Galactic Spin 33 begins beautifully on Limi 6 of Planetary World-Bridger Moon

As this special Galactic Spin began in New Zealand,  The Mystery Queen was enjoying the profound comments generated by our  Cyber Crystal Sun Round Table, and the wonderful addition of Five new Kin to our 144-441 Cube of Truth Community! 

On the first day of Galactic Spin 33 (13.7, on the 258th day of Cube Year Thirteen:  Prophecy) we welcome  Sky, Kin 100: Yellow Solar Sun,  who adds her ‘Enlightening Intention’ to our community, and Matt who synchronistically joined us during the Moon that he codes:  White Planetary World-Bridger (Kin 166).   OHm;  Martial is coded by Kin 116: a Yellow Crystal Warrior who  brings the Spirit Warrior’s energy into our Cube.   Melovia’s nephew, Stephane also  joined us during this sacred double G.A.P., bringing the ‘Interval of God:-Kin 41 into our space.   His Red Lunar Dragon (2.1)  can also serve to remind us of Hunab Ku 21, the root   of our 441 Cube of Truth.  The Cosmic Sun end to Galactic Spin 32 also brought us a Cosmic Silio Kin from the Sun Region:   Reimar, who is Kin 143:  Blue Cosmic Night.  The Cosmic Sun list of Kin now reflects our ‘new growth’.  🙂

Here are the current Kins, as we begin Spin 33:  4,  11,  11,  22,  41,  52,  72,  93,  100,  108,  109,  116,  123,  129,  133,  138,  143,  164,  166,  182,  184,  185,  187,  199,  205,  247 and  248.  When our  White Wizard and  Red Earth have joined, then we’ll display our Community by their 20 seals.  Kin 123, Blue Rhythmic Night is our Catalytic Blue Kali.  She is currently away from her home and Galactic Synchronization Crew, visiting her dearly loved Grandmother in the Eagle Bio-Region.  Let’s send our loving energy to Rachel, and to her Grandmother, who may be ‘Bridging the Worlds’ at this time.           Tzolkin/Harmonic Module 13:20 Matrix

 The Galactic Epic of Free Will begins today.  DREAMSPELL:  The Journey of Timeship Earth 2013;    Born of the Dragon,  Taught by the Monkey,  Set in Flight by the Moon.

Our 260 Day Journey (which represents 260 Dreamspell Centuries)  is made in three parts, and begins in the DRAGON GENESIS of 10 Wavespells (130 days).   Red Dragon Wavespell One:  Power of Birth.

The Code Spell for Kin 1, Red Magnetic Dragon, which codes the Wavespell and the Dragon Genesis is:  “I Unify in order to NurtureAttracting Being, I seal the Input of Birth with the Magnetic tone of Purpose.  I am guided by my own power doubled.  I am a Galactic Activation Portal.  Enter me.”

Red Magnetic Dragon
Blue Magnetic Monkey Red Magnetic Dragon White Magnetic Mirror
  Yellow Cosmic Sun

This Oracle illustrates how connected we are at this moment, when it is Magnetic Dragon here in the Southern Hemisphere, and Cosmic Sun in the Northern.  We are each other’s ‘Hidden Power’!  The Monkey is the Dragon’s Antipode and Self-Existing Monkey is today’s G-Force.  This is the last of the 3 days coded by our  ‘Magic Turtle’ PSI, White Planetary Wizard

Red Dragon Seal 1, Dragon or Primal Force holds the position of the first light gate-The Marka Pole- at the North Galactic Pole.  “The Primal Force exemplifies being as knowledge.”   GK-Neptune (300); Cardinal Family; Northern Regions;  Throat chakra.

LIMI:  Purify;  SP-Earth;  Solar Plexus:  “I Consume dualistic Thoughts as Food.  I Purify the Mental Electron at the North Pole.”  Pamasambhava;  AA Midway Station.  Today we build the Left Side of the Radion Cube.  We “Complete the 6th” line of the Codon Cube:  ___    ___  (Yin;  Space)

LIMI 6:  UR Earth 2:  Solar Earth,  Foundation:  Prophecy Tower.  Sixth Generation, guided by Sixth Solar Witness:  Blue Self-Existing Storm who codes Katun 199: -AD 791.  This Sixth Solar Witness is now a part of our  ‘Cube of Truth’.

