G.A.P. Kin 22: Solar Wind codes Planetary World-Bridger Moon Limi 27

The Code Spell for Kin 22:  White Solar Wind is:  “I Pulse in order to Communicate.  Realizing Breath, I seal the input of Spirit with the Solar tone of Intention. I am guided by the power of Endlessness.  I am a Galactic Activation Portal.  Enter me.”

White Solar Mirror
Yellow Solar Human White Solar Wind Red Solar Earth
  Blue Overtone Storm

Today’s Occult is  a G.A.P.:  Kin 239;  Blue Overtone Storm.   The G-force of Kin 22 is 8.2, Kin 28,  Yellow Lunar Star, which also appears on the 7:7:7:7 card for today.  The ‘Harmonic of Polar Light” is 288-260 = 28.   The PSI for these 3 days is  G.A.P. Kin 154, Spectral Wizard, which also codes our GSC, and whose G-Force of Galactic Seed codes our Cube Kin James, and our Galactic Synchronization in 2013.  Happy Galactic Birthday to S’ace!  Kin 22  was  among the first to comment at this blog, and his prolific and creative input is thought-provoking, encouraging  and appreciated!

Postulate 2.9 states:  “Higher evolved stellar systems and other Galactic orders** may investigate other lesser evolved systems through various advanced forms of Time Travel, but may not interfere in any way with the stream of consciousness, until it has evolved to the point of moment-to-moment self-reflective consciousness.  Only mutual telepathic awareness or recognition is allowed.”

 Seal 2. Wind.  The Mandala has “already been laid out since the beginning.”  Wind communicates Spirit, the essence of which is the Mandala of the original order.  Wind or High Priestessholds the Power and Spirit of Prophecy at the second light gate–the Darka Pole–the South Pole of the  Galactic order**.  The High Priestess exemplifies Spirit as the command of Prophecy.”  GK-Uranus ;  Core;  Equatorial Regions;  Heart. 

LIMI 27:  Purifies;  GK-Neptune;  Solar Plexus“I Consume Dualistic Thoughts as Food.  I Purify the Mental Electron at the North Pole.”  Transcendance;  Padmasambhave;  AA Midway Station.  On the 6th day of each week, we complete the Radion Cube (Left Side) and the Top of the Codon Cube: ████▌▐████ (Yin;  SPACE

LIMI 27:  Corresponds to Kin 199, Blue Self-Existing Storm, which codes the Heart Oracle of this year’s “Awesome Vast Blue Sky”  Bolontiku, and the 6th of the 7  Last Moons of the 13 Baktuns.  The 6th Mystic Moon, coded by Kin 207:  Blue Crystal Hand is also fractally time-compressed into LIMI 27.  Today is also the final 21st day of the ‘extended’ Cube.  The 7:7:7:7 calls Limi 27:  TELEPATHIC MEMORY.

Telektonon Day 27:  Bolon Tiku:  The Summoning of the conscious power of 9.  Having received the summoning power of the 13 Oxlahuntiki, today Bolon Ik receives the power of the 9 Lords of Time, Bolon Tiku, the summoning power of 9 in the unconscious.

To read more about 9′s and 13′s, see Kin 205 (Moi)’s lovely comment on the Kin 21 post.  Seal 13 (Christine) has posted many fascinating comments this week.   Also, check out Kin 129  (Moon=Seal 9, M=13) (Melovia)’s wonderful response to the Day-out-of-Time appeal.  She  shares this  from Stephanie South’s “13 Moon Almanac:”

The Codon 45, Ocean of Presence: In the traditional I Ching, Tsui/Gathering Together (Massing). Here in the upper triplet we have joy/the Wizard’s Song, and in the lower position, we have the Space triplet. This denotes the potential of space to accommodate a great gathering ~ hence Joy/the Wizard’s Song. Since the lower triplet Space also represents the Earth, this denotes the kind of gathering that is synchronized every year on the Day Out of Time.... If such gatherings are marked by a predominant feeling of spontaneous joy then the positive vibrations set off by such mass events can be Earth-transforming. In terms of the binary letters, here we have Mind between Space below and Radiance above. It is evident that if Mind is supported by Space (the meaning of natural mind meditation) there can be a release of transformative joy into the higher dimensions. This meaning of Oceans of Presence has great significance for the world-wide gatherings of 2012.”

Kin 22 is known as the Galactic Signature of Bolon Ik.  Page 11 of the “Galactic Meditation’ says this about her:  The great Pacal (Votanwas of a matrilineal descent, the right restorer and inheritor of the primal mother lineage and, hence, of the Divine command.  But the son (Chan Balum who inherited Pacal’s Earthly kingdom) was of Pacal, and not of  matrilineal descent, and so, in compensation, Chan  Balum and his successors glorified by inscription,  the sign of the Primal Mother of the Dynasty, Bolon Ik.” 

