Exactly 3 and a half Years (Solar Spins) until Galactic Synchronization 2013.

White Self-Existing World-Bridger codes the first day  of  Self-Existing Seed Year’s  ‘Return Journey’ to the Day-out-of-Time coded by Kin 108, Self-Existing Star.   This is also the first day of Heptad Path (Week) 27.  “Self-Generation of Enlightenment”. 

Today is Valum Votan’s  Solar Birthday:  During the next 365 days, he will be guided by Spirit even more than usual!  His G-Force is Cosmic Human.  Today, when combined with the Kins coding the Year (4.4) and Moon (3.7) equals 13.2:  Lunar Skywalker.  Valum Votan’s  Analog for this year is Kin 173:  Self-Existing Skywalker, whose G-Force of 19.13 states:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”  

White Self-existing Wind
Yellow Self-existing Warrior White Self-existing Worldbridger Red Self-existing Skywalker
  Blue Planetary Eagle

 The  Code Spell for Kin 186, White Self-Existing World-Bridger is:  “I Define in order to Equalize.  Measuring Opportunity, I seal the store of Death with the Self-Existing tone of Form.  I am guided by the power of Spirit.”

Today’s Postulate, 6.4, states:  “Consciously using the tool of the Thirteen Moon Calendar to replace the erroneous measure of the artificial twelve-month calendar is, in itself, an unprecedented act of human self-reflective consciousness.  Collective adaptation to the Thirteen Moon Calendar is an intrinsic heightening of consciousness which rapidly awakens the telepathic programming inherent in human biology, frustrated for so long for not having been allowed development in the correct timing frequency.”

White Worldbridger Seal 6, World-Bridger, also known as the “Hierophant” and “Revealer of the Sacred“, exemplifies death as the source of knowledge.  “The Hierophant holds the key to the treasury of revelations.”   Seal 6 corresponds to G-K Mars, which holds Circuit Four with Saturn.  World-Bridger belongs to the Cardinal Family who guard the Earth’s Northern Regions and Throat Chakra.english.pravda.ru/img/idb/23-face-on-mars.jpg This photo of Mars was a telepathic trigger for Valum Votan.

DALI Targets (Thermic Force) and gathers in our Crown Chakra.  “My Father is Intrinsic Awareness.  I Feel the Heat.”  Today we create the first part of the Occult Telepathic Time Atom and the  Top of the Blue Radion Cube.  One year of the ‘Mystery of the Stone’ is time-compressed into each day of Week Three.  DALI 15 corresponds to Year One, which began on July 26th, 2004.  “Each day this week, by the Seven power of the Mystery of the Stone, you are telepathically invoking the Second Creation of Earth.”

Telektonon Day 15 corresponds to the Second Prophecy and Seal Two, coded by Red Lunar Moon, and to the Seven Last Calamities, which are purified by the 13 Moons

Cube Nine:  Purification   Pick up the thread of Bolon Ik’s 2nd Weaving: “By my unconscious Moon power of Purification, may Prophecy flow the Victory of the Righteous!”  “May our Planet be forever cleansed!”  “May the Cosmic Eagle Fly again!”

Sounding the Double Octave of the Lost Chord.  We now begin the Octave of Return (Descending Scale)…Day 15, Kin 186  G-K Mars (Bode # 16)  Cardinal/Throat,  White World-Bridger,  Tone 4…Ninth Note:  DO(C)…Step 9:  “Frequency of birth into Medium of Immortality-This is the place of the revelation of the Quran, the Last Book.”…Cube Nine, Moon G-K Mercury (4) Purification;  Lord of Time: ‘Red Lightning Child Great Emptiness’Sound DO (C’) and DO (C).

The middle of the Dreamspell Tzolkin is synchronized with the middle of the 13 Moon Year.  Yesterday’s PSI Chrono kin was Kin 130:  Cosmic Dog, and today’s is Kin 131, Magnetic Monkey, which begins the Return Journey in the Tzolkin.  The Resonant Moon always corresponds to the 7th Mystic (Void) Column of the Dreamspell.

The Nine Lords of Time, also known as the Bolon Tiku, appear twice in each daily practice this week.  The first Seven are coding the Seven Years of the Mystery of the Stone we are invoking in the 7:7:7:7, and the last 9 days of the 16 days of Cube Sounding correlate to the 9 Bolon Tiku. [ the “Sirius Council of Nine. emanate the Bolon Tiku, or “Nine Lords of Time and Destiny. nine. www.lawoftime.org/newsletters/Rinri-III-3.4.pdf]  When that Rinri Report is restored to the website, we’ll explore this further.

From “The Mystery of the Stone:  Closing the Cycle 2012” by Valum Votan we learn of this ‘grand spiritual adventure’: _”-Awakening the Nine Lords of Time, beginning with the Seven Lords of the Ring.  To awaken a Lord of the Ring is to arouse the collective soul.  The end result is something hitherto unimaginable-The activation of the World Soul, the planetary umbrella of enlightenment, the Noosphere.” 

Each Ring (around the Sun) of Time  contains 13 Moons in which “lie dormant the etheric bodies of the Seven Lords of the Ring.  Each year, we ‘wake up’ a  “Lord of Time who has accepted the assignment of being awakened for the Mystery of the Stone.” 

Yesterday we viewed 5-part Oracles of the three Kin that code the 6th Lord of the Ring’s Crown, Heart and Root Oracle.  This Resonant Moon, we are awakening the 7th, middle articulation of ‘Awesome, Vast Blue Sky’, which is his Spine.  Though the process may seem mysterious, the success is insured by the purity of our intent.    White Self-Existing World-Bridger is the Galactic Signature of Yoko Ono and Eric Clapton.  Yoko Ono and John Lennon used their celebrity to promote PEACE.  A quote from Yoko:  “Remember, each one of us has the power to change the world.  Just start thinking Peace, and the message will spread…”. 

Eric Clapton sings many songs of LOVE.  He recorded one of  TMQ’s favorite songs, “Change the World“: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHPWoDsyE6M   Enjoy!  🙂

N.S.  1. 22. 7. 15.   /9    Kin 186

One thought on “Exactly 3 and a half Years (Solar Spins) until Galactic Synchronization 2013.

  1. In 1937 the state of Montana conducted its first archeological dig “The Hagen Site”. Established as a National Historical Landmark in 1964 (it is presently undeveloped, and for sale).
    The site is unusual due to the pottery and structure excavated at the site. The pottery is extremely advanced with a style that is hard to account for. The structure was built as a stationary building.
    The equation; the lodge has a 16 foot diameter with 12 supporting posts. The front door faces to the sun raise with two posts 6 feet apart, the center has two posts 4 feet apart, the west wall has two post 2 feet apart. Being that the lodge is round, a sacred native symbol; I circled the other two points, the inner and outer circles.
    Now you have your equation; A to B to C, gives you a 15 degree angle (1/24 of 360) .
    The three proportional circles are now called out, and all 3 fit with-in the equation.
    Hope you can enjoy this as much as I have.

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