Solar-Galactic Return of Self-Existing Seed; Planetary World-Bridger Day 9

Cube Year 13:  Prophecy,  and the 6th Year of the Mystery of the Stone  began 260 days ago, on  Kin 4: Self-Existing Seed.  Kin 4 was the Crown Chakra of the “Awesome Vast Blue Sky”‘s Oracle until the Mid-Year day of Resonant 15, when it traded places with Self-Existing Star; GM108X, to become the Root Chakra.  Kin 199, Self-Existing Storm remains the Heart Chakra for this entire year.  These  3 Kin who comprise the electrical circuitry and chakras of this year’s Lord of Time were welcomed to our 441-144 Cube of Truth Community on Yellow Cosmic Sun.

The Code Spell for Kin 4:  Yellow Self-Existing Seed is:  “I Define in order to Target.  Measuring Awareness, I seal the input of Flowering with the Self-Existing tone of Form.  I am guided by Universal Fire.”

Postulate 4.4 states:  “The Galactic Brain incorporated in the evolving body of planet Earth inevitably transforms the dialectic of solar pulsation and alternation of day and night phases into a complex of preconscious forms in which the element water is chemically generated from the interaction of crystal, light and heat  (luminic-electrical and thermic-kinetic energy conditions).”

Yellow Self-existing Sun
White Self-existing Wizard Yellow Self-existing Seed Blue Self-existing Eagle
  Red Planetary Earth

Our Guide for today and this whole year is Self-Existing Sun, which is the Galactic Signature of  Christ;  “The pure Messenger of UR whose life and meaning acquire the greatest significance at the Judgment Day endtime, as the prelude of the Return to UR:  the Universal Religion on Earth.”   (From the  7:7:7:7  Telektonon Revelation Instruction Manual)    

 The Third Watch/Quarter of the year, which we are now in,  is coded by 14.4, another way of viewing Kin 144.  Yesterday’s G-Force, Red Planetay Earth is today’s Magic Turtle Hidden Power.  Today’s G-Force is Kin 130, White Cosmic Dog.  The PSI Chrono Kin for Planetary 9 is Kin 188:  Yellow Rhythmic Star.

Yellow Seed Seal 4, Seed or  Innocent One activates the centripedal force and holds the station of the Fourth Light Gate.  GK-Jupiter (52);  Gateway;  South Pole, Root.

SELI:  Flows;  GK-Saturn; Root:  “My Mother is the Ultimate Sphere.  I See the Light.”  Muhammad;  Crystal Earth.  Today we envision the Bottom of the Radion Cube.  We “Build the Binary” by laying the second line of Codon Cube 63:  Accomplished,  on it’s Right Face:  ___    ___ (Yin;  Space).

SELI 9:  Second Solar Witness Reawakened:  Kin 195:  Blue Cosmic Eagle who leads the 2nd Lost Generation.  Seli 9 telepathically corresponds to AD 1994-1995.  ‘Victory Flows;  Cosmic Eagle Flies Again’. 

Telektonon Day 9:  Baktun 9:  AD 41;  Lords of the Red and Black“Pacal Votan witnesses triumph of 13:20 civilization in Teotihuacan (shown below) and Tiwanuka, and  confirms the teachings of Kontiki Viracocha“.  View from Pyramide de la luna.jpg 

Cube Three:  Abundance   “By my superconscious Warrior Night Abundance power, I regain my telepathic 13:20 visionary power in full abundance.”  “May TRUTH and PEACE Prevail!”

The celebrated Russian Poet, Novelist and Artist, Alexander Pushkin, was a Self-Existing Seed.   Yevgeny Onegin by Repin.jpgThe first painting is titled  ‘Pushkin at the beach’, by Ivan Aivazovsky.   A  self-portrait of Pushkin is on the Russian one Ruble coin.  Ilya Repin’s depiction of Onegin and Lensky’s duel, is from Eugene Onegin,  a novel in verse written by Alexander Pushkin, which is a classic of Russian literature.  In a tragic synchronicity, Pushkin’s life ended at the age of 37, from wounds received in a duel.  Many authorities believe that Alexander Pushkin is the greatest Poet of Russia

Russia and duel (A challenge between two) leads us to a tragedy in Russia on Lunar Wind, 2.2 (2/10/2010).   12 days after Poland announced that as one of the few ‘debt-free countries‘,  they were in a position to lend money to the International Monetary Fund in order to help other countries, they were struck by an unprecedented tragedy.  A plane carrying  Poland’s  President  Lech Kaczynski,  Lech Kaczynski   his wife, and the top level of the Polish government,  crashed in Russia, killing all 132 persons aboard. Poles grieve over president killed in plane crash President Kaczynski’s Galactic Signature is the same as the one coding the Moon during which he died:  Kin 166;  White Planetary  World-Bridger.  Please join TMQ in sending  loving energy to the devastated country of Poland, whose government and people so generously offered to help others.

N.  S.  1. 22. 10. 9.     Cube Three:  Abundance          Kin 4

8 thoughts on “Solar-Galactic Return of Self-Existing Seed; Planetary World-Bridger Day 9

  1. 12 days = Kin Human
    Lunar Wind (Simplest Square)
    132 = Lunar Human
    4 Seed
    Date 4/12

    Four is the smallest composite number, its proper divisors being 1 and 2. Four is also a highly composite number. The next highly composite number is 6.

