Galactic Silio 21/Cube 15, coded by Crystal Sun, interpreted by Kin 22 Crew

The Code Spell for Kin 200:  Yellow Crystal Sun is:   “I Dedicate in order to Enlighten.  Universalizing life, I seal the matrix of universal fire with the Crystal tone of Cooperation.  I am guided by the power of Free Will.”

Yellow Sun Seal 20:  Sun a.k.a Enlightened One exemplifies Enlightenment as the Prophecy of Hunab Ku, and begins the Galactic Karma flow with Pluto on Circuit One.  Polar Family; North Pole; Crown Chakra.

LIMI 21 Discharges the Blue Occult Telepathic Time Atom to the Center of the Earth. 

Cube Fifteen:  Vision  Bolon ik’s 8th weaving:  Victory of the original 144,000 becomes the measure of new Heaven, New Earth.  “By my telepathic Eagle power of Vision, may the Thirteen Moons Peace Way restore the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth as the promised second creation Peace!”

The Postulate for 20.12 states:  “From the perspective of Fourth-dimensional Time, space is an infinitely locatable point or set of points, within an infinitely locatable space.  Any point in space is the potential intersection of an absolutely infinite set of (13:20) time vector potentialities, occurring in a domain of potentiality co-extensive with space.”

This Postulate is a good one for introducing the unique interpretation of  13:20 potentials by  the Kin who are c0-hosting for the last 2 days of the Galactic Telepathic Cube Journey:

 The Code as i, Kin22 – IXwave9 – MULUC1, cooperated this with Team2 , DS100 & DS116 (merged vibration 216), including myself = KIN238 (mystery mirror at “self-exciting state”) merged this :

 dear kin abroad & nearby, me is given the opportunity to set free a reading inspired from the great teachings of Valum Votan, Bolon Ik & Red Queen – set free on many sites as as we know, tortuga and the many followers in excite state of shifting homo sapiens sapiens into the premise we neared so longing as it does at each temple governing “its mystery”.

CRYSTAL T ONE of Cooperation
Ninth Chamber:  Cooperation of Form
Round Table Meets:   Past Action Formalized;  Future Action Prepared

So this day and the next day we start with the Kweak meditation of the Current Day as it is (see how to cope with the “new thing as thinkers pleasure”)

Cab’INears center(R)a KWEAK pattern
:: 2nd MooN in KweakClassPract’ice ::
} initiation procession {
~ toDaya – SATURday february 27, 2010
– (is KweakWise …)
SUNbird – 0&9 type kweakyear –
zeroG’round DRAGON 001 year
HAWK :: GALACTIC MOON 8 ~ integrity theme o’22
VOID~kweak 3/3 also (=KWEAK SUB GROUP 3.2)

FAdaya ~ NESSdaya ~ KINdaya

(its L*ST CHORD SOUND arousal)
))) ~ G A M M A Y A ~ (((


Rotated L – symbol :: double spine cooperation into vision ~
cooperate Sound & Rhythm into MELODY aka HARMONIQ
} DreamSpell ~ LongCounT ~ 3Kweak {
AHAU12 ~ EB3 ~ EB2
220 ~ 172 ~ 392 (=132)
T’one :: 17 ~ 4 -> mystery self-exciting (!)
sun(20) – human(12) – human(12)
double human enlightenment synchronization
} pivotal hunab’ku exertion
(AHA erlebnis at a holyday celebration daya) (s’ilence :: some minutes hear, pls)

Here the Delivered Contribution from Team2 handling Moon8  Day21:

By our wonder twin powers combined,
this is our simple transmission for Galactic 21.
Two as One that is US, all the Wu Wei Home.

“… from it all I have learned
that there is no religious revelation more satisfying
than the hard won fruits of simple understanding.
And there is no liberation to compare
with freeing oneself from the illusions
and delusions of the age in which one lives.”

