Kin 221 and PSI: Galactic Seed code last day of our Galactic Seed Cube Journey and Red Moon Wavespell 17

A tragic Earth-shattering event occurred, which is coded by undeniably significant numbers.  The Mystery Queen’s analysis follows this post by a crew of  3  whose Kins combine to make a Spectral Storm:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~day 22~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This is the last day of the 16 (9+7 or 7+9) cube serial.
As we happened to experience a total alternative vibration yesterday – number 9 in the series of 10 (solar T’one) – i – kin022 in Dreamspell – facilitate the contribution of my 1st team. KIN069 and KIN128 merge on KIN197 – Lunar Earth GAP. With them my 22 merges into KIN219 – a working day with TMQ on 21/22. 10 – Planetary – associates to manifestation (as TUTORs DO)

let us first recall the 13th crystal tone card …
and lets take our place looking to “one tree” in an environment as here

“the Larch!”

:{ … and now somethin”k” completely different }:
~ ~ ~
Cosmic Gate
Take Magic Flight
Magnetic Return
8/4/2 Triangles binds 1 – 5 – 9 – 13 in a HarmoniQ


Cab’INears center(R)a KWEAK pattern :: 2nd MooN in KweakClassPract’ice(on a public day to inform on group acts)

} initiation procession {
~ toDaya – SUNday february 28, 2010 –
(is KweakWise …)
SUNbird – 0/9 type kweakyear – zeroG’round
HAWK :: GALACTIC MOON 8 ~ integrity
VOID~kweak 3/3 also KWEAK SUB GROUP 3.3
WINDdaya ~ SIRdaya ~ SOULdaya

its SOUND ))) ~ S I L I O H M ~ (((
RED WAVES SYMBOL :: frequency & amplitude energetic base ~
fuses the fields power as nutrition
} DreamSpell ~ LongCounT ~ 3Kweak {
221 ~ 173 ~ 394 (134)
T’one :: 21 ~ 8 -> vibrates lemniscate & infinitygiving birth to a fruit carried on for so long into deliverance
} love , life attractor & choice giver

The Special cooperation with the Team1, day22 – gives:


The Code Spell for today is: “I Endure in order to Nurture. Transcending Being, I seal the Input of Birth with the Cosmic Tone of Presence. I am guided by the power of Life Force.”

Red Cosmic Serpent
Blue Cosmic Monkey Red Cosmic Dragon White Cosmic Mirror
  Yellow Magnetic Sun

Guiding Power Red Serpent,  Antipode Blue Monkey,  Occult Yellow Magnetic Sun,  Analog White Mirror

Last day of the Red Moon Wavespell, last day of the Gregorian month.

40 days until a New Galactic Spin

New Jerusalem 1.872.000 16th Day of Cube Journey
} 022: yesterday i received this link on the Jerusalem Project – Geometry and Gematria {

card 22: cube 16 – Divine Source Telektonon “Instinctual Consciousness”
Revelations Chapter 22
Cube sixteen : Intelligence
Pick up the thread of Bolon Ik’s 9th weaving.
New Jerusalem as the crown of divine intelligence worn by every human.
“By my instinctual conscious warrior power of intelligence, may I help bring all of humanity to the New Jerusalem of universal life”  

“By the power of the cube may peace prevail”…
the last we as kweaky ones might transform into …
“By the power of the trinity ~ cube, sphere, triangle ~ may peace prevail

Kin 221 is the Galactic Signature of Mark Knopfler, lead singer/songwriter and guitarist of the British group Dire Straits. Mark Knopfler’s Solar Birthday is August 12, which he shares with Madame Blavatsky. He is credited with writing the musical score for the film ‘The Princess Bride’, one of my -KIN128 (STAR11-midcolumn7)- all-time favourite movies in part because of this signature line of the faithful hero Wesley and his ‘true love’ the Princess Buttercup: “As you wish…”.

 Also sharing this Kin: Martin Van Buren, 8th President of the United States (first ‘ethnic’ President, Dutch-speaking) and Dolly Parton.

