Kin 159: Blue Electric Storm on Rhythmic Seli Sixteen/Cube Ten

Blue Electric Storm coded the last 13 Moon Year (2008-2009), and the  3rd Moon of  this year.  The Code Spell for Kin 159 is:  I Activate in order to Catalyze.  Bonding Energy, I seal the matrix of Self-Generation with the Electric tone of Service.  I am guided by the power of Abundance.”

The Postulate for 19.3 states:  “God is the sure Truth of  omni-directional perfection of radial order throughout all phases of the Galactic Brain in all of its parallel universe possibilities and permutations.”Here is a small example of Radial Order, illustrating our weekly journey with the Radial Plasmas and Chakras.  Note that, like all the Wavespells, it spirals counter-clockwise.  Third-dimensional spin is clock-wise, while 4th-dimensional spin is anti-clockwise.  Our chakras actually alternate, with every other one spiraling anti-clockwise, and with male and female chakras each spiraling opposite to each other. For example, the Crown Chakra of a woman spins anti-clockwise, while a man’s Crown chakra spins clockwise, allowing them to ‘complement’ each other.

Blue Storm Seal 19, Storm, has the archetypal name of  ‘World-Changer’, or  “Thunder Voice“.  Storm belongs to the Gateway Family of Year-Bearers, who guard the South Pole and the Root Chakra.  Today, both the day, Seli, and the Kin, Storm correlate to the Root, giving us a firm foundation.  Storm corresponds to Pluto and Circuit One, which includes Mercury. This is the  largest circuit made of the planet closest and furthest from the  Sun. 

“The World-Changer opens the Third Matrix Portal in the Fifth Court of Hunab Ku.  The World-Changer exemplifies Energy and Self-Generation as the Love of Hunab Ku.”  “The 21 Archetypes and 52 Heptad Paths provide the interconnection of both thearchetypal stations of the inner stations of the Human body, and the outer temple of the Environment”, which we refer to as Tollan.

 SELI gathers in our Root Chakra and it’s action is Flow.  Imagine or place the red symbol for Seli on your Root chakra as you say:  “My Mother is the Ultimate Sphere.  I See the Light.”  Today we build the Base of the Radion Cube, and we also tone “TI” on this 10th day of the Cube Journey.

On Day 16 of the 7:7:7:7 practice, we recapitulate the Second Year of the Mystery of the Stone:  A.D. 2005-2006.  During Week Three there is an aphasic linking of Plasmas, and today “Flow Pacifies”, as the Gamma Seal is linked to Seli.

Telektonon Day 16 also carries Seal Three, Gamma, as   “Victory Pacifies”, and to the Third Prophecy coded by Kin 94:  White Electric Wizard.  There is also the connection to the Second Year of the Mystery of the Stone, represented by  Yellow Magnetic Warrior, who codes the Heart Oracle of the Bolon Tiku for that year.  Yellow Magnetic Warrior is the 3rd Solar Witness, who “fills the cups of the castigated with Self-Knowledge“.

Cube Ten:  Love  “By my unconscious Dog Power of Love, may Prophecy Pacify the victory of the Righteous!”  “May the return of the sacred Warrior bring Peace, Truth and Love to this afflicted Earth!”

Kin 159, Blue Electric Storm (19.3), coded the  special year that ended last Cosmic Moon.  Remembering that “Number is the language of Telepathy“, the  brightest and largest Supernova was discovered on the 19th day of the 3 rd Gregorian  month (2008).  This Supreme Nova seemed to be indicating the year during which the sole feminine Bolon Tiku,  Supreme Golden Maiden, was awakened, which was coded by today’s Kin, 19.3.218810main grb 20080320 HI.jpgAccording to the January 10, 2010 issue of  ‘Sky and Telescope’,  “the March 19th  GRB (Gamma Ray Burst) took place 7.5 billion years ago, effectively halfway across the visible universe. In other words, we are looking so far back in space and time that the star exploded several billion years before the solar system had even formed! 

GRB 080319B was aimed directly at Earth!   Discovery news wrote:  “The luminosity was a million times that of the whole galaxy, which is astounding.”  The Super Nova of 19/3/08  appeared at 7:12 a.m., reflecting the numbers that code the December 21 Solstice:  Blue Crystal Hand:  7.12.

