Kin 233: Red Crystal Skywalker on Red Solar Serpent Moon, Red Limi 6

233 is the 13th number in the Fibonacci Series:  0,  1,  2,  3,  5,  8,  13,  21,  34,  55,  89,  144,  233.  According to the Dreamspell Book of Kin:  “5, 8 and 13 form a set in the logarithmic spiral series.  5::8::8:13 describes the relation of the chromatic code of 5 to the Galactic frequency code of 13.”

 The Code Spell for kin 233:  Red Crystal Skywalker is:  “I Dedicate in order to Explore.  Universalizing Wakefulness, I seal the output of Space with the Crystal tone of Cooperation.  I am guided by the power of Life Force.”

The Postulate for 13.12 states:  “The pattern of experience of the alternative personalities in adjusting the Synchronic Order of the interplanetary fields of the local heliocosm is reflected in the Third-dimensional adjustments on the host planet.  The host planet adjustments amount to a completion of the opening of the patterning of the AC circuit, one half  (16 codons) of which was completed prior to the Historic cycle, and the other half will be completed after the CA has been transmuted from the Civilizational Advance to Cosmic Awareness with the  ejection of the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge.”

3.12 (Crystal Night) is today’s Antipode, matching today’s Gregorian date:  3/12Vladimir Vernadsky (Kin 138) was born 137 years ago today.  The work of this Russian scientist is germaine to Postulate 13.12,  and our telepathic tasks.  He wrote:  “The fundamental property of biogeochemical energy is clearly revealed in the growth of free energy in the Biosphere with the process of geological time, especially in relation to it’s Transition into the Noosphere.”

The G-Force for Crystal Skywalker is  Kin 155:  Blue Spectral Eagle, same as the  PSI Chrono unit for today.

Red Skywalker Seal 13, Skywalker, a.k.a. “Prophet” and “Culture-Bringer” “exemplifies the Spirit of Prophecy as the wisdom of the future made present.”  Seal 13 corresponds to S-P Mars (B# 16) which shares Circuit Four with Saturn.  Skywalker is part of the Signal family who guard the Southern Regions and Solar Plexus (Kuxan Suum) of our Earth. 

Note that the 28 Day Moon synchronizes with the Dreamspell Tzolkin today, with Limi and the Signal Family both correlating to the Solar Plexus.  It’s Mayan term is  Kuxan Suum (literally ‘Road to the Sky’)  and both represent our ‘Galactic umbilical cord’ leading to the heart of our Galaxy-with which we will be precisely aligned with at 11:11 a.m. on Solstice 12/21/2012.  That will be Day 9 of Moon 6.  Today is Day 6 of Moon 9.

Today we lay the 6th Line of our first  ‘collective Codon Cube’; 40:  “Heart’s Release:  Cosmic Order Returns to Heart of Heaven”.   Envision __   __ (Yin/ Space) at the top of the Cube, above your head.

LIMI:  Purify;  S-P Earth (B# 10);  Solar Plexus:  “I Consume Dualistic Thoughts as Food I Purify the Mental Electron Neutron at the North Pole.”  Today we build the 6th side of the Radion Cube:  Left side.  Patron: Padmasambhava;  Star Map Loc.:  AA Midway Station.  Time Dim.:  9th;  Universal Cosmic Cube.  UR Rune:  81:  “Radiogenesis Establishes Galactic Life Whole.”

LIMI 6:  UR Earth 2:  Solar Earth;  Katun  199: -AD 791.  Coded by Self-Existing Storm, who also codes the Heart oracle of the  Lord of Time we are awakening this year:  ‘Awesome Vast Blue Sky”.

Telektonon Day 6:  Free Will Tower of Prophecy, coded by 12.12:  Crystal Human;  Human Wisdom.  Baktun 6:  BC 1141;  Imperial Seal.  King Wen completes I Ching 8 x 8 (64).   “Pacal Votan uses Free Will to claim the 7 Seals of Prophecy, storing them in his Uranian crypt at the center of the Earth, where he prepares the Warrior’s Labyrinth according to the Law of the Cube 4×4 (16).”