Terrence McKenna, The Oversoul as Saucer:

(note the length of the clip: 2.09 aka 2nd wave IX mobilizer 9 => kin022 => “u’r captain speaking” )

I, o’22, add the KIN of Terence … KIN002

White Wind (IK) Communicates and empasizes Spirit

And his passing occured on SERPENT11 – KIN245 :: ( a Pacal Votan Clear Sign) 

I am a polar kin.  I transport the red galactic spectrum”


lets end this contribution grateful expressed from our IN-community study group also IN-formed by practices in a kweak cab’IN (caban in-formation-open “nooGrid”)  

   let us bridGee 
footer for test page 

Thank You so much ,  Kins 22, 100 and 116 (= GSC 238;  Self-Existing Mirror)  🙂   The G-Force for today is Spectral Wind (2.11)  With the input of Solar Wind and Lunar Wind (whose tones equal Spectral!) there is a wonderful abundance of Spirit and Communication today.

GSC 238 are concluding the  ‘Telepathic Cube Journey’ that GCS 154  initiated on Galactic 13 through 18.    The Kins for the two Galactic Synchronization Crews equal a Pacal Votan Clear Sign; 12.2:  Yellow Lunar Human.  Applying the ‘plus 1 factor’ to 12.2 yields 13.3:   Electric Skywalker, who also answered the call.  Her contribution (as barSSiah) is now available in the comments section of Galactic 19. 

“Numbers are the Language of Telepathy“, and these numbers indicate that Telepathic Cooperation is functioning during this Galactic Cube Journey.  Thanks to all the other Kin who participate through reading, responding and/or  participating in the telepathic exercises.  🙂

 This Galactic  Hunab Ku 21, coded by 20.12 is an ideal day for The Rainbow Bridge Meditation

N. S.  1. 22. 8. 21.   Cube Fifteen:  Vision     Kin 220 

7 thoughts on “Galactic Silio 21/Cube 15, coded by Crystal Sun, interpreted by Kin 22 Crew

  1. Thanks TMQ for helping “mY” crew to participate in Ur WorkinG Practice!

    we had a lot of fun and experiences preparing and communicating our distant “calls” …

    the FUN at the Working Class “Heroes” Breaks Our biG Laughs in Tears full of “RA in Bows”

    Gee Hunab’Ku at Crystal Sun merging HUMAN (Eb3&Eb2)

  2. BEAUTIFUL JOB KIN 22 Crew.The shift into Cosmic Time is a gift.An order when so much is in disorder.May I Remove my thoughts n Become One with the way of the galactic tradition..For it is the tribal council of Galactic Homebase where I relay the signal of the La’kesh Crew..may be all vibrate to the coming of the return to the beginning.RANG..The all so inscripted sound of truth..N Familiarity.kin 93.

    • thanks dear skywalker :: 13th seal at a tone 😉

      “BEAUTIFUL JOB KIN 22 Crew” iz “a heart under belt” (dutch saying)
      which is a pre-psi “blessing” by noospheric electrification …

      we learn day by day to carry on with the teachings beyond the codes that shape our IInd ? IIIrd ? Ist? creation as human beings (a’Gain) on this beautiful blue planeath

      :-)) joY & playS’ur !

  3. Today is Galactic 21! I dare you to not listen to your music on 11! We’ve got to GLOW these people away! Love!

  4. Reading about today’s 8.8 earthquake in Chile I note that the largest quake ever recorded magnitude 9.5 hit the same area on May 22, 1960…. Decided to look it up Kin 254 Resonant Wizard in a Wizard year… TMQ has often mentioned how these types of major Earth events have punctuated/informed her own journey….

    I Am the Peace-Commanding Presence

    Red Crystal Moon

  5. breaking news on GAYIQ vibrations and linked~IN effects …

    “Japan still has most of its rescue teams deployed to the 7.0 magnitude quake that was measured at a depth of 22km and was centred 81km east-southeast of Naha in Okinawa on Saturday, this one just happened prior to the Chile earthquake.”


    in this topiQ the numbers dense a “true divine thing” …

    7.0 ~ the ending of 7 as a planetary “belief system” bar
    22 ~ aha : the day of to(0)morrow 22/28 and “its humaniQ fiber aligned”
    81 ~ is a niner and also 3**4 :: 3x3x3x3 => 81

    8 pre-psi into 1-neSS ?

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