Kin 259: Blue Crystal Storm on Blue Kali 4 of the 10th Moon of Manifestation

The Code Spell for Kin 259:  Blue Crystal Storm is:  “I Dedicate in order to Catalyze.  Universalizing Energy, I seal the matrix of Self-generation with the Crystal tone of  Cooperation.  I am guided by the power of  Magic.”

The Postulate for 19.12 states: The Self-reflective self-regulation of evolved bodies in time operating by the Law of Time assures that all coming evolution is of a divinely spiritual nature where regression to living out of phase with the divine plan is no longer possible.”  

This postulate seems applicable to the Magic of our  Cooperation in Catalyzing and Uniting our Energy as directed by the Divine Plan via the Law of Time

Today’s Guide:  Crystal Monkey codes Madame Blavatsky, a ‘key‘ player in the  Evolutionary Shift occurring in 2012, which is reflected in today’s Analog of 20.12, Crystal Sun.  The PSI Chrono Kin coding days 4 through 6 of each Planetary Moon is G.A.P. Kin 114:  White Planetary Wizard.   Yesterday’s Analog;  Kin 141:  Red Spectral Dragon is the G-Force of Blue Crystal Storm. 

Today’s 13 Moon Date: Moon 10 Day 4 reflects the Pacal Votan Clear Sign of Self-Existing Dog (10.4

Blue Storm  Seal 19, Storm,  World-Changer or Catalyzer opens the 3rd Matrix portal  in the Court of Hunab Ku.  “The World-Changer exemplifies energy and self-generation as the love of Hunab Ku.”  SP-Pluto;  Gateway;  South Pole;  Root.

CATALYTIC BLUE KALI:  Catalyze;  SP-MercurySecret Center:  “My Name is the Glorious Lotus-Born.  I Catalyze the Light-Heat Within.”     Kali establishes the bond between the Analog Sensory Quantum and the Analog Telepathic Quantum.  Quetzalcoatl;   Ahua Kin (our Sun).  Catalytic Kali is one of two days where we build the same side (the Back) of the Radion Cube and the Codon Cube.  We  ‘Establish the Fourth’   line: ____      ____ (Yin;  Space) of Codon Cube 36: Inner Radiance:  Cosmic Order Becomes Self-Enlightening.

KALI 4:  Fourth Generation guided by the Fourth Solar Witness;  Red Lunar Earth, who codes Katun Kin 197: –AD 752.  Solar Prophetic Flow.  Love Recharge.***Today we have the rare occurance of the (Catalytic) Radial Plasma and the day’s Kin (Catalyzer) which delineate the full Solar-Prophetic Spectrum:  SP-Mercury (Bode# 4) to SP-Pluto (B# 388), occurring on the one day each Moon which mentions the Solar-Prophetic Flow.  🙂

Telektonon Day 4:  Baktun 4:  BC 1930;  Sacred Mountain.  “Adoration of the Lamb”  “Pacal Votan witnesses Abraham at the Ancient House”  He receives the Continuing Conscious Telecosmic number Power of  5:  Power of the Fifth Force.  “By power of Fifth Force, power of 7 becomes continuing power of 28 (4×7).”

Kin 259:  Blue Crystal Storm coded the First year of the Mystery of the Stone, which began 47 days after the Venus Return on P.V. 211:  Blue Electric Monkey.  47 days after Blue Crystal Storm, The Mystery Queen  received the  prophetic message (on Sep. 11, 2004) which ‘catalyzed’ her entrance into the  ‘Middle Time’ (between 12:60 and 13:20) signified by the Seven Years of the Mystery of the Stone.

 Today,  Blue Crystal Storm codes the first Crystal Round Table of the Planetary World-bridger Moon of Manifestation.   Two kin responded, both affirmatively, regarding the inclusion of  Kin 199 and 108 into  our evolving Community of the Cube. 

Kin 22:  White Solar Wind (S’ace) wrote that:  “Kin 108 and 199 both resonate on tone 4: the self-exciting tone that sounds the authentic talent “to be shared, given, honored”. “The Star embodies a vast direction for the navigation staff;  the Storm iz the pivotal motion inside to “let go into the new/noo”  🙂

 Kin 205:  Red Planetary Serpent (Moi) wrote:  “Yes.
On this day of dissolving into the reflections  of our kin
May we release the order   to include Kin 199 and 108.
I am working on a map of the community and it feels right to include these Kin“.

Kin 205 added: ” And-as for building the cube-especially for the Central Coordinating Fifth Force Council of the Universal Plan of Unification–it feels like TMQ, The Red Queen, Valum Votan (which is already represented, with 11.11–but a different Plasma…) should be represented.” 

Your views and ideas are especially encouraged on this Crystal Round Table day of Seal 19.Go to fullsize imageBelow are the three Kin that compose “Fifth-Dimensional Nine Chakra Circuitry” of the Sixth Lord of the Ring, the Bolontiku we are awakening during this 6th year of the Mystery of the Stone.  ” Awesome Vast Blue Sky”  Kin 199:  Blue Self-Existing Storm codes his Heart Chakra, and corresponds to Plasma 6:  LIMI.  

