Resonant Wind codes Galactic Gamma 3 and the First Mystic Moon of 2013

The Code Spell for Kin 202;  White Resonant Wind is:  “I Channel in order to Communicate.  Inspiring Breath, I seal the input of Spirit with the Resonant tone of Attunement.  I am guided by the power of Timelessness.”

The Postulate for today, 2.7, states:  “What is true for the variable differences of stellar masses evolving in time to constitute a full spectrum order of conscious possibiblity at any given moment in time, is true for the sum of the other galactic orders as a whole, existing outside the one in which we are located.  All the Galactic Brains in their myriad possibilities, coordinated by God, reflect the full spectrum of an even higher order of evolutionary possibilities within the creative evolving universe governed by the Law of Time.”

We are currently in Harmonic 51:  Inform Flowering of Intention.  The G-Force for today is Solar Seed, which epitomizes the power of Flowering and the Solar tone of Intention.

White Resonant Wind codes the first of the Seven Mystic Moons between The Moon-out-of-Time (coded by kin 201) and our Galactic Synchronization on July 26, 2013.  Resonant Moon 202 begins on January 10, 2013.  The Occult for Resonant Wind is Kin 59:  Blue Resonant Storm, the Kin which codes the year containing the 12/21/2012 Solstice during the Moon-out-of-Time, and the Seven Mystic Moons.

The following quote from “Book of the Timespace” by Valum Votan and Stephanie South succinctly explains what we are currently experiencing globally, and what 2013 means: 

“…the year 2013 represents an already existing preordained moment of telepathic civilization.  That is why the planetary event horizon up to 2012 becomes a phenomenal quickening, so that all karma can be disposed of, cleansed and purified.  The Noosphere simultaneously lifts off, triggering the predetermined telepathic civilization and intervention.”

White Wind  Seal 2, Wind, also known as “High Priestess” and “Lady of the Winds“” holds the Power and Spirit of Prophecy at the Darka Pole-the South Pole of the Galactic order”.    “The High Priestess exemplifies Spirit as the command of Prophecy.”  It feels right that this 8th Moon which correlates to the Galactic Core has begun with the two Seals that ‘anchor’ it’s North and South Poles.  Additionally, Wind corresponds to G-K Uranus during this Heptad which corresponds to the Galactic Core and Uranus.   Uranus, 8th planet out from the Sun, and Earth, 3rd planet out share Circuit Three, on this 3rd day of the 8th Moon.   Core Family, Equatorial Tropics, Heart Chakra.

GAMMA:  G-K Mercury, Pacify, Third Eye Chakra.  “My Lineage is the Union of Awareness and the Ultimate Sphere.  I Attain the Power of Peace.”  Create Back of the Codon Cube. Pacal Votan, (location on Star Map):  Hunab Ku.

GAMMA 3:  Katun coded by 3rd Solar Witness:  Kin 196; Yellow Magnetic Warrior. -AD 732.  “Purification Recharge

Telektonon Day 3:  Baktun 3;  BC 2324:  The Wheel.  Pacal Votan enters the meditation that moves the Wheel, and receives Telecosmic Number Power of 13.  Power of 13 moves consciousness, power of 7 holds form of center.

The “2013 and The Mystery Queen” blog was “triggered by a 7.1 Earthquake  (on Kin 18) in the land of her birth” (Japan) as described in  the first post on Magnetic 18 (August 12th, Madame Blavatsky’s Solar Birthday- her Kin 51 codes this Harmonic).  This morning there was a report of a 6.6 earthquake in Japan.  These two add up to 13.7, mirroring the 13 and 7  on which we focus on Moon Day 3.  13.7=Kin 3320+13=33.

This 182nd blog in 182 days is posted on White Resonant Wind, day of Resonance, Spirit and Communication.  182 is the amount of days in 6 and 1/2 Moons, a reminder of the 9/11/2004 message on TMQ’s computer.  One of the many (still) mysterious comments was:   “As of  19:13 (actual time was 7:28 p.m.),  you are beginning the first volume of ‘The Mystery of the Stone’.  You will complete it in 6 and 1/2 Moons.” 

