Galactic 19/Cube 13: Prophecy; coded by G.A.P. White Planetary Mirror

Exactly 80 Galactic Spins ago today, the Tomb of Pacal Votan was discovered on June 15, 1952.   The Tomb was dedicated in 692, 1260 years before it’s discovery on Planetary Mirror, and 1320 years before the end of the Cycle in 2012.  The precise timing of Pacal’s elaborately inscribed tomb held the clue to the artificial 12:60 timing frequency and the 13:20 Cosmic Frequency to which we must return,  prior to  the Solstice of 2012.  A further reminder clue:  Planetary Mirror codes the first day of 2013, which is, as Stephanie South writes:  “indicating that 2013 will be the Year of the Resurrection!”

The Code Spell for Kin 218:  White Planetary Mirror is:  “I Perfect in order to Reflect.  Producing Order, I seal the matrix of Endlessness wth the Planetary tone of Manifestation.  I am guided by the power of Death.  I am a Galactic Activation Portal.  Enter me.”

The Postulate for 18.10 states:  “Buddha or Mahabodhisattvas are pilot angelic soul boat projections of Pure Mind, ejected at peak moment of excitation of Supernova, into previously targeted parallel world systems.  By power over time, inherent in subliminal consciousness, the pilot angel Mahabodhisattvic projections select pre-organic early time phases of the growth and expansion of parallel stellar mass with the potential for planets with life, over which to remain telepathically watchful.”

White Mirror Seal 18, Mirror, also known as Meditation Master, Holder of the Transcendental Wisdom, Yogi/Yogini and “Mind-Born“,  opens the second matrix portal in the Court of Hunab Ku.  Yogi/Yogini exemplifies Meditation as the knowledge of Hunab Ku.”  Seal 18 corresponds to Solar-Prophetic Neptune and Circuit Two (Allied Memory Instinct) which includes Venus.  Mirror belongs to the Signal Family who code the Day-out-of-Time, and who guard Earth’s Southern Regions and her Solar Plexus Chakra. 

This is day 5 of the “31st Heptad Path:  Hunab Ku Transmits Unity of Totality as Self-Generation“.  This Heptad corresponds to the Galactic Core and Pluto.  Self-Generation and Pluto link to Seal 19, Storm or “World-Changer.  The PSI Chrono Kin (1.5:  Overtone Dragon) and the Kin (18.10) coding the 19th day of the 8th Moon (which corresponds to the ‘Core Matrix-Hunab Ku’ containing the ‘Power of Hunab Ku“)  add up to 19.2 (Lunar Storm).

ALPHA corresponds to S-P Mars and it gathers in our Throat (Visuddha) Chakra.  It’s action is to Release.  “My Country is the Unborn Ultimate Sphere.  I Release the Double-Extended Electron at the South Pole.”   Today we build the first part of the Blue Telepathic Quantum, and the Right Side of the Radion Cube.  The Patron for Alpha is St. John of Patmos and Alpha corresponds to Sirius on the Interdimensional Star Map.

ALPHA 19: Corresponds to the 5th year of the Mystery of the Stone, coded by 19.3, Blue Electric Storm, when we awakened the 5th Bolontiku:  Supreme Golden Today is aphasically linked to LIMI, represented by Kin 149:  Red Rhythmic Moon (6.9, also the numbers that code the 13 Moon date of the 2012 Solstice).  In the Telektonon Prophecy, under Section 19, named Seven Perfect Oracles, we find the 7 Kin that code the aphasic linking on Days 14 through 20, and which also appear on those Telektonon days.  It says this about the Seal for today, Day 19:   “Limi SealLimi Seal 124. In the sign of the Rhythmic Moon, senses will open to the manna of Heaven; no where will you find any longer signs of the evil one, a cosmic race will you be once again”.

