Lunar Mirror: Day 2 of Wavespell 13…Which codes this 13th Cube Year

The Red Earth Wavespell 13 that began yesterday, perfectly codes this Self-Existing Seed Year.  Moon 1 which began on July 26, 2009, was coded by Red Magnetic Earth.  138 days ago, on Magnetic Earth  Moon Day 18,  The Mystery Queen posted her first blog.

 The 7.1 earthquake on August 9th, 2009 (Kin 18:  White Overtone Mirror):   in the land of  T.M.Q.’s birth (she was born in Tokyo)  triggered the beginning of this blog on Kin 21 (G-Force of Valum Votan).  That was on August 12th,  the solar birthday of Madame Blavatsky (Kin 51:  Blue Crystal Monkey) the brilliant woman who worked so courageously and persistently on our behalf,  for the momentous 2012-2013 Shift.  Until 2 days ago, Jesus was in his Blue Crystal Monkey year.   The 7.1 earthquake (33*N, 138*E) , 20 weeks ago today, was on the first day of Blue Week Three, the week coded by  Magnetic Earth’s Challenge/Antipode:  Kin 7.1, Blue Magnetic Hand.

A curious synchronicity is the fact that the Codon for Week 3 of  Magnetic Earth Moon One is the same as the Codon for  Week 23 which begins today:  Codon 64:  Prepared;  Galactic Octave Unifies the Dimensions.”     Today happens to be the Solar Birthday of the mathematician and astronomer, Johannes Kepler,  whose work contributed to the realization of  “The Music of the Spheres” (planets).

Kin 158: White Lunar Mirror begins this blue Week Three, and it’s Code Spell is:  “I Polarize in order to Reflect.  Stabilizing Order, I seal the Matrix of Endlessness with the Lunar tone of Challenge.  I am guided by the power of Heart.”

The Postulate for 18.2 states:  “The point of meditational concentration of the pilot angel program with the final explosion of stellar mass into self-radiatively disintegrating supernova, subliminally marks the simultaneous ejection of the pilot program into parallel Universes, or other Galactic Brains.”

  The G-Force for today is a Pacal Votan Clear Sign:  Kin 20:  Yellow Resonant Sun (20.7).  Lunar Mirror coded the Day-out-of-Time before the beginning of Blue Electric Storm year, when we awakened the Supreme Golden Maiden.

White Mirror  Seal 18,  the Mirror, is also known by the Archetype of   ‘Yogi/Yogini’.  The Mirror is a member of the Signal Family.  Mirror corresponds to Neptune, which shares Circuit Two with Venus.Planet HolonYesterday, the beginning of Wavespell 13 coincided with the beginning of Harmonic 40:  Self-Existing Matrix.  Remembering that Red Magnetic Earth coded the first Moon of this Self-Existing Seed year, we’ll begin learning new information about the Seals, beginning with Seal 17.  Votan/South’s  ‘Cosmic History Chronicles Vol. V’: “Book of the Timespace” presented the 21 Archetypes of Hunab Ku–“Application of the 21 Archetypes of Tollan bring TimeSpace to life.”  They “also correspond to the 21 principle articulations  within the etheric body.”

Seal 17, Navigator, (codes this 13th Wavespell and Moon One) is also known as “Synchrotron“.    “The Navigator opens the first Matrix Portal in the Fifth Court, The Court of Hunab Ku.  The Navigator exemplifies Synchronicity as the Intelligence of Hunab Ku.”

Seal 18, Yogi-Yogini, (codes today and Moon Two) is also known as “Mind-Born“.  This ‘Holder of the Trascendental Wisdom” opens the Second Matrix Portal in the Fifth Court, Court of Hunab Ku.  Seal 18 exemplifies Meditation as the Knowledge of Hunab Ku.”

Rhythmic DALI  gathers in our Crown Chakra, and it Targets.  “My Father is Intrinsic Awareness.  I Feel the Heat.”  Today we begin building the Sensorry Quanta of the Blue Telepathic Time Atom, and the Top of the Radion Cube.  Yesterday and today are the middle of the Moon and the 16 Day Cube Journey, when we tone ‘DA”.

7:7:7:7 DALI 15 corresponds to A.D. 2004-2005, the First Year of the Mystery of the Stone.  This day is one of 7 that are coded by an additional seal; today SELI;  Kin 249:  Red Lunar Moon.  We are on a sequence of the day’s tone matching the Seal coding the 7:7:7:7 day’s tone.  This second day of Week Three corresponds to the Second Solar Witness,  Blue Cosmic Eagle.