To give recognition to his true spiritual heir, Pacal Votan arranged for Lady Kabal Xok to be buried in Temple XIII
 (13), next to his, and with the same jade mask which denotes an equal spiritual attainment.  When discovered in 1994, she was covered in red cinnabar and is now known as the Red Queen.

Go to fullsize image Image Preview Go to fullsize image Palenque 13 by bareknuckleyellow.

This current news report shows how much the concept of a Queen has changed:  http://www.whoownstheworld.com/about-the-book/largest-landowner/  ‘Queen Elizabeth II… is the legal owner of about 6,600 million acres of land, one sixth of the earth’s non ocean surface.  She is the world’s largest landowner by a significant margin’, and the richest individual on Earth!

When we have returned to the Natural Harmony of the 13:20 Frequency, such inequities (and even the concept of  ‘ownership’ of our beautiful Earth) will cease to exist.

Tomorrow we begin a very Magical Transition from the Planetary World-Bridger Moon of Manifestation to the Spectral Hand Moon of Liberation!  🙂

N. S.  1. 22. 10. 27.    eCube 21:  TELEPATHIC MEMORY     Kin 22:  SPIRIT

Hunab Ku Kin 21: Galactic Dragon; Root of the 441 Cube codes Planetary 26

 Kin 21 is the G-Force of Valum Votan, and it is the Galactic Signature of the “2013 and The Mystery Queen” blog.  The first blog was posted on Magnetic 18 (August 12, 2009) which was the 178th Solar Birthday of Madame Blavatsky, whom Valum Votan refers to as  “The Pre-cursor of the Red Queen“.  The Year (4.4), Moon (17.1) and Kin 21 (1.8) added up to Cosmic Wind, making it a good day to begin to Communicate  about  the 13:20 Synchronic Codes, and Telepathic Unity,  as espoused by the Law of Time.  🙂
The Code Spell for Kin 21, Red Galactic Dragon is:  “I Harmonize in order to Nurture.  Modeling Being, I seal the input of Birth with the Galactic tone of Integrity.  I am guided by the power of Life Force”.
Red Galactic Serpent
Blue Galactic Monkey Red Galactic Dragon White Galactic Mirror
  Yellow Rhytmic Sun

Galactic Monkey is the Antipode and 18.8, Galactic Mirror is the Analog of Kin 21.  Galactic Dragon’s G-Force is Blue Crystal Eagle, and the PSI for the last 3 days of the Planetary Moon is always  White Spectral Wizard.

Postulate 1.8 states:  “Only in a condition of self-reflective being can knowledge of the Law of Time be obtained.  Discovery of the Law of  Time defines the stage between mere consciousness, which is moment to moment, and continuing consciousness.  Knowledge of the Law of Time distinguishes the peak mystical experience, which is generally individualistic, and continuing consciousness, which enters into the Telepathically collective.  Continuing consciousness is dependent on the mental engagement of the intelligence structures by which fourth-dimensional time is known.”

 Seal 1  Dragon.  The compassion for sentient beings has “already been performed since the beginning”.  Dragon nurtures compassion for all beings.  Dragon or Primal Force holds the position of the first light gate-the Marka Pole-at the North Galactic Pole.  The Primal Force exemplifies being as knowledge.  GK-Neptune;  Cardinal;  Northern Regions;  Throat**.

ALPHA 26:  Release;  GK-Pluto;  Throat**:  “My Country is the Unborn Ultimate Sphere.  I Release the Double-Extended Electron at the South Pole.”  TIMESPACE;  St. John of Patmos;  Sirius.  Build the right side of the Radion Cube.  We ‘Sound the Fifth’ by laying the fifth line of Codon 45;  Ocean of Presence:   ██████████ (Yang;  TIME) on the Front of the Cube we are ‘constructing’ around ourselves.

ALPHA 26 corresponds to the 5th Solar Witness, White Electric Mirror, and the Moon coded by it:  Moon 198.  The 5th Mystic Moon of 2013 is coded by Kin 206:  White Spectral World-Bridger.  Today is the 20th day of the ‘extended Cube’ of Planetary Moon:  TELEPATHIC MEMORY’.

Telektonon Day 26:  Oxlahuntiki:  The Summoning of the conscious power of 13.  Summoning the Power of Time, the Oxlahuntiki, Bolon Ik sends Pacal Votan the Telecosmic Number Power of 13 to help him complete his conscious power of Prophecy;  (7).

“In the final stage leading to 2012, we complete the Fifth Sun, and usher in the Sixth Sun of total renewal.  This is brought about through the reorganization by a universal plan of unification, in which the old TimeSpace is dissolved, and a new one takes its place.  The template of this renewal plan is known as the Hunab Ku 21.-the prophetic tradition of the Galactic Mayan.  The Hunab Ku is the One Giver of Movement and Measure–movement as Time, measure as Space.”  (from page 108 of “Book of the Timespace“)

This statement contains the elements of our focus in establishing the 441 Cube of Truth.  Even the page number reminds us of our GM108X Day-out-of-Time which is happening in only 58 days.  TMQ first encountered the term  ‘GM108X:  Galactic Mayan Mind Transmission’ while reading a booklet she bought on her first trip to the Law of Time in Ashland, called “Galactic Meditation;  “Entering the Synchronic Order”.  

