Kin 224: Electric Seed on Galactic Seed Moon 25 of Self-Existing Seed Year

Today we have a rare alignment of three Seals,  synchronistically happening on the Gregorian date of 3/3!  This unique syhchronicity seems further ‘sealed‘ by this news account of a rare Buddhist flower which blooms once every 3,000 years!  Note, this plant has 18 white flowers blooming during this  White Wind  Wavespell 18 of  Spirit.  “the miraculous Youtan Poluo flower – called “Udumbara” or “Udambara” in Sanskrit, mean(s)an auspicious flower from Heaven.”   🙂

Galactic 25 is always the 12th (of 18) Vinals of the 13 Moon Year.  This year,  Vinal 12 was immediately preceded by the Occult watch of Crystal Mirror:  18.12.  The Vinal for the next 20 days is:  “Breaks with habitual caution, and reaches the White Light.”

Kin 224:  Yellow Electric Seed: I Activate in order to Target.  Bonding Awareness, I seal the input of Flowering with the Electric tone of Service.  I am guided by the power of Elegance.

Postulate 4.3:  “In the planet body, the Crystal projection of  Time as form, interacts chemically with the photonic radiations emanating principally from the local star.  The crystalline form sets up a solar pulsation within and in accord with the rotational velocity of the planet body in its alternation of day and night phases.”

Yellow Seed Seal 4:  Seed, a.k.a. “Innocent One” or “Holy Fool” calls for the awareness of intelligence.  “The Innocent One activates the centripedal force and holds the station of the 4th light gate.”  Seal 4 corresponds to G-K Jupiter (Bode #52) which shares the central Circuit Five with Maldek.  Seed belongs to the Gateway Family who code the Years and guard the South Pole and Root chakra of our Earth.

CATALYTIC  BLUE  KALIEstablish;  S-P Pluto (#388);  Secret Center Chakra:  “My Name is the Glorious Lotus-Born.  I Catalyze the Light-Heat Within.”  The Catalytic Agent between the Sensory Quantum and the Teleptahic Quantum of Week Four is established.  We also manifest the Back of the Radion Cube.  Patron:  Quetzalcoatl;  Star Map Location:  Ahua Kin (our Sun).

KALI 25:    Moon 197:  Red Lunar Earth; 4th Solar Witness4th Mystic Moon of 2013:  coded by Kin 205: Red Planetary Serpent.  “Self-Generation Recharge

Telektonon Day 25Heaven Walk Day Two. ” Bolon Ik receives the power of the Fifth Force.   Learns to bow in submission to God, the Universal Principle of Divine Creation“.   Today we focus on the Telecosmic number power of 5-Fifth Force–the principle of the Center which animates all things

There are one billion people on the Earth who bow in submission to God, 5 times each day.  They all pray in the direction of the Cube in Mecca, which  houses a sacred Stone of Mystery, whose origin is said to be Maldek.  This video came to TMQ in a mysterious way yesterday:   It shows exquisitely beautiful and sacred places of wordhip, including one which is composed of two Octagons, a beautiful reminder of 8.8., our ‘Guiding Star’, which is guiding this 8th Galactic Seed Moon.

Crystal Star (8.12), our PSI kin today, equals the sum of this year (4.4) and Moon 4.8).  Today’s Kin (4.3) plus 8.12 = 12.2, which is Lunar Human, the only Pacal Votan Clear Sign in the central mystic Column of the Tzolkin.  

Today, on this Catalytic Blue Kali, we affirm:  “I am the Glorious Lotus-Born…”

The Udumbara flower of the Ficus racemosa tree (under which Buddha attained Enlightenment)  appears in chapters 2 and 27 of the 3rd century Lotus Sutra, an important Mahayana Buddhist text. The symbolic nature of the udumbara is used in the Lotus Sutra to compare the unique occurrence of its bloom with the uncommon appearance of the Buddha and its doctrine in the world:” (first 16 lines of the Lotus Sutra:)

As the Buddhas of the three periods of time
In such a manner spoke the Dharma,
So do I likewise now expound
The undiscriminated Dharma.
All Buddhas come into the world
But rarely, and are hard to meet;
And when they appear in the world,
It’s hard for them to speak the Dharma.
Throughtout countless ages, too,
It’s difficult to hear this Dharma.
And those who can hear this Dharma–
Such people too, are rare,
Like the Udumbara flower,
In which all take delight,
Which the gods and humans prize,
For it blooms but once in a long, long time

