Kin 5: Red Overtone Serpent codes Gamma 10; Cube 4 of Moon 10

While focusing on the Return of the Kin coding this Yellow Self-Existing Seed Year, Vinal 14 was forgotten yesterday.  Here is  is the Vinal Meditation which codes the next 19 days:  “Receives the Light of One who Knows.”  

The first 13 Vinals were:   ‘The One who Knows’…’Listens in Silence’…’In order to Integrate the Universe’…Based on Knowledge’…’That reaches the foundations’…’Where with great Wisdom a Seed is sown’…A little ray of the hidden Sun’…’Which Unifies all of the pieces’…’To enter into the well of the inner Wisdom’…’Where the student clears the mind, taking account of what is not yet ripe’…’Dissipating the clouds of doubt, raising her/himself up’…’Breaks with habitual caution, and reaches the White Light’…’Closing the equivocating part and entering a trance.’

The Self-Replicating Cosmology of Enlightenment Meditation  is based on the 20 Solar Seals which repeat 13 times every Galactic Spin.  “To follow this practice on a daily basis is to participate in a self-replicating Cosmology of Enlightenment Meditation.  The practice has already been perfected, but without practice, you will not know that.”  (From page 17 of the ‘Master Synchronic Code Book’.

Seed:  “The spiritual conduct has “already been done since the beginning.”  Seed targets the flowering of intrinsic awareness as the basis of Spiritual Conduct.”

Serpent:  “The Dzogchen View has “already been realized”.  Serpent manifests the view of cosmic life force as the self-realized instinct of original mind.”

The Code Spell for Kin 5:  Red Overtone Serpent is:  “I Empower in order to Survive.  Commanding Instinct, I seal the store of Life Force with the Overtone tone of Radiance.  I am guided by the power of Space

Postulate 5.5 states:  “Within the biosphere, which is wholly an intelligent function of the Galactic Brain, there is a Fourth-Dimensional auto-regulatory system known as the PSI Bank.  By means of the 13:20 frequency, the PSI Bank synchronizes the mathematical program of the DNA into a recording and memory storage system“.

Red Overtone Skywalker is today’s Guide, and the G-Force for 5.5 is 3.3: Blue Electric Night.  The PSI Kin that codes Day 10 of Moon 10 is 10.8:  White Galactic Dog.

Stephanie South is a Red Electric Serpent, and she writes this for today’s entry in her ’13 Moon Almanac’“Maldek is the Fifth planet, Overtone Serpent is the Fifth seal and Fifth tone:  This is a sign of the Lost Chord, the Overtone Fifth.  A serpent (snake) can see through it’s eyelids.”

Red Serpent Seal 5, Serpent or Serpent Initiate is the generator of the red electrical circuit and exemplifies sex as the beginning of knowledge.  GK-Maldek;  Polar;  North Pole;  Crown.

GAMMA:   Pacify;  GK-Jupiter;  Third Eye“My Lineage is the Union of  Intrinsic Awareness and the Ultimate Sphere.  I Attain the Power of Peace.”  Mystery;  Pacal Votan;  Hunab Ku.  Build the Front of the Radion Cube and “Create the Triplet” by laying the 3rd line on the Left face of Codon Cube 63:  Accomplished  ______ (Yang;  Time).

GAMMA 10:  Kin 196:  Yellow Magnetic Warrior is Reawakened to guide the 3rd Lost Generation.  Year 19951996 is fractall compressed into this day.  “Victory Pacifies:  Return of the Sacred Warrior.”

Telektonon Day 10:  Baktun 10:  AD 435;  Maya.  “Great Era of Maya time science on EarthSacred Prophet Muhammad receives Qu’ran.  Pacal Votan appears at Palenque–AD 962, leaves Book of  7 Generations-Telektonon Prophecy, same as “Angel with Rolled Script.”  Vatican receives Babylonian Legacy–Padmasambhava in Tibet.

Cube Four:  Flowering  “By my superconscious Warrior Seed flowering power, May the Enlightening Solar power of  Maya flower as the fulfillment of Prophecy for all!” Here is a beautiful image of the Temple of the Sun in Teotihuacan in Mexico, where the decoder of the Telektonon ProphecyValum Votan was named the Closer of the Cycle (at the end of 13 Baktuns on 12/21/2012) on March 3, 2002. 

