Rhythmic Night guides us on Galactic 14: Red Overtone Skywalker

The Code Spell for Kin 213: Overtone Skywalker is  “I Empower in order to Explore. Commanding Space, I seal the output of Wakefulness, with the Overtone Tone of Radiance. I am guided by the power of Birth”.

Postulate 13.5 states: “Once the third-dimensional entity has practiced successful whole body time transport on an individual basis through crystal radiative projective-geometry form vehicles,  it can join with others to practice the collective whole body time transport exploration of the interplanetary flux tube systems or time tunnels”.

 This postulate fits extremely well with TMQ’s stated purpose of this Red Moon Wavespell!   According to the Dreamspell, it is disruption of the interplanetary flux tube systems that prevents an Earth-Uranus connection. The only way to restore that connection is through redemption of the Tower of Babel planets, the source of the disruption.

Red Skywalker Seal 13, Skywalker, also known as Prophet, World Teacher, and “Culture Bringer”, “holds the third seat of Power in the Court of the Prophet. Prophet exemplifies the Spirit of Prophecy as the Wisdom of the future made present.”   Seal 13 correlates to Solar Prophetic Mars, as well as Circuit 4, the Externalizing Intelligence Circuit. Skywalker belongs to the Signal family who guard the Earth’s Southern Regions and her Solar Plexus Chakra.

SILIO  correlates to GK Venus, and its action is to Discharge;  Heart Chakra. “My role is to accomplish the actions of the Buddha. I discharge the Mental Electron-Neutron to the center of the Earth”.  The Patron is Buddha, and on the Interdimensional Star Map, Silio correlates to the Pleiades.  The White Antipode Telepathic Time Atom is now complete, as is the Weekly Codon, Codon 59: Dissolving – “Galactic Octave Sounds Mind of Space”.   When we dissolve our egos and allow ourselves to act on behalf of a force greater than ourselves, we can do nothing but sound the mind of the space we are in.  By tuning into the Synchronic Order on a daily basis, our egos gently and gradually dissolve.

 The Occult of Overtone Skywalker is Solar Star, Kin 48. In Cosmic History Chronicles Vol. 5, we are introduced to the 48 Harmonic Runes of the Second Creation, which “govern the sequence of the ‘Second Creation’”, and which are “fully activated after 2012”.

Kin 164 is Galactic Seed, Galactic Synchronization 2013. Kin 160, 5 Kin previous, is Self-Existing Sun, which is December 21, 2012 in the Long Count. We can look at the series of Kin from 160-164 (which is also a Chromatic – the Fire Clan) as representing the period from December 21, 2012 to Galactic Synchronization 2013. This specific Chromatic occurred most recently from December 29, 2009 to January 2, 2010. This same Chromatic leads into and kicks off Galactic Synchronization 2013 three and a half years later. Between those years, there are 28×48 days, or the number of days in one Moon of a Thirteen Moon year times the 48 Runes of the Second Creation!

From Stephanie South’s ‘Star Traveler’s Almanac’: “As the power of space revealing prophecy, the Skywalker also holds the power of Thirteen, as it is the thirteenth in succession of the 20 solar frequencies. Skywalker is also a Martian sign.This present Earth in its turn appears as the scene of life, Mars being its last theatre’. (Sri Aurobindo)”

SILIO 14  also corresponds to the reawakening of the Seventh Lost Generation, Kin 200, Yellow Overtone Sun, which also codes the Heart Oracle of the 7th Bolontiku, ‘Single Wing Red Fire’. It represents the 7th Stage of the Second Creation of Heaven, which occurred during the Year of the White Resonant Wizard, 1999-2000. “Prophecy Discharge Targets Mystery of the Stone”.  Today is a perfect day to Target our intention to telepathically connect Earth and Uranus.

Telektonon Day 14:  Victory Targets; Yellow Magnetic Seed.   This is Bolon Ik’s First Weaving. “Song of the 144,000 redeems the 1st lost tribe White Crystal Wizard

Cube Eight: Art – “By my unconscious stored Star power of Art, may prophecy target the victory of the righteous. May the beast of Ignorance be slain! May Free Will, Peace, Art, and Harmony Prevail!”

As Skywalkers, Exploring Space,  using the 13-Moon Calendar and the codes of the Synchronic Order, we are helping make the future present by consciously redeeming the Tower of Babel Planets within ourselves.  Through the act of dissipating our egos and working on behalf of a higher mind and a higher will, we participate in the Second Creation! By changing inwardly, while allowing ourselves to be collectively guided by the Synchronic Order, our external environment will shift into a more peaceful place as a reflection and the world will change! We can all be part of the 144,000 ushering in the Second Creation, regardless of how many of us there are! We just have to be willing to traverse the Tower of Babel Planets to see clearly our own shadow.