In this 35 page booklet, Valum Votan describes how the Galactic Maya have nurtured Saints and Avatars of all traditions, and others who are not so well-known, who have also had a powerful and positive  impact.  “Only by taking root in a lineage of genuine human beings could the Galactic Mayan Mind Transmission qualify as a genuine spiritual transmission of benefit to all humans.”  The Galactic Mayan civilization on Earth flourished for several hundred years, culminating with the “avataric descent of one supremely qualified being, Pacal Votan.  Two years before his death, Pacal designated his spiritual heir, and that her Tomb would be adjacent to his, in Temple XIII (13), completely unadorned except for an 8 “But when discovered in the final days of the 13th Baktun cycle, the tombs of Votan and the Red Queen will be the sign that the Galactic Mayan return has begun.” 

“Through the activation of the appropriate avataric agents, has the Mother lineage thought transmission of the Galactic Maya–GM108X, as it is known–been reestablished on Earth today“. 

This is related today to inspire you to begin preparing for our Self-Existing Star (GM108X) Day-out-of-Time.  A page has been created at http://cubeoftruth.wordpress.com/  for sharing ideas, information and inspiration about this Day-out-of-Time:  let’s be prepared for something wonderful!  Creating this daily blog takes most of TMQ’s free time, and she is  technologically handicapped compared to most of her readers, so only the beginning of a foundation exists at the Cube of Truth site. peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace Check out the partially begun page:  “The Kin of the 441 Cube of Truth”.  (information from the tiny edit window doesn’t always translate to the larger page-that large page is the reason that particular motif was chosen)  If Kin don’t feel drawn to participate there,  then do you know of any other sites with information about the Day-out-of-Time?  Next week TMQ is attending a meditation retreat to ‘clear her mind for receiving information’ about the optimal way to proceed from here.  It would be wonderful to hear from Kin who feel they are ‘down-loading’  Galactic Mayan Mind Transmissions’  🙂

“The higher civilization considers the capacity of the next  stage of evolution as one that can contain and embody a fractal cubic structure of 21“.  Our intent is to model a ‘Telepathic Template of Unification’.  A title from page 202 of  “Book of the Timespace”:  “TELEPATHY–THE VALUE OF 21. “Each wing of this July 4th crop circle  has 21 parts forming it’s spiral so the Eagle and Condor spirals united is 21 + 21 = 42. The number 42 relates to the Sixth Sun Tzolkin because that Tzolkin has exactly 42 symbols that form all of it’s day signs.” (7+4+2009 = 11/11.  Coded by Galactic Wind)

Today in the Dreamspell Tzolkin is coded by Kin 21.  Tomorrow, a Galactic Activation Portal, is the 21st day of the ‘extended Cube’, referred to as   “TELEPATHIC MEMORY’.  This is the perfect time to meditate, remember and share what the 21×21=the 441 Cube and 21, Telepathy mean to us individually and as a Unified Community.  🙂

N.S.  1. 22. 10. 26.    Cube 20:  Enlightenment Recharge    Hunab Ku Kin 21

Kin 20: Pacal Votan Clear Sign and G.A.P. Yellow Resonant Sun on Kali 25

This is The Mystery Queen’s 260th post in 260 days.  260= 20.13  🙂

Kin 20 anchors the Lower Left corner of the Tzolkin, and the middle of Wizard Wavespell Two:  Timelessness.      The Code Spell for Kin 20:  Yellow Resonant Sun is:  “I Channel in order to EnlightenInspiring Life, I seal the matrix of Universal Fire with the Resonant tone of Attunement.  I am guided by the power of Free Will.  I am a Galactic Activation Portal.  Enter me.”

Yellow Resonant Human
White Resonant Dog Yellow Resonant Sun Blue Resonant Storm
  Red Resonant Dragon

Analog Blue Resonant Storm (19.7) codes the year containing the 12/21/2012 Solstice, and the Seven Mystic Moons of 2013.  The G-Force is G.A.P. Kin 22:   Solar Wind, the Galactic Signature of Bolon Ik. 

Today is coded by a  Pacal Votan Clear Sign and G.A.P., with a G.A.P. G-Force,  falling on a day coded by the PSI of  Blue Self-Existing Hand, which is also a G.A.P.   Additionally, the Guide, Resonant Human, the Antipode, Resonant Dog and the Occult Resonant Dragon are all Galactic Activation Portals!   This  most Galactically Activating Day occurs on Catalytic Blue Kali creating optimal conditions for Enlightenment and Transformation.  🙂

Postulate 0.7 states:  “Since the universe is a perfection of order and unitary creative design process, the Law of Time, T(E)=Art, governing the appearance and manifestation of all phenomena — energy — of the physical third dimension of space, is also absolute in its perfection.   Art is defined as the natural and spontaneous unification of Time with Space, according to the frequency 13:20; hence, time is art.”

