Kin 9: Red Solar Moon on Planetary Moon Silio 14; Cube 8: Art

The Code Spell for Kin 9:  Red Solar Moon is:  “I Pulse in order to Purify.  Realizing Flow, I seal the  process of Universal Water with the Solar tone of Intention.  I am guided by the power of Life Force.”

Postulate 9.9 states:  “The creation of the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge is a projective function of applied radiosonics owing to the release of radion, and the creation over time of the Heptagonon of Mind, and Primal Cubic Parton aligned to the collective mental coordination of the opening of the four PSI Bank plates…”

The PSI for Day 14;  Moon 10 is Kin 195:  Blue Cosmic Eagle, as we continue  the week that is PSI-coded by the Seven Solar Witnesses.  Today’s G-Force is Lunar Eagle adding more of the Eagle’s energy of  a blue ‘Transformative Vision’.

Kin 9, Seal 9 and Tone 9 = 999441 is a set of Integers with 3 recombinant possibilities:  144, 414 and 441. ”  They add up to 999.  “The other frequency triplet is 117 (9×13)”  117, 171 and 711 all add up to 999.  (Page 207,  “Book of the Timespace.”)

The Antipode for Kin 9  is Kin 139:  Blue Solar Storm, which codes Princess Diana.   The numbers coding the Day 9.9,  the Year, 4.4 and this Moon, 6.10, all combine into a Blue (Magic Turtle) Planetary Storm.   

 Here is a photo of the pastoral source of the current Planetary Storm engulfing our Planet,causing the cancellation of tens of thousands of tens of thousands of flights around the world. A plume of volcanic ash rises into the atmosphere at the Eyjafjallajokull glacier in southern Iceland.  The Mystery Queen surmises that this is the (literal) ‘silver lining in the cloud’   The atmosphere is being seeded by tons of silica,  which is a type of crystal capable of transmitting information“.  A fiber optic…can carry up to 10 million messages at any time using light pulses.  (Silica) is also used in the extraction of DNA and RNA due to its ability to bind to the nucleic acids.” 

Let’s telepathically project our visions of Unity with our Earth and each other, and Peace, into all of the silica currently infusing our world.

Today, when we Meditate the Rainbow Bridge, alone or in your Galactic Synchronization Crews, let’s envision the Rainbow-colored Plasmas which are ejected through our Earth’s Flux Tube’s (to become the Aurora Borealis near the source of the Silica in Iceland, and with which we co-create the Circum-polar Rainbow Bridge) forming the Rainbow around the Earth, and then connecting with all of the silica dispersed through the atmosphere. spreading the Rainbow and ourbonding  our intention with the silica.  If you saw the video of the rainbow-colored plasma streaming from the aircraft that lost all 4 engines when they flew into volcanic ash (in 1982 on their way to New Zealand), it will reinforce your belief in the effectiveness of this telepathic endeavour. 

 Red Moon Seal 9 Moon.  The Attainment (Siddhi) has ‘already been acquired’Moon purifies the universal water of all the Siddhas, placing them in the flow of all mind-streams.   This photo of the ‘most beautiful river in the World’, named Cano Crystales combines today’s themes  of the Rainbow, the Silica Crystal and the Purifying Moon.The Cano Cristales, touted as the most beautiful river in the world (also called as the “River of five colors”), is definitely a treat to human eyes, website says

Moon or Healer  exemplifies healing as the surce of love, and is the guardian of universal water that nurtures and sustains all beings.  GK-Mercury;  Gateway;  South Pole;  Root.

SILIO:  Discharge;  GK-Venus;  Heart:  “My Role is to Accomplish the Actions of the Buddha.  I Discharge the Mental Electron at the Center of the Earth.”  Major Arcanum Day:  CUBE;  Patron:  Buddha; Interdimensional Star Map Location:  Pleaides

Today we ‘discharge’ our Spirit to the interior of Codon Cube  63:  Accomplished:  Galactic Octave Universalizes Space.  Then, “we visualize our Radion-Heptagonon of Mind Cube around our Codon Cube.  Next, we place the White Antipode Telepathic Time Atom vertically within the Cube, which contains us in it’s Heart.  We discharge the Time Atom, the Silio Seal and the Weekly Rune” (and ourselves) to the center of the Earth.

SILIO 14:   CIRCUMPOLAR RAINBOW BRIDGE;  Heptagonon of Mind of Heaven Cubed.  Prophecy Discharge Targets the Mystery of the Stone.  7th Lost Generation led by the 7th Solar Witness,  coded by Kin 200:  Yellow Overtone Sun is Re-awakened.