Telektonon Day 19:   Revelation 19,  by today’s Patron,   St. John of Patmos. Revelation 19.8, on Day 19 of Moon 8 8) could refer to Kin 198, coding Supreme Golden Maiden:  “It was given to her to clothe herself in fine linen, bright and clean; for the fine linen is the righteous acts of the saints”    Revelation 19.14: “And the armies which were in heaven followed him (her?) upon white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and clean” is referred to on today’s Telektonon card:  “Victory of the White Horse

;  Cube Thirteen:  Prophecy   “Bolon Ik’s 6th Weaving, victory of the White Horse purifies the Biosphere’.  “By my continuing conscious Skywalker Prophecy, may Prophecy purify Victory of the 13 Moons Way as the Triumph of the Religion of Truth.”  “May Peace regenerate the Biosphere!”.

Another Signal Kin, Red Electric Skywalker, who answered the call to co-create this blog volunteered to help on Planetary Mirror.   She chose the perfect day, with the Cube coded by her Seal 13, and I suspect she could enlighten us about the Revelations.  There isn’t space here for her  long, intriguing, amusing, insightful and sincere offering, but you will  enjoy reading it in the Comments section.  Until that is arranged,  here are some excerpts from:  “Christine Noel …….., and if you want someone to have a messianic complex, just add water”.  “My oldest current friend and soul sister is also your Kin (138), and I would hazard to guess the parallels do not end there.”   (Together their Kins equal 11.11, Valum Votan’s) “my husband is a 132, and as this whole countdown is about the 12 to 13 perceptual shift, I’m sure you can imagine how ……. a Lunar Human could be to an Electric Skywalker.)   Kin 133 describes her ‘White Light’ experience on the June 2008 Solstice (Crystal 23:  Kin 124, which also is the number for the Telektonon verse quoted above) when  “The flash of white light entered my crown chakra and forced me to ground my root chakra by collapsing me to the floor cross-legged…”  You’ll  be informed when her full post is available to read.   Blessings and Gratitude  to Kin 133 for sharing so much  🙂   Kin 22, Solar Wind, has arranged for several Kin to be co-creating for the final 2 days of the Galactic Telepathic Cube Journey.  🙂

Kin 218, White Planetary Mirror is the Galactic Signature of Placido Domingo, who hails from the  land of  Pacal Votan and of Alberto Ruiz, the Archaeologist who discovered his tomb 58 Solar Spins and 80 Galactic Spins ago. (Kin 58 codes the day of Pacal’s disincarnation in 983, and 80 is the number of Solar years he lived)   Placido Domingo is a world famousSearch for placido domingo biography Tenor and conductor.  Here is a video of him singing  ‘Ave Maria’ with  Michael Bolton,  in a tribute to Princess Diana.

Treasure this Galactic Activation Portal:  White Planetary Mirror,   which commemorates a special anniversary on a special date:    Galactic 19, Cube 13.         

19.13:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”  🙂

N. S.   1. 22. 8. 19.    Cube Thirteen:  Prophecy          Kin 218 

4 thoughts on “Galactic 19/Cube 13: Prophecy; coded by G.A.P. White Planetary Mirror

  1. kin 198.white electric mirror*2.5* …. i surrendered to the power of spirit , i collapsed to the floor (pulmonary embolia) due to a micro blood clot ( circulation. there was a dream activation at that stage , and the vision was that of beings merging grids , physical presence on the skies , then anchoring multi-dimencional arquetipes… then this day ,marks a period …TODAY I felt emerging victory out of being locked in time (12.60)… as my vibrational signature *white magnetic wizard* emanating timelesness(13.20) , was encapsulated OR LOCKED ,during this review period……..until todays RESURRECTION. Living in Dubai geographic point , conected to mexico city , my city of origin .. simultaneosuly shifting from a 10 hour ripple displacement (time difference) red solar day -comes together with white planetary mirror and I reflect synchronicity.. I AM the time-ship pulsing teleportation… white horse photograph hanging on a wall, manifested in a waiting room at a clinic …while remebering this image today i am listening and speaking about placido domingo while gravitating towards this blogg..