Telektonon Day 6:  Free Will Foundation Tower of Prophecy, coded by our next Crystal Day:  12.12.  Baktun 6:  BC 1141;  Imperial Seal.  King Wen completes I Ching 8×8 (64).  Pacal Votan uses Free Will to claim the 7 Seals of Prophecy, storing them in his Uranian crypt at the center of the Earth, where he prepares the Warrior’s Labyrinth according to the Law of the Cube:  4×4 (16).

Rather synchronistically, Uranus, the telepathic object of our Spirit Warrior’s Cube Journey which begins tomorrow, was discovered by Uranus as seen by Voyager 2   Sir Frederick William Herschel on 3/13/1781.  Kin 1, Red Magnetic Dragon codes this German/British Astronomer/Composer, who also discovered several of the moons of Uranus, such as Titania and Oberon.  Sir Herschel also composed 24 symphonies, the same number that codes the Star (our Sun, Velatropa 24) that contains the 8th Planet (Uranus) and the 3rd Planet, Earth.  During the next 16 days, we will be focusing on reconnecting 24.3 and 24.8.

For the next 107  days, we will be in the 22nd Solar Spin and the 33rd Galactic Spin since the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, which celebrated the Return of Quetzlcoatl and initiated the 26 year countdown to our Galactic Synchronization in 2013.

Valum Votan, the instigator of the Harmonic Convergence, and the recognized Closer of the Cycle in 2012 wrote these words recently:  “It is time for all who are willing to unconditionally embrace the new to become conscious players in the same myth. The new time is the universal mythic structure that can enfold us all. Its coming is inevitable. The human mind unified in a new time is the basis of the Noosphere. For a tipping point on this issue all we need is one unifying global event – an artistic whole – that unites and synchronizes us in affirmation of our highest dreams: The Harmonic Convergence 2012 and the ejection of the Rainbow Bridge around the Earth.” 

 Thus united, we will embark together through the Seven Mystic Moons that lead us to our Galactic Synchronization on July 26, 2013.  🙂

N.   S.   1. 22. 10. 6.       Galactic Spin 33:    Kin  1:  Magnetic Dragon

9 thoughts on “Galactic Spin 33 begins beautifully on Limi 6 of Planetary World-Bridger Moon

  1. Elijah – personified by Jon Stewart – 134 – Self-existing Wizard
    Obama/Medevev – 73/114 – Self-existing Skywalker/Planetary Wizard – signs treaty sanctioning a 33% reduction in our shared nuclear arsenal

    Elisha – personified by Stephen Colbert – 145 – Lunar Serpent
    Colbert interviews Neil deGrasse Tyson – 180 – Spectral Sun – American astrophysicist, director of the Hayden Planetarium, and popularizer of science.

    The New SPACE program must now commence. We go back INside the UNIverse – The internal/external journey is paralleled within Magnetic Dragon – Edwin Hubble – DISCOVERER OF REDSHIFT

    There were methodological problems with Hubble’s survey technique that showed a deviation from flatness at large redshifts. In particular the technique did not account for changes in luminosity of galaxies due to galaxy evolution. (This will go on your permanent record. 😉 )

    Earlier, in 1917, Albert Einstein had found that his newly developed theory of general relativity indicated that the universe must be EITHER expanding or contracting. Unable to believe what his own equations were telling him, Einstein introduced a cosmological constant (a “fudge factor”) to the equations to avoid this “problem”. When Einstein heard of Hubble’s discovery, he said that changing his equations was “the biggest blunder of [his] life”.[8]

    Let’s take the Mission!
    Happy New Spin!

    “The Caucus Race”
    Forward, backward, inward, outward
    Come and join the chase
    Nothing could be drier
    Than a jolly caucus race

    Backward, forward, outward, inward
    Bottom to the top
    Never a beginning,
    There can never be a stop

    To skipping, hopping, tripping fancy free and gay
    Started it tomorrow
    But will finish yesterday

    ‘Round and ’round and ’round we go
    Until forevermore
    For once we were behind
    But now we find we are be-

    Forward, backward, inward, outward
    Come and join the chase
    Nothing could be drier
    Than a jolly caucus race!