Cube Nine:  Purification  The 2nd weaving is “7 Last Calamities Purified by the 13 Moons.”  “By my unconscious Moon power of Purification, may Prophecy flow the Victory of the Righteous!  “May our Earth be forever cleansed!”  “May the Cosmic Eagle Fly again.”

Here is a video Time Space Matrix Infinite Channels) for this Lunar Mirror day.  Enjoy  🙂

N.S.  1. 22. 6. 15.  /9  Kin 158

4 thoughts on “Lunar Mirror: Day 2 of Wavespell 13…Which codes this 13th Cube Year

  1. Thank you TMQ for answering my question on Lunar Mirror — a complementary of sorts to me the Solar Mirror (and my 2yo is a Galactic Mirror). My dear sweetwin who’s solar birthday was yesterday Magnetic Earth has the book of timespace, so I will be sure to check that out soon enough.

    Love, your fellow game unraveler araJara

    • Hi arajara–Nice palindrome
      Glad to see a young Galactic Mirror growing up in such an enlightened family, and it’s wonderful to have you as a fellow unraveler! Love, TMQ

  2. “Cube Nine: Purification”

    Is this linked to the year “09” we still have in the Gregorian SetUp as a Calendar … or is it burned as a cleaning task from the 9th Seal Moon and also the 9th Tone Solar?

    Anyway having the Lover Turtles walking a 2nd cycle on the Telektonon+ Board they happened to pass the Venus Shell on the board , simply while that 2nd planetary impulse from the sun went from cube 9 to 8 while the Lover Couple – Pacal votan and Bolon Ik – travelled from 8 to 9. What kind of a special energy the experienced? To me – s’ace – it is as if a tremendous force was close by … and i get curious to what it really is what attracts my focus …

    Maybe a taste from kweakspell gets the idea?

    The last 3 days of this very (2nd) kweak (moon6) – the lifekweak – are by (k)now pioneared by the yellow warrior turtle : /9 indicates the 18 daya of the kweak , or maybe 2.9 would indicate this more precise. Sometimes a fuzzy indication is a proper way to attract the curious mind(to be set).
    Then while kweak is 3 kin/cells ahead this is day 15 of the moon minus 6 gives 9 for the cube … and this means the Yellow Warrior (we all tributing the Lovers Couple?) is on cube 12 – Continuing Conscious Plane of Will

    Snapshooting the Card “Wednesday 18” :

    “Pick up the thread of Bolon Ik’s 5th weaving, fall of Babylon releases 13 moons way into art of Earth Meditation. …”

    How clear can the path to be found be when we are on the path itself “blinded by the Light”?

    In CHC V/VII the Moon is given the arc’he’type “the Healer” and the Hand is set on “the Avatar” … in the middle of them shines “the Artist” … the Star Seal …

    Tomorrow “Ol’Monday” will be on SirDaya – daya 1 of the VoidKweak (3/3) …
    Of course the English Label Sir is a pointer to the Lord and ordernearing human without fear. And that label might very well be adapted from the star on heaven Sirius … a double star … or even a triplestar when we let the idea grow that A & B give a third one … their child ? Is this what we may refer to as Sirius Q?

    The Q is always as a clear purified O as a palette that commands for a pencil to work with its beauty … and that is the ~ / wavespell we are a part of …

    Lunar Mirror was the feminine attractor of the last Year Storm3; it was celebrated on a DooT / Day out of Time … and it has its special effect in Time itself …


  3. having tone 2 and seal 18 (9) makes me realize

    * 8 – 1 => 7

    5th sun + duality => 7

    6th sun + trinity => 9

    18 / 2 => 9

    This unifies cube 9 purification and the yoGi / yoG-in-eye – the mirrorclues …

    having the 3rd week/4 according the 7:7::7:7 box/mystery …

    on 12/27/2009 … which communicates:

    12 into the three of Life as a ONEness Experience
    (1+2=>3 and 2-1=1)

    27 communicates both 5 and 9 as the centered captain and the navigator messengear in the field – the warrior sense attracthor …
    (7-2 => 5; 2+7 => 9)

    2009 communicated the 9th 00 year as an infinity symbol that followed 2000 – the trinity 0 / zero year portal into lllth milllenium mind(s)
    20 as the number of seals combined with 13 tones into 260 kin …
    0 is the listener known as bolon ik the lover of …
    9 , pacal votan, the speaker accompanied by his open feminine attractor – often complemantary from a tradional mindset – which becomes on motion by life itself which directs into the ultimate void … at charge

    this as an oracle reading by waternet’s oracle developer pro although the human at the self side is on origin tracks – say an amateur / a mature (?)

    as an a’dam liberatinG eve …

    note 158 is double 79 which also binds 7 and 9 in/from the 16 cubes

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