Kin 155: Blue Crystal Eagle, on Day 12 of Wavespell 12 (coded by Kin 144=12×12)

The Ten days of  G.A.P.’s end with  a  ‘Crystal’ day,  and a rather special Kin:  Blue Crystal Eagle.    The Occult power for today is a Pacal Votan Clear Sign,  and a Galactic Activation Portal:  White Lunar World-Bridger.  The Guide for today is Blue Crystal Hand, which codes the December 21, 2012 Solstice.   Today’s G-Force is Kin 37:  Red Spectral Earth.  Vincent Van Gogh, whose Galactic Signature (Electric World-Bridger) began this 10 day Galactic Activation Zone, died at the tragically young age of 37.  We will close this G.A.P. Zone with another Masterpiece by Vincent.The Café Terrace on the Place du Forum, Arles, at Night, c.1888 Art PrintThis vibrant scene contains the ‘Round Tables’  at which Kin will gather on this Crystal Day, and the Stars to remind us of the  ‘Star People ‘ we invoke when we say the ‘Prayer of the Seven Galactic Directions’ at our Crystal Day gatherings:  “From Above,  House of Heaven:  Where Star People and ancestors gather, may their Blessings come to us now…”

The Code Spell for Kin 155:  Blue Crystal Eagle is:  “I Dedicate in order to Create.  Universalizing mind, I seal the output of Vision with the Crystal tone of Cooperation.  I am guided by the power of Accomplishment.  I am a Galactic Activation Portal.  Enter me.”

Postulate for 15.12 states:  “Self-Regulation of subliminal post-organic feedback completes the evolutionary learning loop of Galactic Brain, now fully registered as pulsations of stellar/planetary time coordinates.”

Blue Eagle Seal 15, the Eagle, is also known by the Archetype; Seer, and is a member of the Polar Family:  “Fifth Force movers that Synchronize the Time”.  Polar Family guards the North Pole and the Crown Chakra.  Seal 15 corresponds to massive Jupiter, which shares Circuit Five with Maldek.jupiter the fourth brightest object in the sky, after the Sun, the Moon, and Venus.  Jupiter has Four  ‘Galilean’ Moons.

Rhythmic ALPHA 12 concentrates in our Throat Chakra, and it has the action of Release.  “My Country is the Unborn Ultimate Sphere.  I Release the Double-Extended Electron at the South Pole.”.  Today we mentally construct the first part of the White Telepathic Quanta, and the Right side of the Radion Cube.

The Patron for Alpha is St. John of Patmos.  His writing indicated the link between the 7 Chakras and the 7 Seals.  (This morning, a ship named St. John was docked in the Nelson Harbor  :)) Alpha 12, the 6th day in our Cube Journey, is when we tone “LA“.   We are familiarizing ourselves with the 16 day of toning, in preparation for the Sacred Toning that is done during each Resonant Moon Cube Journey, which as at the very Heart (middle) of each 13 Moon Year.

Day 12 in the 7:7:7:7 practice correlates to the year  (A.D. 1997-1998) when we envision Kin 198:  White Electric Mirror (who codes the Heart Oracle of the Supreme Golden Maiden) being Reawakened.  This is the 2nd day of the 2nd quarter of the Cube, called the Plane of Spirit, when we Cultivate Radiance.  Synchronistically, the P.S.I. chrono Kin for today is Seal Two:  Spirt in the form of Spectral Wind (Kin 102).

Telektonon Day 12 is telepathically connected to Baktun 12:  A.D. 1224:  Hidden Seed. Note:  Today’s Gregorian date is 12/24!  During this Baktun (which began with a number containing the 12 (Months) and 24(Hours in a day), the perfection of the mechanical clock symbolized the Triumph of Third Babylon and the Vatican.  The 13 Moons go into exile as the Gregorian Calendar is imposed upn the World in 1582.  With an ironic synchronicity, the Pope Gregory– coded by XIII (13) banishes the Feminine represented by the Red Queen found in Temple XIII at Palenque.  Our task today is to Reawaken her as the Supreme Golden Maiden, as we Redeem Baktun 12.

Cube Six:  Death   “ By my conscious Warrior World-Bridger death power, may what has been hidden now be revealed!”  “May the 13 Moon way Prevail!”  These days are called the Time of Revelation, when the Truth is revealed. 

Today we have the hidden power of  P.V.C.S.  Lunar World-Bridger, and the 12/24 synchronicity bridging the Gregorian calendar to the Baktun 12 date of 1224.  According to George Orwell,  ” In times of universal deceit, telling the Truth becomes a revolutionary act”.  Know that the Truth of the 13 Moons Way of Peace is being revealed in time for us to connect the Noospheric Bridge from the Fifth Sun to the Sixth Sun of Consciousness during the 2012-2013 transition from the artificial  12:60 to the  natural and Universal 13:20!