Today, in both the 7:7:7:7 and the Telektonon practices,  we begin the week of aphasic linking.  This week, the 7 solar Witnesses of these Moonly  practices are further aphasically linked by the appearance of 6 of them as the PSI Chrono Kins coding Planetary Days 13 through 18. 

Telektonon Day 14:  Kin 144 codes Dali Seal One.  (The clock at this moment says 1:44!-and a song is playing “We will be victorious!  :))  “Victory Targets Yellow Magnetic Seed.  “Song of the 144,000 redeems the 1st Lost Tribe guided by White Crystal Wizard.

Cube Eight:  Art   “By my unconscious stored Star power of Art, may Prophecy Target the Victory of the Righteous.  May the beast of ignorance be slain!”  “May Free Will, Peace, Art and Harmony Prevail!”

Total City Systems. All of The Venus Project designs are by Jacque Fresco.These two works of Art remind us of the Star, shown here containing the Cube(s), and of the Circle (sphere).

Kin 164:  Galactic Seed (James) wrote of this ‘circle’: 

“The second Jacque Fresco illustration (total city systems), I remember deeply meditating about.  I had built a city in my mind, because my guides told me to “play” with the idea of helping humanity. it was circular in nature and had deep roots to the mandala, much like this illustration. The main difference was that in the center is where people would get off and on the Rainbow Bridge, like an airport.”

These two Mandala-like images also evoke the vision of Tollan (Tule or Tula),  the Mayan template of Cosmic Order, which they replicated in their assemblage of Temples and Pyramids in Teotihuacan, Palenque and other sacred locations.   Tollan is also referred to as Home in the Codon for the 13th Heptad of this quarter,  which begins at Midnight:  “Codon 37:  Power of the Home;  Cosmic Order Informs Time.”

It feels like we have all been especially connected by our Guiding Galactic Star  during this period coded by Kin 8, Galactic Star of Harmony, and aphasically linked to Cube 8:  Star; Art.   There have been many synchronicities and at 3:51 this morning, TMQ saw a shooting star streak across the skies of Aotearoa. 

A week ago, Kin 100 (Sky)  generously offered to help  establish a forum for us on, but yesterday wrote  that ning. had just discontinued offering free sites.  Tomorrow, TMQ will display an undeveloped website she established during the Magnetic Moon of Purpose.  Now, in the Magnetic Wavespell of Purpose, let’s find a way to evolve it, and our 441:144 Cube of Truth Community,  together.  🙂

N. S.  1. 22. 10. 14.     Cube 8:  Art& Harmony        Kin 9


14 thoughts on “Kin 9: Red Solar Moon on Planetary Moon Silio 14; Cube 8: Art

  1. Welcome Tiger!

    It’s great to have a Pacal Votan Clear Sign in our midst,
    and your fresh (and irreverent) perspective is treasured.

    TMQ is sure you meant: “…because we’ll be consumed with God”. Right? 🙂

    Kin 138

  2. also 126+261+612 adds up to 999

    9×14 + 9×29 + 9×68 = 9×111 = 999

    what do the 3 fractals pinpoint?

    14 iz receiving lefthand; transpassing right hand … *:: *::

    29 is 2.9 = white solar wind ; mobilizer in the wizard wave oncominG

    68 ??? iz the Public Questioner (6 & 8 average on twin7 and sum to 14)

    999 iz pretty facinating … and it vibrates included cubic force ; – )

  3. Bija….Bi ja….Be Jah Bi(2) Jah…….the polarites of Jah coming 2G-ether to consume us into their flesh….skin….piel….atom(sphere)…..
    Bi Jah–Lam Vam Ram Yam Ham Om ooooooooo (or light vibrates radiantly yahweh halleluejah! OM…………….A!
    Bahai Bahia
    What a T-rip into re-memberance!
    Yes. We are filling the GAPS….are are becoming one….
    Mi page was raged and purified the fifth force of the sun—
    And now 2day he remembers with love the 7th lost generation.
    Weebly has free sites….and is simple to navi-gate.
    2G-ether will be SOL nice….sol-luna…..
    soul soona den spater du bist enie liber nicht ha-t-er.

    Sir Carlo Crivelli found mi yesterday…

    What a p-ost 2day!!!
    Eye drew up a star map….immitating our Mayan Galactic Map…. but then let the centers and tones move me…and came up with 27 37 27
    (I will post a picture soon)
    within this we have our OMA 144-441
    und wir haben 117- 171 -711
    if we use our Radial Alpha Beta, a=1 z=2
    oxlahuntiku is 171.
    She has landed!!!! (oooooooooooooreahOOO!!!)
    138 we will all be mirrored by you…and you USea.