 Neil Diamond is KIN 221 and brought us “Jonathan Livingstone Seagull” – as here a menu. – see to ODYSSEE : a long series of wanderings or adventures, esp. when filled with notable experiences, hardships, etc.

 ~~~ * ~~~We’ve come to the edge of another trinity in the Tzolkin next to 111 : 222 the start of WindSpirit Thumbling wave … in the Self-Exciting Seedling Marked Year , occult side of the medal prepared by Electric Wind (DooT2009), KIN number 3 (kin3 – seal 3 – tone 3).

(mark 333 is occult in kin073 -Galactic Skywalker- subtracting 260)

Actual News Trigger is this one on an Iceberg as big as Luxembourg;
how radiating its code B9b : sounding
))) ~ Bee 9 bee ~ ((

On Nature & Authentic Responding this: “It may seem strange to some man, that has not well weighed theses things; that nature should thus dissociate, and tender men apt to invade, and destroy one another: and he may therefore, not trusting to this inference, made by the passions, desire to have the same confirmed by experience”. ~ Thomas Hobbes-Leviathan. ”

Finishing this 10 day experience , i’ld say we learned a lot by acting and communicating in an open sphere of mutual trust.

Lets see to the result as a “sign o’the Times” … “that are changing so vast and overwhelming” ~ but then we accept our roll at the dice … as Charles Bukowski said “even a tin of sardines can be opened elegantly in style” (is there a key?)


Those last highlighted words (by Kin 22 on Galactic 22) were Prophetic.

One hour into the Cosmic Mirror Watch (Kin 78),  TMQ first read of the catastrophic 8.8 Earthquake that struck Chile:  “.  In that first report, the death toll was 78. Tragically, it continues to climb.

The U.S. Geological Survey said the earthquake struck 56 (16.4) miles northeast of the city of Concepcion at a depth of 22 miles at 3:34 a.m.”  If we focus on the first two numbers, we see today’s 13 Moon date reflected:  22/16.  16.4 can also be construed as Kin 164:  Yellow Galactic Seed.  

When she first learned of the 8.8 Earthquake, TMQ was writing (for this post) that today’s PSI Chrono Kin is 164:  Galactic Seed.  That synchronistically codes the end of this  Galactic Seed Moon’s Cube Journey, and the day of it’s ultimate objective:  Galactic Synchronization 2013

The Mystery Queen wrote these words in her Cosmic Star post on February 15th:   “The Star, (a harbinger of  Red Moon Wavespell 17 which begins at Midnight) contains 8 8-pointed Stars.    The guide for this Galactic Seed Moon is 8.8, Galactic Star, which is ‘guiding‘ us to our Galactic Synchronization on Galactic Seed 2013.” 

The time of this disaster: 3:34-260 = 7.4, the Mayan way to write 144: Magnetic Wizard  (7 x20=140, plus 4 = 144), or Kin 74: Solar Wizard (14.9)  As Kin 129 points out, an even larger Earthquake devastated Chile on May 22, 1960:  Resonant Wizard: 14.7.   147 is the current death toll, and Kin 147 is 7.4, (Self-Existing Hand).

Japan, which is roughly antipodal to Chile suffered a 6.9 Earthquake the day before:,2933,587524,00.html  6.9  reflects Rhythmic 9:  the 2012 Solstice.  6.9 plus 8.8 = 14.4.   The day of this 8.8 event was guided by 12.12 (12×12=144)  Both Earthquakes originated 22 miles below the surface, reiterating this Galactic 22 in the 22nd year after Quetzalcoatl’s return in 1987.

Seal 17, Earth also  appears in the numerical value of Chile;  37:  Spectral Earth.  and Concepcion equals 97:  Rhythmic Earth. 17.11 plus 17.6 = 34.17, which reduces by 20.13 to 14.4 again!  Today is the end of  Red Moon Wavespell 17, during which GSC 154  guided us in purifying ourselves of the 12:60 influence/disturbance of the abusing and abused planets, and  in strenghtening the Earth Spirit Speaking Tube between Earth and Uranus.  Bolon Ik’s crew  added extra Spirit at the end of this special collective Spirit Warrior’s Cube Journey. 

At Midnight, we transition from the final watch (Pacal Votan Clear Sign 20.1;  Magnetic Sun) of our telepathic Galactic Seed Moon Cube Journey and Red Moon Wavespell, to the Magnetic Earth watch (17.1) of Wavespell 18:  Power of Spirit.  Spirit (in the form of Seal 2, Wind) represents Uranus.