Red Crystal Skywalker coded the Queen of France,  Marie AntoinetteMarie Antoinette  who “did not say “Let them eat cake”  (Those imfamous words were spoken by a Greek Princess,  4 years before the birth of Marie Antoinette.   “The stories of Antoinette’s excesses are vastly overstated. In fact, rather than ignoring France’s growing financial crisis, she reduced the royal household staff, eliminating many unnecessary positions that were based solely on privilege. In the process she offended the nobles…”  Marie Antoinette followed her husband to the guillotine on October 16, 1793 (Cosmic World-Bridger) . She was executed without proof of the crimes for which she was accused.   She was only 37 years old”.

Another Crystal Skywalker was Emily Bronte who wrote the famous novel,  “Wuthering Heights”  before dying at the age of 30.  She once said:  “Honest people don’t hide their deeds”,  yet she lied about being a writer even to her best friend.  She kept her intitials when she chose the pen-name of Ellis Bell.     This woman of paradox also said:  “I see Heaven’s glories shine and faith shines equal“. The author of one of the greatest novels of romance had this to say about Love:  “Love is like the wild rose-briar; Friendship like the holly-tree. The holly is dark when the rose-briar blooms, but which will bloom most constantly?”

Today brings this news about New Zealand.   Thomas Beagle, spokesperson for online freedom lobby Tech Liberty says he’s “very disappointed that the filter is now running, it’s a sad day for the New Zealand internet” and “he’s disappointed the launch was conducted in such a “stealthy mode“.

Seal 13, Skywalker also represents Quetzalcoatl, and  this Moon (5.9) and Year (4.4) combine to make 9.13, representing his Prophecy of 9 Hells and 13 Heavens.   The largest pyramid as well as the largest monument ever constructed anywhere in the world is dedicated to Quetzalcoatl.  The Great Pyramid of Giza is higher at 138.8 m., but  Cholula, the temple-pyramid complex in Pueblo, Mexico contains almost twice the volume of the Great Pyramid. As shown here, only a fraction of a staircase on one side of the Great Pyramid of Cholula has been restored to its former glory.

Enjoy this special Crystal ‘Round Table’ Day in the 12.12 Tower of Free Will.  At Midnight, we begin this year’s 9th telepathic Spirit Warrior’s Cube Journey  on the Cosmic day of the Spirit Wavespell!  🙂

N.  S.   1. 22. 9. 6.   Kin 233


6 thoughts on “Kin 233: Red Crystal Skywalker on Red Solar Serpent Moon, Red Limi 6

  1. dear TMQ , u inspire me to see for the Fibonacci again …

    i remembered 2×1 inthe beginning of the serial …
    How can this become relevant in our interest theme of the lovers couple?

    anyway, i let myself being teached by a site who claimes this serial:
    0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, 987, 1597, 2584, 4181, 6765, 10946, …

    the crucial point in grow is mostly that some creature gets its form in a range that is generally set .. a human being has another setting than a mouse or an elephant … i suspect the fibonacci to be a serial that created over-sized creatures in some aspect(s) … Kind of Circus Attraction caused by some slight mutation from an evidence, specialists like to give attention to …

    well, anyway i think the 0 as the most mysterious which is defined in a teaching from the next 9 (<= analysis statement as a box/cube)

    from that statement on i see for 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 where
    (u knew this) 5 is the bird with 1 and 34 as the tipping points 😉

    now we vow and then we get
    10 11 15 22 35

    and we realize 5 is a twin, aye?
    does this show up a thing, debugger station?

