Kin 181: Red Crystal Dragon on Resonant Gamma 10, Cube 4

Today is the ‘Crystal Round Table Day’ for Wavespell 14:  “Power of Heart”, coded by the Dog a.k.a. “Compassionate One“.  It synchronistically falls on the 13 Moon date that reflects the Pacal Votan Clear Sign 10.4:  White Self-Existing Dog.   Today we enter the 10th column of the Tzolkin, and the 5-day Harmonic 46: Lunar Input, Inform Flowering of Challenge.

The Code Spell for Kin 181:  Red Crystal Dragon is:  “I Dedicate in order to Nurture.  Universalizing Being, I seal the input of Birth with the Crystal tone of Cooperation.  I am guided by the power of Space.”

Today’s Postulate 1.12 states:  “Only in a telepathically integrated field of consciousness is the potential  for the construction of vehicles for Time Travel possible.  The study of celestial harmonics is an integrated field inseparable from the social conditions and needs which occasion the possibility and necessity of Time Travel.”  

Red Dragon  Seal 1, Dragon, is also known by it’s archetype:  ‘Primal Force’, which establishes the Court of the Avatar, and holds the position of the Marka Pole at the North Galactic Pole.  The Primal Force exemplifies being as knowledge.  Dragon corresponds to G-K Neptune which shares Circuit Two with Venus.  As a member of the Cardinal Family, Dragon guards the Northern Regions and the Throat Chakra of the Earth.

GAMMA Pacifies and it concentrates in our Third Eye Chakra.  “My lineage is the Union of Intrinsic Awareness and the Ultimate Sphere.  I Attain the Power of Peace.” Today we complete the Antipode Sensory Quantum, and build the Front of the Radion Cube.  Pacal Votan is the Patron for today. 

Gamma 10 corresponds to the 3rd Lost Generation, guided by the 3rd Solar Witness; Kin 196:  Yellow Magnetic Warrior.  “Victory Pacifies:  Return of the Sacred Warrior“.

Telektonon Day 10 is when we telepathically reclaim Baktun 10:  A.D. 435;  Maya.  This was the great era of Maya time science on Earth, when the sacred Prophet Muhammad receives the Quran, and Pacal Votan appears at Palenque.  Pacal Votan leaves for us the Book of Seven Generations-Telektonon Prophecy.

Cube Four:  Flowering.  “By my superconscious Warrior Seed flowering power, May the enlightening solar power of Maya flower as the Fulfillment of Prophecy for all.”

Sounding the Double Octave of the Lost Chord.  (Octave of Becoming-Ascending Scale)Day 10:  Kin 181;  G-K  Neptune (Bode # 300) Cardinal Family, Throat Chakra;  Red Dragon, Tone 12  Fourth note:  FA (F);  Step 4:  “Consciousnes consumes Divine frequencies-realized as quality of  “Heaven.”  Cube 4:  Seed G-K Jupiter (52)  Flowering,  Pacal Votan.  Sound DO RE MI FA.

On this ‘Crystal‘ day, Planetary Kin are meant to gather in Round Table discussions and meditations.  Whether  alone or with Kin, let’s each make time today to send Love and Compassion to all of those currently enduring the aftermath of the 7.0 Earthquake that struck Haiti a week ago.  It is now recognized as the worst catastrophe ever, and the challenge are staggering.  A headline on this 10th day of  the Wavespell coded by Seal 10:  “Compasionate One” says,28804,1953379_1953494_1954326,00.html:  “The U.S. Military in Haiti:  A Compassionate Invasion”  This sounds like an ‘oxymoron’ (contradiction in terms).  Let’s pray that the ‘Highest Good’ prevails in this unprecedented and extremely tragic disaster.

Red Crystal Dragon is the Galactic Signature of musician Billy Idol.  This quote by him is appropriate during this Moon coded by Blue Resonant Night, whose archetype is ‘Dreamer‘:  “If your world doesn’t allow you to dream, move to one where you can.”

On this Dragon day of Birth, and this Gamma day of Attaining Peace, Let’s Dream into Being: a World of Peace, Abundance, Beauty and Love.   May the Power of Maya flower  as the Fulfillment of Prophecy  🙂fields of flowers , umbria stock photo

N. S.  1. 22. 7. 10.   /4   Kin 181

3 thoughts on “Kin 181: Red Crystal Dragon on Resonant Gamma 10, Cube 4

  1. I wanted to express my deepest Thanks for creating this blog/website/whatever it is properly referred to. I had thought that over the past two days, I had been receiving “messages” to start a proper blog/website/whatever, to help facilitate a smooth Biosphere-Noosphere Transition, but through meditation today I realized that this wasn’t my Destiny to do so. Shortly after that moment of Clarity, I received a clear numerical “message” that lead me, synchronistically, to this site. I don’t know who you are in the 12:60 World, but in the True 13:20 World, in The Heart of Hearts, I feel that I do, and I want to share my Appreciation for the Truth and Love that you put into your work. You are truly Art. I am excited to incorporate the Knowledge that you bring into my Life.
    You are much Loved through Time and Space.
    The Dream has already been Dreamed. Let Us Rejoice

    • Dear Rhythmic Night;

      Your words brought tears to my eyes. Perhaps that sense of recognition/resonance is because we are each others Occult/Hidden Power. To receive and express suchCommunication from Spirit on it’s Cosmic day is a blessing, and a sign that you are already a facilitator of the Biosphere-Noosphere Transition. I Thank You from my Heart of Hearts. :) Galactic Mirror

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