G.A.P.: Yellow Planetary Human on Resonant ‘Hunab Ku’ Silio 21

The Code Spell for Kin 192, Yellow Planetary Human is:  “I Perfect in order to Influence.  Producing Wisdom, I seal the process of Free Will with the Planetary tone of Manifestation.  I am  guided by the power of Universal Fire.  I am a Galactic Activation Portal.  Enter me.”

The Guide for today is Yellow Planetary Sun:  20.10.  In the Southern Hemisphere, 2010 is begining with a ‘Blue Moon.’  The Northern Hemisphere experienced two Full Moons in December.  Here in New Zealand, the Moon was Full at 8.13 a.m. on January 1, 2010, so the Full Moon tonight will be a ‘Blue Moon’ on the 21st day of Blue Resonant Night Moon.  Today’s Occult is Self-Existing Moon.  

A  knowledgable person recently wrote that the most important part of the day’s Oracle to focus on is it’s Antipode (Antipode/Challenge  codes the Third Watch of each day, from Noon to 6 p.m.) .  The Antipode for today is Planetary Wind, meaning we are meant to focus on Manifesting Spirit and Communication.  Since today is Silio 21, and a G.A.P., this dovetails ‘Perfectly‘ with our practices today.  Stephanie South’s  “13 Moon Almanac”  presents this ‘thought’  for today’s  Galactic Activation Portal:  “In the midst of a planetary crisis, catalyze the evolutionary cycle of the Planetary Human in Cosmic Harmony.”

It so happens that the Kins coding this Self-Existing Year (4.4), Moon (3.7) and today (12.10) add up to 19. 21 (21-13 tones =8) or 19.8:  Blue Galactic Storm!  Here is an example of the unconscious workings of the Noosphere, which Stephanie accessed directly, and which is then confirmed by:  ‘Number;  the Language of Telepathy’.  Seal 19, the Catalytic Storm, is simply entitled “God” in it’s chapter in ‘The 260 Postulates of Time“.  The Hunab Ku 21 which codes this day of the Moon, is ‘overlaying’ the Tone 8 of  Harmony.  Kin 99:  Blue Galactic Storm ‘Perfectly’ fits Stephanie’s  theme of ‘Catalyzing’ in ‘Cosmic Harmony’.  We can also think of the 99 representing the ‘double‘  Full Moon, Seal 9 twice.  By focusing on today’s Challenge, we find  examples of  how   Spirit‘  ‘Communicates.

 Yellow Human Seal 12, Human is also known as “Sage” and “Wise Judge“.  “Sage exemplifies Wisdom as the source of Prophecy, and Prophecy as the enactment of Wisdom.”  Human corresponds to S-P Earth and the critical Circuit Three (‘Telektonon, Earth Spirit Speaking Tube’) which is shared with Uranus.  Seal 12 belongs to the Core Family which guard the Equatorial Tropics and the Heart Chakra of the Earth. 

Today’s PSI Chrono Kin (Red Resonant Earth) is also a member of Core Family, and ‘holds’  S-P Uranus on the other end of the Solar Prophetic Circuit Three, which epitomizes the Earth Spirit Speaking Tube’.  It’s interesting to note on this G.A.P. day focused on ‘Spirit Speaking’, coded by two members of Core Family, that the Core Family (which also include Wind and Hand) always code the Solstices and Equinoxes

Located in the 17th position of the Seventh ‘Mystic’ column of the Tzolkin, Kin 137 is known as the ‘Ah Vuc Ti Cab ‘ who is the  chronographic ‘Keeper of the Resonant power of the Earth’s core’.  Ah Vuc Ti Cab is “the Mystic Lord of the Center of the Earth, the mediator of the commands of Hunab Ku (source of the energetic or radial plasmas) to the rest of the Biosphere.  12 years ago today, the first transmission of the information about the 7:7:7:7 was received by Valum Votan on Resonant Moon 21, (Jan. 29, 1998;  Kin 231:  Planetary Night) and continued on through Resonant 28 of the Yellow Overtone Seed Year. 

SILIO concentrates in our Heart Chakras, and its action is to Discharge.  “My Role is to Accomplish the Actions of the Buddha.  I Discharge the Mental Electron Neutron at the Center of the Earth.”  The Telepathic Quantum is completed, and united to the Sensory Quantum by Blue Catalytic Kali, becomes the  Occult Telepathic Time Atom.  We now ‘place ourselves inside’ the Radion Cube we completed yesterday, and Discharge ourselves and the Blue Time Atom to the Center of the Earth.  Let’s powerfully connect with the ‘Mystic Lord’ at the Center of the Earth, and the Radial Plasmas he ‘guards’.  This G.A.P. day coded with the PSI of his Kin 137 is a particularly powerful day  for performing the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge Meditation. http://www.lawoftime.org/timeshipearth/rainbowmeditation.html   Please remember to Radiate pure Love, Wisdom and Healing to all of Creation afterwards. Here is a video http://www.youtube.com/user/rysa5#p/u/0/cni3iuDWBvg  about the Heart, Love and Healing, which also contains some Full Moon images.Art

On Silio 21, the last day of Blue Week Three, we telepathically connect with the 7th year of ‘The Mystery of the Stone’ (2010-2011) and it’s Bolontiku:  “Single Wing Red Fire”  His Heart Oracle is coded by the 7th Solar Witness:  Kin 200, Yellow Overtone Sun.

Telektonon Day 21 corresponds to the Establishment of the Noosphere as the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth between 2000-2011Envision the Planetary Human we are  becoming:  We have attained “full 4th-dimensional understanding, a Return to Nature, Restoration of the original garden, Planetary Consciousness and Galactic Memory.

