G.A.P. and Magic Turtle Day: Blue Galactic Night on Blue Galactic Kali

This Magic Turtle Day on the 4th day of Galactic Moon  is ‘triply Galactic’.   Kin 203:  Blue Galactic Night:  “I Harmonize in order to Dream.  Modeling Intuition, I seal the input of Abundance with the Galactic tone of Integrity.  I am guided by the power of Accomplishment.  I am a Galactic Activation Portal.”

Postulate 3.8:  “Geometry is a mental order, and can only be a reflection of the Divine mind of God.  The pure geometry of the 4th-Dimension is called Pulsar Geometry.  Pulsars are the structures by which Fourth-Dimensional time binds the qualities and aspects which inform the Third-dimensional order.  Third-dimensional geometry of form are secondary crystallizations of the primary Pulsar Geometry of Fourth-dimensional time.”13 Moon Calendar Art 

The Thirteen Moon cycle/Wavespell is organized by 4 Fourth-dimensional Time Pulsars.   1Magnetic (Unify),  5 Overtone (Empower),  9:  Solar (Pulse) and 13: Cosmic (Transcend). 

 Today we are in the 8th unit (Moon) of the Self-Existing Seed Annual Wavespell, and the 8th unit (day/Kin) of the Yellow Warrior Wavespell. 8: Galactic (Harmonize) is a Third-Dimensional Mind Pulsar.

Blue Night Seal 3, Night, also known as “Dreamer” or “Psychic Presence”  “The Dreamer activates the Centrifugal Force Force and holds the position of the Third light gate.  The Dreamer exemplifies abundance as the intuition of Love.”  Seal 3 corresponds to G-K Saturn which is on Circuit Four with Mars.  Night belongs to the Signal Family who code the Day-out-of-Time and guard the Earth’s Southern Regions and Solar Plexus Chakra.

CATALYTIC Blue KALI:  S-P Mercury, Secret Center (Svadhistana) Chakra, Establish:  “My Name is the Glorious Lotus-Born.  I Catalyze the light-Heat Within.” Analog Sensory Quantum Complete. Back of Codon Cube created.  Quetzalcoatl;  Star Map location:  Ahua Kin (Sun).

KALI 4:  Katun coded by 4th Solar Witness:  Kin 197; Red Lunar Earth. -AD 752.  “Love Recharge

Telektonon Day 4:  Baktun 4;  BC 1930  Sacred Mountain.  Pacal votan extends himself into the Sacred Mountain of the West-in the “Adoration of the Lamb”.  Receives Continuing Conscious Telecosmic Number Power of 5Power of the Fifth Force.

This beautiful image of Venus, Goddess of Love, represents Seal 8: Star (Lamat) for the Maya.  Many seashells were found in the Pyramid of the Moon, at Teotihuacan, and the cat represents intuition.  Enjoy this image for the Blue Night which exemplifies  ‘Intuition of Love’, on this 8th day of  the 8th Moon’.

8.8:  Galactic Star, guides this Galactic Seed Moon, and the day of our Galactic Synchronization 2013.  The Postulate for 8.8 is:  “In Yoga, the AC-CA functions are activated by conscious respiration, as the dialectic of a moving inverse bilateral symmetry correlated with the spine and central nervous system.  Hatha Yoga and other systems of psycho-physical auto-regulation work toward the establishment of a flexible biohomeostasis centralized in the spinal column and central nervous system, with its attendant psychphysical centers (Chakras)”.

  The Eight limbs, or 8 steps to Yoga, are:     1)  Yama:  Universal morality.  2)  Niyama:  Personal observances.  3)  Asanas:  Body postures.  4)  Pranayama :  Breathing exercises and Control of Prana.  5)  Pratyahara:  Control of the senses.  6)   Dharana:  Concentration and cultivating inner perceptual awareness.   7)  Dhyana:    Devotion, Meditation on the Divine.  8) Samadhi:  Union with the Divine.

Kin 203:  Blue Galactic Night, is the Galactic Signature of George Harrison.  He embraced Indian mysticism, and was probably the most ‘Spiritual’ of the Beatles.  This photo was taken during the Beatle’s 1968 visit to India.John Lennon. His song, “My Sweet Lord”  http://utube.smashits.com/video/fQkylt8PX5g/George-Harrison-My-sweet-lord.html describes his longing for Union with the Divine   🙂

N.  S.   1. 22. 8. 4.    Kin 203


2 thoughts on “G.A.P. and Magic Turtle Day: Blue Galactic Night on Blue Galactic Kali

  1. in the brandnew kweak~version of the tzolkin beamed from urane’s e***3 (20) power of 3 / treenity … this daya has number 1503 / 9 => 167

    this divine message links spectral hand into the Galactic NIGHT’s “DINER~SOUP”

    curious how this resonates at new zealandian temples … vibrating the heat of the iron maiden liquidario

    aka BI’1955 ~ Magneatic MooN

  2. “Love Recharge”..Thats my focus for the Day..I choose to Recharge my Individual Love,In order to Give Back to The Universe. All we need is Love..In La’kesh Mirror..I love U..

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