Overtone Moon guides us on Galactic 15: White Rhythmic Wizard

 Hello!  I am Kin 109, Red Overtone Moon. 

I write today’s entry in collaboration with Galactic Synchronization Crew 154, to which I Blessedly belong.  I am new(er) to the Way of the Dreamspell and have only recently committed myself to joining the Global Community on this Holy Victory March!  I take this opportunity to contribute my words of encouragement to all of you who are also just starting to open yourselves to the Truth exemplified by the words of TMQ and the Law of Time.  You are integral to the unfolding of the Galactic Synchronization and the most important thing that you can do is to hold your Flame high and remain aware and awakened.  Together, We are doing This!  The Telektonon Prophecy for today’s seal reminds us, “Already the gift has been given”!

The Code Spell for Kin 214: Rhythmic Wizard is   “I Organize in order to Enchant Balancing Receptivity, I seal the output of Timelessness, with the Rhythmic Tone of Equality.  I am guided by my own power doubled.

Postulate 14.6 states:  “The Psychozoic Era plateau accelerates the increase of radion from extra-stellar transmissions.  Transduced through radiosonic architecture of planet art spore and interplanetary flux tube activation, increase of extra-stellar radion results in increase of radiance (spectralization) of Third dimension, which in turn precipitates super conscious realizations of orders of radial matrix”.

White Wizard Seal 14, Wizard, is also known as the Knower of Mysteries and “Northern Light”.  “The Wizard opens the fourth gate of power in the Court of the Pathfinder.  The Wizard exemplifies timelessness as the beginning of intelligence – only by being still and receptive can the intelligence of timelessness arise.”   Seal 14 correlates to Solar Prophetic Maldek, as well as Circuit 5, the Internalizing Intelligence Circuit, which it also shares with tomorrow’s Kin, Eagle  (S-P Jupiter).  Wizard belongs to the Gateway family who guard the Earth’s South Pole and her Root Chakra.  Here we clearly see Maldek and Jupiter. Circuit Five is the only Circuit to have it’s   two planets next to each other.  The other planet pairs radiate out from this central circuit.

Today’s G-Force is Kin 84, Yellow Rhythmic Seed, the same as today’s antipode.  Kin 84 can also be interpreted as 8.4, or Galactic Seed, another connection between the Magnetic Moon Wavespell and Galactic Seed.   84 is  roughly the number of Earth years in one Uranian year.  84 is also the mirror image of 48, number of Runes of the Second Creation.  As Earth’s twin, the G-Force correlation with the Uranian year as the mirror of the number of Runes of the Second Creation, Runes which have to do with manifestation on Earth, stabilizes the two planets as we move from one to the other.  Today’s Psi-Chrono Kin is 157, Magnetic EarthEarth correlates with S/P Uranus and Magnetic is the tone of Purpose, reiterating the purpose of our current Warrior’s Cube Journey.

Speaking of the number 48 and Galactic Seed, a slight correction must be made to yesterday’s post:  The 28×48 days between the most recent Galactic Seed and the Self-Existing Sun in 2013 begins with Galactic Seed (1/2/2010) as the first day and ends with Electric Storm (7/21/2013) as the last.  This period is the countdown to the Second Creation, during which period the Tower of Babel planets are redeemed.  After Electric Storm 2013, the Sun-Seed Chromatic plays itself out one last time, ending on Galactic Seed 2013, the Second Creation!   It is also interesting that the Long Count, which ends on Self-Existing Sun, has been 48 days apart from the Dreamspell Count since the 2008 leap year.

 DALI  correlates to G/K Mercury, and its action is to Target; Crown Chakra.  “My father is intrinsic awareness.  I feel the heat”.    The Patron is Christ, and on the Interdimensional Star Map, Dali correlates to the Omnigalactic Source.  Today we begin building the Blue Occult Time Atom in the Sensory Input Quantum, as well as enter the Plane of Will for the Galactic Moon Warrior’s Cube Journey.  Dali 15 also correlates to the first year of the Mystery of the Stone, or the “Second Creation of Earth”, 2004-2005.

Today, Galactic 15,  is the Second day of the Aphasic Link between the 7 Years of Prophecy in the Telektonon Warrior’s Cube Journey and the 3rd week of the 7:7::7:7  practice, “Target Flows – Second Creation of Earth Seals Bolontiku Stage 1”.  The 7:7::7:7 practice is coded to the years 2004-2005, but the Cube Journey is coded to the years 2005-2006 (or 1994-1995, depending on whether you are looking at the Seven Years of Prophecy or the Seven Years of the Mystery of the Stone).

We are beginning Week 3 of the Galactic Moon, “Patience Transforms Conduct”.  During Week 3, we “Proclaim the Victory of Prophecy”, as well as begin a new weekly Codon, Codon 6:  People Apart – “Tree Defines Life”.   As a collective tree speaking through this website/blog, we are certainly defining our lives as 13:20 Galactic Citizens, and we are doing it “apart”, contributing from all corners of the planet.  This Codon codes the fifth week of the third quarter of the Self-Existing Seed year.  Tone Five is the Tone of Empowerment, and we are certainly empowering ourselves through our co-creation here.