    Waves of LOVE and Timelesness …. White Magnetic Wizard

  2. I Truly feel and can relate to White Magnetic Wizard..Just different circumstances..Im so thankful to have been stripped down of materialism.Truly Humbled,Grateful!!Many of these items were setbacks..I Choose to be a transmission of the Galactic Confederation.With Pacal Votan as my witness,and my guide,may I relay TRUTH..With each Breath…Thanks..Im Reading Valum Votan n Red Queens Cosmic History Chronicles..Volume 2.Book of the Avatar.!!.well more so studying it.In n Out..Thanks TMQ..I love yall…In La’kesh

  3. Do you have a couple of millennia to discuss? Haha, the cosmic joke figures quite highly, (every single pun emphatically intended.) First and foremost, my oldest current friend and soul sister is also your Kin, and I would hazard to guess the parallels do not end there. We have had an ongoing Scrabble battle since 1992, keeping our minds flexible and poised for what you yourself acknowledge is “the real game.” In the words of Carolyn Myss, “our biography becomes our biology,” and oh boy, the story is a few parts Bible, Monty Python, Carroll, Asimov, Baum, Douglas Adams, Dahl, Orwell, Bill Cosby, Huxley, Anne Rice, Mel Brooks, Wilbur Smith, Neal Stephenson, Chris Rock, Disney, Steinbeck, Eco, David Cross and Bob Odenkirk (ha to the HA) Barker, James Morrow, Vonnegut, Tad Williams, Michael Newton, Caroline Myss, Carl Jung, Ram Dass, and Penney Pierce; shaken and stirred.

    My birth name is Christine Noel X, and if you want someone to have a messianic complex, just add water. Ba dum bum. I was raised “Four Square Baptist,” and from my earliest memories, I was singing and dancing for the Little Lord Jesus. My great grandfather on my father’s side was a Baptist minister in Tennessee; my uncle by marriage on my mother’s side is a Baptist minister, replete with my cousins who have all filled in every role you can imagine in the small but vibrant churches they’ve run. I always took my testimony very seriously, and, coming from a very musical family, my performance chops were being tested from day one. I was reading at the 12th grade (haha) level by 2nd grade, and I was tapped as a particularly effective little cheerleader in musical after musical. I remember distinctly the performance (I was dressed as a pink daisy in third grade,) that began my path to self-awareness. There was always a “call” at the end of every service during the prayer prior to the benediction, inviting anyone who had been drawn “to speak to a counselor about letting the Lord into your heart, after the service, just raise your hand; we’ll not embarrass you,” and I saw a grown man who had seemed particularly moved by my solo, raise his hand. I immediately thought on the stage, “Really? Is that all it takes? Is your faith so emotional and flimsy an 8 year old decides your eternal fate?” Because at the time, I still bought the whole, “we’re saving people from HELL” bit, at least on the surface. Internally, I really never felt any kind of menace from the God I loved; and being raised during the height of the Cold War, didn’t understand how my God didn’t love all those little Russian children as much as me. Because I had a real connection to this idea of the eternality of the spirit, my God loved and cared for me, personally. I FELT IT. There was a disconnect that only needed time and comedy to resolve.

    I was pretty much an outcast at school until we moved when I was 15 to Modesto, CA (Monsters Vs. Aliens: and there are MORE than a few parallels to be drawn off that little nugget;) and quite sickly, which facilitated my immersion in the written word and television. I watched in excess of 3-4 hours a day, but always with a discerning eye and ear; I was very vigilant in everything I allowed my eyes to see and my head to absorb – just who is selling this crap, anyway? What are they trying to make me believe? Who gains from garnering my attention? As I grew older those questions permeated into – What conglomerate does this serve? Who owns who? Why do they ALWAYS want us afraid?
    My parents showed me the best of every genre of film and TV, especially the classic musicals and comedies: I remember being about five watching Monty Python on PBS with my father and learning how to laugh along to the timing, even though I understood very little that was going on. They were pretty vigilant about what my sister and I saw; but in the days before cable, there really wasn’t that much to monitor, and they let me read anything the library would lend me. I delved into science fiction and fantasy literature, because who wants to read about this crappy reality? I read 1984 in 1984 at the age of 12 and it did two things – first it really resonated in my head as being exactly what the U.S. Government did in the most passive aggressive way possible to the world, and second, it fell straight out of my head. I didn’t really remember the plot; probably as a result of my innocence – I reread it in 2004, and the same chord was struck; with an adult’s perspective attached. But the other stories – the Wonderlands and Otherlands and distant galaxies (DON’T PANIC) I were sure existed; these became my true salvation.