 Seal 20, Sun**. The Heat of Meditation “has already been generated“.  Sun enlightens life as the universal fire of self-generating information.  Sun or “Enlightened One exemplifies Enlightenment as the Prophecy of Hunab Ku.”  Gk-Pluto;  Polar; North Pole;  Crown.

Catalytic Blue KALI 25:  Establish/Catalyze;  SP-Pluto;  Secret Center:  “My Name is the Glorious Lotus-Born.  I Catalyze the Light-Heat Within.”   Initiation;  Quetzalcoatl;  Ahua Kin (our Sun**). 
 On KALIs, we build the same side (the Back) on the Radion Cube and Codon Cube 45: ██████████  Yang;  TIME.
KALI 25:  Return of the 4th Solar Witness:  Red Lunar Earth, who also codes the 4th of the last 7 Moons of the 13 Baktuns:  Moon 197.  The 4th Mystic Moon, coded by Kin 205:  Red Planetary Serpent (Moi  :)) is also time-compressed into Kali 25.  This day is the 19th day of the ‘extended Cube’ so it is known as “Self-Generation Recharge“.
Telektonon Day 25:  Heaven Walk Day Two.  Bolon Ik (today’s G-Force) receives power of the Fifth Force, and learns to “bow in submission to God, the Universal Principle of Divine Creation”.  On this Pacal Votan Clear Sign day, we send the Telecosmic number power of 5-the center which animates all-to Pacal Votan.

Image Here is a spectacular image from “the physical third dimension of SPACE“.

Yellow Resonant Sun is the Galactic Signature of Kurt Godel,  an Austrian-American Logician, Mathematician and Philosopher who “is best known for his two ‘incompleteness theorems’, published in 1931 when he was 25…”  Godel was born 104 years ago today, so this is his 2nd Solar-Galactic Return!    The Kurt Gödel Society,    is an international organization for the promotion of research in the areas of logic, philosophy, and the history of mathematics, was founded the same year he was buried at Princeton, in 1978. 

Another Kin 20 is Sir John Tavener,  a British Composer whose works were inspired by sacred and spiritual texts.  His   Song for Athene 1993, was performed at the funeral of  Diana, Princess of Wales in 1997).  Following Princess Diana’s death, he also composed and dedicated to her memory the piece Eternity’s Sunrise, based on poetry by William Blake“An angel amongst fools” — tribute on flowers on the railings outside Westminster Abbey.Sunrise Palmdale (2010) (20) by lntann.

May  Love,  Peace and  Enlightenment  dawn in the Hearts of Humanity.  🙂

N. S.  1. 22. 10. 25.   Cube 19:  Self-Generation Recharge    P.V.C.S. and G.A.P. Kin 20

Kin 19; Blue Rhythmic Storm codes Gamma 24: Telepathic Meditation

The Code Spell for Kin 19;  Blue Rhythmic Storm is:  “I Organize in order to Catalyze.  Balancing Energy, I seal the matrix of Self-Generation with the Rhythmic tone of Equality.  I am guided by my own power doubled.”

Blue Rhytmic Storm
Red Rhytmic Moon Blue Rhytmic Storm Yellow Rhytmic Sun
  White Galactic Wind

The Antipode, Kin 149, Red Rhythmic Moon codes the Telektonon card for Moon Day 19/ Cube 13, and it is also the G-Force for today.  The PSI Chrono Kin of G.A.P. 7.4,  Blue Self-Existing Hand codes Planetary Moon Days 23, 24 and 25.  Today’s Analog is Kin 240:  Yellow Rhythmic Sun.  Our Sun is designated as Velatropa 24, so on this 24th day of the Planetary Moon, here are recent images of of  Velatropa 24  and 24.3 (our Planet).   🙂


