G.S.C. 154 guides on Kin 216: Galactic Warrior on Galactic Gamma 17

The Code Spell for Kin 216: Galactic Warrior is  “I Harmonize in order to Question.  Modeling Fearlessness, I seal the output of Intelligence, with the Galactic Tone of Integrity.  I am guided by the power of  Universal Fire”. 

Postulate 16.8 states:  “Evolution into atomic weightlessness is proportionate to the increase in self-generative power of radiant properties owing to radiosonic evolution and self-propagating architectonics.  Balance between radiance and dematerialization is determined by duration of excitation moment of peak super conscious hyperorganic evolution.”

Yellow Warrior Seal 16, Warrior, also known as Pathfinder, Intelligence Agent, the Cosmic Scientist, and “Code-breaker”, “holds the fourth seat of power in the fifth court, the Court of Hunab Ku.  Pathfinder exemplifies intelligence as the synchronization of fearlessness with the unknown.”   Seal 16 correlates to S/P Saturn, as well as Circuit 4, the Externalizing Intelligence Circuit.  Warrior belongs to the Cardinal family who guard the Earth’s Northern Regions and her Throat Chakra. 

From the  ‘Star Traveler’s Almanac’,  by Stephanie South:   “216 is 6 cubed.  This is the basic cube frequency.  A cube has 6 sides, 6 is the number of the cube.” 

 We must maintain this Master Cube frequency as we enter into the dimensional shift (2012-13).  The 2007-2008 White Lunar Wizard Year “defines the point at which the time space perception of the dominating mental field begins to implode in a series of successively diminishing cubes – all contained within the master 216 Cube.” Starting with White Lunar Wizard at 216, “each diminishing cube encompasses a single rotation of the Earth around the Sun, such that the second year cube diminishes to a proportion of five to the third power, or 5x5x5.” (Rinri III.4.1) This means that 2008-09 had a cube value of 125, and our current Dreamspell year has a value of 64, or 4x4x4.  In 2012-2013, the value will be 1, or 1x1x1, and on Galactic Synchronization 2013, the value is at 0 and the master cube of 216 resets itself; in other words, the dimensional shift occurs.  The 12:60 world (and mind) is imploding at this rate, and it is our job to maintain the Master Cube frequency of 216 within ourselves by purifying our bodies, hearts, and minds of 12:60 influence, no matter how difficult things become in the 12:60 world.  How appropriate that the corresponding Solar Seal is Warrior! 

Today is a Magic Turtle Day, a Galactic Warrior in a Galactic Moon.   8×8 is 64, cube value of this Yellow Self-Existing Seed Year!  What’s more, Kin 64 is Crystal Seed (12.4), the sum of the Tones of the Year (4.4) and Moon (8.4).  Uranus is also the eighth planet from the Sun!    

The Psi-Chrono unit for today is Electric Storm (19.3).  Tomorrow (our arrival on Uranus) begins the Fire Clan Chromatic of Self-Existing Sun – Galactic Seed, ending on the last day of the Warrior’s Cube Journey, also the last day of the Red Moon Wavespell.   This is the time to commit in our hearts to Galactic Synchronization.  Those of us who are waking up through the Synchronic Order are also waking up to our own memories of having done this before.  In fact, preparing for Galactic Synchronization during this Galactic Seed Moon is like responding to a message projected back to this particular moment in time from Galactic Seed 2013!  If our Mind, Will, and Spirit are purified of 12:60 influence – if we maintain our own “Master” cubes – we will make be able to make it through the dimensional shift.  

GAMMA correlates to S/P Venus.  It is associated with  the Third Eye Chakra, and its action is to Pacify. “My  Lineage is the Union of Intrinsic Awareness and the Ultimate Sphere.  I Attain the Power of Peace.”    The patron is Pacal Votan, and on the Interdimensional Star Map, the location is Hunab Ku.  

GAMMA 17 corresponds to the third year of the Mystery of the Stone, 2006-2007, guarded by the third Bolontiku, Renowned Conch Topknot.  “Pacifying Establishes – Second Creation of Earth Seals Bolontiku Stage 3.”  The year-bearer for  that year was Magnetic Moon,  which codes our current Wavespell.

