Galactic Synchronization Crew 154 navigate on Galactic 16/Cube 10

Galactic Synchronization Crew 154 here, collectively navigating as the Polar Family.  In our first post as a GSC, we are keeping it simple, emphasizing the importance of our vision to telepathically connect Earth and Uranus.

The Code Spell for Kin 215: Blue Resonant Eagle is “I Channel in order to Create.  Inspiring Mind, I seal the output of Vision, with the Resonant Tone of Attunement.  I am guided by the power of Accomplishment.

Postulate 15.7 states:  “The collective radiosonic holon mass which is the fruit of the harmonic rearrangement of genetic order, operates through fifth force projective programs, displayed on the Dreamspell Oracle Board, which are genetically incorporated as central cortical program functions.”

Blue Eagle Seal 15, Eagle, also known as Seer, Visionary, Star Emissary, and “Sky Born”, “is the guardian of the fourth source of power – vision – in the Court of the Pathfinder.  The Eagle exemplifies vision as the source of intelligence – without vision there is no intelligence.”   Seal 14 correlates to S/P Jupiter, as well as Circuit 5, the Internalizing Intelligence Circuit.  Eagle belongs to the Polar family who guard the Earth’s North Pole and her Crown Chakra. 

Today’s G-Force is Kin 217, Solar Earth, the completion of our Earth-Uranus journey which occurs 2 days from now.  This is a perfect day to “visualize precisely what needs to be corrected, in order to repair the Earth-Uranus connection”, as TMQ wrote on Silio 14. 

 SELI correlates to S/P Mercury, and its action is Flow; Root Chakra.  “My Mother is the Ultimate Sphere.  I see the Light”.    Muhammad is the patron, and Crystal Earth is the location on the Interdimensional Star Map.  

SELI 16 also corresponds to the second year of the Mystery of the Stone, or the “Second Creation of Earth”, 2005-2006.  “Flow Pacifies – Second Creation of Earth Seals Bolontiku Stage 2.”  This Bolontiku is known as Red Lightning Child Great Emptiness.  Today is the second day of the third heptad of the Galactic Moon, “Patience Transforms Conduct”.  During this heptad, we “Proclaim the Victory of Prophecy”.

From Stephanie South’s ‘Star Traveler’s Almanac’:  “The eagle is considered a link between Heaven and Earth in Native American mythology”.   It is our vision of connecting Earth and Uranus that unites Heaven and Earth.

Telektonon Day 16:  Victory Pacifies; Cups of the Castigated, Third Lost Generation, Yellow Magnetic Warrior – 13 Moons of Peace fill the cups of the castigated with self-knowledge.

Cube Ten: Love – “By my unconscious Dog power of Love, may prophecy pacify the victory of the righteous!  May the return of the sacred Warrior bring peace, truth, and love to this afflicted earth!”

The Bode Number for Jupiter is 52, the “occulted solar-galactic ratio (13 x 4) basis of 52 weeks”   In the Dreamspell Cosmology, after the destruction of Maldek and Mars, their power was “absorbed and appropriated by Jupiter, the Sixth planet, and held in check by Saturn, the Seventh.  Jealous of their increased power, forces on Jupiter and Saturn conspired against the Planetary Kin receiving the gift of the 13:260 ratio.  This gift would have given Earth equal power and would have established a direct connection between Earth and Uranus, the Eighth Planet.”  It is this theft of power by Jupiter and Saturn that tipped the scales on Earth toward 12:60.  Now we are using the codes of the Synchronic Order to free our minds of that influence.  We combine the 52 (7-day weeks in a year) of Jupiter with the 28 (days in a 13-Moon month) of Maldek to restore the balance of power among the Tower of Babel planets.  12:60 civilization adheres to the 52 without the Harmony of the 28.  We reclaim Jupiter by reclaiming this Harmony, and in doing so, we literally take the power back, the power of our own minds to work toward a higher collective vision.

On this Resonant Eagle, in the Telektonon Plane of Will, let us resonate with our vision.  Let us visualize Uranus’ axial tilt correcting itself, imagining its magnetic center shifting towards its physical center, while simultaneously feeling the magnetic energy emanating from the Crystal Core of our own planet (Especially on this Seli day, whose location on the Interdimensional Star Map is Crystal Earth).  Any egoic dissonance that interferes with the purity of this vision we can understand as a reflection of the imbalance among the Tower of Babel planets.