    According to my calculations I am now in my 7th incarnation in this life – early childhood, late childhood, high school, first marriage, 2 years of autonomy, second marriage (current, and it hasn’t all been pretty – my husband is a 132, and as this whole countdown is about the 12 to 13 perceptual shift, I’m sure you can imagine how potentially annoying a Lunar Human could be to an Electric Skywalker.) and my self-nominated title of Barssiah – both a pun and a lifestyle. At each phase of growth and/or experience, my Shape-shifter has quite easily shed its skin to accommodate the life lesson, and while I have had some pain in my life, I harbor no enmity toward myself or those that I am no longer in Frequency with – I have always intrinsically understood that holding hatred or bitterness inside makes no sense. I also seem to have really good genes, aside from the allergies and rheumatoid arthritis, I look about 10 years younger than I am. This is not a boast – it just figures into the drama.

    I have had 20 jobs in 20 years – up and down the socio-economic mallscape – entirely to do with the multiple gypsy past lives reading I received this last Day Out of Time – another funny – and the longest I’ve ever been able to stay in one place is three years, when the proverbial shit hits the fan. And believe me, that’s literal. If it exists, I’ve sold it. In the lead up to my “freakout,” or psychogenic fugue, as I’ve heard it described, after a BAD run as the store manager at the Modesto Hot Topic, I finally got a job with an excellent recycled clothing business based out of Berkeley. The name? Crossroads Trading Company – and the archetypal puns do not stop there. They treated me like an adult, which is sorely lacking in most conventional retail, and I really started feeling empowered for the first time in a long time. It was then that my Galactic Mirror gave me the catalyst for the lightening bolt, an amazingly loving and illuminating book called Journey of Souls, by Michael Newton. And it to me it is as perception shattering as Isaac Newton’s treatises on the physical construct. The truth of our eternal energy, the paths we CHOOSE before we incarnate on our own individual spiritual quests, the rising tide of awareness and empathy globally – I felt again such resonance from the ideas.

    That June solstice was to be the equation of this function of empowerment coupled with emotional perspective. It was about midnight, and I had just watched the final episode of Death Note, (Title – “New World; Japanese anime dealing with the whole “is murder justifiable for the greater good” conundrum,) where the main character, Light Yagami, the greatest mass murderer of all time, after a fit of maniacal laughter, shouts to his captors, “I am Kira (alter ego.) And what can you do? Kill me right here? Hear this, I’m not only Kira, but I am also God of the New World. Kira has become Law in the World we now live; He’s the One who’s maintaining Order. I have become Justice. The Only Hope for Mankind. Kill me? Is that really the Right thing to Do? Since Kira’s appearance 6 years ago, Wars have stopped – Global Crime rates have been Reduced by over 70%. But! It’s not Enough! This World is still Rotten! With too many Rotten People! Somebody has to Do this! When I first got the Notebook, all those Years ago, I Knew I Had to Do it. No! I was the Only One who Could. I Understood that Killing People was a Crime: there was No Other Way! The World had to be Fixed! A Purpose Given to Me. Only I Could Do it. WHO ELSE COULD HAVE DONE IT? AND COME THIS FAR? WOULD THEY HAVE KEPT GOING? The Only One…who can Create a New World…is Me.” I was watching this with my spiritual brothers, and was a little buzzed (the mild cocktail of weed and Miller Lite, ) and as the program climaxed and the anti-hero Light is subsequently slain for his sin of false perception. The credits were rolling – I got up to grab another beer – and was facing my roommate and only witness, Corey, Cosmic Serpent, when I took the Red Pill.