That numbers of that Gregorian date contains today’s G-Force:  3.3, which when added to the 2 and 2 equals today, 5.5.  Today’s Antipode of 15.5,  “denotes  the precise alignment of Teotihuacan near Mexico City, which is  15.5 degrees East of North.

The 9 Sacred Elders who surprised Valum Votan by proclaiming him the    long-prophesied Closer of the Cycle, atop the Pyramid of the Sun said this: 

 “…We recognize you, Jose Arguelles (Valum Votan) as being the one who has brought that knowledge of the mathematical codes of the Galactic Maya.  This is the knowledge of the new time, the new era, and we recognize that you are a Galactic Maya and so we are here to present you with this ceremonial staff.  We know you have walked this road, the Red Road, for all of your life, and with this staff, we expect you to continue to fulfill your responsibilities to walk this Red Road until you close the cycle as you are supposed to.  You can count on all of us to support you in this work.”  (From page xviii of Cosmic History Chronicles, Volume 1: Book of the Throne.” 

That prophetic and powerful day was coded by Kin 164:  Yellow Galactic Seed!  That was  16 Galactic Spins before our  Galactic Synchronization on Galactic Seed in 2013.  🙂

N.  S.   1. 22. 10. 10.  Cube Four:  Flowering     Kin 5



15 thoughts on “Kin 5: Red Overtone Serpent codes Gamma 10; Cube 4 of Moon 10

  1. Oh Self-Existing Seed!
    In your week of refinement
    Innocent Holy Fool.
    Today we bgin the 105 day cycle…coded by Magnetic Serpent.
    Sepent is the wave we wide into our Day out of Time.
    The 10th tone and the fifth tribe…

    Dream transforms clarity of mind…
    ‘crystal’ clarity mind
    Hunab Ku delivers the Scorpio
    who asks, “What doyou need to seperate from in order to evolve? In order to enlighten?”
    ‘How do I perfect what I do?”

    Initiation of the SerPANteaHood

    Focus Enriching
    Completing Projects
    Initiation of the Avatar
    Into the Flow of the SerPANtea
    by the Innocent Fool.

    I posted a website today–it is a work in progress….as always
    It is an initiation.

    The pages OMA and COMPASSPORTALS will be mi Bee’logs.

    Born on International Habitat day,
    we offer this,


  2. WOW I come again to say please come to Aotearoa New Zealand i have seen the New Jerusalem, Kiwi allegiance the song ‘Stay under the rainbow of the rising sun Alpha Omega its over for the Gregorian calendar of death”. ” Its not too late, too redeliberate, plug in the positive “13MOONS” push out the negative “GREGORIAN CALENDAR”. Realign in natures time, real time natures time. I am thinking about taking myself and two sons and join that farmer, who is squatting on the farm he built. We as galactic universal children should be able to simply BE without having to pay money, my sons and i were born on this planet, so should we have too pay for that privilege? for our entire lives and our childrens children which is what has been going on, for over four hundred years. Let us all be free, come to the rising sun. Calm heads are needed, peace in prisons, Gods blessings i am another yourself kin 226

  3. Kin 226: i feel u.
    Why not simplicity????,Why cant we have land(Farm).????????

    Im starting simple n working toward a vast Change.
    A very large cell phone bill appeared yesterday,I threw the phone in the Garbage. Bye Bye!I will never stress $.No.
    I Lost my house bout a year the American Dream Forclosure.

    I gained a vast amount of freedom,of being Mobile.
    I choose to be Homeless.We Sleep With Maya.
    This Galaxy is My Home.I no longer have setbacks.
    As I listen to U.

    I must focus on other ways of gaining my needs.Which are seemingly met.

    Walking the Red Road!
    Unconditional Love,Gratitude,Thanks,In La’kesh (441)(144)Community of Eternal Truth. Valum Votan-The Closer!!!!!!Grand

  4. i see i’,m number 7 todaya 😉

    this on overtone serpentino …
    triggers a page with 3 clips and some buzz here

    it iz a flashback to about 4 years ago when the storyline landed on this planet that iz in a mind-bogling state of pivoture …

    the clips entitle :

    BE – I dont wanna Grow Up – Anthem

    the un/blinding of some tells the closure of the wholly thing ~ as

    the feathered serpent dwells in its own shadowwwings, shading from the burning sun … :-{ poethicall noo’inG }-:

    • your, ‘one more time has me sinGinG!! skywalker93!

      yes. yes……YES!!!!!!!!
      The re-member-ance is G-rowing….

