tKin 235: Blue Magnetic Eagle begins Wavespell 19 and Heptad 34

Blue Eagle Wavespell NINETEEN:  Power of Vision, begins today, which means that only one fractal of 26 days remains in this 32nd Galactic Spin of 260 days.

Blue Magnetic Eagle

Yellow Lunar Warrior
Blue Cosmic Hand

White Crystal Worldbridger

Red Electric Earth
Red Spectral Serpent

White Self-existing Mirror
Yellow Planetary Seed

Blue Overtone Storm

Yellow Rhytmic Sun

Red Resonant Dragon

White Galactic Wind

Blue Solar Night

 Blue Eagle Wavespell NINETEEN:    begins with this lovely synchronicity;  “One 19-year Metonic (Moon) cycle is 235 Synodic moons…”  discovered in Stephanie South’s “13 Moon Almanac“.

The Code Spell for Kin 235, Blue Magnetic Eagle is:  “I Unify in order to CreateAttracting Mind, I seal the output of Vision with the Magnetic tone of Purpose.  I am guided by my own power doubled.”

Postulate  15.1 states:  “Stabilization of the planet art spore, through self-generating  radiosonic architecture, allows extension of radiosonic architectonics via the electromagnetic flux tube system to the other planets of the Sun’s orbital sequence (Heliocosm).”

Blue Eagle Seal 15; Eagle a.k.a. “Seer” and “Sky Born“” exemplifies Vision as the source of Intelligence-without vision there is no intelligence.”  Seer corresponds to S-P Jupiter (B# 52) on the central Fifth Circuit with Maldek.  Eagle belongs to the Polar Family who guard the Crown chakra and North Pole of Earth.

Today we also begin the 34th Week/Heptad, which is the 8th Week of this 13-week Third quarter of  Self-Existing Seed Year, the Antipode Quarter which is governed by the Master Codon 37:  Power of Home.

Th 34th Week corresponds to Codon 54:  Transcending; Temple Incorporates Telepathy“.  We have a few ‘supporting synchronicities’ for this Codon number.  The Gregorian date, 3/14 incorporates the number of Pi:  3.14.  In an epilogue to an article TMQ wrote at the end of Lunar Wizard Year (Kin 54) she mentioned the crop Circle that showed Pi to the 10th place.  (the wrong picture was shown, here is the correct one): Right image shows the circle divided into 10 equal segments. The number of segments moved through at each step, starting from the centre, denotes a decimal point of Pi. Left image courtesy The Crop Circle Connector (

Because 314-260 = 54

Another reminder of Codon 54 is the G-Force for today:  5.4,  Self-Existing Serpent can also be read as Kin 54, leading us back to Codon 54.  Today we lay the first line on the Bottom of the Codon Cube: _____ (Yang /Time)  This Line and the 6th line we will ‘place’ on the Top will create the Plane of Mind.

Heptad 34 is one of two Heptad Paths to correlate to Uranus and Earth (the other is Heptad 12) So, let’s contemplate how this week is significant to the Telektonon Earth Spirit Speaking Tube during  Cube Two:  Spirit through Cube 8:   Art.  “34th Heptad Path:  Navigation Evolved as Luminic Thermic Free Will.”

DALI:   Target;  G-K Uranus (B# 196);  Crown:  “My Father is Intrinsic Awareness.  I Feel the Heat.”  Today we  begin ‘building’ the Sensory Quantum of the Antipode Teleptahic Time Atom, and the Top of the Radion Cube. 

Each day of Week Two, we are telepathically invoking the Second Creation of Heaven and re-awakening the 7 Solar Witnesses who guide the 7 Lost Generations.  One Year is fractally time-compressed into each day.  This week begins in UR 3:  Heaven in the Cube Lunar Earth.  DALI 8: First Lost Generation:  Kin 194;  White Crystal Wizard“Victory Targets Song of the 144,000.”

Telektonon Day 8:  Baktun 8:  BC 353;  The Annointed One.  Pacal Votan witnesses the rise of 13:20 civilization in the New World., and the Coming of Christ.  Bolon Ik inspires the founding of Palenque, and Buddha’s teachings spread

 Cube Two:  Spirit“By my Superconscious Wind Spirit Warrior Power, I redeem the Annointed one as myself.”   “May the Wizards of Peace Prevail!”

Although this article could be considered ‘sensational’,  it  is presented for reader’s discernment because  it synchronistically mentions many items related to today’s blog:  Mike Brown, the astro-physicist who ‘decoded’ the Pi crop circle, the North Pole, the 8.8 Chilean Earthquake which shifted Concepcion 13 feet, the Mayan’s 2012 prophecy, Jupiter and even a possible explanation for what caused Maldek to shatter.

In a stark contrast to that article, TMQ  enjoyed  the remote and spectacularly beautiful northern-most point of the South Island.   The  narrow winding dirt road along the mountaintops yielded  stunning views  of  islands and emerald peaks rising from aqau bays-on both sides of the summit.   The Sun, Stars and Synchronicities (18’s and 19’s and 144’s) contributed to a very magical transition from the 18th Wavespell to  Wavespell Nineteen

The last watch  of Heptad 33 and Wavespell 18  (coded by Magnetic Hand -7.1-  a reminder that we began Day 7/Cube 1 that day)   began at a high promontory at French Pass (=139 =19.9) with incredible ocean views on 3 sides.  There was also a sign there about Pelorus Jack:  a world-famous white dolphin who for 20 years would joyfully meet all boats at Pelorus Point and accompany them through the straits.  Passengers gave strict orders to be immediately awakened when Pelorus Jack was sighted.   He suddenly disappeared in 1913…19.13:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all”.)    Go to fullsize image Go to fullsize image

As  the  19th Blue Eagle Wavespell began, the Milky Way was directly overhead, and the crystal clear skies were filled with so many stars!   That  First (Analog) watch, coded by Kin 144, was reiterated by the Kins for today (15.1) and Moon+Year (9.13) also equaling Kin 144:   Magnetic Seed.  This morning’s walk revealed only one sign in the tiny town, and it bore two numbers, both totaling 19:  1882 ( when the school was established) and 6166 (An historical marker).  