In the Crown position is our GM108X Self-Existing Star who codes the next Day-out-of-Time.  The last day of the year ends with Silio, and the year begins on Dali.  It feels right to assign the 8th Radial Plasma  Beta  to the Day-out-of-Time (will need to check which CHC discusses that 8th ‘overtone’ Plasma).  

When the 9/11/2004 message appeared on TMQ’s computer, she was reading about how the 9 Lords of Time (who are so huge that our planet’s Noosphere serves as one of their Chakras) laid their ‘electrical circuitry into our Earth’  in order to save us.   So, it also feels right to include our Year-bearer, Kin 4:  YellowSelf-Existing Seed, who now holds the Root Position of the 6th Lord of Time/Bolontiku.

Yellow Self-existing Seed
White Self-existing Mirror Yellow Self-existing Star Blue Self-existing Monkey
  Red Planetary Skywalker
Blue Self-existing Eagle
Red Self-existing Moon Blue Self-existing Storm Yellow Self-existing Sun
  White Planetary Wind
Yellow Self-existing Sun
White Self-existing Wizard Yellow Self-existing Seed Blue Self-existing Eagle
  Red Planetary Earth

Synchronistically, these 3 Kin (8.4) (19.4) and (4.4) equal today’s Guide of 11.12, Blue Crystal Monkey.  That Kin (51) codes Madame Blavatsky, whom Valum Votan calls the ‘precursor of the Red Queen’,  who devoted her life to our Spiritual Evolution during this 2012-2013 shift.

The revised ‘map’ of our 144-441 Community of the Cube of Truth will be displayed tomorrow, after Kin have had a chance to participate in our ‘cyber- Crystal Round Table’.  TMQ feels  the authors of the Cosmic History Chronicle’s, Valum Votan and Stephanie South are already ‘with us in Spirit’.  It would be great to hear your opinions and suggestions regarding the following:   Asking Kin 185 (Stephanie/Red Queen) and Valum Votan (Kin 11) to join us, including Kin 4: Self-Existing Seed, and correlating the 8th Beta Plasma to the Day-out-of-Time Kin.   We would also enjoy welcoming more readers to our Community of the Cube.  🙂Floweroflifcecropcircle.jpg Flower of Life crop circle picture by jabeguy

This Flower of  Life crop circle contains a Star at it’s center (for 4 Star and 8 Star whose tones = 12)  with 12 points for this Crystal-toned day.  The Flower of Life represents this year’s Self-Existing Seed of Flowering.  The 18 outer petals plus the point in the center equal 19 for for the Seal coding today, Crystal Storm,  and for Kin 199:  Blue Self-Existing Storm.  The 6 large exterior circles represent the six sides of the Cube.  🙂

N. S.  1. 22. 10. 4        Kin 259

One thought on “Kin 259: Blue Crystal Storm on Blue Kali 4 of the 10th Moon of Manifestation

  1. I fear my ‘Round Table’ today was weak. As usual I consulted the Almanac, converesed with a personal journal, played and celebrated with colored pencils and recycled paper, evolved a few stories in motion, and wrote a bit one of the ongoing feeds I keep on mr. computer. I did suggest this page to friends. I did invite a friend to the park for ‘chakra yoga.’ But to really share what I was feeling…do go deep…I wanted to be alone. Alas, Here it one watch before our Cosmic Sun arises and I have made it to our cyber-round-table at least. What follows is a stream of thoughts I have been keeping with a common theme. There are pictures and much is color coded with symbols on mr. computer–but I’m not sure if that will transfer when copied and pasted. Thank you for this opportunity. May we all establish our forms in the interweaving of our senses through the telepathic waves!

    A solar seed. A flower of life….plasmatic seed generator that spirals up and down my spine linking me across time to the center of this galaxy….other galaxies, and the sole atom….the Hunab Ku. A compass…Come past the portal of who you are–and remember who we are. A rainbow compass– a passport through time….navigating the noosphere Eye find the prismatic—chromatic scales upon Ma’at….Once upon mi ’hat’….I plug in and watch discord slip away. Divine Intervention at play….I relax and polish my surfboard ready for the next wave-spell to come and carry me to my friend, the Tortuga. Turtle moon—I lay me down upon your warm shell of color. Naked, with the wings of a butterfly I reach up high and let the sounds of light penetrate my soul until I and the stars are one glowing brilliance of wonder. I open myself until eye sea from all sides; Eye am a circle. I am a cosmic starfish riding on a turtle’s back with the wings of a butterfly to carry me home.
    Home, Om, is the white horse with the wings and tail of the 10,000 eyed peacock that carries dreams to children in the form of a rainbow serpent. When the children wake–they know to liberate life–and sing to the stars…so that we may all join in the grand parade, ’ the Cycle of Return.’

