Kin 247(19×13); Cosmic Hand: One Thousand and One Nights until Blue Crystal Hand, 12/21/2012

260 days ago,  on the   Blue Cosmic Hand  which fell on the 13th day  of the 13th  Moon (7/9/09), Valum Votan wrote that Kin 247   signaled the final 1260 days (plus one Hunab Ku Day a.k.a. Leap Day) of 12:60 civilization.  Later in this post, we will present some highlights from an exciting update by Valum Votan which he released on the  Pacal Votan Clear Sign day of  Spectral Serpent;  Solar Serpent Moon Day 18.  His prior report stated,  “Blue Cosmic Hand is Kin 247, this number is 13 x 19, the culminating Kin of the 0-19 code.  19 is the power of the command of God.”

Blue Cosmic Monkey
Red Cosmic Earth Blue Cosmic Hand Yellow Cosmic Human
  White Magnetic Wizard

The Code Spell for Kin 247:  Blue Cosmic Hand is:  “I Endure in order to KnowTranscending Healing, I seal the store of Accomplishment with the Cosmic tone of Presence.”

Postulate 7.13 states:  “Galactic universal life celestial harmonics are the telepathic explorations in time, based upon a specific interplanetary event-point, which then defines the identification of specific space-points and their Time Vector potentialities.  Through celestial harmonics the creative flux of the galactic event continuum can be entered, expanding the creative comprehension and scope of the Synchronic order.”  Which interplanetary event-points come to mind?

Today is also the 13th day of the 19th Wavespell.  PSI Chrono Kin which always codes Day 20 of Moon 9 is Kin 182:  White Cosmic Wind.  That  Cosmic Kin of  Communication and Spirit codes 1/3 of the Galactic Synchronization Crew 154 who contributed so much during our Galactic Cube Journey.  🙂   Today’s Guide is Kin 91 (inverse of 19), Cosmic Monkey, the seal that codes the Bio-region containing the most respondants for the Community of the Cube.  The G-Force for today is Red Magnetic Dragon, Kin 1 which begins the Tzolkin.  This is a numerical confirmation of 13 and 19 as the culminating Tone and  Seal.

Blue Hand  Seal 7, Hand a.k.a. Avatar ‘exemplifies Cosmic Knowledge’.  GK Earth (B# 10);  Core family;  Equatorial Regions;  Heart Chakra

LIMI:  Purify;  SP MaldekSolar Plexus“I Consume Dualistic Thoughts as Food.  I Purify the Mental Electron at the North Pole.”  Padmasambhava;  AA Midway Station. 

Mentally construct the Left Side of the Radion Cube.  Complete the 6th line of  Codon Cube 51, by envisioning this: ___    ___ (Yin;  Space) on the Top.

LIMI 20:  Corresponds to this year (6th) of the Mystery of the Stone, which “Victory Releases“.    Release Purifies and seals the 6th Bolontiku‘Awesome Vast Blue Sky’.  Yesterday we began the final 4 days of the Solar Moon’s Cube Journey, which is coded by the 4 sacred syllables of  ‘Tel-Ek-Ton-On’.  Today, Cube Day 14 = “Ek“.

Telektonon Day 20:  Seventh Prophecy and Seal 7 Silio, coded by White Resonant Wizard.  “The millenium:  7th Lost Generation:  Yellow Overtone Sun (7th Solar Witness) brings on the “The Glory“:  The Biosphere-Noosphere Transition.