    http://sdo.gsfc.nasa.gov/firstlight/  These stunning photos were taken by the new Solar Dynamics Observatory.
The Postulate for 19.6 states:  “The Synchronic Order of the Universe, maintained by the functioning of the Law of Time, defines the “Divine Plan“.  Prior to the discovery of the Law of Time, the Divine Plan unfolds in the Cosmic unconscious, becoming self-reflectively known to the intelligence of evolving bodies in time only as “Revelation“.
Kin 11 plus Kin 138 = Kin 149.  On Cosmic 14 of year 4.4,  TMQ enters her 13.2 year, which added to 6.4 (Valum Votan’s current year), becomes KIN 19:   Rhythmic Storm.  We will enter GM108X and the Seventh Year of the Mystery of the Stone as Blue Rhythmic Storm, which is our ‘G-Force for Life’.  (Written at 11:11 a.m. !)
 Seal 19, Storm.  The Sign of Success has “already appeared.”  Storm catalyzing energy is the success of the field needing the rain.  Storm or World-Changer” exemplifies energy and self-generation as the Love of Hunab Ku**“.  SP-Pluto;  Gateway;  South Pole;  Root
Today we complete the first Solar-Prophetic Circuit of the 33rd Galactic spin.
GAMMA 24:   Pacify;  SP- Neptune;  3rd Eye:  ‘My Lineage is the Union of Intrinsic Awareness and the Ultimate Sphere.”   MYSTERY;  Pacal Votan;  Hunab Ku**.  We complete the Unified Field Sensory Quantum, and build the Front of the Radion Cube.  On Day 3 of each week, we “Create the Triplet” by laying the 3rd line on the Left face of the  Codon’s Cube: Codon 45:  Ocean of Presence;  ████▌▐████  Yin;  SPACE.
GAMMA 24:  TELEPATHIC MEDITATION;  Moon 196,  Yellow Magnetic Warrior. (Synchronistically, 196 is Valum Votan and Stephanie South’s combined Kin).  Today also corresponds to the 3rd Mystic Moon, 2013, coded by Kin 204:  Solar Seed, and to the year of Blue Resonant Storm.  Today, 19.6, added to the Moon (6.10) and the Year (4.4) equals 9.7 (Resonant Moon) which is the Antipode of Resonant Storm.
Telektonon Day 24:  Heaven Walk Day One.  Bolon Ik and Pacal Votan part again, to return to their respective Navigation Tower and  Accomplishment Tower.  24 (6×4)  We focus on the Telecosmic number power of Cosmic form:  4.  During Week Four, we Become the Victory of Prophecy.
Kin 19:  Blue Rhythmic Storm codes the  Austrian-born American Physicist,  Systems Theorist and Author, Fritjof Capra, who was born 8 days after Valum Votan.   Capra’s first book, The Tao of Physics” challenged  “conventional wisdom by demonstrating striking parallels between ancient mystical traditions and the discoveries of 20th century physics”.Go to fullsize image  Go to fullsize image  Go to fullsize imageGo to fullsize imageFive of Fritjof Capra’s books have become International Best-Sellers.
From the “Master Synchronic Code Book“,  which was compiled by Kin around the globe, we learn about the 19 CodeThe 19 Code is based on the Quranic Revelation 19=260, a higher dimensional mathematical code to establish a Noospheric Resonance for the Closing of the Cycle 2012.  The basis of the 13 Gates of Redemption is the 19 Strand that perfectly codes the Tzolkin.  Beginning at the lower left (at Kin 19, today) and continuing to the upper right, the 13 multiples of 19 within the Tzolkin  make a perfect diagonal strand, the only such one within the Tzolkin.”
“Moreover, in the dot bar vigesimal notation, every multiple of 19 adds up to 19.”  “19 is the Supreme Number that underlies the Mathematical code of the Quran.  The numbers of verses of the 6 Suras (chapters)  of the Quran that are multiples of 19 add up to 260.  Hence, 19 = 260.”
19.13:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”
N.  S.  1. 22. 10. 24.   Telepathic Enlightenment.       Kin 19

Kin 18: Overtone Mirror codes the Planetary Lover’s Reunion on Seli 23

The Code Spell for Kin 18:  White Overtone Mirror states:  “I Empower in order to Reflect.  Commanding Order, I seal the matrix of Timelessness with the Overtone tone of Radiance.  I am guided by the power of Death.”

Postulate 18.5 states:  “Parallel universes of other Galactic Brains are all equally coordinated by God and are synchronically ordered in a Mirror-like extension of dimensionality in relation to this Universe or Galactic Order.  Like the synchronic ordering of all phases of stellar evolution , where at any given moment, all possibilities of the energy-mind continuum are present, so all parallel universes and the infinite order of possibilities  of the evolution of the Galactic Brain are similarly  available  and accessible.  Yet all are holonomically indistinguishable, that is, they are all governed by T(E)=Art.”

White Overtone Worldbridger
Yellow Overtone Star White Overtone Mirror Red Overtone Dragon
  Blue Solar Night

The G-Force of Kin 18 is Kin 16, Yellow  Electric Warrior.  The PSI Chrono Kin which always codes Planetary 23 is 7.4, Self-Existing Hand, another reminder of the 144.  The Antipode, Overtone Star reminds us that only 13 weeks remain until the Self-Existing  Star Day-out-of-Time. 

