Red Earth Wavespell 13: Power of Navigation, begins on Rhythmic Silio14

Today we enter the 52 days of the Yellow Southern Castle and the Wavespell coded by Kin 157:  Red Magnetic Earth.  “I Unify in order to Evolve.  Attracting Synchronicity, I seal the matrix of Navigation with the Magnetic tone of Purpose.  I am guided by my own power doubled.”   The G-Force for today is Self-Existing Earth:  7.4, the Mayan way to write 144Kin 144 is Magnetic Seed,which happens to code Telektonon Day 14. 

Today’s Postulate, 17.1, continues from yesterday’s 16.13:  The purely fourth-dimensional collective radio-sonic mass, released from third-dimensional anchoring within it’s radiantly perfected transport vehicle or soul boat, encounters the future in all of it’s luminously radial hyperdimensionality.  Absorbed into the pure future of post-organic hyper-dimensional time, the radiosonic collective mass enters true timelessness. experienced as the quality of “always existing”.

From Stephanie South’s “13 Moon Almanac” we learn:  Today is the 360th day of the Gregorian Calendar.  A circle of 360 degrees, divided by 7 is…51 and 3/7 degrees (precisely the inclination leading to the passage of the Chamber of the King in the Great Pyramid)….The Babylonian calendar consists of  twelve 30 day cycles = 360 + 5.  Basis of original error in time.”

Red Earth Seal 13, Earth is also known by the Archetype of  ‘Navigator‘:  “I… follow the signs of Synchronicity, on behalf of Cosmic Evolution.  My crown is the interdimensional portal…”.  The Earth is a member of the Core Family who guard the Equatorial Zone and the Heart Chakra.  An easy way to remember that Earth correlates to the ‘Heart’ (middle) of the Earth, and the Heart Chakra is to note that the same letters are in the words Heart and Earth  🙂  Seal 17 corresponds to Uranus which shares Circuit Three with Earth. Page 9 of the Telektonon Instruction Manual says:  “The 3rd and 8th orbits of the Telektonon Circuit hold the Perfect Fifth….The 3rd planetary orbit, Earth, holds the center of the resonant field of atomic structure.  The 8th planetary orbit, Uranus, holds the center of the primary field of Telepathy.”  “Together…(they) constitute the Telektonon Circuit for attaining Universal Transcension…”

Rhythmic SILIO 14 gathers in our HEART Chakra, where it’s power to Discharge“My Role is to Accomplish the Actions of the Buddha.  I Discharge the Mental Electron at the Center of the Earth.”  It’s a good sign to have the Wavespell coded by ‘Synchronicity’ begin with the Heart Chakra of the 13 Moon day to the Heart Chakra of the Dreamspell Kin.  Both focus on the Heart chakra and the ‘Heart of the Earth’ of the Earth.  On Silio 14, we discharge the White Telepathic Time Atom, and the Radion Cube with ourselves occupying it, to the 8-sided  Octahedral Crystal Core in the Center of the Earth.  From there, with others if possible, join us telepathically in performing the Rainbow Bridge Meditation.(Instructions on Crystal Moon-11/28 blog).  On Cube Day 8, we tone DO.

Today, the end of White Week Two, is the last of the 7 days that correspond to a Time-compressed year.  Silio 14 corresponds to year A.D. 1999-2000 and the Seventh Solar Witness Yellow Overtone Sun and the seventh Stage of the Second Creation of Heaven:  CIRCUMPOLAR RAINBOW BRIDGE.

On Telektonon Day 14, we begin the  first of Seven Seals.  Today corresponds to Seal One, Dali coded by Kin 144; Yellow Magnetic Seed.   Today, we also begin the first of Bolon Ik’s 9 Weavings:   “Song of the 144,000 redeems the 1st lost tribe; White Crystal Wizard.”

Cube Eight:  Art   “By my unconscious stored Star power of Art, may Prophecy Target the Victory of the Righteous.  May the Beast of Ignorance be slain.”  “May Free Will, Peace, Art and Harmony Prevail.”

Five years ago tonight, TMQ attended a Full Moon Meditation at a hilltop Temple near Akaroa, New Zealand.  Prior to the meditation  we were told that there were 12 Full Moons and 12 Astrological signs each year.  TMQ reminded them that there were actually 13 Full Moons, and that the one that night was the 13th Full Moon.  Next morning (Planetary Skywalker 13.10) she awoke to read the headline:  “9.0 Earthquake in the 13th Moon”.  For most of the world it was still the day after Christmas known as Boxing Day.   Local time in India was 59 minutes into the First Watch of Solar Human:  P.V. Solar Hand.  On the 5 year anniversary of the Tragic Tsunami, let’s Radiate Love and Healing to the  Survivors and Heroes of that Cataclysm, and to all of the people who are enduring war, catastrophies and exploitation  on our Earth. 