Next morning, in an attempt to understand the message, she searched for “Solano County crop circles”, because several had appeared  20 miles from Benicia, shortly after she had moved there in 2003.  That is when she discovered a more recent crop circle that was also laid in the fields 20 miles from her home:             6-17-04-solano-ctycawheat-blog “Solano County, CALIFORNIA –  June 17, 2004  (”bearded” wheat)  A 300′ 11-circle “pictogram” style formation with an 185′ long “tail” made up of 28 evenly-spaced 6′6″ diam. circles which ended next to two high-tension electric transmission towers (extreme left, photo). No evidence of entry was visible when first found.”  

 The 6 and 1/2 ft. diameter of the 28 circles (days) synchronized with the  “6 and 1/2 Moons’  in the prophetic message, and with this post today,  6 and 1/2 Moons after the first one.

The main body of this crop circle was on the cover of  the book TMQ read a Moon later by Valum Votan:  “Time and the Technosphere”.  That book’s topic was the 9/11/2001 tragedy (depicted by the two high electrical towers) which ‘punctured the Technosphere’.  The 28 -day 13 Moon calendar (shown by the 28 Circles/Days) leads us to the solution/Noosphere which is the ‘body’ of 11 circles that apppears on the jacket of the book by Valum Votan, Kin 11

This crop circle appeared on Crystal 19 39 days before Blue Crystal Storm (19.12) began.  That day was coded by 20.12  (Magic Turtle day Crystal Sun)  The crop circle contains 39 circles.  The Postulate for Kin 39 states: 

19.13;   “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.” 

N. S.   1. 22. 8. 3.    Kin 202

3 thoughts on “Resonant Wind codes Galactic Gamma 3 and the First Mystic Moon of 2013

  1. Through expert timing and infinite jest I have recently found you. Many who are paying attention do not yet quite know what to make of the impending. I do not possess your particular set of abilities at cryptanalysis, but have a deep sense of knowing your truth. I am a Kin 133, Red Electric Skywalker, so what follows will probably not surprise you. On the solstice of June 21, 2008, Kin 124/125 (it was very near midnight) – I had what can be described as a spontaneous Kundalini experience: a jolt of electricity that entered through my crown and made me sit down on the ground. When the flash had dissipated, I looked at my hands and felt as if I had been dropped into my body. The story gets alternately more ridiculous/hilarious from there – entirely to do with archetypal programming, to a farce-like degree. Your work here is so important; your connections and interpretations within historical, biological and most important spiritual/energetic contexts are clear and empathetic. In attempting to wrap my mind around yours, to truly live in Lak’ech, you attune me to the galaxy, and for that I am very grateful. Forward the Foundation!

  2. Namaste Barssiah,
    I responded to your wonderful comment thru e-mail, several days ago. I see it didnot get thru, so here it is again:
    “Namaste Kin 133;
    Your beautiful words struck a chord here, and they were perfectly timed from my perspective.
    Would enjoy hearing more about the expert timing that led you, and about the rest of your Solstice experience. Up until Midnight, the combined Day (4.7), Moon (2.12) and Year (14.2) equaled Pacal Votan’s Galactic Signature: P.V.C.S. Kin 60: Galactic Sun. Together, our Kins equal his Galactic Signature during his present incarnation. 🙂
    TMQ will strive to live up to your comments, which are appreciated and treasured. In Lak’esh, Galactic Mirror”

    Thanks again. 🙂 TMQ

  3. me and my wife have been researching 2012 for about 2 years now and have allready started planning they say by 2010 you will see it in the sky and i think thats about the time we will have everything ready we are looking to start a survival group or if anyone else has one that we can join let me know ill check back later thanks
    planetery ascension december 2012
    – some truth about 2012

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