Kin 163: Blue Resonant Night begins 2010 on Rhythmic Moon Day 20

Blue Resonant Night  codes today,  and the 7th Moon that begins in 9 days.  Kin 163 also codes the Day-out-of-Time on July 25, 2013.   The Code Spell for Resonant Night is:  “I Channel in order to Dream.  Inspiring Intuition, I seal the input of Abundance with the Resonant tone of Attunement.  I am guided by the power of Vision.”

The Postulate for 3.7, which codes so much is:  “All geometric forms are radiative and derive from the Fourth-dimensional radial matrix.  All Fourth-dimensional function are radial in nature and imply a principle of center,  from which the structure is projected.  This is exemplified by the graphic description of the Galactic Brain itself, where God is the projective center of a Radial matrix whose holonomic consistency is never lost and which manifests as the Synchronic Order of the Universe, at any given moment.”  This postulate shows that Kin 163 is very appropriate for coding the central Moon of this year.

The Analog for today is a Pacal Votan Clear Sign:  Yellow Resonant Warrior:  16.7.  The Antipode is   Resonant Skywalker, who carries the codes of the Synchronic Order:  Kin 33= 20+13, and 13.7.

Blue Night  Seal 3:  the Night, or it’s Archetype of  ‘Dreamer‘  “activates the centrifugal force and holds the position of the Third Light Gate.  The Dreamer exemplifies abundance as the Intuition of Love.”   Night is a member of the Signal Family who guard the Earth’s Southern Regions and the Solar Plexus Chakra.  Night corresponds to Saturn, who share Circuit Four (“Externalizing Intelligence“)  with Mars.

LIMI 20 also corresponds to the Solar Plexus Chakra -ours, and it’s action is to Purify“I Consume Dualistic Thoughts as Food.  I Purify the Mental Electron at the North Pole.”  Today we complete the final part of the Radion Cube:  the Left side.  the Patron for Limi is Padmasambhava, and today we tone “MI”.

 LIMI 20  in the 7:7:7:7 practice corresponds to this current year, (2009-2010), the sth year of the Mystery of the Stone.  Cube 14 today corresponds to next year (2010-2011) which is the 14th Year in the final 16 Year Cube ending in 2013, on the day that codes this Moon:  White Rhythmic Wind.

Telektonon Day 20  correlates to  the Seventh seal, Silio which is coded by 14.7, White Resonant Wizard.  The Seventh Solar Witness:  Yellow Overtone Sun represents the 7th Lost Generation and today we  telepathically envision him bringing on the Biosphere-Noosphere Transition;  “The Glory!”.

Cube Fourteen:  Timelessness  “By my continuing conscious Wizard power of Timelessness, may Victory discharge Prophecy of the 13 Moons Way as the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth”.  “May Universal Peace Prevail!”

TMQ has been without an internet connection since posting yesterday’s blog, so this one, written in a cafe, will be shorter than usual.  This New Gregorian Year begins with the  Kin coding the Day-out-of-Time which  precedes the Galactic Synchronization of 2013.  May you all begin this year with Love, Peace and Joy!  🙂

N.S.  1. 22.  6. 20.  /14   Kin 163

2 thoughts on “Kin 163: Blue Resonant Night begins 2010 on Rhythmic Moon Day 20

  1. In the last year 2 oh oh 9 a treenity oracle spell got its ent’ree in the 2012 world.

    The fertile idea here is that the ol’ and new world fuses in a 3rd one, it symbiosys … a label that inner-, inter- and trans- connects into the specie at a power we are willing to explore by acting on that agency …

    One of the 2 tzolkin number revelations – dreamspell or longcount – represents the physical realm and the other one the telepathic one. Maybe the setting differs per individual from a prime root at its origin “temple” and “amplitude”.

    Anyway an “logical” fuse at hand might trigger the magical heart at the other hand. This is the prime meaning for the label “ra-ti-o” … where we speak at a round or oval table … side by side; insight by insight(s) … and applying the listeners mode mostly.

    This fusing Game / GaYmE i offer to refer at as 3K where K expresses 3 triangles in its figure. The one above and below represent the 2 familiar tapestries as today represents KIN163 dreamspellwise and the LongCount KIN115. The symbiosys merges on 278 which converts into 018 (-260). This means 3K pinpoints MIRROR5 is active there.

    MIRROR5 is on NESSdaya (20+3 minus 2×9 => 5)
    So here we have the double 5 as an axis where the 6th Moon is in its last week.

    NESSdaya is an arrow for skilling the focus in articulation of love/life/void …

    Labels that pop-up may be nothingness – suchness – emptiness – tenderness – Loch Ness … and many others mostly giving the smiles we people exchange …

    We are the mirrors with a memory stick that shoots the arrows … telepathically in a learning curve … offered

    🙂 Bon Voyage in 2010 – a T(HoHoHo)ree where the owl spits its balls

  2. the over-trinity-firing passing the 4th dimension tryout:

    here the last 3 orientals from the tzolkin tapest”ree” … takes another summary “provoking” that what is given by the mystery merge …

    163+115+018 => 296 => 036 (simply double 018)
    this attaches the planetary warrior 10 into the first daya of 20’10

    one of manyfolding ways to get some data out of the books we enter and that may center our pure-pose-s …


    after the foldings we open a~gain … breathinGalaXY

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