Kin 253: Red Rhythmic Skywalker codes Red Solar Serpent Alpha 26

April First (4/1) is observed around the world (Europe, Russia, Japan, Brazil, etc.) as April Fool’s Day.  It happens that this ‘holiday’ is the result of the Gregorian Calendar change of 1582.  March 25 to April 1 was celebrated as ‘New Year’s Week’, until Pope Gregory moved New Year’s Week to New Year’s Day on January 1.  Because news traveled so slowly, New Year’s Week continued to be celebrated for several years in many places, and even after the news of the calendar change was received, many “others, who were more rebellious refused to acknowledge the change and continued to celebrate on the last day of the former celebration,  April 1.” 

 These ‘rebellious’ people became known as April Fools, but TMQ prefers to think of them as loyal free-thinking members of the 144,000  :).  4/1 translates into 4.1 or Kin 144, Yellow Magnetic Seed.  Earlier references to April Fool’s Day seem to derive their origin from “when Noah sent his dove off too early, before the waters had receded; he did this on the first day of the Hebrew month that corresponds with April.”  Perhaps April 1 (4/1) should be renamed   Day of the 144,(000) !

The Code Spell for Kin 253:  Red Rhythmic Skywalker is “I Organize in order to Explore.  Balancing Wakefulness, I seal the output of  Space with the Rhythmic tone of Equality.  I am guided by my own power doubled.” 

Red Rhytmic Skywalker
Blue Rhytmic Night Red Rhytmic Skywalker White Rhytmic Worldbridger
  Yellow Galactic Star

This Rhythmic Kin is more ‘equal’ than most, with two of it’s Kin having a tone and seal that ‘equal’ each other:  Analog Rhythmic World-Bridger (6.6) and the Occult of 8.8.  Yellow Galactic Star, which is the Star that guides us to our Galactic Seed day of Galactic Synchronization.  8.8 also guides our Galactic Seed Kin (James) and the Galactic Seed G-Force of our Galactic Synchronization Crew (Rachel, Michael and Sarah)  Additionally, The Antipode and G-Force for today is Kin 123:  Blue Rhythmic Night, which is Rachel’s Galactic Signature.  🙂  The PSI Chrono Kin for the last 3 days of every Solar Moon of Intention is Kin 155:  Blue Crystal Eagle.

Red Skywalker  Seal 13, Skywalker or Prophet exemplifies the Spirit of Prophecy as the wisdom of the future made present.”  SP Mars (16);   SignalSouthern RegionsSolar Plexus.

The Skywalker explores Space, and this article reveals that:  “Astronomers have found that found that 90 per cent of galaxies have previously gone undetected“.  That’s a huge adjustment for Astronomers to make, and so many more stars for Skywalker to Explore!
ALPHA:   Release;   GK Pluto (388);  Throat:  “My Country is the Unborn Ultimate Sphere.  I Release the Double-Extended Electron at the South Pole.”   St. John of Patmos;  Sirius.  Today we build the Right side of the Radion Cube.  On the 5th day of each week, we “Sound the Fifth” as we lay the 5th line of the Codon Cube.  The 5th line of the Cube for Codon 55:  Wisdom Arousing is ___    ___  (Yin;  Space).

ALPHA 26:  Enlightenment Recharge.  Kin 198:  Moon of White Electric Mirror.  Return of the 5th Solar Witness.  5th  Mystic Moon of 2013:  Moon 206:  White Electric World-Bridger.  Each day of the 4th Week of each Moon correlates to two Moons:  One of the Last 7 Moons of the 13 Baktuns, and one of the 7 Mystic Moons of 2013.  The 5th day of Week 4 is the only day where the tone and color of the Kins coding the two Moons match.

Telektonon Day 26:  Oxlahuntiki:  The Summoning of the Conscious Power of 13.   13 represents the Galactic Power of Time, which we focus on today.  Seal 13 codes this Cube Year of Prophecy, and Seal 13 codes today’s Kin and GuideTone 13 codes our combined Moon and Year (9.13), so the Power of 13 is particulary strong today.

