Self-Existing Sun on Rhythmic Gamma 17 of Self-Existing Seed Year

Kin 160:  Yellow Self-Existing Sun, is called 4 Ahua in the Mayan Long Count, and in that count, 4 Ahua codes the beginning (8/13/3113 B.C.) and the end (21/12/2012) of this 5,125 year Cycle. The Mayan date for the beginning and end of the cycle is written as:, 4 Ahua.

 The Affirmation  for  Self-Existing Sun is:  “I Define in order to Enlighten.  Measuring Life, I seal the matrix of Universal Life with the Self-Existing tone of Form.  I am guided by the power of Intelligence.  I am a Polar Kin.  I convert the Yellow Galactic Spectrum.”

The Challenge/Antipode  for today is a Pacal Votan Clear Sign:  10.4; White Self-Existing Dog, and the G-Force is also a P.V.C.S., Kin 26:  Cosmic World-Bridger.  Today’s Analog is Self-Existing Storm, which codes the Heart Oracle  of this Year’s Bolon Tiku, “Vast Awesome Blue Sky.”  The P.S.I. Chrono kin is Red Cosmic Earth (17.13), on this 4th day of the 13th Wavespell codes by Seal 17, Earth.

The Posulate for 0.4 states:  “It is the Law of Time that maintains the bodies in space in synchronic order to each other.  That is, for any given moment in the Universe, the Law of Time governs the synchronic order of all the bodies constituting the momentary appearance of the universal order.  The Law of Time  informs the bodies in space from a whole systems order which comprehends all the parts in relation to each other .  This is what is meant by ‘Synchronic Order’.”

Yellow Sun  Seal 20(0), the Sun whose archetype is “Enlightened One” belongs to the Polar Family who guard the North Pole and the Crown Chakra.   Sun (like the Storm, yesterday)  correlates to Pluto who shares Circuit One with Mercury. pluto “Pluto is the tenth largest object (‘body in space’) orbiting the Sun” 

The  Enlightened One holds the Fourth Matrix Portal in the Court of Hunab Ku.   Enlightened One exemplifies enlightenment as the Prophecy of Hunab Ku.”    Page 106 of “Book of the Timespace” by Valum Votan and Stephanie South shows the a map of Tollan with the 21 Archetypes organized as 4 Gates of light, 4 Gates of Power, 4 Sources of Power and 5 Seats of Power.  Sun/Enlightened One is the 4th of the 4 Matrix Portals of the 5th Seat of Power which is the Court of Hunab Ku.

Rhythmic GAMMA 17 is concentrated in our Third Eye Chakra, where it’s action is to Pacify.  “My Lineage is the Union of Intrinsic Awareness and the Ultimate Sphere.  I Attain the Power of Peace.”  Today we complete the Blue Sensory Quanta and the Front of the Radion Cube.  On this day whose Patron is Pacal Votan, we tone “LA

Day 17 of the 7:7:7:7 practice corresponds to Year 3 of the Mystery of the Stone:  2006-2007, Year of the Mystery.  With the aphasic linking of Radial Plasma 3 and 4(Kali), “Pacifying Establishes“.

Day 17 of the Telektonon also carries the Kali seal, coded by  Kin 199: Self-Existing Storm.  Besides representing the 4th Lost Generation,  Kin 199 is the Analog for today, and it codes the Heart Oracle of the Lord of Time we are awakening this year.  The Earth also appears again today, as Red Lunar Earth, the 4th Solar Witness.

Cube Eleven:  Magic  “By my conscious Monkey Power of Magic, may Prophecy Establish Victory of the 13 Moons as the righteous way of Heaven on Earth.”  “May Peace Prevail!”

40 days ago, on Electric Sun, there was a sighting of a huge orb over Fort Collins, Colorado.  Because of the numbers of it’s time and date, it seems appropriate to link the video:  This Unidentified Flying Object appeared at 9.19  on 11/19/09.  The 5 numbers create a palindrome (same when read left to right or reversed), and indicate Seal 19:  Solar Storm or Spectral Storm.

At Midnight we leave Dreamspell column 8 and enter Harmonic 41 in column 9.  In the radial pattern of the 28 Day Moon, Kali 18  shares the middle with Kali 11.  In the 7:7:7:7, Day 18 is the Day Earth Tower:  UR Earth 5.  Two days remain until the beginning of a new  Gregorian Year.  Today, 1,088 days remain until 4 Ahua on 12/21/2012, known by the Mayans as  🙂

N.S.  1. 22. 6. 17.  /11   Kin 160


One thought on “Self-Existing Sun on Rhythmic Gamma 17 of Self-Existing Seed Year

  1. When we speak of Law we also speak of the Wall …

    did you actually know this “tricktrack” in vibrations that get in the Bones as a memory realm?

    Point is that Law and “Wal” have the same characters … the 2nd L in Wall hides the synchronous manifestation in our skulls …

    From the traditional charaterset it gets the numbers 23 1 12 => 36
    36 + 2nd L => 48
    They are both based on 12 (3×4); x3=36 / x4=48
    How the British arranged their Language is a fantastic program delivered to the world; dont you think so?

    How can we articulate the LawofTime better and in our UR-vibration interconnecting to the noosphere at even more ease and direct linking through …

    Can this be a Chapter of Channel in book VI and VII, dear José and Stephanie?

    My 1st draw should be a thing as SenseFromTime … and it is close to ChanceFromTime in the sound it procuces ; do you agree?

    How to free ourselves from the Laws Set?
    And wouldnt it be a great idea for all partakers in the media to engage such a planetary project … Isn’t this what the TMQ site actually is about … Wielding our bodies into the 6th Sun … liberating historic pages?

    Isnt it funny that the 4th sun is the mystery tone (as 6 and 13) at EARTH wavespell? The 6th tone here is the spirit symbol WIND … that sets the Rhythm and Blues … and tyhat WIND is 162 (9×18) … a bird with tipping points at mirror and worldbridger …

    ~~~ the rune week 64

    I saw for the last 14 Quarters where the 64 Runes are meditated on … and code 64 paired to 63 is the most frequent span in the serial … So i call all aboard to see for their oracle readings here 63 and there. 64 .

    “63 Already Across and 64 Not Yet Across”

    Maybe it is funny to see those “ol i ching” codes in a “harmoniq friction” with the 48 Harmonic Runes of the IInd Creation added … In this 6th Moon the Lizard … Octave of Infinity Mind Wave ; we have this chance to act from the centers we “fire” … and scatter in the NooSphere.

    64 and 46 are both numbers that communicate “the black spot error” … while the 4 is the first number not shown in the 11235 “phibow” – a label to point into the Fibonacci Serial Overflow Program. 6 is just the shadow to 4 at the other side of 5 : “the attuning mirror” (just vow the hand and feel that!)

    ~~~ This december day is signified by 29 …

    know that 9 to 29 is 261 … the number that carries each kin as 1 plus a whole tzolkin cycle !

    Having this in “the pocket” achieves endless love strings !

    AHAU (“four” the planet)

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