One of the first pages to be developed at cubeoftruth.wordpress.com will be the GM108X Day-out-of-Time page.  Please send any information about  Day-out-of-Time celebrations.  Always coded by Signal Family, the Law of  Time once wrote that this one day a year is equal to the 91 day quarter of a year that each of the other Earth families correspond to.  For that reason, we will begin focusing more attention upon this 365th day-the one that is represented by the platform atop each Pyramid of (4 sets of) 91 steps.  The Glyph for Mirror looks like a birds-eye view of a Pyramid  🙂

 Seal 18,  Mirror.  The Distraction has “already been overcome.”  Mirror reflects reality perfectly without distortion or distraction.  Mirror or “Holder of the Transcendental Wisdom” exemplifies Meditation as the knowledge of Hunab Ku.  SP-Neptune;  Signal;  Southern Regions;  Solar Plexus.

SELI 23:   Flows;  SP-Uranus;  Root“My Mother is the Ultimate Sphere.  I See the Light.”   Avatar;  Muhammad;  Crystal Earth.  Build the Bottom of the Radion Cube.  “Build the Binary” by placing the 2nd line:  ████▌▐████  (Yin;  SPACE) on the Right face of the Cube for Codon 45:  Ocean of Presence.

SELI 23:  UR Earth 6;  Inner Navigation Tower.  Moon Kin 195:  Return of the 2nd Solar WitnessBlue Cosmic Eagle.  2nd Mystic Moon, 2013; Kin 203:  Blue Galactic Night-(begins Feb. 2, 2013)

Telektonon Day 23:  LOVER’S REUNION.  “Earth Uranus Time Tunnels Complete“.  “Galactic Synchronization.  “Fulfill the Sounding of the Galactic Chord of the Fifth Force!”

White Overtone Mirror is the Galactic Signature of the American poet, Walt Whitman, who once wrote  “Re-examine all that you have been told…dismiss that which insults your soul“.  When more people follow his excellent advice, organized religions will be the source of many new converts to UR, the Universal Religion.  Whitman promoted Transcendentalism: “an ideal spiritual state that ‘transcends’ the physical and empirical and is only realized through the individual’s intuition, rather than through the doctrines of established religions”.  Walt Whitman spent his entire life writing his  most famous work;  “Leaves of Grass”, which “is notable for its delight in and praise of the senses during a time when such candid displays were considered immoral”.

Madame Marie Skłodowska-Curie    was the first woman to receive the Nobel Prize.  This extremely accomplished Polish Scientist  and her husband, Pierre,  shared the Nobel Prize in Physics, three years  before his death in 1906.  She was next awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1911.      This renowned  Physicist and Chemist, winner of two Nobel Prizes, had been unable to continue her higher level studies in Poland, because she was a woman!

Our third  White Overtone Mirror devoted her life to fighting discrimination against women.   Susan B. Anthony’s  life-long efforts (along with less-well known persons) are the reason women can now vote and pursue higher education.  TMQ has several  ‘Susan B.  Anthony Dollars”.  This Campaigner for Women’s Rights is the only  woman to have her image  grace a piece of American money.

       On this 23rd Day of the Planetary Moon, known as Lover’s Reunion, here is an image of St.  Raphael.  He is known as the Patron Saint of Lover’s, and he is mentioned 23 times in the Bible.  🙂

N.  S.  1. 22. 10. 23.      LOVER’S REUNION        Kin 18:  Timelessness

Kin 17: Red Self-Existing Earth begins the 4th quarter of Self-Existing Seed Year

“MAY PEACE PREVAIL!” kept echoing through TMQ’s mind as her heart resonated with the mournful tunes of the Scottish bagpipe players  at the local A.N.Z.A.C. observance.  On April 25, 1915, the Australia New Zealand Army Corps landed and engaged in war with Turkey, on the shores of the Gallipoli Peninsula.  “The Allied Forces encountered unexpectedly stiff resistance, and both sides suffered enormous loss of life.”   Every year, hundreds of Kiwis visit Gallipoli on Anzac Day which is a national holiday.

As she watched various sorts of military groups in full regalia, TMQ pondered the irony of the harmonious household of Magnetic Mirror (18.8 and 20.6) which also contains a big Chocolate Labrador named Anzac, and a tiny AbyssinianGo to fullsize image cat named Oma, named for the Original Matrix Attained- (she  first met Valum Votan and Stephanie South exactly 39 Moons ago at Lamat Home.  She looks like the cat pictured here).  Our two pets (and their names) illustrate the dominating aggressive forces of 12:60 and the intelligent, smaller (but growing) loving and Peaceful  aspects of 13:20.  As the world teeters on the verge of World War III, let’s do all we can to ensure that we evolve towards the Original Matrix Attained.

The Code Spell for Kin 17:  Red Self-Existing Earth is:  “I Define in order to Evolve.  Measuring Synchronicity, I seal the matrix of  Navigation with the Self-Existing tone of Form.  I am guided by the power of Space”

Red Self-existing Skywalker
Blue Self-existing Hand Red Self-existing Earth White Self-existing Wind
  Yellow Planetary Seed

Antipode 7.4, Self-Existing Hand  represents 144 in Mayan notation.     Kin 39,  Blue Cosmic Storm is the G-Force of  today’s Guide, Self-Existing Skywalker.  The tone of the Occult, Planetary Seed, matches the tone of this Planetary World-Bridger Moon and of the PSI for Planetary 22:  Planetary Serpent.   The G-force for Kin 17 is Blue Cosmic Night.