Cube Fourteen:  Timelessness   Bolon Ik’s 7th Weaving:  “By my continuing conscious Wizard power of Timelessness, may victory discharge Prophecy of the 13 Moons way as the kingdom of Heaven on Earth.”  “May universal Peace prevail!”  Arabic Manuscript of “The Thousand and One Nights” dating back to the 1300s.  Valum Votan’s latest article was triggered by the fact that tomorrow, Yellow Magnetic Star, begins the final 1,000 days until our Harmonic Convergence in 2012.  “In the ancient Mongolian calendar, 1000 days is one cycle of the universe, which can hold the force of the Eternal Blue Heaven. This number can completely decide the world protection from the disaster of mankind’s civilization“.  That quote is from: Erdenechimeg Ish, The Secret of Mayan Calendar is Revealed (2010) Go to fullsize image Valum Votan continues:  “March 27, 2010, Kin 248 Yellow Magnetic Star, Solar Moon 21, 4 Seed year, commences the 1000 day countdown to 2012. These one thousand days will be momentous like no other 1000 days in the entirety of the present historical cycle of civilization.”  His words affirm our intent here:” …to assure that by 2013, a small but critical minority of humans would already have accepted and be operating by the 13 Moon harmonic standard, while being fortified by an ample knowledge of the workings of the synchronic order and the Law of Time.”  Go to fullsize imageValum Votan reveals new information about what happens after 2013, which we which will  discuss here tomorrow on Solar  Silio 21.

Several accomplished and influential people are coded by Kin 247:  Blue Cosmic Hand including  Nicolaus Copernicus who was the Polish astronomer who advocated the theory of  a Heliocentric universe, and Margaret Mead, an American Anthropologist who studied pre-12:60 cultures

Three authors, the French novelist Honore Balzac,  Frank Baum, the American Theosophist who wrote the “Wizard of Oz”, and the American author Henry Miller were all Blue Cosmic Hands.   

Leonard Peltier is Lakota activist and leader of American Indian Movement, although he is spending most of his life incarcerated–some say as a political prisoner.  
Meanwhile,  Alan Greenspan the former head of the Federal Reserve Bank, shares Peltier’s  Kin 247 Signature, but  is his opposite in most respects. Go to fullsize imageDuring this Solar Moon of Intent,  8 days remain to have each Seal on this wheel represented  in the ‘Community of the Cube’.  It is currently the Challenge watch:  Red Cosmic Earth Challenge, here in New Zealand.  It would take much less than 1% of the readers of this blog to achieve that modest goal for the sake of our Cosmic Evolution and our Earth‘s Biosphere. 

Another Cosmic Hand, Brian May of Queen, may inspire you  to “Become Champions of the World”!  for these “most momentous 1,000 days” that begin tomorrow.  🙂

N.  S.  1. 22. 9. 20.   Cube Fourteen:  Timelessness    Kin 247 (19 x 13)

11 thoughts on “Kin 247(19×13); Cosmic Hand: One Thousand and One Nights until Blue Crystal Hand, 12/21/2012

  1. Love love love
    Center of my Warrior Dorothy
    We will find the Wizard who is sure to give us all
    a HEART
    a BRAIN
    a HOME
    the NERVE.

    On my way to work today I saw a large camping trailer that was named “Lakota,” which also happens to be one of my fiercest minded comrades, Self Existing Seed, who is of that nation. 😉

    I researched a few other Hands, and Alfred A. Knopf practically provided me my middle-class education – nearly everything we read in primary grades was a Random House (haha) selection. The Acceleration of the Datastream is his Waterloo LOL To wit:,_Sr.

    Knopf had little enthusiasm for most of the changes that took place in the publishing industry during his lifetime. “Too many books are published, and they are overpriced,” he told The Saturday Review. These are things “about which all publishers agree, and about which no publisher does anything.” The most fundamental change he noted was the increased importance of the editor. “In the early days, things were quite simple. The books came in; we published them as written. . . . A publisher was regarded–and so, in turn, was the writer–as a pro. A writer’s job was to write a book and give it to you.” And he remarked to Shenker: “I guess business became more complicated and publishers less literate. It ceased to be the fact that publishers publish and authors write. Today authors submit manuscripts and editors write books.” The editor is now hired largely to acquire books, “and if he can’t get good books, he usually takes what he can get–books that are not so good. And then he sometimes wrecks himself trying to make a silk purse out of what can never become anything but a sow’s ear.”

    Knopf was generally unimpressed with current literature, though he admired John Hersey, John Updike, Jorge Amado, and a few other contemporary authors. In Publishing Then and Now he wrote: “Frequently . . . our American author, whatever his age, experience in life, and technical knowledge, simply can’t write. I don’t mean that he is not the master of a prose style of elegance and distinction; I mean that he can’t write simple straightforward and correct English. And here, only an exceptional editor will really help him.” American authors are not very durable, he said in 1964, and “there are no giants in Europe now.” And though twelve Knopf authors had won Nobel Prizes, Knopf acknowledged that “some Nobel Prize books aren’t very good”, calling Doctor Zhivago, for example, “incredibly tedious. . . . If Krushchev had banned it for dullness instead of its political implications, he might have been in the clear.”