Stephanie South shares a very pertinent quote by the Zen Master Dogen in the “Star Traveler’s Almanac”:  “Time is not a kind of place where things exist or events happen, nor is it a shape of instinctive knowledge.  Time is existence itself.”   Anything and everything is actually possible!

Telektonon Day 15:  Victory Flows; Red Lunar Moon.  Seven Last Calamities, the Second lost tribe, Blue Cosmic Eagle – “Last 7 Calamities rouse the Army of the Righteous to the 13 Moons”.

Cube Nine: Purification – “By my unconscious Moon power of Purification, may Prophecy flow the victory of the righteous!  May the terror of the karmic error of the Babylon Planet be forever cleansed!  May the Cosmic Eagle fly again!”

We are passing through Maldek, known in the 12:60 world as the Asteroid Belt.  Its Bode number is 28. According to the Telektonon prophecy, Maldek, besides being the second  Lost Planet, along with Mars, also represents the “lost chord, cosmic form 4 times mystic 7, redeemed by 28-day Thirteen Moon Calendar”.   With a Bode number of 16, Mars represents the “cube power redeemed by Warrior’s Journey”.  By picking up the shattered pieces of Maldek along the way, we continue on our Interplanetary Adventure by making clear our intention to sound the Lost Chord.

Maldek was discovered on September 11, 1801, 200 years to the day before September 11, 2001.  Was September 11 a reminder of what happened on Maldek, a reminder of our potential future if we are unable to consciously unify?  CHC Vol. 4 states that “all dissonance comes from Maldek”.  We can redeem Maldek by using the 13-Moon Calendar and the 13:20 Codes to Harmonize our minds, overcoming 12:60 dissonance.  This is especially apt since the Galactic Moon is, among many other things, the Moon of Harmonization.

Thank You,  Red Overtone Moon!    🙂


Playing Board Image “The 28-day cycle represents the circuit which connects Earth to Uranus.  Following the 28-day cycle is how our consciousness repairs the damaged flux tube system of our solar system (Velatropa 24), allowing our Sun, “Kinich Ahau” (Velatropa 24.3) to sound the Fifth Force Chord. This is the stellar purpose of the 13 Moon 28-day cycle.”  (From lawoftime.org)

This Galactic Telepathic Journey,  with your global participation and the co-creation of  GSC 154,  feels perfectly timed.  Note how each Kin on the vertical Solar-Prophetic Channel is aphasically linked to the  Seals of  Galactic Moon Days 13-through 20 (Cube 7- 14).   Kin 182 led on the day of his Antipode Kin,  Human, on Cube Day 7,  shown on Day 6 on the Teletonon Map.   Kin 123 led on the day of her Antipode,  Skywalker, and today, Kin 109 (Guardian of the Moon) led on the Wavespell and Cube day coded by  her Seal, Moon. 

When we add the Kin of GSC 154 (14.11) to today’s Kin (14.6) the result is 28.17.  1728 is a key number in the Telektonon Prophecy:   “25. Listen!  My knowledge is this: my count of days is perfect, my knowledge of the Cube of the Law is unsurpassed. Twelve is the number of the temple, but thirteen is the number of God.  Twelve times twelve, 144, is the number of the perfection of the temple as light. And twelve times 144,  1728, is the number of the Cube of the Law, Telektonon, the divine word unuttered until now.”

28.17, when reduced by 20 (seals) and 13 (tones) = 8.4, (Kin  164) Galactic Seed, which also happens to be the G-Force for Kin 154!   Yellow Galactic Seed also codes this Galactic Moon, and our Galactic Synchronization in 2013.   Kin 138 (18.8) plus the combined Kins (=2.5) of this Day (14.6) Moon (4.8) and Year (4.4) = 20.13.

Postulate 19.13:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”  🙂

N.  S.   1. 22. 8. 15.    Cube 9:  Purification


3 thoughts on “Overtone Moon guides us on Galactic 15: White Rhythmic Wizard

  1. on 48 this alternative way of contemplating this phenomenon

    3×16=48=4×12 (quadruple crystal tone 12)

    and 48+1 = 49 … (13=>4 aka mystery aka time-touched)

    see this together with this quote from Cosmic Wind:

    … 196, the Bode Number of Uranus.
    196 (Uranus) divided by 4 (Tower of Babel Planets) = 49

    how does 3×16 correlate with 4×16 (DNA) all together 7×16 (112) ?


    what is the interesting “out of the box” ion to 49?

    to me it is this box as a base: [ 04 13 22 31 40 ]

    what is the next (6th figur/sun) ?
    and is 4 the mystery spine here?

    Having the 5 as the box we lived … 49 is the next hub … (6th sun); agree?

    In English Language it also says “Four Nine” ~~~ Listen to that ?

    then compare it to the last era number : “Four Zero”

    What happens in the mindsphere?

    ThX for all Arousal in HarmoniQ Resonance!

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