G.A.P. Resonant Dragon codes the Equinox on Solar Silio 14: Cube 8

 Today’s Challenge: Kin 111;  Resonant Monkey seems to be ‘at play’:  After 6 hours were spent writing a lengthy post, it all disappeared when the ‘Publish’ button was pushed, 4 hours into the Monkey’s Watch.   This post is shorter  than the original.

Kin 241 anchors the upper right corner of the Tzolkin, beginning the 13th column of the 32nd Galactic Spin.  The Code Spell for Red Resonant Dragon is:  “I Channel in order to Nurture.  Inspiring Being, I seal the input of Birth with the Resonant tone of Birth.  I am guided by the power of Space.  I am a Galatic Activation Portal.  Enter me.”

Postulate  1.7 states: The purpose of the mystical experience of self-reflective being is to affirm God, who is otherwise imperceivable, and to cumulatively propel the biological  organism to a condition of pure self-relfective consciousness.  Attempts at systemizing mystical experience are actually attempts at understanding time.  But without accurate knowledge of the Law of Time, mystical systems can only be well-intentioned approximations.”

Red Resonant Skywalker
Blue Resonant Monkey Red Resonant Dragon White Resonant Mirror
  Yellow Resonant Sun

Today’s Occult is a Pacal Votan Clear Sign and G.A.P.:  Yellow Resonant Sun which anchors the lower left corner of the Tzolkin.  Our Guide is  Kin 33  Red Resonant Skywalker, which contains the Synchronic Code numbers:  13.7, added = 20, multiplied = 91, the number of days in a quarter of a year, and the number of steps in Quetzalcoatl’s Pyramid at Chichen Itza.  This beautiful image found at 13moon.com serves to remind us of the Equinox gathering at Chichen Itza, where thousands will watch Quetzalcoatl descend his Pyramid today.  It also depicts Hunab Ku 21;  The 21st archetype that follows Seal/Archetype 20 in “Book of the Timespace”  “20 represents totality, plus one = Unity.  The unity of totality, 21, represents the 20 solar seals plus the Hunab Ku 21:  One Giver of Moment and Measure”.

Red Dragon  Seal 1, Dragon or “Primal Force” holds the position of the Marka Pole at the North Galactic Pole.  Primal Force exemplifies being as knowledge.  G-K Neptune (B# 300)  Cardinal;   Earth’s Northern Regions;  Throat Chakra.

SILIO:  Discharge;  G-K Venus (B# 7);  Heart:  “My Role is to Accomplish the Actions of the Buddha.  I Discharge the Mental Electron Neutron at the South Pole.”  Buddha;  Pleaides.  Today we complete the  Antipode Telepathic Time Atom, and place  ourselves inside the Radion Cube we completed yesterday.  Next,  “visualize your Radion Cube around the Codon Cube, like a glove over a hand.  Once you have visualized the Cube over the Cube, then place the visualization of the  Telepathic Time Atom vertically within the Cube.  “Discharge all to the Center (Heart) of the Earth.  “From the central point where the Radion (Heptagonon of Mind) Cube, the Silio Seal and the Weekly Rune meet, DISCHARGE and RADIATE Love, Wisdom and Healing.

On the 13th day of Moon 9, of the Moon/Year combo of 9.13,  Solar Skywalker (9.13) sent word from the Law of Time’s website of  This  call for world unity at this upcoming Equinox (March 20 / Solar Moon Silio 14): http://www.lawoftime.org/unify.html  “Erdenechimeg.Ish’s organizations, the Strategic Advocacy NGO ( andwww.originalmongol.mn), are calling the world to unite to activate the world protection belt (i.e. circumpolar rainbow bridge) three times between now and 2012. The triple activation will occur on the Solar Moon (March) equinoxes  of 2010, 2011 and 2012.

“This day synchronizes with Silio of the 13 Moon Calendar, the day for activating the stabilizing Mental Electron Neutron to the center of the Earth. (From the 7:7::7:7 practice).  Meet with your groups and meditate the Rainbow Bridge on these days, (and every Silio) as these are critical points in synchronic time for triggering the Rainbow Bridge. If you have not yet activated your own Galactic Synchronization Crew, please read www.lawoftime.org/gsc and http://www.lawoftime.org/timeshipearth/rainbowmeditation.html

13 Moon Calendar Art

Telektonon Day 14Kin 144Victory Targets Yellow Magnetic Seed’  Seal One, DALI serves as an aphasic link between Week Two and Week Three.

Cube Eight:  Art  “By my unconscious stored Star power of Art, may prophecy target the victory of the Righteous.  May the beat of ignorance be slain!”  “May Free Will, Peace,  Art and Harmony Prevail!”