Today, we are on Mars. According to CHC Vol. 5, on Mars, there was “much evidence of a Civilization whose Biosphere was wiped out”. We can interpret this as a failure to unify when the time called for unification. On this Martian day, in this Martian Bardo period, we can reflect on how the seeming 12:60 dominance affects our ability to consciously unify. Mars is one of the “Lost Planets”, and is connected with the abusive power of Saturn in the Telektonon Prophecy by its being on the Externalizing Intelligence Circuit. mars.gif Mars-panorama.jpg I have included a photo of Mars from space, as well as one of its surface, to paint a clear picture of where we are.

Kin 213:  Overtone Skywalker is the Galactic Signature of both Chuck Berry and Chubby Checker, two seminal figures in the birth of Rock and Roll. A Martian day is a good day to think about Rock and Roll and its purpose. “In the far reaches of the human psyche lies the memory of the indestructible analphs of the lost planets that transmigrated from Maldek to Mars, and then from Mars to Earth. The transmigration of these ancient memories resurface through various art forms, most notably music, culminating in Rock and Roll” (CHC Vol. III Book of the Mystery). 

Today, let us give humble thanks to these two artists for helping bring Rock and Roll, and thus the memories of the Lost Planets, to the masses. Without these memories, we would not be able to connect Earth and Uranus to sound the Lost Chord. Without the memory of a civilization that didn’t make it, we would not be able to change. David Bowie even called his backing band the “Spiders from Mars” in the 1970’s.  Now that we are aware of what happened on Mars, we can begin to clean out the cobwebs by dissipating our egos!

Art http://www.lawoftime.org/timeshipearth/rainbowmeditation.html

Thank You Kin 123:  Blue Rhythmic Night!  Your Signature coded the day the lid of Pacal Votan’s sarcophagus was first lifted (Nov.  27, 1952), to reveal the Jade mask of Votan.  

Uranus is the only planet whose Flux Tube  is out of alignment.  “One of the most distinctive features of Uranus is its axial tilt of ninety-eight degrees”.   As another Overtone Skywalker, the ‘consciousness pioneer William James once said:  “A chain is no stronger than its weakest link”, and our Earth-Uranus connection is currently a broken link.  Another anomaly of the object of our telepathic work is this:  “Uranus’ magnetic field is peculiar since it is not originating from the geometric center of the planet and is tilted almost 60° from the axis of rotation Uranus, top left, is much larger than Earth, shown below it.

 During this Earth-Uranus Chromatic delineated by Galactic Synchronization Crew 154, let’s visualize precisely what needs to be corrected, in order to repair the Earth Uranus connection.  (Are there any readers who can show the direction we need to shift Uranus’ axis?)  Until then, let’s put our intent into realigning Uranus’s Flux Tube, and strenthening the Magnetic connection between the Earth and Uranus.  

These  Dolphins  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1251711/Every-dolphins-gone-surfin-Stunning-pictures-hundreds-glide-monster-waves.html serve as a beautiful role model on our Telepathic Journey, so that, as  Postulate  13.5 describes, we  “can join with others to practice the collective whole body time transport exploration of the interplanetary flux tube systems or time tunnels”.

Heart-felt  gratitude to Kin 123,  who  now ‘passes the baton’  to Kin 109 (G.A.P.),  the Gateway member of GSC 154.  🙂

N. S.   1. 22. 8. 14.  Cube Eight:  Art   Kin 213

5 thoughts on “Rhythmic Night guides us on Galactic 14: Red Overtone Skywalker

  1. as skywalkers exploring space.May Pacal Votan return to GRACE.May we connect Earth to Uranus..To Realize the wholesomeness..May Our Minds Allign with the Galactic Confederation.Taken into consideration that we have an obligation to our Mayan Elders..May We find comfort in Truth.May Unconditional Love flow from our vehicle….In La’Kesh..were the ones we have known.The RETURN OF THE tribe..

  2. Just a note that 12-21-12 is 4 ahau on the long count, not 13 moon count.. but Thank yo. For this daily galactivation, it has been very good for consciousness inlekesh

  3. Hi TMQ, I don’t know if it is only with me, but the last days some pictures I can’t see. Today for example mars.gif and mars-panorama.jpg. I only see a rectangle with a litle square in it with a red cross.

    Just to let you know.

    • Hi Marij;
      Thanks for letting me know. It is probably because these images were sent in by Kin 182 and !23, and apparently they didn’t completely transfer (though they still show up on my screen, when I look at the blog) Today’s blog will have images I’m taking directly from the web-let me know if these don’t show up, please. Enjoy ‘your’ Wizard day 🙂 TMQ

  4. well ~ urane pops up in the Netherlands
    (temproarily a governmentless country 😉

    “it iz TIME” to install the 13MOON as EDUCATIONAL REFERENCE from deep inside each human being … both an EARTH as well a COSMO aka inter & trans connected being …

    in la’kesh , bolon ik

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