    Pro-ject GPS or T’ree Motion… the Skywalker watch of our 8.8 day was G-rounded!!!
    2DAY we SEED it through the Silica Crystals—WATER FLOW—NATION–SELI_ABRA_NA_T_ION! Re-member Bi-Jah!
    We are the manifestations G-ROUNDING!
    This is the G-rounding….8.8 on our periodic table is 88=Radion.
    Heptagonon IS OUR STAR MAP!
    WE THE SEA-STARS are the LIGHTNING RODS and we are G-Rounding the Rainbow serpent, life-force through our trees! Project GPS!!!!
    I wrote about this in our MaGNETIC mooN OF purpose!!!!!
    it was a ‘doodle’ and IT (they–all the doodles are happenings!)
    doodle–7+24+24+7+23+9=94 (radial alpha beta)
    doodle–4+15+15+4+12+5=55 (lin-ear alpha beta)
    electric eagle
    electric wizard
    2Gether= 149 Rythmic Moon or
    SOLAR MOON!!!!!

    ‘I pulse in order to purify
    Realizing FLOW
    I seal the process of universal water
    with the solar tone of intention
    I am G-EYE-DID by the power of Life-Force!’

    Met up with a galactic member Kin129 in the human watch of 8.8
    We J-ourneyed throught spac and time….into the WATCH of TMQ 1 3 8 and opened the tomb of our Q!!!! (in radial alpha beta Q is 20 in lin-ear 17)

    it is Tea-i-am-mi
    to; do ra mi fa so la ti do
    And TMQ I feel you already know–but project GPS mst be shared immediately–
    and I will post on fresh new website SeaOOn.

    We are! 441-144 guided by 8.8 planted firmly with Magnetic Seed by 7.7 of All.
    all= 1+12+12=25

    • on 25 we can say this implicates character Y – “why”

      Z is the 26th = landing in 1-ness again : so presence & telepath talent ignited by cosmic sovereign rule / law

      then 27 is the SPACE-bar: most width button often below the characterset …

      28 is always needed to send the final set into the electric=serving realm; it might be indicated by “ENTER”=”CENTER” in English language; Germans might indicate the similar by “ANSPEICHERN”; and Chinese will illustrate a Chinese Symbol on their Symbol Related Buttons.

      29 is “over the budget” regarding the number of days a UNIT/KIN refering to the MOON; it just indicates “the future” aka “the new day dreamed”

      have a nice SOULdaya in the LIFEkweak
      tomorrow the VOIDkweak starts on SIRdaya ( Sirius-ly 🙂

  4. So… any three numbers that add to 9 can be recombined into 999… (and it rhymes 🙂 ?

    117 711 171
    144 441 414
    243 432 324
    252 225 522
    720 207 072
    531 315 153
    621 162 216
    810 108 081

  5. Postulate 3.5 and 1
    3.1 The Galactic Brain, the name given to the whole system order of time and consciousness, is holonomic, governed by a single unitary principle, the Law of Time,T(E)=Art. This holonomic order is incorporated in the evolving nature of sterrar mass, inclusive of, as well as through, its planetary bodies.

    3.5 Within the Galactic Brain, it is the radial matrix of fourth-dimensional time by which the forms of order common to all four quadrants of time and consiousness are projected. All forms of order within Galactic Brain ar projections of radiative geometries.

    TMQ; Eye posted mi GPS–OneTreeInfinity. There is much dark matter but eye trust we can fill in those GAPS.
    it is on under GPS.


  6. Oh Lord, (predictive = Jose,) it has been an absolutely ridiculous day – I begin to fear only of greed for hilarity and synch – it fee-ls completely unfair. Pevensie juices promulgating pineal perversions, as it were.

    Cohesion on the morrow,

    P.S. at 1:48 he just got up ( from rigid “four” sleep stance – later explanation to follow when not wasted,) and started speaking in a completely incohesive way after I had just had just turned on the (audio, random influence, after a ten minute period of silence) notes to a sequence on youtube from Yellow Submarine – he was pontificating – proclaiming some kind of resolution in a language I could not even begin to understand – stood directly up as if indicating an argument before some sort of appointed body of legislation, actively hanging on his every word. I forced myself into his field of vision and I asked him, “Wait, what were you saying? Can you repeat yourself?” and he (glazed and intoxicated, to be sure,) reaches out from his useless pupils and slurs an alliance with me of completely gutteral responses which are fine – we might need an intervention, haha.

    and now he just woke up again and said “let’s do it. It never happens.”

    Uh huh.
    I love you all,

  7. And I just went to finally drag his ass to bed and his dress shirt is inside out and backwards. We are home alone. We went to dinner with eight friends and had company all night until they left from about 1:15 AM PST until now 2:14 AM PST. I do not have the immediate capacity to upload and transmit this. I did take pictures with the crap digital I need to find the cord for. Monkeys!

    If it spouts again I may need to lie down.


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