Cosmic Warrior (16.13) on Rhythmic Limi 13 leads to Wavespell 13

Jesus Christ‘s Birthday falls on a very ‘Cosmic’ day, making Him our ‘Cosmic Warrior’ for the next year.  The Guide for His year (today) is 20.13:  Cosmic Son  :).  The Challenge/Antipode for today mirrors this 13 Moon date:  Moon 6, Day 13;   Pacal Votan Clear Sign, Kin 26:  Cosmic World-Bridger (6.13).  Kin 26 is a fractal of Guide Kin 260.

The Code Spell for Kin 156:  Yellow Cosmic Warrior is:  “I Endure in order to Question.  Transcending Fearlessness, I seal the output of Intelligence with the Cosmic tone of Presence.  I am guided by the power of Universal Fire.”

The abbreviated version of the Postulate for 16.13 states: The sum of the evolution of the planetary art spore isthe ejection of the radiosonic collective mass of the original genetic program into it’s ultimate trajectory in time:  the…realm of Pure Mind,…the Angelic realms or Buddha fields.  This moment of excitation completes the course from stellar mass to incipient (beginning stages of) SuperNova.”  This postulate certainly broadens one’s perspective!

Book of the Timespace” assigns Seal 16 the archetype of  “Pathfinder“.  “My number is eight doubled, the high harmonic resonance of sixteen.  I am the Pathfinder of the radial matrix…  My fearless Spirit clears obstacles along the way.  I am the pioneer of the future…”

Yellow Warrior  Seal 16, Warrior, belongs to the Cardinal Family who guard the Regions of the North, and the Throat Chakra.  The Warrior corresponds to Saturn and Circuit Four of Externalizing intelligence, which she shares with Mars.satrun The face on Mars.

LIMI 13 gathers in our Solar Plexus (Manipura) Chakra and it’s action is to Purify.  “I Consume Dualistic Thoughts as Food.  I Purify the Mental Electron at the North Pole.”  Today we build theLeft side of the Radion Cube.    The Patron for Limi is Padmasambhava, the indian Guru who was said to be ‘Lotus-Born’.  On Limi 13, we tone “LA“. 

On LIMI 13, we telepathically connect with the year A.D. 1998-1999 which is time-compressed into this day.  We envision Kin 199:  Blue Self-Existing Storm being Reawakened.  Self-Existing Storm codes the Heart Oracle of the Bolon Tiku we are awakening this Self-Existing Seed year.  Today is called UR EARTH 4 in the 7:7:7:7.  “Victory Purifies the Triumph of the religion of Truth”.

Telektonon Day 13 corresponds to  our current Baktun 13:  Babylon Planet,  which began in A.D. 1618, and ends on December 21, 2012.  Pacal Votan emerges from Earth to witness the G-7 beast (described in the Book of Revelations.  During this time, the planetary triumph of 12:60 is completed.  Pacal Votan calls on his Feminine partner to fulfill her pledge to bring the 13 Moons back to life.  Our telepathic task each LIMI 13, (and our actual task each and every day) is to redeem this Baktun before it ends in 2012.  Remember, we are not alone.  Pacal Votan is alive now in his current incarnation, and we have higher dimensional help as evidenced by the Crop Circles and the increased sightings of U.F.O.s.

Cube Seven:  Accomplishment  “By the Self-Generating power of the prophecy Hand Warrior, may Divine Truth Prevail!”  “By my unconscious Telepathic Force, may I take back Babylon Planet for the Biosphere!”  According to Volume 2 of Cosmic History Chronicles, “Book of the Avatar” by Valum Votan and Stephanie South, the end-game of the War of the Heavens is being played out right now, here on Planet Earth.  This 13th day of the Rhythmic Wind Moon and the 13th day of the 12th Wavespell of Flowering is a good time to think about what that means, and why you chose to incarnate for this most amazing time.

Today is the final day of the Seed Wavespell coded by Kin 144, and of Harmonic 39: “Express Intelligence of Presence.”  The Analog for this Cosmic day is Blue Cosmic Night (3.13)  3 x 13 = 39, Blue Cosmic Storm.  Let’s  take Heart in the postulate for 19.13 on the birthday of the Prince of Peace, one of the 7 Prophets who incarnated to help Truth and Peace  Prevail in Baktun 13 :  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”

On this day, in 1818, the first Christmas Carol was played in St. Nicholas Church in a small village; Oberndorf, Austria.  For this Christmas Day whose Analog is Cosmic Night, here are a few lines from the world’s most popular Christmas Carol:  “Silent Night, Holy Night. All is calm, all is bright.  Glories stream from Heaven afar.  With the Dawn of Redeeming Grace, sleep in Heavenly Peace.”  🙂 

N.S.  1. 22. 6. 13.   /7  Kin 156

3 thoughts on “Cosmic Warrior (16.13) on Rhythmic Limi 13 leads to Wavespell 13

  1. Cosmic Warrior (16.13) on Rhythmic Limi

    scatters me ~ boloniq spiced ~ in the 16 rune medyears that wield … what is to be wielded by human specie at the state of the edge & artful surrendering … at pure pose bodily and mindful co*operative syncs creating a pi’onearance …

    (no words in the dictionary that suite force into fricT’ions)

    then the 16 years are currently running in the mid of Quarter 50 and 51 … Day 7.14 is SERPENT3 and 7.15 WORLDBRIDGER4 … where the Takeover into the 2nd half of YEAR13 in the 16 as a whole happens …

    Then Rhythmic LIMI is the Plasma Seal on the Move of the Planetary Motion simply while it is the Heart at the Arrival Station we have targetted as the Destiny for the Mission …

    By then LIMI and SILIO exchange POSIT’ION … can you get an angle on that, dear ParTaker? That is what the DreamSpell was leading the way for all the time … to get into the dynamic interval of surrendering into the NooSphere Germ …

    Good to have this in the Light of All Individuals we Invite in Our Total A Clips O

    Which calls for John Denver … Calypso …

    A Calypso as KALI psi on wards …


    Rhythmic Limi breathes 6.6 funny enough when i just marked 6 as a mystic number as 4 in the 11235 bridger … Here the double mystery might open up itself … by having the right=same frequency at hand …


    When you have the shorty “WAR” in the lense … be aligned to the origin word “WARFAIR” deeper down at the ocean bouleward …

    (yes, the v is replaced by the w – did you know u/v/w/ are just one character in the JeWish alphabeth?)

    Why do people understand WARFAIR as to be written as WARFARE?

    any idea? ever heard of Babeloniah?

    nice meds on the light and the pace at peace steps … oncominG!
    Y’ur BI-agency S’acy

  2. Hello s’ace;
    Thanks for that beautiful video for Calypso! May ‘as below, so above’ become true. Your play on words (in a language not of your mother tongue) is delightful-and impressive! 🙂 TMQ

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