On the first day of Blue Electric Storm year, which was July 26, 2008, the “Thunder Voiced World-Changer(19.3) brought the worst storm ever to New Zealand.  Thousands of trees were uprooted, water service was lost in Nelson, and the ‘Electric Storm’ wiped out our electrical service, leaving us to contemplate the new Electric Storm Year by candlelight.  🙂

N.S.  1. 22. 6. 16.  /10   Kin 159

2 thoughts on “Kin 159: Blue Electric Storm on Rhythmic Seli Sixteen/Cube Ten

  1. aha … i see the meaning of the /10 … it gives the cube number in the 16 cubes travelled between the towers 6 and 22.

    at the same time the game of the 16 cubes gave me insight on how 7 and 9 communicate that travelling … 7+9 makes 16 …

    Having the Lovers couple on 10 sets the Venus Complementary Shell on cube 7.
    This is about having the Double Helix activated on the Telektonon Board+ : a pionearing version from a P.A.N. associate offering the insight to the Telektonon Masters from the NooSphere at the MindCharged.

    Maybe the Lovers first achieve 9 cubes as a run and then do the last 7 … this is as having 64 runes to meditate and then add 48 Harmonic Runes (CHC V/VII 65-112) Do we meditate them parallel to the 64 from july 2009 per Moon.

    This Moon Lizard says at 105: “Octave of infinite Mind Wave” …
    Is this attuning the 7 and the 9 as a trinity set of 7-8-9?
    Is this moment of finding the crux the ultimate synchronization moment?
    Is it anyway a Question to the Warrior Types in the Stream ?

    Good Questions might include the Responding Ions.
    The Rune at 105 is an S shape flipped on the vertical axis , rotated 90 degrees to the right.

    Is it allowed to see KIN105 withing the RuneNumber here?
    If so, then it is the Magnetic Serpent Talking having the Life-Force Purpose into the Focus of the Ones Experiencing “Kweak”.

    ~~~ Then the Venus Shell did the 7 cubes first and then succeeded on the 9 cubes … Interesting might be the positions 8 and 9 for both the Venus and the Lovers. 2 Days they were exchanging those cubes from both sides. Actually this was on Earth1 and Mirror2 having Storm3 today suddenly realizing what happened in a flashlight.

    So /10 is also refering to 3.1 in the kweak – SÌRdaya pinpointing Q

    Interesting to look far back in space and time!

  2. 2nd comment has a focus on the World Changer or ChanceGear 😉

    First let me recall the r Storm3 Days in a Trinity by having the Dates:
    2008 july 26 : Moon1 Day 1
    2009 april 12: Moon10 Day 9
    2009 december 28: Moon6 Day 16

    This also spells the Trinity for Seed4? Yes, 10.9 and 6.16 in 2010 mark 4.4.
    (just a property of the cubic harmonic formed as DreamSpell)

    ~~~ now for the World Change(r)

    i saw for this arc-he-type in the CHC V/VII manual … and quote 2 snapshots :

    1) “it was i who caused the triple aspect monuments of the avatar archetype to appear in the Ancient Temple Grounds”

    2) “Sent forth am i to dwell among you Calling for the Sixth Sun”

    note i wrong typed 2) as “Calling foru the Sixth Sun” => for U (?)

    hmmm – some debugging
    1) what can the triple aspect monuments be? does it refer to the picture next to the description where 3 symbols as monuments are held by the figure (worldchanger image)? is the seer in the writer couple alive … and “kicking”?

    Mark this word moment in monument and the dutch word “nu” => “now”
    Then moment includes the “omen” within the M and the T …

    M is also a “V” in 2 vertical lines … and it is known as the 13th character
    T is character number 20 in the classic count for alphabet with 26 characters.
    In the bivideotex instrument having AM=ZN-113 T gets into number 7.

    An Omen is a psi-effect because it spells what in oncoming …

    Then 2) speaks about “to dwell among you” on a purpose that illustrates an Omen (the 6th SUN)

    Can you imagine that the SUN and the MOON are the very EARTH related LIGHT and SOUND providers lived by the LOVER COUPLE as every man in U as Pacal Votan and every woman in U as Bolon Ik?

    Well, this sort of counters the Crystal Lotus theory on chakra’s although it is more merging the feminine and masculine aspect in every human being : Apropos: this is why the M has 2 vertical lines to the “VoW” … And the U is also a 2 vertical character having the bending root on the ground … (“Ancient Temple Grounds”)

    Then the Hebrew Scripture has just one single character for U/V/W … so there we have a mystery trinity as the sets ABC KLM XYZ … ; lets see for the whole set and discover the breaking characters:

    (from my personal insight at charge)
    is this an array that fits to all nations?
    Maybe on doubt is Q RST?
    From the bivideotex reference card we see that both J and Q are 10 …
    Does this also refer to Jesus and Quetzxalcoatl?

    Anyone has a clue? Then … please signal your idea?
    Together we might see more things popping up from the WorldChangeSeers


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