Cosmic Wind guides us on Galactic 13: Kin 212; Yellow Self-Existing Human


Hello all!

Kin 182, White Cosmic Wind here, participating in the telepathic experiment of co-creating this blog.  I am excited and humbled to be doing so.  I hope that I can shed the same light on the Magic of the Synchronic Order that TMQ is so beautifully able to do on a daily basis. 

The Code Spell for Kin 212: Self-Existing Human is “I Define in order to Influence.  Measuring Wisdom, I seal the process of Free Will, with the Self-Existing Tone of Form I am guided by the power of Elegance.”

Postulate 12.4 states:  “All time transport vehicles are mentally projected constructs of radiative geometry bodies, utilizing crystal or floral structures, coordinated according to sets of time vector potentialities.  Initially, all time travel occurs as a type of focused imaginative exploration – sensory teleportation – using celestial harmonic coordinates of time vector potentialities.”

Yellow Human  Seal 12, Human, also known as Sage, Governor, and “Wise Judge”, is “the Guardian of Wisdom, and holds the third source of power in the Court of the Prophet.  The Sage exemplifies Wisdom as the source of Prophecy and Prophecy as the enactment of Wisdom”.  Seal 12 correlates to Solar Prophetic Earth, as well as Circuit 3, the ‘Telektonon Earth Spirit Speaking Tube Circuit.‘  Human belongs to the Core family who guard the Earth’s Equatorial Tropics and her Heart Chakra.

The guide for today is Yellow Self-Existing Star, Kin 108, which codes not only this year’s Day Out of Time, but also the GM108X Galactic Mayan Transmission mind stream.  By following the Codes of the Synchronic Order, we can tune into this Mind Stream, both collectively and individually.  According to CHC: Vol. 4, Book of the Initiation, “The GM108X is the underlying stream that connects all systems of thought as it winds its way through the entire subset of human history in all of its multi-faceted manifestations.”

 LIMI  correlates to GK Earth, and its action is to Purify; Solar Plexus Chakra.  “I Consume dualistic thoughts as Food.  I Purify the Mental Electron at the North Pole”.  Today we complete the 6th sides of both the Radion Cube (Left side) and the Codon Cube (Top of cube).    The Patron is Padmasambhava, and on the Interdimensional Star Map, Limi correlates to the AA Midway Station.  

LIMI 13 also corresponds to UR Earth 4, Night Earth, as well as to the reawakening of the Sixth Lost Generation, Kin 199:  Blue Self-Existing Storm, which also codes the Heart Oracle of this year’s Bolontiku, Awesome Vast Blue Sky.  “Victory Purifies the Triumph of the Religion of Truth”.

Telektonon Day 13:   Baktun 13, AD 1618. Babylon Planet.  “Transformation of matter.  Pacal Votan emerges from Earth to witness G-7 beast with 7 heads receive blessing of beast with 2 horns.  Planetary triumph of 12:60 complete.  Babylon Time Wars fulfills 666.  Pacal Votan calls on Bolon Ik to fulfill her pledge”.

Cube Seven:  Accomplishment – “By the self-generating power of the prophecy Hand Warrior, may divine Truth Prevail!  By my unconscious telepathic force, may I take back Babylon Planet for the biosphere!

In an earlier post, TMQ mentioned that “the link between Magnetic Moon and Galactic Seed can empower our telepathic practices (especially that of creating a spectral ‘continuum’ connecting the third and eighth planets – Earth and Uranus)”  We know that the Magnetic Moon Wavespell codes the last thirteen days of the Galactic Seed Warrior’s Cube Journey.  We are now on Tone Four of this Wavespell, the tone of form, and have arrived at the third planet, SP Earth, coded by the Human.   

On the Long Count, it is Galactic Seed!  It is time to use the form of our Free Will to consciously redeem the Four Tower of Babel Planets over the course of the next four Kin, from SP Mars to SP Saturn, telepathically connecting Earth and Uranus on Kin 217, Red Solar Earth!  What’s more, Solar is the tone of intention, and our intention is to telepathically connect Earth and Uranus by Galactic Synchronization 2013.  Today, Yellow Self-Existing Human, we make the choice to do so.

Redeeming the four Tower of Babel Planets to telepathically connect Earth and Uranus is something we can do every Harmonic Run, from Human to Earth.  This past Kin 207, Blue Crystal Hand, commenced the first of the last four Galactic Spins until December 21, 2012.  If we allow each of these Galactic Spins to represent one each of the Tower of Babel planets, starting with Mars, we can view the remaining time between now and then as an interplanetary adventure, beginning with our recent jump from Earth to Mars, and ending with arrival on Uranus, December 21, 2012!  From there, we collectively navigate the Seven Mystic Moons to reach Galactic Synchronization 2013, and begin Magnetic Moon 2013, coded by Kin 209.  A Magnetic Moon coded by Magnetic Moon!

According to the Telektonon Instruction Manual, the sum of the Bode numbers of the four Tower of Babel Planets (Mars=16, Maldek=28, Jupiter=52, and Saturn=100) is 196, the Bode Number of Uranus.  196 (Uranus) divided by 4 (Tower of Babel Planets) = 49, 7 squared or the length of a Bardo period in Tibetan Buddhism.  Bardo literally means an “intermediary” or “in-between” state, in this case between the old 12:60 civilization and the coming 13:20 civilization.  We can view the time between now and December 21, 2012 as a series of four Bardo periods represented by the four planets, each one with its specific qualities and karma to be balanced out by us, the Galactic Citizenship of Planet Earth!

