Kin 179: Blue Planetary Storm, begins Heptad (Week) 26

The Code Spell for Kin 179:  Blue Planetary Storm is:  “I Perfect in order to Catalyze.  Producing Energy, I seal the matrix of Self-Generation with the Planetary tone of Manifestation.  I am guided by the power of Accomplishment.” 

Postulate 19.10 states:  “The Judgement Day sequence is the supreme revelation of God.  The unconscious time of test and trial completed, the Dominion of Time unfolds as the triumph of self-existing self-reflective revelation of the Divine Plan, and the expansion of planetary life into cosmic consciousness, according to the law:  T(E)=Art.”

This 26th Week is coded by Codon 29:   “Heart/Moon Crystal;  Space Flows as Cosmic Awareness.”   The 26th Heptad Path  always corresponds to:  Meditation of Self-Generation.  (Neptune/Pluto).    The  ‘cosmic consciousness’  of today’s Postulate synchronizes with ‘Cosmic Awareness’, and ‘Self-Generation’ in today’s Code Spell is mirrored in the affirmation for Heptad 26.  Blue Planetary Storm seems ‘Perfectly‘ placed at the beginning of Week/Heptad 26!

Mikhail Baryshnikov, one of the greatest Ballet dancers of the 20th century,  epitomized the traits of his Galactic Signature; Planetary Storm.  He described his  ‘Accomplishment‘ at ‘Catalyzing Energy’ and ‘Perfection this way:  “The technique is about transparency, simplicity and making an ernest effort.”  Those words apply to our daily practices here.  This video is a beautiful example of this Planetary Storm’s “unsurpassed”  accomplishment.

The G-Force for today is a Pacal Votan Clear Sign:  Kin 57:  Red Overtone Earth.

Blue Storm  Seal 19; Storm, also known as “World-Changer”  opens the third matrix portal in the Court of Hunab Ku.  “The World-Changer  exemplifies energy and self-generation as the Love of Hunab Ku”.  Seal 19 corresponds to Pluto and Circuit One (Alpha Omega Recharge) which includes Mercury.  Storm belongs to the Gateway Family who are the Year-Bearers and who guard the South Pole and the Root Chakra of our planet.

DALI concentrates in our Crown Chakra and it’s action is to Target.  “My Father is Intrinsic Awareness.  I Feel the Heat.”   This first day of Week Two,  we begin creating the Antipode Telepathic Time Atom by making the first of it’s 3-part Sensory Quantum.  We also build the first part of the Radion Cube:  the TopChrist is the Patron for Dali.  

DALI 8 is UR Heaven Earth 3:  Lunar Heaven in the Cube.  Each day of Week Two represents 13 Moons,and is connected to one of the Seven Solar Witnesses:  Today correlates to Kin 194:  “White Crystal Wizard.”

Telektonon Day 8 corresponds to Baktun 8:  B.C. 353;  “The Annointed One“.  Pacal Votan witnesses the rise of 13:20 Civilization in the New World,  the coming of Christ, and the  spread of Buddha’s teachings.  Bolon Ik inspires the founding of Palenque.  We can connect telepathically to the wonderful events of Baktun 8, and manifest them here and now.

Cube Two:  Spirit  “By my superconscious Wind Spirit Warrior power, I redeem the “Anointed One” as myself.”  “May the Wizards of Peace Prevail!”  Self-Existing Wind is the Occult Power for today, lending extra power to this second day in the Resonant Cube.

Resonant Cube  Practice of  “Sounding the Lost Chord;  Restoring the Lost Interval” :  Day 8:  Kin 179  S-P Pluto, (Bode # 388)  Gateway Family-Root Chakra.  Blue Storm, Tone 10.  Second note:  RE (ray)(D)  Step 2:  “Experience Cosmic influence on thought frequency, adjust to Cosmic Awareness.”  Cube 2:  Wind G-K  Uranus (196)  Spirit- Christ.  Sound DO-RE.

Here are photos showing the snow Storms around our Planet. 

And here is a larger “Planetary Storm“: discover new depths to island universe M94

On the first day of Week 26Prince William returns to New Zealand,  26 years after his first visit, when as a 9 month old infant, he took his first steps.  This trip marks another first:  Prince William, Resonant Wizard,  is representing the Queen on his first official visit.  Princess Diana’s son, not her former husband, Prince Charles, is now ‘Annointed’ as the one to become King of England.  Prince William with his parents in Auckland, 1983Two ‘Compassionate Ones”  Today, Prince William is Red Self-Existing Skywalker (14.7 + 19.10=13.4), whose G-Force of Blue Cosmic Storm states:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”

N.S.  1. 22. 7. 8.  /2   Kin 179

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