This afternoon was spent kayaking around Elaine Bay, in a kayak which bore only the word  “Perception‘ (= 118=18.1–Magnetic Mirror is  my companion (20.6) and 18.8 combined),  which we rented from a house at # 198 (18.3).  There was only one other boat- a large ferry whose wake and name in huge letters were hard to ignore:  “Innovator” ( = 128=8.11, which adds up to 19, and for which 18.8 is the G-Force)  When the kayak was returned, the owner remarked that a camper van had just parked across the road, bearing the name ‘Rosie G’, the same as his personalized license plate, which TMQ had already noticed, because it’s initials were 18 and 8.  (8 x 18 = 144)

The drive home afforded plenty of time to realize that the letters in both Rosie G and Elaine Bay equal 74, the Mayan way to write 144 (7 x 20 + 4).  Revelations Chapter 7; Section 4 also discusses the 144,000Kin 74 is Solar Wizard, which as the Analog of Solar Serpent, ‘coded’ the week that just ended. The magical  transition  from Wavespell  18 to 19   ended with a brilliant red sunset during the Occult Watch of Cosmic World-Bridger (Pacal Votan Clear Sign).

The only signs seen during the White Wind Wavespell transition into Wavespell Nineteen indicated consistent synchronicity, which bodes well for  Wavespell 19 and Moon 9, and for those of us who “Elect to be one of the 144,000!  🙂

N.  S.  1. 22. 9. 8.    Cube Two:  Spirit          Kin 235

6 thoughts on “tKin 235: Blue Magnetic Eagle begins Wavespell 19 and Heptad 34

  1. this mayan crop close to the West Kenneth Long Grave appeared just after we as a group of 6 had a cooperation med’ with 18 merkabah ones … we combined the didgeridoo with the merkabah …

    just we were set on awe and imagined we were with other realms in a sphere … it happened in the EAGLE WAVE – july 2004 …

    this as a notion on this EAGLE wave in the SOLAR MOON ~ Jaguar as Power Pet

    SUNdaya / LIFEkweak

  2. consulting a dreamspell calendar site i saw the crop referred actually formed in beginning of august 2004. which is in the DRAGON WAVE 1 … here ONE sees the influence from having a vision telepath which is timespan related … The actual Long Wave session was about 27 kin before it manifested in the fields …

    to me as a “pilot” acting this cropcircle is related to the kweak revelation which started july 23, 2009 after a mindfull creation in february 2009 …

    february iz the month measuring 28 into the form of the time-standard;
    we might be stirred when the 7777 actually is a “wish” from those who want to control the mind of every free end / dynamic kin as energetic creature weaving its talents …

    how does VVRQ meditate this revelation with all the History Chronicles Aroused?

    we will see what happens …

  3. We have a whole } kweakbird { in this wavespell active …

    This is on KIN number 243 – Solar Night.

    It iz the Dream Mobilizer … at a 9 based focus where spices are densed.

    the bird is formed by 3 kin, the 2 tipping points and the birdbody:
    kin 239 ~ overtone storm
    kin 243 ~ solar night
    kin 247 ~ cosmic hand
    Just get that image as a starter to get in touch with another way of seeing

    then 2 wings are as the sensoric and telepath facilitators to the bird, the dream / the night seal on an intentional move:
    sensoric to Night is 240/241/244 or 241 tripled: 723
    telepathic to (K)Night is 244/245/246 or 245 tripled: 735

    we still are pionearing at this field and see what pops up as ways to slice through the vibrations and there abundant message. working with it already impulsed cells in the body without knowing its work “in words”, on that mystery we still just have to trust its collective & personal outcome.

    personally is see at 723 and 735 the combo of 23 & 35 at work (#58=>13 numerical pinpoints a cosmic radiance)

  4. my comment on eagle1 number 4 is on number 4

    see for the English word Mind which is attached to the seal of EAGLE:
    the one that sets the focus on VISION

    i write the word slightly different : MinD

    “Min” is a dutch word indicating MINUS …
    So there u are “minus D” ; is that a musical pattern?

    then know D is either 4 or it is 3 (TFI 3 is the feminine hemisphere margin)
    it is indeed the 4th character in the western alphabet : ABCD

    Is this the false shamanic(all) impotent germ / virus in the human minDset?


    a bivideotex approach :: validating “MIND” is
    13 9 13 – 4 aka 35 + 4 => 39 (mirrored by 93?)

    and i -bolon ik spiced one- pinpoint to the 9991 interpretation for 28 …
    which shows 3 9’s in a row as unity/1 pulsar.

    ;-{ … }-: u’r wwwinkspotbird

    • (13:29:16)

      timestamp oracle :

      13 = 13 moon
      29 = 260+1 / 9 = experienced days/moon
      16 = 16×4 years travelin’ UR runes

      well, i could not :: see the timestamp that appeared, free ends’ :-))

    • when you look at the nooshape of 4 …

      do we have an entry from below or from the right side?

      or do we just have an eye on the triangle formed by 3 strikes?

      what does the shape/form communicate, my related KIN?

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