Red Overtone Dragon on Catalytic Blue Kali of Blue Week Three

Kin 161, Overtone Dragon, coded the 5th Moon of Radiance that ended 19 days ago.  The G-Force for today is  Kin 159:  Blue Electric Storm which coded Moon 3 of this Self-Existing year, and the 13 Moon year that ended 159 days ago.  The Mirror, Seal 18,  codes the Analog today (18.5) and the P.S.I. Chronon Kin is Magnetic Mirror on this 18th day of Rhythmic Wind Moon.

The Code Spell for Red Overtone Dragon is:  “I Empower in order to Nurture.  Commanding Being, I seal the input of Birth with the Overtone tone of Radiance.  I am guided by the power of Universal Water.”

The Postulate for today, 1.5,  states:  “The Frequency of Time (13:20) is responsible for governing the purpose and levels of consciousness of evolving bodies.  Time factors primal mass into preconscious energy and atomic structure.  Time evolves energy from inorganic to organic cellular mass.   Time factors cellular mass into unconscious energy called life.  All of life possesses unconscious energy.”

Red Dragon  Seal 1, Dragon, whose  Archetype is ‘Primal Force’ belongs to the Cardinal Family who guard the Northern Regions of the Earth, and the Throat Chakra.  The Dragon corresponds to Neptune which shares Circuit Two (called Allied Memory Instinct) with Venus.neptune Neptune is 17 times the mass of Earth.  Galileo first observed Neptune on December 28, 1612:  400 years less 1 week from the December 21 2012 Solstice.  However, Neptune remained unidentified as a planet until September 23, 1846 when it became the only planet to be discovered through  mathematical prediction.  (That statement does not take into account Maldek, the shattered planet [now the Asteroid Belt] discovered through Bode’s Numbers)

Rhythmic Catalytic Blue KALI 18 corresponds to our Secret Center Chakra and it’s action is to Establish.   “My Name is the Glorious Lotus-Born.  I Catalyze the Light-Heat Within.”  KALI ESTABLISHES the bond between the Sensory Quanta created during the first 3 days of each week, and the Telepathic Quanta we will build during the next 3 days.  Today we mentally create the Back of the blue Radion Cube.  Quetzalcoatl is the Patron for Kali.  Today we tone “SO”, in preparation for next Moon’s 16 days of toning during the mid-point of the year.  We trust that the Rinri Reports will be restored at the lovely new website prior to Resonant Night Moon Day 7.

KALI 18 is the UR EARTH 5 Tower,  which shares the center of the 7:7:7:7 board with Kali 11.  The special Blue Week Three in the 7:7:7:7  involves two sorts of ‘aphasic linking’:  One is the linking of the next day’s Radial Plasma, the other involves linking the next year to the one being focused on.  Today, Day 18  corresponds to the 4th year of the Mystery of the Stone:  A.D. 2007-2008 and it’s Bolon Tiku;  but the next year, 2008-2009 is there as the 12th Year in the Cube is representedon this 12th Day of the Cube.

Telektonon Day 18 carries Plasma Seal 5 (Alpha), represented by Kin 44, Overtone Seed (4.5).  The Tone for each Tzolkin day (i.e. today is 1.5) is matching the tones of the Kin coding each Telektonon day this week.  The White Electric Mirror codes the Heart Chakra of the Supreme Golden Maiden and of the 5th Lost Generation today.  Alpha’s power of Release and the “Universal Telepathy of 13 Moon’s Peace releases Earth from illusion of money, Humanity becomes a Cosmic race again.” 

Cube Twelve:  Free Will   “By my continuing conscious power of Free Will, may prophecy release Victory of the 13 Moons as the power of  Humanity to regenerate the Biosphere!”  “May Peace Prevail!” 

The film Avatar showed how a few people with Heart,  united with all the beings of a Planet who were so connected with Nature, were able to prevail against the Forces of Materialism and Aggression, and thus save their stunningly beautiful Biosphere.  The film ends with the  “Overtone of Radiance ” sealing the “Input of Birth” of the Avatar.

Today in New Zealand, (in sort of an ‘aphasic linking’) we are ‘a day ahead’ in more than the usual way.  The day before the rare occurance of Rhythmic Wind in Rhythmic Wind Moon, there are amazingly powerful winds blowing all day throughout New Zealand’s South Island.  Tomorrow is Day 19/Cube 13, and today (1.5),  TMQ (18.8)  is 19.13.  Yesterday’s newspaper told of many sightings of Orange lights moving in bizarre patterns within a mile of her home.  They are being investigated, and you’ll be kept informed.  🙂

N.S.  1. 22. 6. 18.  /12   Kin 161

4 thoughts on “Red Overtone Dragon on Catalytic Blue Kali of Blue Week Three

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  2. Lovely,simply stunning. I start Each Day with your Reflection,its exciting and so full of Truth.U are so greatly and loved.Much appreciation to your Kin..My sister!!Were the ones we have been waiting for..!In Lakesh’…Lunar Sky….Thank You TMQ..!

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