I have included an image of Uranus to contemplate.  I did some research and discovered that Uranus has twenty-seven moons.  Added to Earth’s single Moon, the total comes to twenty-eight, same as the number of days in each moon of a Thirteen-Moon year.  What better time to take note of this fact than the Moon Wavespell! 

Today’s G-Force is Kin 78, White Cosmic Mirror.  78 is the sum of the tones of the 13 Clear Signs on the Tomb of Pacal Votan, and which Valum Votan considers a “hidden” sign.   7.8 hz is the resonant frequency of the Earth, and 780 is the number of days in the Synodic Cycle of Mars, which means that today’s G-Force represents a connection between Earth and Mars, both in terms of moving from SP Earth today to SP Mars tomorrow, and also in terms of entering the longer Mars “Bardo” period this past Kin 207.  The microcosm is contained within the macrocosm.

Yellow Self-Existing Human is the Galactic Signature of James Alfred van Allen, discoverer of the Earth’s Radiation Belts.  The Psi-Bank is located between these two belts.  According to, the Psi-Bank is “the 13:20 frequency, fourth-dimensional program that informs the DNA of its timing cycles”, and that “the entirety of the systems of thought and knowledge are all contained within the Psi-Bank regulator of the Noosphere.  (It) is not only a storage unit of all thought, but also contains all knowledge of the evolutionary timing programs”.  By working with the Law of Time and the codes of the Synchronic Order, we are telepathically tuning in to psychic information contained between the van Allen Belts


🙂   Cosmic Wind:  Thank You for such a brilliant beginning to our Telepathic experiment!   Deepest gratitude to you for  articulating our highest purpose:   “to consciously redeem the Four Tower of Babel Planets over the course of the next four Kin, from SP Mars to SP Saturn, telepathically connecting Earth and Uranus on Kin 217, Red Solar Earth“,   and to Galactic Synchronization Crew 154, for guiding us through this 5 day event.

Cosmic Wind has begun his Self-Existing Human Year in spectacular fashion:  Happy 30th Birthday on Week 30 of Self-Existing Seed Year!  Tomorrow, the Signal component of GSC 154  continues our Telepathic  Journey.  🙂

N. S.   1. 22. 8. 13.    Cube 7:  Accomplishment         Kin 212

4 thoughts on “Cosmic Wind guides us on Galactic 13: Kin 212; Yellow Self-Existing Human

  1. thanks to the MONKEY crew :: this delivery!

    i cannot retrace the BODE numbers given … but then on my search i found a nice correlation to Bode and Blaise Pascal – his triangles …
    Uranus 8 1+7+21+35+35+ 21 + 7 + 1 64

    and well ~ we – Moonday 21/22 crew – have found an alternative way to manage the 2012 synchronization on number 8 and 9. Label “KWEAK”. Signature 3x(3×3)+1=28 and this is in sync with 27 moons at urane and the greatest moon of all circling our beloved blue planet ! Weaving Life, Love and Choices in a Stream.

    Having 108 as the DooT mentioned ; we from kweak perspective see number 52 as the representation of numbers of moon in a 4 year-season which we see as the Daya of Time Experience: this is why government periods mostly have a 4 year cycle as self-existing “period”

    Having mentioned this we see DooT as Daya of Year Experience: DôTE
    And 27 daya +1 makes day 28 of a Moon cycle into the “Glorydaya” aka Daya of Moon Experience …

    From this perception we see KIN127 as Daya of Galactic Moon Experience including our mutual submissions published by our devoted TMQ …

    Well, let us see how we manage to establish the cont-ac-telepath on Cosmic Awareness / Alignment / Associations / …

    In La’kesh ala Kin, Bolon Ik / Muluc Magnetic Year

    • hmmm a mishit:
      Daya of Year Experience: DôTE => DôYE !
      DôTE will be july26, 2012 i.s.o. february 29 …
      according the “Law of Glory”
      which means we have installed the 13 Moon Calendar on the Planet in service and guidance for all Human Beings Aligned.

      So by the the Gregorian has become Obsolete !

      This also means the 13MoonYear starting “july27” will be SUN8 – Galactic Sun as the first NameGiver for a 13 Moon Year Cycle and also namegiver to the 4YearCycle until “july26 2016” the next “leapday” aka DôTE.

      Well … when u consider this as mixing up things : stay away from it … and/or relate to it while arousing pleasure and co-operating with KIN022 DS; KIN220 LC; KIN242 3K (treekweak)

      au revoir!

    • I am very excited to see your upcoming posts! It is thrilling to be working together with people from all over the planet to help blaze a collective telepathic trail to a better world! As Valum Votan and Stephanie South say in the Cosmic History Chronicles, “We are but secretaries, the authors are in eternity”. We are translating, collectively, but each with our own autonomous voice, higher messages. I’ve been longing for the day when I could actively be a part of that. I know your posts will be inspiring and enlightening!

      In La’kesh
      Kin 182

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