Magnetic Star begins 20th Wavespell, ends 3rd Week, on Solar Silio 21

Today begins  the final wavespell of  Galactic Spin 32:  Yellow Star Wavespell Twenty:  Power of Elegance.

Yellow Magnetic Star

Red Lunar Moon
Yellow Cosmic Sun

Blue Crystal Storm

White Electric Dog
White Spectral Mirror

Blue Self-existing Monkey
Red Planetary Earth

Yellow Overtone Human

Red Rhytmic Skywalker

White Resonant Wizard

Blue Galactic Eagle

Yellow Solar Warrior

The Code Spell for Kin 248:  Yellow Magnetic Star is:  “I Unify in order to Beautify.  Attracting Art, I seal the store of Elegance with the Magnetic tone of Purpose.  I am guided by my own power doubled.”

The Title for the Postulates section for Seal 8, which codes the next 13 days of Elegance is:  Yoga, Meditation and Sensory Teleportation.”  Lunar Seed’s wonderful new website is up just in time for this Wavespell of ‘Yoga‘:  🙂

The Postulate for 8.1 states:  “Cultivation of systematic telepathic exploration of Celestial Harmonics is a function of evolutionary necessity, involving the adjustment of the relationship between the AC and CA functions disrupted by the artificial timing sequence of the erring species, Homo Sapiens.”

We remain in synch with the PSI Chrono Kin, Kin 183:  Magnetic Night  matching the tone and Earth family of Magnetic Star.  Magnetic Mirror is today’s Challenge, and Self-Existing Mirror is Kin 248’s G-Force.  The Occult power for today is 13.13:  Kin 169:  Red Cosmic Skywalker.

Solar Silio 21 is always The Mystery Queen’s ‘Solar-Galactic Return’.  That means her Solar Birthday was 260 days ago on Yellow Magnetic Star.  4 years ago today, on Kin 88:  Yellow Planetary Star, TMQ had her first meeting alone with Valum Votan and Stephanie South, during which Votan announced his intention for them to also move to New Zealand.  Exactly one year later, when Valum Votan  called from Queenstown, New Zealand,  to note her Spectral Skywalker  ‘Solar-Galactic Return’,  TMQ finally understood what a Solar-Galactic Return was.  (At that time she was living in the heart of the South Island, at her house she had named Lamat Home (=88), with the Lamat Star  painted on her front door.) The Solar-Galactic Return for each 13 Moon Year is always  on  Planetary 9 (April 12).  In 16 days, it will be Kin  4, which codes this Yellow  Self-Existing Seed  year.

Yellow Star Seal 8:  Star a.k.a. Artist is the master builder and “exemplifies the resonant power of art as the beginning of Love.”  GK Venus (B# 7)Signal family;  Southern RegionsSolar Plexus.

 SILIO:  Discharge;  GK Mars (B# 16);   Heart:  “My Country is the Unborn Ultimate Sphere.  I Release the Double-Extended Electron at the South Pole.”   Buddha;  Pleaides.

Infuse the Heart of the Radion Cube  and Codon Cube 51 with your Spirit.   Visualize the Radion (Heptagonon of mind) Cube around your Codon Cube.  Next, place your visualization of the Blue Occult Telepathic Time atom vertically with in the Radion Cube over the Radion Cube, with your self in the Heart center. 

Discharge all to the Heart center of the Earth.  From the central point, where the Time Atom, the Silio Seal and Rune 51 meet, DISCHARGE and RADIATE Love, Wisdom and Healing.  Meditate the Circumpolar rainbow Bridge: 21:  Victory Discharges Mystery of the Stone, Year 7AD 2010-2011 Overtone Wizard.   Occult Aphasic  Discharged.  Seal Bolontiku stage 7:  Single Wing Red Fire.  “Cube(s) Discharged into the Center (Heart) of the Earth”.

Telektonon Day 21:  New Heaven-New Earth 2000-2011:  Establishment of the Noosphere as the kingdom of Heaven on Earth—Humanity attains full 4th-dimensional understanding, return to nature and the original garden, planetary Cosmic consciousness and Galactic memory. 

Cube Fifteen:  Vision  Bolon Ik’s 8th Weaving:  Victory of the 144,000 becomes the measure of New Heaven, New Earth.  “By my telepathic conscious Eagle Power of Vision, may the 13 Moons of Peace way restore the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth as the promised Second Creation Peace!”

This Silio 21 ends the Solar Eagle Occult quarter of the Solar Serpent Moon,  Codon 51:  Telepathy Arouses Energy of Space and   Heptad 35.  Kin 35 is Solar Eagle!  The synchronistic connections between the Eagle of Vision (whose Wavespell ended at Midnight) and Codon 51’s Telepathy strengthens this 8th Weaving.

Telepathy is also growing through our manifestation of the Community of the Cube.  Today we complete the spectrum of Earth families with the addition of Planetary Serpent Moi’s son who is 11.11, Spectral Monkey (like Valum Votan) who is a LIMI member of the Cardinal family, also in the Monkey region of our Planet’s Holon.  Welcome!  Now that the Throat Chakra is present, more Kin seem to be finding their voice.  Check out the wonderful comments.

