRAGON and SERPENT

    Can you see the formation of this 9’er with the focus of the centered Solstice?

    FEET : birth and life-force

    BIRD : space

    WINGS : universal-water and navi(G)ation

    So be it according Kweak’all with a sirious Q-budh: {|-})
    (5 symbols representing a budh~typo as BI & PV & Q)

  2. i was thinking on the /4 notation …
    and this started a few days ago …

    hmmm U are playing the game of KweaK , dear TMQ (!?)

    that feels great to me ~ it took 4 paces to make me see … the form …

    /4 is FA daya the 4/9 SOUND …
    here the novice is about 9 too …
    how come we can speak of 9 in an octave?

    is this about Do Ray Me FA Soul La Ti Do (shhh) ?

    including number 9 – s’ilence as a sound we sacre HigH?

    smile 🙂 unfreezing ancient icebergs in ourselves ~~~
    s’miles heigh as 8 miles heigh / golden earring

    Y’ur {|-}) * ({-|}

  3. gaming the balls on the field we can laugh on syncs …

    so SKYWALKER can be converted in the AM-ZN-113 tricktrack – bivideotex:

    8 11 2 4 1 12 11 5 9 => 63 (9 – 7×9)

    As a way of reading through the Divine Comic Given …
    BEN communicates through the WorldLanguage that grew Planetary by those Machines and their Inventers & Marketeers … the SHIFT at Frequency in Time Ratio.

    It is Important here to understand the Origin Factor at RATIO – RA TI O

    Often Ratio is used as the similar Ruling Principle as Logic … which however is not the case … . Ratio is “shamanistic” placed by “false media priest” onto that “Class of Thinking”. Logic is a needed Method for seeing things – that is true. But then the other way of thinking is Magic, which is its complementary needed Method for thinking … and have a speak on what to formulate in attuned effort.

    RATIO is meant from origin to combine the 2 Methods at Hand.

    And HAND is the ::**:: – harmoniQ of 2 hands folding …
    A Thumb represents the LOGIC – left brain , right chest HARD FACTOR.
    The Four Fingers represent the MAGIC – right brain, left chest HEART FACTOR.

    This is actually so clear that we forgot the Natural Factor that sparks from the BODY itself …

    In fact we could exercise again how it feels when we join both hands and do it in both configu-ratio-ns: i.e. LLRR and LRRL (agree?).

    Simply try to feel the flow through 2 bodies and relax … Later try to express on the experience and share it mutual … Beware that every person has its own feelings and expressions trying to near the happening – which is a sort of state of being able to receive … chi / energy (and meditate the heaven and earths interdependent exchange).

    SKY WALLCARE – is another way for embracing BEN … and tomorrow (dec24) MEN – for today IX11 is enchantinG the SOULstice daya winter2009.

    WINTER is for me a good KEYword to bring forward TORI AMOS …


    it is about the HORSES … too
    stall~ions maKING UP THEIR MINDS’ and CHANGE

    • I am a red planetary skywalker, my bday is 11/22/1987, and my consciouness is waking up right now at a faster rate than i have words to describe……..by the minute..i have plans to be at Teotihucan next week, my 5th time there…where i keep getting drawn back to, i was there during jose’s last cermony. im 24 . and cant wrap my brain around any of this, is there anyone out there to give me an answer, everything about the red planetary skywalker says is exactly my life story and the things ive been feeling lately and ‘waking’ up to…..im having a major revelation, answer..anyone

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