On Red Cosmic Dragon, (Kin 221 holds the center of the 441 sequence, and is 17 x 13) all the numbers, sealed by our guiding star:  8.8;   indicate that the 144,000 are  restoring the connection between Earth and Uranus (Heaven), and will lead us to our magnificent  2013 Galactic Synchronization!  🙂

19.13:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”

N. S.  1. 22. 8. 22.     Cube 16:  Intelligence       Kin 221

9 thoughts on “Kin 221 and PSI: Galactic Seed code last day of our Galactic Seed Cube Journey and Red Moon Wavespell 17

  1. Well.well well.good day matesLovely simply lovely transmission..Such a righteous time to witness what one could judge as theFalling of babylon..perhaps .?doesnt matter..Being a part of this of this highest regards of being in the final stages of the pealing off of our spacesuits..retire this vehicle..Return to the Timeship.Regroup.breathe. THESE CLUES can only be released iff enough of our crew works hard.longer medtation.perhaps??,prayer rejoicful.the 9….its our signal.I know I will be giving all that i am to be a transmission of kin to my Pacal Votan.a clear agreement to reflect like a sister….. mindsmart.monitoring thoughts..n.being in complete responsibility of surrender.of these 12?60.babylonic fall..

    • why is the word baby in babylon ?

      the word triggers me to a song with these words:

      “Bye, Bye Loneliness, Bye Bye Happiness, sure i’m gonna die”

      (was is Simon & Garfunkel ?)

      Lets pivot into the NooGridForm as Self~Exciting Seed finds Fertilizing New Earth by its Sprouting Roots at Cosmic Impulse! And Listen to the UniQversal MusiQ … aYe!

      • (06:13:03) = 22

        03 is the TFI that fits the 22th archetype: Kuxan Suum
        This Tube is the Mothers Precious Cosmic Wohm”Be” …

        06 indicates the blind eye” thas was mentally abused …

        13 must be the 13Moon Mond Program re-installed
        ;-)>~~~ white solar wind , cib9 as muluc magnetizer

    • on the kin 93 vibration …

      this spells a trinity on number 31 – the interval of G O D

      it is within the KWEAK formula 3x(3×3)+1

      aka 3×9+1 …

      27 stones in the garden as environment and U as the ONE dynamic …

      and this also reflects the Urane – Earth connection that facilitates Communication aka IntraContact at all dynamic bases … while Urane has 27 moons and Earth has the single one biggest moon of all in Solar “Cell”

      Lets Celebrate this FounDaTion!

  2. small correction

    the SILIO symbol is indicated as “RED WAVES SYMBOL :: frequency & amplitude energetic base ~ fuses the fields power as nutrition”

    this has to be replaced by …

    “WHITE STRING SYMBOL … connection & tube traffic hyperway ~ transconnects Hunab’Ku communications”

    sorry :: this; maybe influenced by earthquakes, ::give me , KIN DS022, DS220, 3K242

    (mutations are included as basic life variation impulse)

  3. Valum n Red Queen in of the avatar..Im being programmed to the purpose of my mind.As we r getting ready for day 1 again and ending the last 1of28..Its a big.Galactic Activation Portal Day..Im focusing n being the transmission of the 5th force.the 5th Matric.Intelligence.IMAGE. 5 point star.with 1 being the center.The Portal of Truth.The spin Factor.A wheel????Yes 8.9. and 5 r my #signals to relay n return to homebase…..9,8,5back to our elders..93RLS.on us.out.Thanks to all crew.Mystery Queen.Red Queen n Valum Votan…My Heroes..In la”kesh

  4. Its all coming together.The Sacred Geometry is my focus .All is a Number??Im just glad to be with my family..31 years old now. must do what i have to do for us.our Mayan Family. n its a very soggy,foggy glorious Day.The true test is Remembered.One Must MultiTask with Great Respect To The 5th Force.I must be a sattelite PV.VV. In La”kesh.Kin93.One

    • In a short saying 93 ~lunar skywalker, a GAP~ is about challenging the purification procedure at all stations aligned …

      in lakesh ala kin(aethica), SPInoza

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