  5. DZOGCHEN view…
    4+26+15+7+3+8+5+14+22+9+5+23= 141

    Sol much in-couragement has me needing a salt-scrub bath…the better to shed my skin. Christine, you are mi G-Force.

    S’ace, Crystal Wind! I muse-tea admit–You called mi to this community. Bolon IK. Then the weavings bee-G-an. On Solar 7–Cosmic Wizard in the watch of the serPAN.t. I dreamt the words ‘Bolon Ik’. I woke to the winds ROARING…and I spoke the name, Bolon IK. At first light–Eye went to the web and by typing these letters–found TMQ.

    10th Moon
    10th Day
    10×10= 100+5 For the Lost Chord G-eye-did by the Fifth Force.

    The Occult power of today, Solar Warrior–was E-Star Dali–just past.

    I updated the dreamcatcher and links site.
    ‘To Pray. To Pray. When Pray becomes Play,We live Our way…’OMA’ the Maya Day!’ Brought to us by Kin 93–G-RAW-SEA! grazi

    Hearts palpatations are approaching galactic speed to synch up with our psi kin 190 eye suppose…

    On my 23 b-day–3 years ago– I kNew eye was to visit Palanque… and thought it was to bee married. I bought a white skirt with red roses…and a white tunic with blue tri-angles for ‘him’ on my way…near Tikal. I met many a kin…and hitched my way to Palanque. Mi marriage I now know was in the aEtheral realms. In a town Benque Viejo Del Carmen–after my return from Palenque…I recorded a song that I will post on mi page under OMA.
    THANK YOU TMQ for this RE-member–Essence…..

    It is penetrating and pacifying mi soul.
    I am learning to harmonize in order to love
    modeling loyalty and
    sealing the process of heart
    With the Galactic tone of integrity
    I am G-eye-did by the power of Life-Force.

    Solar Dragon…
    Magnetic Worldbridger

  6. 61 re-minds me of 91
    And another G-raw-Sea to address;

    91 came to mi before bolon ik.
    90 is the number of non-synthetic elements on our periodic table.
    +1…because spirit all-ways sea-yays! +1…91…. yes our 4 quarters.


    is to me a challenger vibration that invites me for a bivideotex inspection:

    3 8 1 12 3 . 8 9 6 7 12 . 9 3 6 5

    intermediates in: 27 42 22 => 91

    91 is the number for a Quarter Year Cycle at 364/4

    it is a sign toward this Quarter as i mentioned week 14-26 having hexagram 29 as its Portal and 30 as its spine”

    4 mi 2 conTeaMplate, thank you age-in s’ace.

  7. Hello!
    Just a quick note on several synchronicities pertaining to today in the life of Kin 182, a member of our GSC 154.
    Over the past week, Kin 182 has traveled throughout Mexico and Central America where he has visited several sacred Mayan sites. Today, he visited Palenque – a direct connection to today as Telektonon Day 10; Baktun 10 in which Pacal Votan appeared at Palenque in AD 962, leaving the Book of 7 Generations-Telektonon Prophecy. Interestingly enough, Kin 182’s G-Force is Kin 196: Yellow Magnetic Warrior, which also codes today as GAMMA 10, and is “Reawakened to guide the 3rd Lost Generation”! 🙂
    Incidentally, GSC 154’s G-Force is Kin 164, which is mentioned in today’s post as well, as the Kin that coded the day in 2002 when Valum Votan received the ceremonial staff from the 9 Sacred Elders atop the Temple of the Sun in Teotihuacan, Mexico!
    Just wanted to share the interconnectedness of us all, dear Galactic Community!
    And Moi, your new site is breathtaking! Thank you for sharing such beautiful words and imagery. Your word-play is fun, free-flowing, and Universal!
    In La’Kesh!
    ~ kin 109

    • Thank you Sarah Moon Priestess :)

      It seems that Cosmic Wind chose the perfect day to visit that sacred place! Indeed, we were telepathically and synchronistically connected with each other and with the Galactic Mayans, and through Michael, to Palenque and our Galactic Seed Synchronization. It’ll be great to hear/see more of his adventures in that Magical Mayan land. Thanks for sharing the “interconnectedness of us all, dear Galactic Community” It’s very ‘tummo-producing’!

      Namaste, Kin 138

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