    The flash of white light entered my crown chakra and forced me to ground my root chakra by collapsing me to the floor cross-legged. My body was ringing like a gong, and Light’s railing dialogue was reverberating through my skull – I looked down at my 36 year old hands, and felt as though I had been dropped into my body. (Queerly enough, I had always been a bit paranoid of living past 33 precisely because of that whole “cruc-i-fiction,” haha, thing, and I was relieved when I turned 34.) Then the dialogue began, “No. NO. NO!!! Not again! I don’t want the responsibility! They won’t love each other! They refuse to learn and I’m not going through it again!” I stared out from behind my eyes at my friend in horror who met my gaze with confusion and concern, got up and frantically started searching for my phone. The implications of what I was daring to think were sinking in and a montage of every idea of the Passion Play was flickering through my head – the beatings, the dragging of the cross through the dust filled street and the cacophony of the crowds – and at each image I internally screamed, “NO!! NO!! Not again! Not EVER!!” In the balmy summer night I ran out to my intersection, (I really need footnotes, but I’m over it. I live on a corner of a large intersection near the JC, and only have one neighbor – the house backs up to a canal, making it very convenient for parties or cosmic ejaculations. The phone lines and power lines cross connect four ways and there is a substation one house down on the other side of the canal. I fully expect Godzilla to show up one day. Clive Barker’s books The Great and Secret Show and Everville describe a crossroads very similar to it, and I often do an imagination exercise where I sit on my roof and try to see the world like Neo – just the flow of the energy in the wires, the water, the trees expressed as light.) and stared up at the stars crying and yelling, “REALLY!? Really? This is what you want of me? I tried and tried last time and they threw me away! They won’t LOVE!! WHAT DO YOU WANT!!!?” I tried calling girlfriend one, two, three – (Resonant Mirror, Magnetic Skywalker, Cosmic Dog, respectively,) will no one hear me? Paranoid Garden of Gethsemane abandonment vibrations rush shadowed colors and pain through my heart – finally I call my Galactic Mirror, Kelly, who has a small child and has no business being awake – and she answers. I immediately begin blathering about the fact that I think I was Jesus. She tries to calm me down and wisely asks me why I think this, and I will try to reconstruct this as accurately as possible.

    “Why do you think I have this name? (Crying) They won’t love! It’s so simple and we have all the tools and they’ll just keep killing each other in MY NAME! AND I HATE IT!! And I won’t go through it again – they won’t murder me again! I will not…..” and then in mid-wail I hear one of my mentors – Dame Anita Roddick, founder of the Body Shop, whom I had the good fortune to meet twice; I hear her chocolately, good-natured chide, “Humour!” And the entire polarity of the dialogue flipped and I let out the most spontaneous peal of laughter – “I mean the technology had to catch up with the ideology – those people didn’t understand the quantum level of the world – but I don’t think they can understand now! It’s all the cosmic joke, man! Oh the hubris, no wonder I failed last time – the timing wasn’t right and the sheer bloody mindedness of ‘No one comes to the Father except through Me.’ Puh-leeze! The failure of Jesus as Savior is that we all have to save ourselves! I won’t be made sacrifice because there’s none to be made – there’s no Centurions, no Pilate! That’s it! We kill them with the funny!”

