Moon 8; Day 18: Red Solar Earth; Kin 217, Led by Galactic Synchronization Crew 154

Hello All!  This is GSC 154 again. TMQ asked us to go ahead and write the last post completing the Earth-Uranus Telepathic Journey and we were delighted to oblige. This has been a very Enlightening Experience for us as a GSC, but also as a Family. We want to extend our Thanks and Love to All that let us be a part of this Revolutionary Telepathic Experiment, including not only TMQ  :), but also all of the readers of this site. We All moved one step closer to Galactic Synchronization!  🙂

The Code Spell for Kin 217: Solar Earth is “I Pulse in order to EvolveRealizing  Synchronicity, I seal the matrix of Navigation, with the Solar Tone of Intention.  I am guided by the power of Space.”

Interesting to note, that the Analog for today is Kin 22, Solar Wind, who will be guiding Us on Galactic 21 and 22! Also the Occult for today is Kin 44 reflective of this year, 4.4!

Postulate 17.9 states:  “As guides, angels usher the return of all radiosonic “soul” material to its source, God.”

Red Earth Seal 17, Earth, also known as Galactic Navigator, Keeper of the Synchronic Codes, and “Synchrotron”opens the first matrix portal in the fifth court, the Court of Hunab Ku.  Navigator exemplifies synchronicity as the intelligence of the Hunab Ku”.   Seal 17 correlates to S/P Earth, as well as Circuit 3, the Telektonon Earth Spirit Speaking Tube Circuit.  Earth belongs to the Core family who guard the Earth’s Equatorial Tropics and her Heart Chakra. 

The Guide for today is Kin 113, Solar Skywalker, 9.13.  The Telektonon Prophecy tells us more about these numbers:  “71. Thirteen Years after this tenth Baktun shall come the last prophetic round.   Thirteen cycles of Heaven, each 52 years, followed by 9 cycles of Hell, each also 52 years.”  These cycles began in 843 AD and ended on August 16, 1987, kicking off the Time of Prophecy:  The 26 Years of Harmonic Convergence 1987-2013.  This was the period of the “dispensation of the Law of Time”, and it is through that dispensation that we are able to conceive of and prepare for Galactic Synchronization.    

From Stephanie South’s  ‘Star Traveler’s Almanac’:  “Galactic Signature of New Year’s Eve 2012 – entry into 2013.  Red Solar Earth represents S/P Uranus, the planet governing revolution.  This is the day to pulse the new solar revolution of time.  Consider this:  Timeship Earth 2013 is the coherent aggregate of the intelligence of the people of the Earth synchronized by the common codes of universal life and fourth-dimensional time.”

KALI correlates to S/P Earth, and its action is to Establish; Secret Center (Svadhistana) Chakra. “My  Name is the Glorious Lotus Born.  I Catalyze the Light-Heat Within.”    The Patron is Quetzlcoatl, and the Interdimensional Star Map location is Ahau Kin (Sun).  

KALI 18 corresponds to the fourth year of the Mystery of the Stone, 2007-2008, and its Bolontiku, Black Iron Garuda Crest, whose Heart Oracle is coded by the Red Lunar Earth (a 2.17 on Kin 217!).   Kali 18 also correlates to UR Earth 5 – Day Earth.       

Telektonon Day 18:  Victory Releases; The fall of Babylon.  5th lost generation, White Electric Mirror“Universal telepathy of 13 Moons Peace releases earth from illusion of money, Humanity a Cosmic race once again!”

Cube Twelve – Human – “By my continuing conscious human power of free will, may prophecy release victory of the 13 moons as the power of humanity to regenerate the biosphere! May peace prevail!”

Today we arrive at our Destination, Uranus, while on the Cube Journey, we find ourselves back on Earth.  Today is the Day to Consciously choose Our Destiny as 13:20 Warriors and commit to bringing Heaven to Earth.  We have Telepathically connected Earth and Uranus, and can continue to do so every Harmonic Run, allowing the Strength of this Vision to dissipate all interference (Ego) remaining from the Tower of Babel Planets!   This will help prepare Us for Galactic Synchronization.  

Today’s Psi-Chrono Kin is Self-Existing Sun (Kin 160) (Sun also being Kali’s location on the Interdimensional Star Map), which codes December 21, 2012 (on the Long Count), reminding us that we are truly living through the “Splitting of the Worlds”.  Right now, the 12:60 and 13:20 worlds are separating from each other.  To Consciously assist in the Telepathic Healing of the Earth/Uranus connection is to Choose the 13:20 World. 🙂   We have already made Our Choice. Have Faith, Friends!! 🙂

We, GSC 154, wrote these posts together and tried to maintain the format of TMQ, while adding our own spices here and there and had a Wonderful Time doing so :).  I, Kin 123 Blue Rhythmic Night, would like to say a few ending words.

Revelations 2:17 states: “He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it.”

In the Telektonon Prophecy, Revelations 2:17 is quoted in Chapter 5: My Count of Days is Perfect, verse 26. It goes on to say, “And that name is Telektonon, and that stone is crystal, and that hidden manna is knowledge of the revelation of time.”

So for a few personal synchronicities: My G-force (Kin 253) added with the G-Force of TMQ (Kin 12) and of V.V.(Kin 21) equals Kin 26, a Clear Sign of Pacal Votan.   Kin 26, Cosmic World-Bridger, to me, represents a Cosmic Death, a Complete Death of 12:60 to fully become a 13:20 Being. Through my Own Individual Cosmic Death (facilitated by the Law of Time and participation in this Telepathic Experiment, initiated by TMQ), I am able to receive what Revelations 2:17 states, and embody the Code Spell for Kin 217.