Cube Fifteen:  Vision  Bolon Ik’s 8th Weaving of the original 144,000 becoming the measure of New Heaven, New Earth.  “By my telepathic conscious Eagle power of Vision, may the 13 Moons Peace Way restore the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, as the promised Second Creation Peace!”

Sounding the Double Octave of the Lost Chord…Day 21 (PSI 137)  Kin 192  SP Earth (10) Core/Heart, Yellow Human Tone 10…Fifteenth Note:  RE (D)…Step 15:  “First Supreme Time,  First Red Castle of turning, Enter the Court of Birth”…Cube 15;  Eagle S-P Jupiter (52) Vision-“Awesome Blowing Six Turquoise Winds” (8th Bolontiku)…Sound RE (D) and TI (B)  One day remains in the Resonant Moon Cube Journey.

For this special Resonant Hunab Ku 21, which’ contains’ the two Kin who hold the Solar-Prophetic Third Circuit of the  Telektonon Earth Spirit
Speaking Tube,
here is Verse 21 from Pacal Votan’s Telektonon Prophecy: 

“21. As the special witness of time, I, Pacal Votan, know the perfect count of days. I bow in the temple of the tower and the rock, the sanctuary of Bolon Ik. In my body, formed of the ultimate perfection of God’s power of all movement and measure (Hunab Ku), is the recollection that is prophecy. Knowing this body as the measure of time, I had built this palace and this tower to correct and to also look for the Tower of Babel, a memory of the remembering. And in my ninefold temple, where, guarded by the nine powers of time, I had this body laid, I left this legacy for you, the Talking Stone of Prophecy.”

Yellow Planetary Human is the Galactic Signature of a man who devoted his life to Humans and to  Peace:  Mahatma Gandhi.  From Wikipedia: “Gandhi employed non-violent civil disobedience… he organized protests by peasants, farmers, and urban labourers concerning excessive land-tax and discrimination…Gandhi led nationwide campaigns to ease poverty, expand women’s rights, build religious and ethnic amity, end untouchability, and increase economic self-reliance.” 

Tomorrow will be the 62nd Anniversary of his death on White Cosmic Wind. (Kin 62 is today’s Antipode:  Planetary Wind)  Some of Mahatma Gandhi’s ashes, which were secretly kept by a friend, will be scattered at sea off of South Africa’s coast, tomorrow (Red Spectral Skywalker)  to commemorate this 62nd  Anniversary.  

Mahatma Gandi was a man of great integrity, and was also a vegetarian who became a fruitarian.  He is a  “Perfect” role model for  the Planetary Humans we are becoming.   Here is great advice from  Gandi, Man of Peace and of Action on behalf of oppressed Humans:   “Always aim at complete harmony of thought and word and deed.   Always aim at purifying your thoughts and everything will be  well.” 

Planetary Human is also the Galactic Signature of  a’Resonant’ composer and musician, known as Kitaro. http://www.kitaromusic.com/main.html Enjoy the exquisite melody playing at his website, which  also shows a  Full Moon for this G.A.P.  Full Moon on Resonant Hunab Ku 21.  🙂

 N. S.   1. 22. 7. 21.    /15:  Vision   Kin 192

6 thoughts on “G.A.P.: Yellow Planetary Human on Resonant ‘Hunab Ku’ Silio 21

  1. miss reflection….wow ur really bringing the truth!the soul reachin.blood boiling prophecy.i put life energy,into you….the real deal.?.yah. U make my ,gregorian day.miss mirror deserves a Namaste.a good game pat…

  2. Pacal Votan…….hmmmm.slow it down C. wheww all i can do is breathe kin. Ive put myself to this..my heart beat goes to bringing the HOPE to all…..its now a choice. I have surrendered my DNA..my vehicle….i take this way to seriously.my mirror does yah……

  3. hello, Im following the tzolkin but Im a beginner. Where have you learn all of this? Are you NZ? If so, how did you get interested in all of this? I love this and somehow vibrates with me.

    Can you recommend me where to learn more. Thank you!

  4. Hello Margarita,
    It’s wonderful that you are following the Tzolkin, and resonate with this information. There are many wonderful websites with information about the 13 moon Calendar, the Mayans and 2012. They will show up on an internet search.
    If you look at previous blogs, on the Sep. 11 blog, I share an event that showed me this is my path. Like you, I ‘vibrated’ with the truth.
    The source of most of my knowledge since then, is the writing of Valum Votan a.k.a. ,Jose Arguelles. Besides numerous books and online reports, he has co-authored 5 volumes (with Stephanie South) called the Cosmic History Chronicles. They can be ordered from his website: lawoftime.org which also has a wealth of information you will enjoy reading. You can also order a free 13 Moon pocket calendar there.
    Thanks for your lovely comment, and welcome to the 13 Moon community 🙂 TMQ

  5. Thanks a lot for the info, and yes I will be reading more of Jose Arguelles book, right now Im with the Mayan Factor and Im loving it! is blowing my mind.

    Thanks again

  6. I am looking for a native mathematician/3 circles
    In 1937 the state of Montana conducted its first archeological dig “The Hagen Site”. Established as a National Historical Landmark in 1964 (it is presently undeveloped, and for sale).
    The site is unusual due to the pottery and structure excavated at the site. The pottery is extremely advanced with a style that is hard to account for. The structure was built as a stationary building.
    The equation; the lodge has a 16 foot diameter with 12 supporting posts. The front door faces to the sun raise with two posts 6 feet apart, the center has two posts 4 feet apart, the west wall has two post 2 feet apart. Being that the lodge is round, a sacred native symbol; I circled the other two points, the inner and outer circles.
    Now you have your equation; A to B to C, gives you a 15 degree angle (1/24 of 360) .
    The three proportional circles are now called out, and all 3 fit with-in the equation.
    Hope you can enjoy this as much as I have.

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