    Cosmic Hinge of perceptual–conceptual constructs. Evolving to a Loving whole–opening the door to answer the call, “You RANG?!” And we answered. We have been answering for 13.7 billion years. Now–it’s your turn. Knock, knock….Who’s there? The Ab-Soul-ute. The A.B.Sea’s of the Soul with Ute. Ute; what came before BeaUty. I am but the smallest glint in your Eye. Teach me. Yes, do come in. Stay awhile. Stay 13.7 billion years if you like. Then we may just have ourselves the Alpha and Omega plus 1.4. Spirit always says + 1. And the four? “They are four you, my darling, that you may always have your direction–your compass…your bear-rings and G-roundings in the Ma’at-Ethereal world.” Put 1 in the center of 4 and your get five…with a dot. Turn 5 backwards, and place the dot on her head–and you get the manipura–power–and free will chakra. Eye gave you the choice–to come home…OM….and you have. We have created free will. And WE know–we will all-ways come back to one-another. Bell-E butt-on’s are a Ute’ full thing. Sole Atoms…..Black holes of Neverending cups of Rainbow Soup. Thank you for this injection. This penetration of matter. May the stars sing in each atom of matter and all raise their cups to the Divine! Let the H-in-G come together in E. 8+7=15 15/3=5 10+5=15 15=O E=5

    Solar Jaguar Moon of Intention
    How do I attain my purpose?

    To live without faith–is to be a candle in the wind. Without faith–patience is unattainable. I am being taught to paint my own picture. Being taught to read the compass of time and construct a new ‘ship’. I am being taught to ride my ‘Cosmic Surfboard’. I am learning the depths of the water and the heights of the mountains. Learning the winds currents and the wave’s length. I will polish my board. Hunab Ku!!!! Guide me…direct me…teach me to surf the Zuvaya. Bring me to my purpose, that I may align myself! With faith…I remember. With faith a will attain my purpose. Illuminate what is unique to me! Solar Jaguar, let your intentions be known.


    P.S. Seal the Ark!

    This Planetary Monkey(11) day…Supported by the Star(8), Guided by the Storm(19), Challenged by the Dragon(1) and Revealed by the Dog(10)–I Bow wow to the Cosmic History and thank thee Hunab Ku.
    15–Phosphorus (P) Pan O ©
    16–Sulphur (S) Tower P ©
    17–Chlorine (CL) Star Q ©
    18–Argon (AR) Moon R ©
    19–Potassium (K) Sun S ©
    Root ©
    Sky ©

    P.S CLARK……Nanni!!!!
    P.S Call the Ark! Sound the Chromatics!!!


    Reading Rainbow

    Has me die-V(22)-ing in and out of epistemology and cosmology–geology beacons and molecules answer–calling in their carbon spines….”Atoms! Align your-sea-elves!” Light Beams refine their frequencies–preparing to penetrate Media-ums…Electrify the electrons and set them free to wonder their forms–expanding their borders and greeting their neighbors until lines blur and Matter shifts–All forms that were previously chaotic—unequal and off-balance in their rotations–in their radial orbits—liberated from their form–as Alignments shift—Geo-met-trees re-form, Light penetrates…carbon skeletons –Kundalini backbones and their chakras/atoms align themselves and prepare for the Light Alignment–Light Penetration of Electrification—we are approaching the Re-formation of a Nation!

    The media matters. The environment you are in–matters. For the matter–material you are around–will converge and emerge with your matter–realigning to it’s highest possible frequency/geo-ma’at-tree-sea. Aligning our Chakras–and making sure they are clear and at optimal speed/function is essential for their absorption and refraction of light. When spinning in synch (13:20) they will release all qualifying electrons into the surrounding fields. You will experience a dissolving of your limbs as the radicals are freed. Electromagnetic fields will increase–and nuclei will be magnetized to its resonating fields. Knowing your Chakras/Carbon Skeleton/Rainbow is your key through the dissolving dissolution. 7 days— d-rays— 4×7=28 ©§¨ª 28=7×4

    Magnetize is Attraction
    Attraction is Neutrons/Protons
    And Re-fractions
    Elemental Make-Up
    Naked Atom

    De Cost-of-you-and-me

    To really reach our desired goal…Perhaps there must be no money involved. Otherwise we pay for each basic service, as in ‘Goddess Trilogy’–”pay to cuff her, pay to shave her, pay to feed her, pay to board her.” We are stuck then with, ‘holistic businesses’. Still it is busy-ness.
    Bee-ing ness—yes. We encourage.
    Busy–ness Buisness…
    Is fuzz and fog and fodder.

    Let us see your shield and suit and coat of arms.
    Polish your boots
    And perfect your way.
    “How do I perfect what I do?”

    I offer my services…And I have a wish list. Create a wish list.
    Establish ‘No Money.’
    Dedicate yourself to catalyzing
    A Universal Energy
    Into Crystalization
    That will guide all to cooperate
    In forming the planeto-cosmic art whole
    And reawakening the Magic
    Of T(E)=Art.

    Operate souly from wish list.
    “Twinkle twinkle little star
    How I wonder what you are?!
    Up above the world so high
    Like a diamond in the Sky
    Twinkle twinkle little star….
    How I wonder what you are?”

    In order for the ‘planeto-cosmic art whole’ to fully realize itself
    We must stop the use of money.
    That means you have to work out a system of trade for every need and want you have.
    Art is our media(um)
    Through which light is transmitted in the form of particles (tribes) and waves (tones).

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