Today’s guide is Galactic Sun, Kin 60, Galactic Signature of Pacal Votan’s incarnation and one of the Clear Signs on his Sarcophagus lid.   Through maintaining our warrior cube frequency of 216 against the current 12:60 imploding frequency value of 64, we are allowing the Mayan time science, perfected and exemplified by Pacal, to lead us to Galactic Synchronization.   64 is 100 away from 164, Galactic Seed.  100 is the Bode number of Saturn, today’s planet.  Saturn represents the “10 x 10 orbital ratio of Earth = 12:60 monetary system”.  In other words, the final level of “imbalance” between Earth and Uranus has to do with the purification of 12:60 influence (manifested physically as money).  This is the final stage in our telepathic redemption of the Tower of Babel planets.

Telektonon Day 17:  Victory Establishes;  Final condemnation of the whore of Babylon, 4th lost generation, Red Lunar Earth.  ’13 Moons peace restores sacred vision of heaven as new social form’.

Cube Eleven: Monkey – “By my conscious Monkey power of  Magic, may prophecy establish victory of the 13 Moons as the righteous way of Heaven on Earth!   May Peace Prevail!”

GSC 154 would like to thank both TMQ and her readership for allowing us to participate in this experiment.  The synchronicities between the co-creation of this page, Galactic Seed, and us as a GSC continue to reveal themselves.  We are continually led back to the feeling that everything is exactly as it should be, and that what should be happening is happening, and happening correctly.  Working with the codes of the Synchronic Order gives us great pleasure, and it has been a wonderful (and humbling) experience to be able to extend ourselves into the 13:20 community in this way!  We are excited to see what other Kin have to contribute as we continue on our journey to telepathically connect Earth and Uranus, and hopefully there will be more opportunities to participate in these kinds of things in the future.  The most important thing, however, is that we arrive at Galactic Synchronization 2013 all together, and it is our intention as a GSC to do everything in our power, within our sphere of influence, to help that happen.  We have done this before.  All we have to do is remember and unite!

Thank You to the Spectral Wizard Galactic Synchronization Crew!  🙂  The dedication of the crew composed of the Dream, the High Priestess and the Healer is truly inspiring.

Kin 216, Yellow Galactic Warrior is the Galactic Signature of  3 very different persons, who each, in their own way, were ‘Warriors’ on behalf of HumanityEleanor Roosevelt, who was the First Lady of America for 12 years,  used her considerable influence and talents to promote Civil Rights, the status of Women, and the United Nations.  These quotes  show her spirit:  “A woman is like a tea bag- you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water”.  “Freedom makes a huge requirement of every human being. With freedom comes responsibility.”  “Happiness is not a goal; it’s a by-product.” 

Another Galactic Warrior is the American Muslim and Civil Rights Activist, Malcolm X.  His commitment to a non-racist society made him the second-most sought after speaker in 1973, and his powerful influence led to his assassination 45 years ago today.  He once said:  ” I’m for truth, no matter who tells it. I’m for justice, no matter who it’s for or against. Malcolm X :: March 10, 1964

Our third Galactic Warrior is Sir Martin John Rees, a British Astronomer who wrote a controversial book in 2003 called  “Our Final Hour”.    In this volume, he helps Humanity by warning that the pace of technological change threatens to outstrip the ability of Humans to control it.Sir Martin Rees. Cassiopeia A His work, regarding  the effects of magnetism and plasmas upon  Supernovas (such as Cassieopia pictured here), is relevant to our preparations for our 2013  Galactic Synchronization on Galactic Seed.  🙂

N. S.    1. 22. 8. 17.   Cube Eleven:  Magic    Kin 216

4 thoughts on “G.S.C. 154 guides on Kin 216: Galactic Warrior on Galactic Gamma 17

  1. this helps me connect a wee bit better each day , thankyou .2012forum.com …very little about 1320 on it so about to talk on it,,lol

  2. in the 9 year cycling “kweakspell” … this day is a BIRDdaya.

    this means the day has 2 wings of 4 kin that facilitate its focussed power.
    the first and last kin of the serial of 9 are tipping points:

    always same color as the bird: 212 and 220
    those 3 kin are “the current trinity” in the turbotimer~spin that provides ultimate integrity iito the noosphere and back onto the telepath field.

    make that a tealepath and most people drink the fuse …


  3. next to the 6 cube : 6x6x6

    the 9 fractal 24 is interesting …
    24 as the numerical “6” for the day measure on many clocks ticking

    9 as the span of a daybird as onedayfly ~ as a free perception

    then 24 is not only 4×6 but also 3×8 as an alternative way to see a clock wind

    thX GSC :: the articles inspiration

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