Revelations 2:17 is the only Biblical verse referenced by name in the Telektonon Prophecy, in Chapter 5, coded by the Serpent.  “The Serpent Initiates are the ones who remember the previous world systems and explosions of reality.  They incarnate or emanate at different times in specific places to lift the human species into higher realms.  Their appearance and diverse manifestations are all part of a unified “salvation plan” that spans the cycles of history.”  This quote is on page 179 (today is 17.9!) of CHC Vol. 4:  Book of the Initiation, the first page of Gate 10, 10 being the Bode Number of Earth, Earth being our location on the Galactic Moon Cube Journey!  Oh the Synchronicities!!

I Personally feel that I am becoming a Serpent Initiate, and that We all have the Ability to do so.  Today is Kali, Initiation.  Let Us all take it upon Ourselves to undergo our Individual Cosmic Deaths to each become Serpent Initiates, so that when the World needs Us, We are ready to Be of Service.

Rock and Roll, my People. Trust Now, for the Dream has already been Dreamed.

I want to leave you with this Postulate for Kin 26, Postulate 6.13, which I think Perfectly exemplifies the Nature of this Experiment:  “PAN is the advent of the planetary art spore and the hyperorganic evolution into the Psychozoic era.  In the PAN-induced Psychozoic era, the evolutionary synthesis of crystal (32) and DNA (64), consciously regulated by the Law of Time (13:20), creates a noospherically unified field of planetary life, the sum of whose living interactions constitutes a planetary art spore:  Timeship Earth 2013 transmuted into a stellar-galactic unit for the exchange, transformation, and communication of universal energy impulses.”

In Lak’ech

🙂  🙂  🙂  We give our whole-Hearted Gratitude to the Galactic Synchronization Crew who answered the call so spectacularly, to serve as our Guides  “Angels ushering the Return“,  during Galactic 13 through 18.  Thanks to GCS 154, we  have telepathically strengthened the Telektonon Circuit Three of Earth and Uranus, and  We All moved one step closer to Galactic Synchronization!”  🙂

On the day coded by the “Synchrotron“, we’ll indulge in a few more Synchronicities (“the Intelligence of Hunab Ku) on this 18th day of Moon 8, when Pacal Votan is invoked in each of his incarnations.  First, we invoked him as the author of the sacred “Telektonon Prophecy” referred to in Revelations 2:17.  He appears again as Quetzalcoatl,  our Patron on this Catalytic Blue Kali 18, and as  today’s Guide 13.9, representing his 13 Heavens and 9 Hells which ended in the year of the 1987 Harmonic Convergence and appearance of the Quetzalcoatl Supernova. Go to fullsize image Go to fullsize image  Image Preview Image Preview

Today we also invoked Pacal Votan in his third and final incarnation:  Valum Votan,  the Decoder of the “Telektonon Prophecy” and initiator of the 1987 Harmonic Convergence.   Valum Votan has spent this life revealing the Sacred Knowledge that enables us to “Navigate”  these final 26 years to Galactic Synchronization 2013

Today’s 13 Moon date comprised of 18 and 8 equals 26 (Cosmic World-Bridger, as described by Kin 123, as the sum of the 3 G-Forces)  Kin 123 is the Occult of 18.8.  That Occult pair and Kin 11 (Valum Votan) equals 12.12, representing this Cube Day  12:  Free Will, and the Crystal mentioned in today’s Postulate, and (as the ‘White Stone’) in Revelations 2.17, and the Telektonon Prophecy.

The Mirror of 12  is 21  representing the One Giver of Moment and Measure:  Hunab Ku 21.  The first time TMQ looked at the clock this morning, it displayed 4:41, for 21 squared, or the 441 Cube Matrix.

The total Kins of GSC 154, TMQ and Valum Votan equal 303, which when subtracted from 441 = 138 (18.8), representing this 18th day of Moon 8.  When we subtract today’s PSI, Kin 160, from 441, the result is 281, minus 260 = Hunab Ku 21. (and Valum Votan’s G-Force)  

Pacal Votan appears again in the final Kin of today’s 17.9 Oracle:  The Antipode 7.9 (Blue Solar Hand)  is a Pacal Votan ‘Clear Sign’ that our Telepathic Journey, guided by GSC 154, has succeeded in facilitating the purpose of the Telektonon Revelation:  “Telepathically dissolving the Tower of Babel”,  in order to “create the …tunnel of time and love that connects planet Earth with Uranus.”  🙂

N.  S.   1. 22. 18.     Cube Twelve:  Free Will        Kin 217


2 thoughts on “Moon 8; Day 18: Red Solar Earth; Kin 217, Led by Galactic Synchronization Crew 154

  1. This 6th contribution by GSC154 put me back to my initiation in the Tzolkin in 2003. This because i entered a DooT Spectral Wizard celebration on Planetary Skywalker.

    Somehow it sense me great to experience this wonderful cooperation where the Eagle FLies High to meet the Condor ‘) …

    ‘) Condor was an information project i worked in at KLM Airlines in 1985; its full name was “CONtrol of Daily Operations & Reporting”. Somehow that reflects what i happen to experience here – on a planetary level with fellow human kin. (many bows)

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