    anyway, i see for the GAPS in:
    1 4 7 13
    nice numbers from DreamSpell perspective …
    4 pivot on 7 and 7 on 13 (properties of "Fibonazi")

    on that serial we get the other gaps:
    3 3 6

    0 3

    and finally

    so we created a sort of pyramid game where 3 is on the top?
    no, one further

    is the gap of 3 in itself:
    that is on top of the pyramid or on the deepest point having it upside down

    this as a con3bution of the daya at REED12(3)
    aHA~fun'coveraged white solar wind blowing in the sky

  2. So I read about the New Zealand internet filter situation and it echoes a discussion I participated in with Neil Kramer of the Cleaver in January when I saw him on his “Transitional Alchemy” tour. There were about 30 conscious souls involved, and the conversation veered into the paranoid as the topic of digital privacy, specifically the fact that the same type of measure had already been enacted in the UK, and that every digital piece of information (text, email, cell call records) was being recorded a la Big Brother. The energy in the room was getting increasingly claustrophobic, and I had just happened to stumble upon this fable in my surfings in the prior week. We cannot, as leaders in establishing the noosphere, allow lower level vibrations of fear to take root – especially in matters of consciousness and communication. I raised my hand and said as much, and related the “Story of the Mystic Self, ” which immediately diffused the negative tone of the room with a wave of giggles. Is union with the divine not what we all seek? What exactly are you doing on your computer/cell phone that you’re so worried about people finding out about? At higher levels of ourselves, all is one and secrets do not exist – and our souls know this.
    In another little fit of synchronicity, in searching to find the fable for this post – look what the Skywalker dragged in! TODAY has been declared by Reporters Without Borders World Day Against Cyber Censorship! My ancestors on my father’s side are traced back to the crew of pirate/patriot/shapeshifter Jean Lafitte “Ramsay compares the number of legends surrounding the life and death of Lafitte to those about King Arthur and Robin Hood.” Round Table Day? I do have a major affinity for black boots and raiding minds. Tower of Free Will? Hell YES!!! There are so many odd little permutations of today’s Gregorian date – I’d love to get some feedback on this!

    02 12 2012 – American
    12 02 2012 – European

    I’m craving creole for dinner…yum!

  3. dear barSSiah, hi over T’here 😉

    i Santé on the CerveZa, cheerioh!

    03 and 12 vibrate 04 – the mystery number :: tipping point with -4 (minus four) from the very beginning. This is why this dreamspellyear is the beginning of the KweakSpell , a NooDigm Mapping Guiding aNooThere Aeon, aYe.

    SUN 2340 is its bird!

    2340 = 9×260 , u know that of(f) course …

    Then this on Censorship … this is a very Babelonic False Shaman vibration which kills the Sensorship of the Spiritual Man Aligned to communicate “T’his Worldview” in transparent sphere as promoted by VVRQ & PAN & TMQ. Who has the need for having cencorship? => Good Question Warriors!

    C U ~ 3K242 (8 Tone in Eagle Wave)

    • Thanks for your response! And I love the phrase “False Shaman” – say that three times fast! 🙂


  4. Telektonon Card expressing Tone 12 / 13

    Crystal Tone of Cooperation

    Ninth Chamber
    Cooperation of Form
    Round Table Meets
    Past Action Formalized
    Future Action Prepared

    3rd Dimensional Mind Pulsar

    2nd Dimensional Sense Pulsar associates with the Sensory Realm, the Physical Experience exchanged

    3rd Dimensional Mind Pulsar associates with the Telepathic Realm, the Mental Experience :{ humanity as unity force (time)shipping planet Earth }: psi-ed from deep down persuasion listened at

    4th Dimensional Time Pulsar associates with the Collective Realm which delivers all the Goodies Exchanged in Abundance

    1st Dimensional Life Pulsar associates with the Personal Realm which communicates quite some questions and hardly answers … however overcoming the hard communicates the heart and its mystery weaving with the Other One(s) that radiates the Missions Glory

    (well spices can be exchanges, at the personal insight as labels)

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