    Four is the second square number, the second centered triangular number.

    Perhaps this Polish sacrifice (and how phonetically prescient) is to seed the destruction of the monetary complex. At its root being debt free is a self-negating (self-existing) paradox – if you’re not making money for the bank (read CASINO) you’re not feeding the parasitic/symbiotic “green-eyed” money monster.

    On Planetary 9 – manifesto appropriate
    # 9

    Feeding into Planetary 10 – Overtone Ouroboros

    My Lakota comrade at the vibration store, Self-existing seed has been truly manifesting. She has found her calling in yoga, and is now training to instruct. I am extremely proud of her! 😉

    “Love is the only shocking act left on the face of the earth.”
    “When you’re collaborating with somebody who’s got a lot of stuff they haven’t worked out yet, you’re working out their vision as well.”

    My eyes are yours.
    Christine 😉

    • thX Christine :: attention to 132 …

      as a kweak’R i see a relation to 135 which iz a bird … simply while kweak is 3 is the bar-attractor we kweak’rs include in our investigations …

      See 132 133 134 135 as 3 feathers and the bird where 131 is the tipping point: magnetic monkey!

      fascinating to have the eagle at the bird here … the overtone eagle as a true bird … (s’miles away high in the sky)

      then the wholly range iz in the resonant mid-column in the tapestry …

      and that signals a twin magic square bunch active …

      so 135 goes with 126 double when we have the bird as most relevant …

      135+126+126+135 => 5 22 again , classmates” …

      What does this mean while we have 261-265 as the current birds “future wing” as looking crystal glass …

      Your eye are Mine(D) |-{ … }-|

  2. I am kin 226, my 10yr old son Joe is kin44 my 6yr old son Jack is kin 231 this is my core crew but my astranged partner is kin 111 and her 11yr old daughter is kin 219 , we are trying to blend but struggling any thoughts would be appreciated Godbless

  3. Im Remembering Why We Came…
    Desire brouht Meaning,Community Cube 441.144.Definition Of Sacred Valued Recognition of Truth,of Uncovering,Of Manifestation.
    The Universal Fire Spreads Through the Freedom.The Freedom burns Through The Galactic Core,Us.

    The Flash of Love,The Trace of Humanity.
    As Money Burns for Reasons of 12.60/Turmoil.Good Bye!!!!!!!
    Welcome The New Member.The Same ONE.
    The Mayan.The Cosmic.PV.VV.Hometeam!!!!!!Games On?
    Us.We’ve waited long enough,Our Time,Our Conclusion.Our Presentation of Devotion Bringing Freedom from Raw Emotion with Welcome of Kin Wide Awake!
    Focused on Forgiveness.
    Knowing Maya.
    Knowing Her.
    Knowing U.
    Being U.For Me(Us)
    The Mirror of a Purple Sage Cedar Tree,is The Gift.The Galactic Mirror!
    The Sweet Grass Poetry.Of the Cleanse.
    I feel The Outcome is Set.
    Shall we continue?
    To Play?
    To Find Our Clues?
    To Be Here Now.
    To Pray.To Pray.When Pray Becomes Play,We Live Our Way,The Maya Day.

    • Yes.

      This for whatever reason did not transmit…perhaps the circuit is not ready to jump.



      Soul-linguistic deficiency. I am half Mexican, half French and suffer from Northern California Malaise – only truly fluent in my own tripe. 😉

      Summon Communal Mind on this – please translate and with context – one amongst us must be able.

  4. Welcome Mike N Family.
    Y’all ar very Important additions at this time.
    Wonderful.Welcome Home.
    We are so close in telepathically obtaining our 144.

    Wheel Matrix.
    I like that 5th matrix.That Center Mechanism that Works With Hunab;ku
    That Giver of Movement and Truth.
    That Moves all to be Moved.
    in Cosmic History.

    Really excited for these times.T
    7 daya til kin 11.
    I owe Everything to V.V.

    Open For Service,With No rest For the Wicked…k93

  5. Greetings my beloved kin

    Thank you Christine.

    A polish friend of mine, Kin 84, Rythmic Seed, Silio Plasma ( He would say Lunar South Silio 28) sent me these messages just before Lunar Wind.

    Speaking about the dissolution of monetary systems and simoltaneous resurrection and creation of ‘Elves’ and the gift economy–which further inspired me to ‘set up camp’ on the edges of this vision and follow and weave the threads.

    On Dali 8 I attended several services and ‘felt the heat rise within’. The heat became SO intense that my body was burned most of the day.
    At the second service– A surprise guest was there–‘Poncho’ one of 13 crystal skulls and a man channeled. I am moved to a rememberance that beyond the confines of these words and yet I accept the challenge to ground my vision. The words/sounds he chanted….they are ‘my voice’ SO familiar–

    I go now to an Art class and speak about Natural Time a bit.
    I am sitting with the locations of the Crest 13 projects.
    I am putting energy out to attend the meeting coming up in Italy.
    I am SO grateful for our COMMUNITY and I step further into and shift gears once again…

  6. k133………Im Loving Reading of your Connection…N The Way u Communicate.Thank u Sister SKYWALKER…

    “”””My Lakota comrade at the vibration store, Self-existing seed has been truly manifesting. She has found her calling in yoga, and is now training to instruct. I am extremely proud of her! “””””

    Black Hills/Paha Sapa

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