May  this  Sacred time be experienced by all, with Peace, Love and Joy.  🙂

N. S.  1. 22. 6. 12.   /6   Kin 155

3 thoughts on “Kin 155: Blue Crystal Eagle, on Day 12 of Wavespell 12 (coded by Kin 144=12×12)

  1. hi TMQ et all … and at Al

    it great to have this flight with your initiative journey ! huGGG }}*|*{{

    i see the 7 ‘Prayer of the Seven Galactic Directions’ which is both relating to the 7 affirmations of PadmaSambhava and to the week formula 7:7::7:7 …

    this is okay … and i often have practised it with free~ends …

    then suddenly … it is time for a chance and a change …

    from my heaven of being the next pivotal shift invitation sprouts:

    let us add 2 addresses to the 7 where we have :

    East, North, West, South, Above, Below, Center …

    As a starter i would offer the Vow at the Empty Body(mind) that relates to the sound ))) ~ b i o v o i d ~ ((( and it addresses the nothingness and such(ness)

    It could start as “From the vow, Bare Ground for Being, …”

    Then the seven follow … ending that with …

    “Unfolding the Eight, Cosmic Stream, …”

    the last one is the Ninth … and they all Center in all subCenters cooperating in the Prayer … PreYearVow for the Cycle addressed …

    KIN155 is also addressing the bird that flies on the 1-55 feathers as circling vows …

    1-27 addresses the current moon as a wing of the bird … 55-29 addresses the next moon which is initiated by the whole wing (vice versa) before that …

    This vision makes us experience time as what it is meant for … interdependent method for seeing what we accomplish together as communities buildin GreatNess …

    i see /6 as the breaking number that expresses the KweakSpell at the side and insight to the DreamSpell that sort of awakes in itself … is the current KweakSpell addressing :
    1 as the Dragon1 Magnetic Mother Mon’star
    .6 as the current Moon in 13Moon – Pet Lizard
    .2 as the current Kweak – the LifeKweak
    .6 as its daya in a range of 9: KINdaya …

    In a way i see KIN as the ultimate alternative for 6 where sex was its label …
    KIN is about a measure that centers any centers ratio at the diameter (Demeter) given … in its DNA codex.

    Today we close the Soulstice … in the way it fits our Great Misses’ion …

    ))) ~ (((

  2. Jupiter has Four ‘Galilean’ Moons

    remembers me to some beach nights we had here in the Netherlands on the strand …

    we could see by a telescope to JUPITER and see four its “4 musceteers” …

    At a certain night we saw a FIFTH “thing” in line with the other 4 … Was it a Moon in the Moon Formation at Jupiters side or was it just a star in sync with the 4 musceteers …

    Anyway these Questions facilitated my thinking or better articulated my grounding in the s’ace~mic impulse … it is not about the KnowLedge but even more it’s within the thinking as wielding power to see with clearvoyance.

    “You Pi Ter Ra” is a alterranative sound affirming the Grand Door as a PorTTale

  3. 3rd comment is a deeper look inside this snapshot:

    “The 13 Moons go into exile as the Gregorian Calendar is imposed upn the World in 1582. With an ironic synchronicity, the Pope Gregory- coded by XIII (13) banishes the Feminine represented by the Red Queen found in Temple XIII at Palenque. Our task today is to Reawaken her as the Supreme Golden Maiden, as we Redeem Baktun 12.”

    AND I SORT OF RELATE this to a narrative on 11235*53211 harmoniQ

    1582 … has the outer numbers 1 and 2 that resonate a 3 …
    58 builds on 13 which is a 4 – a dark spot according the narrative …

    together the year represents a 16 as the 16 year rune meditation awakening the human mind at whole planetary consciousness scale …

    and we have year 13 running … vibrating the mysterious core at its heart … and to the frontrunners at ease …

    1 5 might be listener star or speaker star … ~ what do you sense as the ultimate force at the bodily resonathor?

    you know what i mean?

    see a’gain: 11235 … and taste the first and 2nd position … – which one is the zero? the nothingness and which one is the emptiness …

    is nothingness equal to emptiness or are they mutual … exchanging phases … say communicating a scenery ?


    let have fun seeing for the bivideotex for gregory?

    7 9 5 7 12 9 2 => 16 24 11 => 51 (3×17) …

    51 is the number of the next Quarter in Rune Med (48+3)

    16? 4×4 twin mystery at DNA 2**4 phase …

    24 is often known for a day-cycle measured by hours ticked by seconds

    11 is about the akashic plates as electronic device that creates thoughts

    😉 gooD Xmas-eve of D’

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