    Knopf also lamented the “shockingly bad taste” that he felt characterizes much modern fiction, and warned of the danger of a “legal backlash” against pornography, a possible revival of censorship.

    This outspoken aspect of his character sometimes found voice in letters of complaint to hotels, restaurants, and stores that failed to meet his high standards. These letters grew increasingly frequent and more severe as he aged. One striking example is the six-year-long war of words he waged against the Eastman Kodak Company over a roll of lost film [1].

    I guess if you’re a word man; a picture man is the competition. 🙂

    Holy blowers Batman! This is amazing. The film has no commentary – at least when I viewed it – I listened to Queen’s “You Take My Breath Away” from A Day at the Races – and there is Mother Gaia expressing an Auntie Mame-worthy “entrance” amidst a pristine holy white setting –

    Auntie Mame: Oh, Agnes! Here you’ve been taking my dictations for weeks and you haven’t gotten the message of my book: live!
    Agnes Gooch: Live?
    Auntie Mame: Yes! Live! Life’s a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!

    I found this on my break and put it on yesterday’s post and just had more time to absorb now – such a satisfying syllable 🙂
    The sixteenth Hexagram of the I-Ching, YÜ, is the only Hexagram which is related specifically to both sound and music.
    The Taoist Liu I-Ming in his commentary 9 notes the especial property of YÜ (translated as Joy) as ‘proper timing in action’. ln context this relates to the use of the proper rhythm sounded at the proper time, a major factor contributing to the efficacy of sound to cause specific effects. The whole of the tantric system of Raga, for example, also incorporates a precise day and time designation for performance.

    Express YÜ, 😉

    • a HEART ~ a BRAIN ~ a HOME ~ the NERVE

      iz about 4 domains/entities/themes and simultaneous to

      “I am, It thinks, She Feels, He Wills.”

      so how to attach the 4 to 4 as a 16 year cube experience with a hu=man outcome as a re-suLT … (comment ur alterneative?)

      heart as (not) being
      brain as free thinking realm
      the home as emotional catalyzer to feel together as athird eye seer
      the free will itself as navigathor …

      as the 1st multiplex outco-me to offer us gathered?

      … the TMQ cab’IN fuses

  2. And I just had time to watch the “All You Need Is Love” video – and I was:
    365th to vote
    There were currently 133 comments
    I am not kidding.
    I took a picture with my digital camera – but I haven’t the correct cable at this hour.
    My look at the time 🙂

  3. handy seal 7 is in the middle of 5 and 9 …

    this one 247 is the right hand side and wing of 243 (9) in the current kweak

    give some tension and thereby meaning …

    i -myself as quantumfeelinginvoked (=inspiringkin)- see this in the saying 1000 and=plus 1 days to go … while that also intertwines with 1000 minus 1 days which gives number 999 (27) as a vibration beyond the mirror.

    And yes tomorrow is march27, and today we are growing and flowing and blowing to that number …

    Kin027=Magnetic Hand and pinpoints to the hand which magnetizes by touch – see me feel me touch me … the WHO or do u prefer JIMMY (no thing to prefer, make it happen on the stream)

  4. Namaste

    Dear TMQ and Cosmic friends,

    I’v reading all the info that you send couple days ago…what a perfect gift to clebrate my cosmic brithday, regarding my Action to know 😉 !! Thanks !

    kin 247 Blue cosmic hand (7.13) mark the 1260 day until the sincronization in 2012 and my little daugther who is yellow magnetic start (8.1) Kin 248 mark the 1000 days until then too… the diference is 260 the tlozkin matrix! 😀

    ” 260 days ago, on the Blue Cosmic Hand which fell on the 13th day of the 13th Moon (7/9/09), Valum Votan wrote that Kin 247 signaled the final 1260 days (plus one Hunab Ku Day a.k.a. Leap Day) of 12:60 civilizationlook…”

    …260 – 247 (19×13) = 13 the Cosmic tone of PRESENCE…and here I’m 😀 ! representing the bioregion of the Eagle closinh his wavespell whit the strong power of Vision…Cosmic Vision…Cosmic healign to the earth !