N.S.  1. 22. 6. 14.  /8  Kin 157


5 thoughts on “Red Earth Wavespell 13: Power of Navigation, begins on Rhythmic Silio14

  1. Hi TMQ,

    I’ve been following your daily synopses for a while and love it. Thank you so much for being so dutiful for the sake of our collective peace and harmony.

    I am curious where the info comes regarding the archetypes for the solar seals, which seem to be related to the major arcana of the tarot. Is that outlined in one of the cosmic history chronicles?

    In Lake’ch and mutual love and respect,

    Jara White Solar Mirror

    • Thanks Vernon; So glad you’re both enjoying it! Being Spectral Earth, Eve must especially like that ‘Heart connection’. Today you are both Mirror-which it is today. Enjoy :) TMQ

  2. hi dear TMQ! thX for giving this Earth a Day by a storyline!

    my focus here is on this way of articulating:

    “The Babylonian calendar consists of twelve 30 day cycles = 360 + 5. Basis of original error in time.”

    Then what we speak on here is number 5 as “the original error in time”.

    This actually hides from the better approach – i sense:

    Time is shaped by 4 earth-spins … this is why the KweaK resets the Time Journey on the 4 years as a Season Attracted Unity … And we know 4 years include a leap year … so we have 21 extra days in that unit : 4×5+1.

    On earth this Spark of Time is inherited by the Game Black Jack.
    Having it included in a Babelonic Joke … “we ordinary people” cannot see it anymore or … it has become part of our culture and tradition. That means it is owned by institutions and “elite”.

    Kweak gives another approach to day 21 – leapday – and places that extraordinary day in the range of DôME – DôYE – DôTE … resp. daya of Moon/Year/Time experience. And the 3 days in a row happen for the first time on Earth on july 25-26, 2012 About 5 1/2 moon before 1221 … just 5 kweaks after the 2nd Venus Transition … (in the beginning of june, the 12th Moon).

    Having this (re)arranged in all kind of forms as calendars and agenda … we might be of great service to humanity and the planet … on the strings of the many giving form by self-existence to this crystal clear outcome from the “mystery” …

    Hope you will sleep and dream well on this tribute where you find yourself with the many … namasté S’ace

    Day 21 as the DôTE in kweak is added to 5 special days a year …
    Which 5 days may be that extraordinary?
    Well, one of them is the “old” DooT, now DôYE – daya of year experience
    Then we have 4 other daya and they must be the last day of a Quarter … by then we let special pearls shine on the bracelets … They are in fact the last day of a 13th week of 7 days while a Quarter is based on 4x13weeks.

    this means they are irregular placed in the KweakSpell … No problem here while the KweakSpell communicates on free-end with the DreamSpell which has a 7 day week base for its harmonic. Let us get used to the multiple cycles that synchronize 2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9- … manyfold …

  3. hi TMQ and readers speaking Question Modes ~

    this Question on the relation between the SUNseals and the Tarot and the Moon is in fact a Trinity Quest to be answered …

    Maybe it also goes with the last comment where the 4×5+1 is mentioned …

    The number for that outcome is given in CHC V/VII by the Hunab Ku archetype on 21 ~ which is as a seedgiver – the Man …

    And then we have on 22 the looser – the Woman …

    But then the one can only win when the other one gives a way …

    So, at the end “who is the winner” ?
    “Who gets Honored”?

    But then we have the Moon and the Moon is now set as the Healer by Purification with the Power of Universal Water – HOH …

    So we have 22+5 getting 27 as 3×9 kweaks … for the True Masculine Seed Giver for Fruit … where the 2 Genders come together in the Child …\

    And 28 (10) is the Celebration for every Fruit that reaches the World … as You really are as a KIN a fruitful spice to it ALL …

    Is this making sense fusing the sunseals – the tarot (the Beast – Crowley’) – the Moon according 13MoonSpell?

    In Tarot the looser 22 is actually getting number 0 – zero : “the BIRD that flies”


    ‘) in Crowley “) is the syllable “LEY” ; is that related to LEY-lines?
    “) a Crow is a black bird

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