    We talked for the next hour while I ran through the laundry list of my argument as to why I would have this delusion. The next day (and I want you to understand the dynamic – although I am biologically older than this pair – I consider my Mirror and her husband, Resonant Skywalker, my parents – they showed me what an evolved, balanced relationship can look like, ) I went to have dinner at “Home,” and my “Mother” pulls out a tiny red leather book, (she spent over $100 for it) that is a biographical account of her 9th generation ancestor that “left Scotland, a wealthy businessman, because a man claiming to be Jesus told him to ‘go to California.'” I have been poring over this missive for the past few days because I know your time is valuable and I wanted to ensure the adequate amount of time, care and precision of detail makes it into the story. Most of it has been composed for a couple of days now, but I realize it was waiting for today, Electric Monkey, to share itself! The day I was telling my newest comrade (Spectral Skywalker) about your site – I went into the back room at my store (wait for it;) it was Kin 199 (yet again) Blue Spectral Storm – AND UP POPS THE MOST UNLIKELY COMPANY ICON EVER!! I WORK AT RASPUTIN RECORDS. I have much else to tell you of the compounding joke (much like interest,) if you’re interested, but just so the synthesis can begin, I will end with my FBI file of hilarity. In my subsequent journey, I have learned how to find jokes EVERYWHERE phonetically and etymologically, extrapolate meaning from the numbers that show themselves to me, and in the words of another of my favorite bloggers, Neil Kramer, “surf the eschaton.” I have to give a spoiler from the get so you can begin if not continue your own awareness of a hilarious tool. Within the American English predictive text of your average midline cell phone, there are jokes GALORE. Most notably, The Hitchhiker’s Guide answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything. When expressing laughter, the most simple phonetic is HA. Which is 42. The code was set over a century ago – only to have fruition comedically now. The other major joke for myself, is the fact that Anti = Both, which is a fitting contradiction in a Christ that expects everyone to save themselves. I have seen 56 license plates in the last eight or so months with a 666 on them, and at least twice as many that have 999’s on them (end of cycle) which to me speaks to the fact that the paranoid Bible-thumping mentality is finally starting to lose its hold on the oppressively conservative Northern California Central Valley. I have such joy that you are doing what you’re doing! You are the Work of my Faith.

    * Born: Christine Noel X, March 2, 1972 (Pretty Christian Christmas Christ, Oy vey.)
    * Mother: Linda Esther X, Electric Mirror
    * Father: Allen Victor X, Solar Dragon
    * Sister: Laura Dee Ann X, Solar Dragon
    * I have an older sister, Susan Dee Ann, that lived for two days and was two years older than me. I honestly do not know her birthdate because while I live less than three miles from my parents, I am galaxies away perceptually. According to the Journey of Souls, he writes that in his researches pertaining to the soul incarnations of miscarriages, abortions, and infant deaths, more often than not the soul never took residency in the body; and that often the next child born is the “chicken” soul (HA TO THE HA) of the previous child that wasn’t ready to be born. (Susan is the name of the main character in Monsters Vs. Aliens. I digress.

    * Location: St. Rose Hospital, Hayward, CA (Rosenkreutz, Knights Templar, Manger jokes)

    * Astrology: Pisces (Symbol – two sixes, parallel to Yin/Yang, fishy-ass Jesus on the back of every minivan in a 30 mile radius. You would not believe the propaganda that permeates the valley. I twice daily have to drive past multiple billboards that have a background of the Three Crosses that say “I Died For You.”)
    * Numerology: 6, of course, born on a two day, makes people love me
    * Chinese: Water Rat – Duh. Always ready to jump ship or skip ahead. My noospheric physical area TOTALLY dominated by water – Ai yi yi.
    * Raised for 8 years at 38000 Camden St. #13 (1979-1987) Speaking of 1987 – I SPECIFICALLY remember David Letterman making a joke about it the night the Harmonic Convergence occurred –
    * Live off the Carpenter/Briggsmore Hwy 99 (again) exit – phonetically and directionally funny. When I lived with my parents, I went left onto Briggsmore (more ship jail?) and after I left their home – I now turn right on Carpenter – toward my archetypal path – my first husband came from a multi-generational contracting family – (I know you know you take Hwy 17 to get there, Navigator – and my father was a nuclear tech on the Enterprise – let’s go Star Trek!)
    * I now take the Kansas exit – (Seriously! I have red slippers like you wouldn’t believe,) off which I turn left onto Needham (my former moniker was “Baconslave” because of my maniacal love for Pork, screw Kosher) and a left on Virginia (Mother {both religiously and biologically} joke, Ham joke, Santa joke) and then a right on Morris (Which in my ad saturated consciousness means the Cat, of 9 Lives cat food fame – in addition that I am severely allergic to cats, and in the Chinese myth, The Cat is my sworn eternal enemy because I tricked him out of even being in the calendar)

    It just goes and goes and goes – much like the Energizer Bunny. I am very much to bed now, and hope your retreat is bringing you all the recharging you need – and I’m very excited about the GAC’s activation! I need a Pan-galactic Gargle Blaster right about now.

    Love and admiration,

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