    Kin 5 – 7 – Cambodian New Year!
    Khmer games

    Cambodia is home to a variety of games played to transform the dullest days into a memorable occasion. These games are very similar to those which are played in Manipur, a Northeastern state of India. [2] Through-out the Khmer New Year, street corners often are crowded with friends and families enjoying a break from routine, filling their free time dancing and play. Typically Khmer games help maintain one’s mental and physical dexterity. The body’s blood pressure, muscle system and brain all are challenged and strengthened in the name of fun.

    * “Bay Khom”

    A game played by two children in rural or urban areas during their free time. Ten holes are dug in the shape of an oval into a board in the ground. The game is played with 42 😉 small beads, stones or fruit seeds. Before starting the game, five beads are put into each of the two holes located at the tip of the board. Four beads are placed in each of the remaining eight holes. The first player takes all the beads from any hole and drops them one by one in the other holes. He or she must repeat this process until they have dropped the last bead into a hole lying beside an empty one. Then they must take all the beads in the hole that follows the empty one. At this point, the second player begins to play. The game ends when all the holes are empty. The player with the greatest number of beads wins the game.

    Fractal Geometry, Anyone?


  2. while the dragon 1 is the upmost kin to depict a new beginning …
    as we know the maya had quite some calendar weavings and maybe even another weaving was all the time on its way to manifest itself on this planet … was it Quetzalcoatl or Cortez or even our beloved Valum Votan who ended the uprising new calendar?

    as most of the readers here that is the one Bolon Ik brings into the world and by then it even can be “the case” that dragon 1 is the ending of a calendar kin.
    iz this okay; does this make sense?

    anyway the 1st kweak of the kweakspell in moon10 gives DRAGON MAGNETIZER as the last daya of the kweak – the LOVEkweak.

    when a hu’man being mentally abused gets notice of something not-known … then s/he will be … “stuck” / “blunt” / “icecold” ?

    and then … the traveling starts when the “ion of de-struction” comes back and back again as a teasing and pivotal refreshment for the mind ;-))

    well, anyway this iz why Bolon Ik has “her” place on Velatropa 24.3 (9)
    & i wellcome Sky for her creative offering (dragon1-timed?)!

  3. ADD’ing KIN info:
    my beloved Yani’Q is aligned to moon 6 day 9 (“SOULdaya”)
    which iz in our Plasmic Map : SELI

    my authentic prayer on SELI iz
    that it iz representing the SACRAL chakra ar the ARRIVAL station …

    this iz my vision : VV and dreamspell co-creathors focus on a very pure DEPARTURE status for all travellers to be prepared on the flight itself …

    from travelling across the planet we might recognize the “awe” when experiencing something completely different at the arrival – which mostly is the attractor to travel the planet and visit interesting spots … (and most attractive it iz to find an unknown spot)

    ~~~ to Yani’Qs talents
    it iz the attraction and creative force to solve “THe Uranian Crypt”
    … and i – my pretty self – believe she really managed to solve that …
    … and it is illustrated in the worldsphere that arises to me … we have a leading STAR … by the many awoke(ned)

    :-)) smile to dragon “261” (9)

    • Thank You James!

      Yellow Galactic Seed was in mind while writing that blog, yet somehow left it out. We do also kave a Kin 166 who joined us yesterday.

      Namaste, TMQ

  4. Very thankful for the Additions to the 441.114 Community Of Truth.


    Extreme Momentous Daya/Dayas

    Ready For Transmitt.

    Community Prophecy.

    Tears.Like Snow.From My Throat.Healing My Heart of Humanity Weakness.

    Serious Business Being Mayan.



  5. The 13 and the 20 day counts are historically in place.

    How can we start to to describe how actual galactic spin, which this teaching refers to as the 13 galactic tones, spin themeselves into the 13 day tone count ? How does the 13 Moon count in the year affect the process ?

    What’s the 20 day count relative to the galaxy ? I tend towards “seeing” the 13 day count as spin related ( Earth Rotation ) and the 20 day count as motion related ( the Earth moving around the sun ) …

    The better the physics, the better the metaphysics, the better the bridge between 2012 and the civilization we all want to see arrive in 2013.

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