Kin 208: Yellow Cosmic Star codes Galactic Seli 9 and the 7th Mystic Moon

 Kin 208:  Cosmic Star, is the  last day of Warrior Wavespell 16  and of the Dreamspell’s Yellow Southern Castle of Giving.   It’s  Code Spell is:  ” I Endure in order to BeautifyTranscending Art, I seal the store of Elegance, with the Cosmic tone of Presence.  I am guided by the Power of Free Will.”

Postulate 8.13 states: Celestial Harmonics are Fourth-dimensional 13:20 ratios mentally perceivable and capable of inducing and being induced by neuro-sensory oscillations in conformity with primary projective geometries.  The neuro-sensory oscillations and primary projective geometries are dependent on the co-ordinated interaction of AC-CA currents yogically integrated in a synchronized sense-body in whose mind no thought can cling.”  During this Moon of Integrity and Heptad 30, when: Hunab Ku Transmits Unity of Totality as Meditation.”  is a great time to practice emptying our minds

Yellow Star  Seal 8,  Star, also known as the “Artist” and “Star Singer” is “the master builder and holds the…second gate of power within the Court of the Compassionate One.”  The Artist exemplifies the resonant power of Art as the beginning of Love.”  Star corresponds to G-K Venus and Circuit Two which also contains Neptune.  Star belongs to Signal Family, who code the Day-out-of-time and who guard the Earth’s Southern Regions and Solar Plexus Chakra. 

SELI:  G-K Saturn;  Flow;  Root Chakra:  “My Mother is the Ultimate Sphere.  I See the Light.”Earth and Sun image   The shining Sphere of  Light is our ‘Cosmic Star’:  the Sun.   The other Sphere shown is Seli’s location on the Star Map:  Crystal Earth.  Today’s Patron is Muhammad.  Today we build the Base of the Codon Cube. 

SELI 9:  Corresponds to the 2nd Solar Witness;  Kin 195:  Blue Cosmic Eagle, who also leads the 2nd Lost Generation.  ‘Victory Flows;  Cosmic Eagle Flies Again’.

Telektonon Day 9:  Baktun 9  AD 41;  Lords of the Red and Black.  ‘Pacal Votan witnesses triumph of 13:20 civilization in New World, Teotihuacan and Tiwanaku, and confirms teachings of Kontiki Viracocha.”  The Roman Empire and Han Dynasty of China also flourish.

Cube Three:  Abundance  “By my superconscious Warrior Night Abundance power, I regain my Telepathic 13:20 visionary power.”  “May Truth and Peace Prevail!”

Valum Votan addresses these issues in his discussion of the failed Copenhagen talks. “There are now but three years to find such a leadership willing to adopt and implement these principles. Even if such leadership cannot be gathered, it is nonetheless necessary to articulate the principles of a comprehension of the Earth as a single unified system. … must be defined in light of the geological transition from the biosphere to the noosphere, and of the inexorable path of cosmic evolution, which is toward ever-greater states of conscious unification Due to the activating and unifying aspect of the electromagnetic field in keeping the planetary system in a condition of dynamic and cosmic balance in relation to the sun, the solar system and the cosmos in general, we are now on the verge of becoming planetary citizens operating in a field of cosmic intelligence.”

In this article, Valum Votan attributes our failure thus far to achieve unity and telepathic vision to one Fatal Flaw:  Our loss of Spiritual connection.  This was demostrated by the omission of any spiritual leaders at these talks supposedly conducted on behalf of our Earth.  An article today discusses  how Patriarch Cyril, the 16th Patriarch of, Moscow and all of Russia, also agrees with Votan’s assessment.  Daily use of the 13:20 materials, including the 13 Moon ‘Synchronometer’ helps us to reconnect with Spirit, Telepathy and the Cosmic cyles of Nature, and practice of Meditation and Yoga will enhance our Union with the Divine.  Then as Valum Votan continues: “… this way we may be prepared to at least communicate with other higher intelligences that pervade the cosmos with its ten billion galaxies, each with its ten billion stars and star systems.”

Today we have an example of people who remain more connected with the celestial cycles through their Lunar Calendar.  In what China calls the largest movement of people in the world, tens of millions of Chinese will travel for their most important Holiday:  Their Lunar New Year.  The Chinese New Year usually falls on the second new Moon after the Winter Solstice.

Several entertainment ‘Stars‘ are coded by Yellow Cosmic Star, including the French mime artist, Marcel Marceau, singer Mariah Carey, and actresses Jennifer Connelly and Lauren Hutton

‘Star Singer’  Syd Barrett, artist and founding member of Pink Floyd wrote the song “Chapter 24”   for their first album, “The Piper at Dawn“.  Our Star, the Sun, is designated by the Arcturians as Velatropa 24, and you’ll probably see other connections in  these few lines from his song:

“A movement is accomplished in six stages
And the seventh brings return.
The seven is the number of the young light
It forms when darkness is increased by one.

The time is with the month of winter solstice
When the change is due to come.”  

Paul Foster Case, also coded by Cosmic Star, was a modern scholar of the Tarot and Qabala. Tarot Card 17 , The Star, (a harbinger of  Red Moon Wavespell 17 which begins at Midnight) contains 8 8-pointed Stars.    The guide for this Galactic Seed Moon is 8.8, Galactic Star, which is ‘guiding‘ us to our Galactic Synchronization on Galactic Seed 2013.  That day occurs 2 days after the Seventh Mystic Moon which is coded by Cosmic Star.

At Midnight, we enter the Green Central Castle of Enchantment:  Court of the Matrix of Synchronization.  Relish these Cosmic hours of Beauty, Free Will and Abundance as we move towards Enchantment.  🙂

N. S.   1. 22. 8. 9.    Cube 3:  Abundance         Kin 208

One thought on “Kin 208: Yellow Cosmic Star codes Galactic Seli 9 and the 7th Mystic Moon

  1. considering the f’act SEVEN iz a HEAVEN it is also a trinity fractal sign …

    this means its product becomes 3×7=21 pre-psi for 22 which iz about 0/zero & synchronization point …

    from a numerical approach 7 means 7 8 & 9 in a joint co-operation

    which makes us human kin understand why 9 is as 0 in a decimal system …
    as 21 is the 0/zero within the 22’mal syatem and 19 in the vigesimal …

    AHAU LAMAT! *** (shift h8s’)

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