Red Rhythmic Skywalker is the Galactic Birthday of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejab.  Here he is shown during his September 2009 visit to New York,  meeting with devout AntiZionist Jews, who, like President Ahmadinejab and most of us, desire Peace.  President  Ahmadinejab was also in the news this week, declaring (so far only in one news story) that he would like to liberate the Americans.  Presumably he means a different sort of  ‘Liberation‘ from the one the Iraq people have been subjected to.

Six persons in the entertainment industry are Rhythmic Skywalkers:  Jane Seymour, Carole Burnett, Gerard Depardieu, Sasha Baron Cohen, Quinten Tarantino and the French actress, Bridget Bardot“In 1973 just before her fortieth birthday, Bardot announced her retirement. After appearing in more than fifty films and recording several music albums, she chose to use her fame to promote animal rights.”     Picured next to Bridget is another Red Rhythmic Skywalker, the American Physicist Richard Feynman.  In 1965 he received the Nobel Prize for his work in Quantum Mechanics  and Particle Physics.  His work is integral to what we are accomplishing, especially the idea of the Cubic Parton,  which Feynman introduced.

On the ‘Day of 144  it’s appropriate to update our ‘441 Cube Community‘. Go to fullsize image This time it is organized according to the Radial Plasma of the day we were born, in hopes of coaxing a Catalytic Blue Kali Plasma from a current or future member,  on this Seal 13 day which “exemplifies the wisdom of the future made present.”  Your Kin information including your Plasma seal is available here.

DALI:       Target;      Crown;      Christ;    Omni-Galactic Source

Kin 93:  Red Lunar Skywalker (13.2)   (Signal;  Solar Plexus) R 11  Codiak Sky

Kin 129:  Red  Crystal Moon  (9.12)  (Gateway;  Root)   Region  11  Melovia             

SELI:         Flow;           Root;       Muhammad;        Crystal Earth

Kin 187:  Blue Overtone  Hand (7.5)           (Core;  Heart)       Region 11          Cody

Kin 205:    Red Planetary Serpent (5.10)  (Polar;  Crown)    Region 11          Moi

Kin 247:   Blue Cosmic Hand  (7.13)   (Core;  Heart)   Region 15     Burbuja 33   

GAMMA:   Pacify;       Third Eye;    Pacal Votan;    Hunab Ku

Kin 109:  Red Overtone Moon (9.5)          (Gateway;  Root)         Region 11     Sarah

Kin 133:  Red Electric Skywalker (13.3)   (Signal;  Solar Plexus)   (R 11)  Christine

 KALI:      Catalyze;      Secret Center;   Quetzlcoatl;    our Sun

Kin 123:   Blue Rhythmic Night (3.6)  (Signal;  Solar Pl.)   R 11   Rachel  🙂

ALPHA:    Release;      Throat;         St. John of Patmos;   Sirius

Kin 22:  White Solar Wind  (2.9)       (Core;  Heart)                       Region 20    S’ace

Kin 164:  Yellow Galactic Seed (4.8)  (Gateway; Root)         Region 11       James

LIMI:  Purify;  Solar Plexus;   Padmasambhava;  AA Midway Station

Kin 182:   White Cosmic Wind (2.13)    (Core;  Heart)         Region 11   Michael

Kin 11:  Blue Spectral Monkey (11.11)     (Cardinal;  Throat)     Region 11   E-Star 

Kin 248:   Magnetic Star (8.1)  (Signal;  Solar Pl.) Limi Burbuja 33’s Star

SILIO:   Discharge;    Heart;    Buddha;        Pleaides

Kin 138:  White Galactic Mirror (18.8)   (Signal;  Solar Plexus)   R 3  Mystery Queen

Kin 215:  Blue Resonant Eagle (15.7  (Polar;  Root)  R 15  B 33’s  Daughter

Kin 72:   Yellow Resonant Human (12.7)  ( Core;  Heart)  R 15   B 33’s Husband

Kin who are not yet identified by their Radial Plasma are:

Kin 184:  Yellow Lunar Seed (4.2)    (Gateway;  Root)  Region 11   Daniel

Kin 52:  Yellow Cosmic Human (12.13)  (Core;  Heart)  Region 20   Yani’Q

On  April 1, ( 4/1) which was celebrated as the New Year until Pope  Gregory declared January 1 as the new New Year, let’s remember that the April Fools were the ones who resisted the 12:60 Matrix of the Gregorian Calendar.  May 4/1 now be associated with the renewal of the natural time of 13:20, and with Kin 144 and it’s mirror,  441:  Cube of  Community and Truth  🙂

N.  S.  1. 22. 9. 26.                        Kin 253


16 thoughts on “Kin 253: Red Rhythmic Skywalker codes Red Solar Serpent Alpha 26

  1. Confession: I was given the 7:7::7:7 Revelation and Seven Years Mystery of the Stone for aforementioned birthday. I just now have had the nerve and time to begin cracking the Seals. Everything until now has been intuition, comedic timing and what I’ve gleaned from my printable calendar I’ve kept in my purse…each passing day I feel the pull of the universe increase towards the surface of the perceptual pool; DYING to shake off this old form; KILLING to reshape our purpose…the acceleration of metasoul realization demands the sacrifice so that we may be liberated as a species. We must be diligent in heaving ourselves upon the beach and taking in those first fitful gasps of air in order to transform – AGAIN.
    Predictive text: CYCLE = AWAKE. AGAIN = CHAIN.

    Personal realization: So as my husband and I are 132 & 133 and in looking at the proportion of the glyphs in question, Human to Skywalker, I couldn’t help but notice how very much like a PARACHUTE the Skywalker icon appears – and the symbiotic/symbolic/salvation/salient quality in the arrangement – a parachute has no purpose unless it’s attached to a Human; and the Human will be quite less “dimensional” if it has no frame of/or reference “Up.” That and/or rendered a plane. 😉 What a weird play on words!

    In addition, on the day before Passover (HA) episode of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart (134, Self-existing Wizard and Monkey wavespell conga line partner) this past Monday night, Ben Stiller (191, Silly Solar Monkey, respectively and respectfully 😉 ) Mighty Ben (Insert Skywalker joke) invites the less-observant Jon to his family’s Seder and actually christens him Elijah. All old forms/deities/energies are being reinvented and energized. This constitutes “Second Coming.”
    Upon further reading….

    Seder (plural: sedarim) is a Hebrew word meaning “order” or “sequence”, and can have any of the following meanings:
    [Ed: Predictive text: SEQUENCES = SEPTEMBER, SEDER = REFER = SEEDS = REEDS = REEFS, TORAH = TORCH, JEW = KEY = KEW, which is referred on Wiki as a KINETIC ENERGY WEAPON, with no link. More weird info here.]

    For Jewish holidays:
    * The Passover Seder relives the enslavement and subsequent Exodus of the Children of Israel from Ancient Egypt
    * A portion of a biblical book in the masoretic text of the Tanakh. For the Torah, these portions reflect the triennial cycle of Torah readings in the ancient Land of Israel (as opposed to the annual weekly Torah readings known today). For Nevi’im and Ketuvim they are quantitative divisions of the biblical text.
    * A colloquial term for the weekly Torah portion (also popularly called sidra or sedra), in the annual cycle of reading the Torah.

    Relating to Talmudic texts:
    * One of the six orders (major sections) of the Mishnah: (1) Zeraim, (2) Moed, (3) Nashim, (4) Nezikin, (5) Kodashim, and (6) Tohorot.
    * A study session in a daily yeshiva schedule, lasting one or more hours, dedicated to the preparation and review of Talmudic texts by chavrutas (learning partners).

    In Jewish mysticism:
    * The Kabbalistic “Evolution of the Worlds”; see Seder hishtalshelus.

    Now that really tripped me out. I’m spent. 🙂

    Nothing but Admiration, Trust and Love (Loud) for all who are participating in this. We are the ones we have been waiting for.