    (33 is the add of my gregorina date ( 1+9+8+4+3+8= 33!) and this year I’m turning 26 !!) definetly “GOD IS IN NUMBERS…GOD IS IN ALL…WE ARE ALL…WE ARE GOD ” ….LIGTH for all !!!

    • Namaste Burbuja 33,

      Thank you for your words, and for that incredibly beautiful video!

      My birthdate also adds up to 33 🙂

      Today’s Occult 12.12 codes your current year.


  5. (441) Cube of Truth, Member.

    (V.V and R.Q.)

    (C.H.C.).volume(2)(Book of the Avatar).

    Discuss Discipline on pg. (215)

    “Discipline Requires Exertion,of both Mental and Spiritual Energy.Creating Space in your Mind,so There is no Manufacturing of Thoughts.Sometimes we must EXERT to Dissolve Thoughts.Consistent Discipline Repaces Old (12/60)Programs. Old Programs are erased according to the intensity of Discipline. Remembering the Difference between Routine and Discipline.”

    I live close to where Corruption erupted on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation(The home of The Lakota Sioux.(THE AMERICAN INDIAN MOVEMENT) (A.I.M. was Manifested and Formed in the70’s?? This Group whom I am very Connected With of Many Elder Members. Thankful to have been shown the “Red Road”of Culture…

    (Charlie Poor Thunder),(Russel Means),and The (Shapeshifter) Leonard Peltier.(shaman)
    This group was formed to combat the White Cheat,(corruption).
    Leonard has spent his life in Federal Prison in C.O. for ?I would label Avatarism or Sacredism, or Martyrism.
    He will join me in the Black Hills Come Rainbow Bridge Time.
    These Hills r his Tribes LAND.

    (1000 Days.)
    (I) must be Disciplined. (I )must be Focused.(I )must carry my Weight. Being of Service.
    In La’kesh

    • Amen, Skywalker.

      Here’s to Peace, Justice, Discipline, Love and the ‘441 Cube of Truth’.

      Thank You for your Service

      In La’kesh,
      Kin 138

  6. I just check Daniel Levy web and how amazin is that!! congratulations i will live to learn how to do mandalayoga…You know where in Montreal you can do it?

  7. On this Limi day, I would like to introduce my son, E-Star (himself Limi) as a voice for the Cardinal Earth Family. I’m writing this at the end of the Guiding Monkey watch for Blue Cosmic Hand Day. E-Star is Kin 11. He is coded by 11.11-Blue Spectral Monkey.
    I am decoding his first grade class and plan to do some fun exercises with that.
    He loves to play-and gives my visions a field to dance in.
    Tapping into the Cosmic Wind PSI unit-we are having a wind storm here! It’s voice definately has a cosmic tone…It is HERE we are ENDURING it and together, we are TRANSCENDING the hum-drum.
    Thank you for the ‘Love’ lyrics.
    I am in Vegas currently-and after I copied and pasted the words to my boyfriend-I was called by an acrobat that performs in the Cirque Du Soleil show, “Love”! At the exact moment I pressed send.
    I have constructed a 4D ‘time atom’ to assist me in visualizing each days building of the cube. I made it out of toothpicks and colored gummies. I have found that it is bringing increased revalations and energy. The form I settledwith varies slightly-as I am working with incorporating the 13 chakras and 13 wavespell within the cube we send each week. I have found this works with a double visual each day. My challenge is to upload a visual of what I’m trying to ARTiculate. With heart planted firmly in ‘Love’…may we all accomplish a healing task today by following our inner ‘knowing’.

  8. Dear Moi,

    At this moment, it is 11:11 p.m. in New Zealand. 🙂
    That’s a lovely image: you decoding E-Star’s classmates!

    Thank you for your earlier comments, and here’s to your ‘bigger challenge’ happening 🙂

    Namaste, TMQ

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