 Seal 17, Earth.  The Union-Practice  has “already been done“.  Earth, the indivisibility of all-evolving Time and Consciousness, is the Synchronicity (union-practice) of knower and known.  Earth or Navigator or “Keeper of the Synchronic Codes” exemplifies Synchronicity as the Intelligence of Hunab Ku.”  SP- Uranus;  Core;  Equatorial Regions;  Heart. 

The Planetary Cube Journey ends  Synchronistically on the Kin that corresponds to Solar Prophetic Uranus and the Heart of our Earth, manifesting the connection between the two planets of the critical Third ‘Telektonon Circuit’ which is the object of our Cube Journey  each Moon.

Heptad 40 always corresponds to Pluto and Maldek.  “Enlightenment/Timelessness Cell Established.”

Week 40 and Week 52 are both coded by the Master Codon 45 which governs this 4th Quarter.


Principle of Dynamic Construction Released into Time




████▌▐████    U▫C▫G

████▌▐████    SERINE

████▌▐████ Lay the Bottom line on the Bottom of the  Cube:  Yin;  SPACE.

      DALI 22:  Target;  SP-Saturn;  Crown “My Father is Intrinsic Awareness.  I Feel the Heat.”  Throne;  Christ;  Omni-Galactic Source.  Today we begin building the Sensory Quantum of the Unified Field Telepathic Time Atom.

Each day of Week Four in the 7:7:7:7  corresponds to two Moons: One of the Last 7 Moons of the 13th Baktun (which are coded by the Seven Solar Witnesses), and one of the Seven Mystic Moons between the Moon containing  the 12/21/2012 Solstice and our Galactic Synchronization in 2013. 

DALI 22 corresponds to White Crystal Wizard which codes Moon 194 which begins on April 30, 2012.  The 1st Mystic Moon 2013, coded by Kin 202 is also fractally time-compressed into Dali 22.

Telektonon Day 22:  “New Jerusalem;  The Warrior’s Cube of Intelligence Complete 2012.”  Telepathic Redemption of the Lost Planets becomes source of never-ending Victory!”

Cube Sixteen:  Intelligence   Bolon Ik’s 9th Weaving.  “New Jerusalem as the Crown of Divine Intelligence worn by every Human.”  “By my instinctual conscious Warrior power of Intelligence, may I help bring all of  Humanity to the New Jerusalem of Universal Life!”  “BY THE POWER OF THE CUBE, MAY PEACE PREVAIL!”

Red Self-Existing Earth codes “one of the most widely read and most beloved writers in English literature,” Jane Austen.  

   Some of her popular novels were set in the first two  locales, and she was accorded the honor of burial at Westminster Abbey.  Kin 17 is also the Galactic Signature of several ‘Activists’.  Julia Maria Hernandez is an El Salvadoran Human Rights activist.  Elijah Muhammad is an American Muslim spiritual leader.  Eleanor Smeal is a Feminist who was the President of the National Organization of Women.

Red Self-Existing Earth is referred to as Nahui Ollin in “Book of the Timespace” by Valum Votan and Stephanie South.   “In the center of the Sunstone is an Eagle bowl representing our Sun.  The four glyphs around the center circle represent the four past worlds…  4 Earthquake (Caban, Earth) is Nahui Ollin, the symbol that contains the whole form of the central core of the Sunstone.  …The Nahui Ollin is the summation of all the previous world catastrophes…On Nahui Ollin of  2000 (May 5), eight of the planets were lined up on one side of the Sun, with the Earth on the other side.  Much has changed since then…Many people do not realize that the Apocalypse is happening now, in slow motion.”

“The shaking Earth is at the center of the Solar ring.   With the accurate measure of 13 Moons, each with 28 days, the Solar Ring can be made conscious and harmonically normalized.”  The  name (page 179) of the Community upon which we are  modeling ours,  is:  “Circle of the Solar Ring;  Community of the Cube.”

N. S.  1. 22. 10. 22.      Cube Sixteen:  Intelligence        Kin 17:  Synchronicity

Kin 16: Yellow Electric Warrior ends Week 39 on Planetary ‘Hunab Ku’ Silio 21

The Code Spell for Kin 16:  Yellow Electric Warrior is:  “I Activate in order to Question.  Bonding Fearlessness, I seal the output of Intelligence with the Electric tone of Service.  I am guided by Universal Fire.”

Yellow Electric Sun
White Electric Worldbridger Yellow Electric Warrior Blue Electric Night
  Red Spectral Serpent

Toay’s Analog, Blue Electric Night (3.3) coded the last Day-out-of-Time.  The Occult, Red Spectral Serpent, is a Pacal Votan Clear Sign.  The G-Force is 10.10, Planetary Dog, a kind of  ‘Magic Turtle G-Force  🙂  The PSI Chrono Kin coding Planetary 21 is Kin 204:  Yellow Solar Seed.