  2. “For Science to be as Sacred as the Reality it Investigates, it MUST Reinvest Itself with Sacred Power.”
    Page 11
    7:7::7:7 Telektonon Revelation

    A to the Men!

  3. thX ChrisTine :: ur seder etc. ; here “my answer”

    on this funny daya of april 1 / 144 (=9=16!)

    i challenge the whole DreamSpellMagicBus in 7:7::7:7 Telektonon Revelation
    the CreamSpellMagicBus of 9:9::9:1 Teleknoton Revelation aka “KWEAK”

    which has entered the 10th moon considering its task to psi 3 kin of 24 hours

    What about having a SIRIUSdaya on this funny day, aYe!
    And it iz aligned to
    DS rhythmic skywalker as narrated and unlocked by TMQ
    LC planetary serpent by magicmajix
    3K electric mirror on kweakwalktalk

    note seal 18=3×6 and electric iz tone 3=3×1
    together 3×7?

    • then on 9 and 16 i found those lines here:

      As to the words themselves:
      The first word denoting and the spirit appears in other Locations in the scriptures denoting:
      breath: Genesis 17 verse 5: the breath of life
      wind: Psalm 18 verse ll: the wings oil the wind
      touch: Judges 16 verse 9: the touch of the fire
      this makes
      144 as the touch of the fire (magnetic seed)
      36 (taking II as roman 2) as the wings oil the wind (warrior10)
      85 as the breath of life : serpent 7* a real GAP

      sum: 265 aka 005 serpent5 – overtone : LIFE FORCE & survival

      at ur service

    • so 16 is about the 16 cubes and about the 16 years of i ching runes to contemplate … and 4 to 16 aims 64 as the 63+1 i ching hexagrams …

      why 63 ? well that iz 7×9 and +1 is the fire …
      Quite a strong formula to adapt to …

      here is the 16 drumming hexagram

      the power pet? the woodpecker 😉 springtimes on the Northern Hemi!

  4. Hey this is the Kin 187: Blue Overtone Hand ( I noticed you have listed it as Blue Solar Hand in this post, but I’m sure this was an accident ; ) ).

    I just wanted to add that my seal is Seli and as for the “name” part, my name is Cody.

  5. In accordance to my Return.
    Wheel of Matrix.5th Force Guidance
    Cube of Desire.
    Skywalker Tears of Rain (13.6).
    Being of the Human.
    With The (Beginning) and the (end),RANG, Becoming of (Skwalker.)

    To keep My Head From Spinning,
    I Explore Space.

    144.441.We are The Ones Weve been waiting For.We are Members of 441.!144
    Skywalker at Roundtable Forum.Open for Service.Open For Instruction.Open For Reflection. Open for TRUTH.
    Galactic Certified Council.
    In La’kesh.

    • i always see 93 as 27 😉

      and tomorrow iz the dreamspell 27 day … 3×9

      and then it is lunar/challenger spice on a GAP croSSinG(inG)
      its magic S’Quare: 88-168-173-93 => 522 (58×9)

      522 as the tzolkin constant magico keY …
      today: 8-248-253-13 :: 522

  6. Namaste,

    My Magnetic Star plasma is LIMI

    Also I would like to introduce:

    KIN 215 Blue Resonant Eagle (15.7) , SILIO, R.15, Polar Family. My older duaghther,
    KIN Yellow Resonant Human (12.7), SILIO, R.15, Core family. He’s my husband…
    I’m trinyig to conected him whit the natural time in the freciency 13:20 but he’s to pragmatic to follow this…so I’ll jus do it for him…unconditionaly…like a fool…a love fool 😉

    keeping the light up !!


  7. Synchronistic that you link to the Three Fold Ear….a clue about another Rhythmic Skywalker, Carol Burnett. 😉

    Burnett became known for her acting and talent, and for ending each show by tugging her ear, which was a message to the grandmother who had raised her to let her know that she was doing well and that she loved her.
    The show also became known for its closing theme song, with the following lyrics:

    I’m so glad we had this time together
    Just to have a laugh or sing a song
    Seems we just get started and before you know it
    Comes the time we have to say, ‘So long.'[12]

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