We have ample signs that this 4th day of the 4th week of the 8th Moon, with Seal 4, Seed, coding this Day, Moon and Year, is filled with rare and auspicious synchronicities.   May this ‘serve‘ to ‘activate’ our deeper connection  with God, with our Earth, and with each other.  🙂

N. S.   1. 22. 8. 25.        Kin 224 


11 thoughts on “Kin 224: Electric Seed on Galactic Seed Moon 25 of Self-Existing Seed Year

  1. the 3 is also between 25 and 22 …

    and 2010 is a 3 , numerically spoken

    then 8 is 2 power 3 aka 2x2x2=8

    which aligns to 224 = 8 aka 2 power 2 = 4 = 2+2 too …

    KISS = also keep it simple s(erendipity warrior!)

    ;-)) nice Seed Daya ~ also GLORYdaya – day 28 ij kweak (25+3)

  2. As a Wind Service i will Comment this 13 seals with the 13 MOON tones from the Telektonon Cards (as given on Galactic Moon day 21 & 22 at TMQ)

    TONE 3

    Electric Tone of Service
    Second Chamber
    Identify Service
    How can the goal be attained?

    🙂 take every T’one with a sirius smile

  3. hmmm,

    Let the SS alliteration in sirius smile be on Stephanie South …

    the chozen T’one by Serendipitous Service from Valum Votan …


  4. KIN242 marks the 25th day in Moon8 …

    which is the 25+3 makes 28th daya in kweak “provoKaT’ion”

    this means it is the 8th GLORY daya happening from july23, 2009 DRAGON1

    a perfect fit which aligns its spirittowerpower on 3/3/”3″ (2010)

    in those numbers 20 and 10 SUN and DOG go perfectly in a trinity …

    “enlightenment by heart(h) power …”

    also mark 3/3/3 as the crucial fit in the kweak formula: 3x(3×3)+1 => 28

    20 plus the infinite number 8 marking both STAR and the Galactic Tone

    20 is transconnected to the special number “e” … which is a mathematical constant

    2,71828183 :: e x e x e = 20

    hmmm, it seems included in words starting with “exe” ~ as exe-Mplify and exe-Rtion

    as an add-on service on cooperational intenD, 3K242 (28? 0?)

  5. Thank u SS for your Service.Beyond words.Much Gratitude And Unconditional Love To You..Thanx SS.VV.93k

  6. I have been reading this blog everyday and I super apprechiated everyone’s input! Synchronisity and harmonious flow of numbers have been more and more frequent, a continuous stream of miracles 🙂 it would be great if the daily I ching glyph and rune were posted here as well, maybe TMQ or someone else is inspired to post it… I am not well versed in these aspects yet, but including it here would certainly help learn… All love, in’lakesh

    • Dear Daniel;

      Thank you for noting that: “Synchronisity and harmonious flow of numbers have been more and more frequent, a continuous stream of miracles :)”

      TMQ is especially grateful for your suggestion!–See Self-Existing Serpent post (which is about to be written)

      In Lak’ esh, Galactic Mirror

  7. ???????? For Input…Is there a certain frequency specifically for Synchroniztion?=


    My Dob gregorian/Julian.(12/60) is 6.20.78.THE Exact B day of my only (12.60).blood Kin Brothers (Wife.)
    My (Sister.An exact reflection in Solar form) My Mothers B day is the same as TMQ.s Brother.Mr 13.13.WOW.
    Cosmic Skywalker>
    .My Brothers galactic signature is 154 unconciously????
    he merges>
    with 93.his >wife.?????RLS
    .pretty powerful..Urbanized Family….
    Thats just where it starts.
    I must be of service in Remembering Our Language.
    Im studying often thanks to TMQ…Red Queen Stephanie South.Ur service has brought me to a .Bible>in the form of of the Avatyr I am so Thankful For U.!V.V. I bow to U….Thanks All.Truly Galctic Warriors these 3…Thank u with full respect for the honor and courage to bring forth Truth.
    ?Love You.
    words get so lazy (for me )quite often.!these daya.S…In La’Kesh k224.93.5.

  8. Pink Tourmaline a.k.a Kin 93;

    Your many heartfelt and supportive comments are greatly appreciated! Glad you are making such wonderful use of Vol 2, “Book of the Avatar”.
    Enjoy the ‘double S’ of today’s Kin, Self-Existing Serpent. 🙂 TMQ

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