Thank You   Galactic Synchronization Crew  154!  🙂

 You have skillfilly guided us through the first 4 days of the Cube.  Days 13 through 16 are also known as the Stairway to Heaven, linking the Field of Atomic Structure to the Field of Telepathy.  This sequence aphasically coincides with the Solar-Prophetic Flow of the Dreamspell Kin which are linked to the  4 Tower of Babel Planets that have been  disrupting Cicruit Three:  Telektonon Earth Spirit Speaking Tube.   By shining their L ight upon  victimized Mars and Maldek and abusive Jupiter and (tomorrow) Saturn, GCS 154  is focusing and strengthening our telepathic power to redeem these planets.  Kudos to Kin 123, 182 and 109!  Mars image Mars Maldek           Jupiter image Jupiter    Saturn image  Saturn

Kin 215:  Blue Resonant Eagle is the Galactic Signature of the man who soared the highest in the game of Chess:  Bobby Fischer.  Though the Russians were reknowned for their consistent Chess accomplishments, their Grandmasters studied even the ‘5-minute speed chess’  games of Fischer! Bobby Fischer 1960 in Leipzig.jpg         By “1971 Fischer had separated himself from the rest of the world by a larger margin of playing skill than any player since the 1870s.”

Mel Gibson is another Resonant Eagle who has soared high–on both sides of the movie camera. As a film director, he has tackled some controversial issues in his films, such as the final hours of Christ, Crop Circles and the Mayans.  Let’s hope this saying is true:  “Bad publicity is better than no publicity!”  🙂

N. S.   1. 22. 8. 16.    Cube Ten:  Love     Kin 215

12 thoughts on “Galactic Synchronization Crew 154 navigate on Galactic 16/Cube 10

  1. here in paha sapa.the Lakota Siouxs traditions r quite Sacred.Being white I have been blessed to take part in many ancient ceremonies.I was taken in by a very close person to me a medicine man who has shown me infinite possibilities..We do sweats on a regular basis…The Eagle is the animal closest to the sun..Often we call eagles in before ceremony.the beauty of the bald eagle is serene..The Golden Eagle is breathtaking..May i focus my presence on the wisdom of the eagle i fly with my eyes wide open. And spread my wings to absorb the sun..In La’kesh crew..

    • What lovely comments Skywalker, inspired by the sacred Eagle: ‘the animal closest to the Sun’ 🙂 Would love to see the breath-taking Golden Eagle sometime.

  2. feels so good , the 1320 exspanding above and below , 7 eagle ( kahu here nz ) has been a grand day for me , exlent exlent , loving the posts ,llllolll red cosmic dragon

    • Hi Vernon, Good to read that 7 Eagle was a great day for another South Island Kin 🙂 So glad you’re enjoying the posts and feeling the 13:20 expansion. In Lak’esh

    • well vernon , indeed it is good to focus on the timestamps that pop up …

      y’ur 111234 was even succeeded by 111456

      and does that spell?

      4 is the mystery number , aint it?

      04 13 22 31 40 … 49 … and so forth with a margin of 9 …
      what is 9 in de dreamspell?


      then mark my timestamp: 12.22.23 … what is y’ur spell on that, my fellow kinshipper?

      • 222 is the WINDwaveMARKER we are heading ::

        March 1 as a Popeular Reference is also the Marker for the NewYear while March is the Origin Month number 1 … as we Dreamspeller might know Februari with 28 days is the Measure for Time as People “Re~Member” when the 13Moon is the Base Again …

        ” I am in favor of a standardized calendar for the whole world, just as I am in favor of a universal coinage for all countries, and a supplementary artificial language (like Esperanto, for example) for all peoples
        … I am always ready to endorse any honest movement which will help unify the peoples of the world. ”

        – Mahatma Gandhi, Journal of Calendar Reform, 1931

  3. “Eagle belongs to the Polar family who guard the Earth’s North Pole and her Crown Chakra” quote reminds me to the 2 added chakras …

    crown of the crown and root of the root

    what exemplifies the coc and what exemplifies the ror?

    this relates – to me – to the added 21st seal and probably another one (22 or 0)

    contemplating CHC V/VII then Hunab’Ku must be one of them …
    but which one : coc or ror or both in a dance with “the other one” ?

    looking forward (to my timestamp)

  4. Wow! What precise timing, S’ace: 12:22:23 🙂

    My vote: Hunab Ku is both Crown of Crown and Root of Root, “both in a dance with “the other one”, as you so beautifully express it.

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