 Postulate 16.3 states:  “Any moment of self-reflective experience of the Galactic whole, the Synchronic order, is totally conditioned by the level of self-reflective consciousness which is perceiving.  Self-reflective purity of now-centered experience conscious of T(E)=Art precipitates increased activation in Time Vector potentialities.”

 Seal 16, Warrior.  The Mantra has “already been recited“.  Warrior’s intelligence is the sacred syllables that are recited through him.  Warrior or Pathfinder exemplifies Intelligence as the Synchronization of Fearlessness with the unknown.”  SP-Saturn;  Cardinal;  Northern Regions;  Throat.

HUNAB KU SILIO 21:  Discharge;  SP-Jupiter;  Heart:  “My Role is to Accomplish the Actions of the Buddha.  I Discharge the Mental Electron Neutron at the Center of the Earth.”  CUBE; peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace Buddha;  Pleaides

Today we ‘discharge’ our Spirit to the interior of Codon Cube  37 (The master Codon Cube for this 3rd Quarter)  Then, “we visualize our Radion-Heptagonon of Mind Cube around our Codon Cube.  Next, we place the Blue Occult Telepathic Time Atom vertically within the Cube, which contains us in it’s Heart.  We discharge the Time Atom, the Silio Seal and the Weekly Rune” (and ourselves) to the center of the Earth.  From there, we Radiate Love and Wisdom.  Today, Planetary Hunab Ku Silio, gather in Galactic Synchronization Crews of 3 or more Kin, or as a ‘Soul Solitaire’ to practice manifesting the RAINBOW BRIDGE: http://www.lawoftime.org/timeshipearth/rainbowmeditation.html

 SILIO 21 corresponds to the 7th Year of the Mystery of the Stone:  AD 2010-2011.  “Cube Discharged into the Center of the Earth.”  “Heptagonon of Mind of Earth Cubed.

Telektonon Day 21:  New Heaven-New Earth 2000-2011.  “Establishment of the Noosphere as the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.”  “Humanity attains full 4th-dimensional understanding, return to Nature, restoration of the original garden, Planetary cosmic consciousness and Galactic memory.”  Only 17 Moons remain to Manifest this beautiful Vision!

An Electric Warrior who impressively demonstrates the Intelligence of the Warrior is Patrick Flannagan, an American child prodigy and inventor.   As a young child he patented several inventions and accomplished some unique feats.  “Flanagan  at age eight,  invented an electronic sleep machine, aged eleven developed and sold a guided missile detector to the U.S. military, aged seventeen to have gained his air pilot’s licence and was employed by a Think Tank at The Pentagon, and later as a consultant to the NSA, CIA, NASA, and Tufts University…” He also claims the unusual ability to tie 6000 different knots, 4800 by the age of 8.”  He invented the electron field generator/microhydron, and  so much else.  “During the 1970s, Flanagan aroused controversy by becoming a leading proponent of Pyramid power, regarding the alleged power of pyramids having the same dimensions as the Great Pyramid of Egypt, based on the Phi or Golden ratio.”  “In 1982 Flanagan and his wife Gael Crystal claim to have discovered a new form of colloidal silica known as a Microcluster in the glacial water drunk by the Hunza people of northern Pakistan, a people who are renowned for their health and longevity. The Flanagans went on to develop a product utilizing the microclusters called Crystal Energy (the ingredients are water, silica, potassium carbonate and magnesium sulfate), which is claimed to lower the surface tension of drinking water.   A nutritional supplement was developed using silica microclusters to stabilise the hydride ions, a novel compound known as Silica Hydride [13]. For this work he was named 1997 Scientist of the Year by the International Association for New Science,”  Here is a website founde by Patrick Flanagan:  http://www.phisciences.com/.  It can truly be said of this Electric Warrior that he “seal(s) the output of Intelligence with the Electric tone of Service”.

Two days remain in the 16 Day Warrior’s Cube of Intelligence.  

Today is called the “Noosphere Pause” the last day of the 91 days of the Master Codon, 37:  “The Power of the Home:  Cosmic Order Informs Time.”,  www.world-mysteries.com/alignments/teot_sun_new2.jpg Go to fullsize image which culminated with Codon Cube 37 in this 39th Week.  During this week, we established a ‘Cyber-Home” for our  “Cube of Truth”peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peaceWe also celebrated our Terrestrial Home on the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day. Go to fullsize image

Tomorrow we begin the 4th and final quarter of 13 Weeks of the Self-Existing Seed Year.  We will begin  our first complete ‘Cubing of the Master Codon’  together.  🙂 

N.  S.   1. 22. 10. 21.       Cube 15:  Vision          Kin 16:  Intelligence