We wish a happy Galactic Birthday to Blue Cosmic Hand (yesterday) and his daughter,  a Yellow Magnetic Star who joined our Community of the Cube on her Galactic Birthday today!  They anchor the Eagle Bio-Region. 
Now that we have at least one Kin from each Earth Family, let’s determine if each Radial Plasma is represented.

Another Magnetic Star is Swami Muktananda, the Indian Hindu guru/founder of Siddha Yoga.  This website about him can inspire us, and also remind us that it is necessary to cultivate the magical-seeming powers of Siddha Yoga  on behalf of our Earth.

Kin 248 codes a man credited with ending the cold war, bringing a greater state of Peace and stability of our planet:  Mikhail Gorbachev, former Russian Premier, and the architect of Glasnost and the end of the Cold War.

*Today marks the final 1,000 days before the long-prophesied Solstice on 12/21/2012.  Valum Votan writes that today begins  the most momentous 1,000 days of the 5,125 years of History that end on that Solstice. “For the Foundation for the Law of Time, 2012 marks the completion of the preliminary stage of its mission.”  “by July 26, 2013 (our Galactic Synchronization), there will be no more Gregorian calendar and the 13:20 timing frequency of universal synchronization will have supplanted altogether the 12:60 timing frequency which had dominated the global civilization much of the past 5000 years.

“The date 7.26 2013 will be commemorated as representing frequencies of the Law of Time, signifying: a) the creative power of 7 and the 26, one half of a 52 year cycle and the fractal of 260, and also the first day of the 26th year of the first Sirius 52-year cycle (see below); while b) 2013 will be observed as the moment of conscious triumph of 20 and 13, the two numbers that control the universe combining to establish the 13;20 timing frequency – hence Timeship Earth 2013.”

Valum Votan presents a quote from a book with  “a most significant piece of information. It indicates that 8 days after the end of the 20th baktun ( that Pacal Votan will return. (!)

Today is also the Galactic Birthday of the Hunab Ku Galactic Butterfly crop circle that was begun on Magnetic Eagle (June 27, 2009)hu and completed 13 days later on July 10th (The Mystery Queen’s birthday).h2 This special crop circle  contains 18 sets of 8 parts.  Enjoy your Solar 21 Hunab Ku Day!  🙂

N.S.   1. 22. 9. 21.   Cube Fifteen:  Eagle      Kin 248

5 thoughts on “Magnetic Star begins 20th Wavespell, ends 3rd Week, on Solar Silio 21

  1. 1000 days = 1000 kin = 35×28 kin + 20
    in 7777 formation this is 35×4 weeks => 140
    in 9991 formation this is 35×3 kwaeks => 105 + 35 GLORYdaya + 19+1 final days

    multiple perceptions to perceive and from that weave the synchrone amplitude …

    about 4 weeks ago i myself received a paper from jupiter-international and to my surprise it showed a page with about 20 telepathic spirits subscribing the mission … among them Mikhail Gorbachev , YaniQ and S’ace.

    May i add YaniQ to the TMQ KIN:

    Your Galactic Signature and the country you currently live in: 052-COSMIC HUMAN, the Netherlands
    along with the Seal that codes your Bio-Region: SUN
    1) your degree of familiarity with the Law of Time, or any other relevant material: DEGREE is linked to the DREAMSPELL DIARY of PAN ORANGE;
    LongCount KIN252 – OVERTONE HUMAN
    2) which Kin coded your last Solar birthday: SOLAR HUMAN 152*
    3) anything else: SHIATSU Practioner, Loves to Solve Cryptograms (like my boyfriend DS022, a living cryptogram : )

    have fun and plea-sure to that!

  2. Hey all. I’m a Galactic Seed Kin 164. Day of Galactic Synchronization. I’ve been reading TMQ’s blog now for at least 3 or 4 months. I’m studying all of the galactic synchronicities of the Mayan Calendars, and the Radial Cubes, and I’m understanding most of everything. I consider myself to be a Earth Wizard, like you all, I’m holding down the Gateway family, with the radial plasma Alpha. Lamat just so happens to be my guide. 🙂 Synchronizations left and right. 🙂

    I don’t know how to “join” the community of the cube. But, I feel I am a member, already. So, if there’s some way for me to contribute to the community, please let me know. 🙂

    In Lak’ech
    -8 K’an

  3. Good grief – as this is my Star year and the maniacally purposeful tone One Magnetizes everything – it’s already been a weird one! License plate 65 and 66 with a 666 have graced my field as well as a transaction for $146.66 and a safe drop transaction #9666. – I love that it’s a triangle AND a square. 😉 Like to give shout outs to two other 248’s – Carlos Santana and Karen O – Here’s the Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “Zero”

    “Shake it like a ladder to the sun…”
    In Lak’ech,

    • hi christine 😉 something revealed by your link , did u see that?

      %28number%29 showed up from the code …

      %28 is for “(” – bracket opening
      %29 is for “)” – bracket closing

      iz there any logic from our noospheric clearance in that information-beYond?

      i like to listen to all here who have a narrative on that!

  4. The sun has just set here – but eye’m in the parking lot of my loCAl grocery store and the birds are chirping like crazy – jUSt want to see if there’s a solar reason. POST!!! and they just stipped

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