Kin 242: White Galactic Wind codes Solar Dali 15, Cube 9 of Moon 9

The Code Spell for Kin 242:  White Galactic Wind is:  “I Harmonize in order to Communicate.  Modeling Breath, I seal the input of Spirit with the Galactic tone of Integrity.  I am guided by the power of Death.”

Postulate 2.8 states:  “Stellar systems which have experienced or are in the process of experiencing wholly evolved consciousness inevitably have a comprehension of the stellar masses in which conscious evolution in time has not advanced beyond the degree of self-reflective knowledge of the Law of Time.”  Crop circles are one indication that more advanced systems  comprehend  us well enough to attempt to Communicate with us.

White Galactic Worldbridger
Yellow Galactic Human White Galactic Wind Red Galactic Earth
  Blue Rhytmic Storm

Today’s Analog,  Kin 177, Red Galactic Earth, is also the PSI Chrono Kin for Day 15, Moon 9.  The G-Force for  Kin 177  (17.8) is Kin 51, Blue Crystal Monkey, which codes Madame Blavatsky.  51 also codes the Codon Cube for Week 33 which begins today.  It’s so fitting that the Seal originating this  unique synchronicity is  17:  “Synchrotron’!    Kin 19 is today’s Occult Power.  The first line of Postulate 19.6**  says“The Synchronic order of the Universe, maintained by the functioning of the Law of Time defines the “Divine Plan.  Galactic Wind is TMQ’s Guide  🙂

White Wind Seal 2, Wind a.k.a. or “High Priestess” holds the Power and Spirit of Prophecy at the Darka Pole-the South Pole of the Galactic Order.  “High Priestess exemplifies Spirit as the command of Prophecy.”  Seal 2 corresponds to GK Uranus (B# 196**)  Core Family;  Equatorial TropicsHeart Chakra.

DALI:  Target;  GK Mercury (B# 4);  Crown:  “My Father is intrinsic Awareness.  I Feel the Heat.”  ChristOmni-Galactic Source.  Today we begin the Sensory Quantum of the Occult Telepathic Time Atom.  We also build the Top of the Radion Cube. 

Codon 51:  “Thunder/Being Arousing:  Telepathy Arouses Energy of Space”.  First day:  “Lay the Line” on the bottom of the Cube for Codon 51 _____ (Yang:  Time)

We begin Week 35 with a nice synchronicity.  The third week of Solar Serpent Moon is ‘coded‘ by the Antipode of Solar Serpent:   Solar Eagle (15.9)  mirroring today:   Solar 15 and  Cube 9.  The 35th Heptad Path of each year corresponds to Mars-Pluto:  “Death Evolved as Thermic Self-Generation.”  According to “Book of the Timespace“, the Solar Moon corresponds to “The Two ElectroEtheric Meridians“.

DALI 15:  Victory Targets Mystery of the Stone.  Each day this Week corresponds to one year of the Mystery of the Stone.  Today:  Year 1:  AD 2004-2005 (Blue Crystal Storm)  Seals Stage 1 Bolontiku (“Single Luminous White A”)

Telektonon Day 15:   Aphasically linked to Seal Two:  Seli, coded by Kin 249:  Red Lunar Moon, and to the Second Prophecy.  Second Lost Tribe and Blue Cosmic Eagle‘Seven Last  Calamities rouse the Army of the Righteous to the 13 Moons

Cube Nine:  Purification.  Bolon Ik’s 2nd Weaving:  “By my unconscious Moon power of Purification, may prophecy flow the Victory of the Righteous!  May the terror of the karmic error of Babylon Planet be forever cleansed!  “May the Cosmic Eagle fly again!”  During Week Three, we Proclaim Victory of Prophecy.

 This depiction of the Mayan Great Goddess can also represent the “High Priestess”  She is holding a ‘Template of Cosmic Order”  Beginning on page 51 :), Book of the Timespace” discusses the primal blueprint of order (Ideal World) attuned to the ‘One’ or ‘Source‘, and referred to as ‘Tollan” (Tula).  We are leaving the current TimeSpace of History and returning to the TimeSpace of Tollan which symbolizes the return to Sacred Order

5 weeks now remain in the third Quarter governed by the Master ‘Codon 37:  Power of the Home:  Cosmic Order Informs Time’.  During these 35 days, beginning with this 35th Week of  the Self-Existing Seed Year, let’s give thought to the true meaning of the ‘Power of Home’ and our ‘Return Journey’ to the Original Matrix Attained, which begins with our Galactic Synchronization on Galactic Seed 2013.

Kin 242:  Galactic Wind, is the Galactic Signature of Bono (Paul David Hewson), lead musician of U2.  He once said:  “As a rock star, I have two instincts, I want to have fun, and I want to change the world. I have a chance to do both.”  He succeeded:  “Bono has become one of the world’s best-known philanthropic performers.  He has been dubbed, “the face of fusion philanthropy”, both for his success enlisting powerful allies from a diverse spectrum of leaders in government, religious institutions, philanthropic organizations, popular media, and the business world, as well as for spearheading new organizational networks that bind global humanitarian relief with geopolitical activism and corporate commercial enterprise.”    His stage name derives fromBono Vox” an alteration of Bonavox, a Latin phrase which translates to “good voice.”  “I Harmonize in order to Communicate applies  in more ways than one to this Galactic Wind who also said:  “Music can change the world because it can change people“.    Enjoy this video of Bono and the Corrs singing:  “When the Stars Go Blue.”  U2 fans are eagerly anticipating their release of  ‘Every Breaking Wave”   on their album:  ‘Songs of Ascent’   🙂waves breaking

N. S.  1. 22. 9. 15.      Cube Nine:  Purification     Kin  242


3 thoughts on “Kin 242: White Galactic Wind codes Solar Dali 15, Cube 9 of Moon 9

  1. my 3K242 day included a wonderful walk and later a godgiven massage by YaniQ, 3K044, my countergendermate who unifies us at 3K286/26: cosmic worldbridger

    the big wave photo feels like a tribute to the MooN who is just showing up here at the S/E skyline … my DS birthyear is Moon1 ~ Magnetic “Pure Pose”

    Bono and U2 mates were once visited in Rotterdam “bullet the blue sky”

    In kweak we go from 21 to 22 March where the 3rd kweak out of three in the 9th moon accomplish its “bird” … Here at the Northern Half SpringTimes announces itself by the many birds expressing their songs … BONOVOXES

    • S’ace; You have such a wonderful and delightful way with words and imagery! Your comments always make me smile.

      Thank You 🙂

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