Bolon Ik’s First Weaving:  ‘Regeneration of the Crystal Wizard and redemption of the First Lost Tribe through the song of the 144,000′   has extra power on this Galactic Activation Portal, enhanced by the Global Meditations occurring on this Equinox.

Kin 241, Red Resonant Dragon codes the Norwegian explorer, Thor Heyerdahl, famous for his 101 day Kon-Tiki expedition, in which he sailed 4,300 miles (8,000 km) by raft from South America to the Tuamotu Islands in French Polynesia. This cover for the book he wrote indicates affinity with 13:20 Natural Time.  In it, he describes:  “a sun-god named Con-Tici Viracocha who was the supreme head of the mythical fair-skinned people in Peru.  Kon-Tiki was high priest and sun-king of these legendary “white men” who left enormous ruins on the shores of Lake Titicaca.  The legends he describes are similar to ones about Quetzlcoatl. 

Thor Heyerdahl once said:  “A civilized nation can have no enemies, and one cannot draw a line across a map, a line that doesn’t even exist in nature and say that the ugly enemy lives on the one side, and good friends live on the other.”

For this Cube Eight day of Art,  another  Resonant Skywalker is the  contemporary German artist Sigmar Polke.  One critic wrote that Polke’s paintings  “mirror life as it is directly experienced through human consciousness ”   This painting called “Magnetic Landscape”  ‘resonates’ with this Red Dragon day, it’s Red Skywalker guide and this Red Solar Serpent Moon.  🙂

N.  S.   1. 22. 9. 14.    Cube Eight:  Art     Kin 241



5 thoughts on “G.A.P. Resonant Dragon codes the Equinox on Solar Silio 14: Cube 8

  1. a”noo”there way to interpret 91 than 364/4 is this one:

    each moon of 28 days has 9+9+9+1 days …

    the 3 9’s merga and fuse with one another as a 1-ness celebration on day 28 …

    that last one is thereby the fusing “FIRE” day where Earth, Air & Water Fuse … just as one creature does as a ONEness celebration grateful to be part of the wholly holy game …

    So by that noo-trick (at all : ) we have 13 “91” moons …

    just, a matter of perception and the ability to set priorities having contemplated them all …

    nice med’daya

  2. after the 3/20,2010 med’ we might be empty enough and impulsed to get in some article …

    (u’ld better avoid it till it is a bite, aye)

    The dogon dream reset!

    get fertile by getting this quote:

    “The pre-big bang is very organized and knowing, because there is no mystery in the pre-big bang. The surprise big bang way of dreaming, creates randomizing and then mystery is birthed forever.”

    huGGG to my mystery queen, S’ace in some germinating weird plant

  3. Thanks S’ace!

    Seeing your e-mail ‘huGGG’ is a nice lift, while in the middle of writing the 222nd post, on your ‘Seal 2 Spirit’ day, falling on Bolon Ik’s 2nd Weaving.

    Never 2 many 2’s 🙂

    • so u started writing on kin021, dear Mirror8 …
      that was exactly 20 kin afterkweak get its momentum to run 😉

      Bolon IK is also 9th motion in the 2nd wave of IX ~ wizard !

      a 2 iz a swan , mirror it left makes it a heart; mirror it right makes it a triangle : 2 fuses the heart and the musical approach … the universe

      i’ll have a special 1st anniversary at 3K242 , thX for being present!

    • on number 2 / ik-seal i read an article here by our LongCount friend Calleman

      here the last lines that may pop up some ol’knowledge when we see to that together …

      “*Some of the text in the Newsweek article could have been taken directly from my book The Purposeful Universe (Inner Traditions, 2009) such as the connections between the T-shaped stones, the Tree of Life and the human body. The Big T shown on the picture in the article, similarly to the centriole, also has approximately the dimension of Phi, the Golden Ratio (I measure roughly 1,6 in the picture) showing a very early awareness that the Golden Ratio has its origin in the Tree of Life.

      This also raises the question whether the letter T has an origin in the World Tree, something that seems at least to be true for the Mayan symbol Ik. After all, T is a letter in the Latin script that first emerged under the World Tree line through Rome that separates the Eastern and Western Hemispheres (even though it has a forerunner in the less symmetrical Greek letter τ, tau). The great T-stone in Göbekli Tepe may then really be an early forerunner to writing the most basic symbol reflecting the Tree of Life that later turned into the letter T. Similarly, this introduction of duality may have been what prompted the emergence of counting. I believe, contrary to many, that human counting did not begin with the number one, but with the number two and the sound for d/t is prevalent in many languages in their words for the number two.”

      my personal thought to T got me to BUDDHA and his Tree 😉

      it is also the first letter in words as
      TeoTihuacan and TelekTonon …

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