Kin 10: Planetary Dog on Dali 15 of Planetary Moon; Magic Turtle Day!

Today’s Hidden Power, Self-Existing Monkey, might be playing tricks, because the first post today, (which was 3/4 complete) suddenly  disappeared.  The best antidote for that frustration was to bicycle for several hours along the Mai Tai (=13, 20) River, surrounded by vividly colored autumn trees and brilliant sunshine.  The skies are so clear here, that it’s hard to imagine that 3/4 of all airline flights are grounded.  The Cube 13:  Year of Prophecy will be 3/4 complete at the end of the week that begins today:  Heptad/Week 39.  “19.13:  All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”
  Kin 10:  White Planetary Dog ‘s code spell is:  “I Perfect in order to Love.  Producing Loyalty, I seal the process of Heart, with the Planetary tone of Manifestation.  I am guided by the power of Endlessness.  I am a Polar Kin.  I extend the White Galactic spectrum.”  
Today we are guided by White Planetary Mirror, which coded the day that the Tomb of Pacal Votan was discovered.  This Gregorian year is depicted by the Antipode of 20.10Occult 11.4 coded the world-changing event on 9/11/2001.  The G-Force for Kin 10 is Kin 248:  Yellow Overtone Star.  The PSI Chrono Kin for day 15 of Moon 10  is the 3rd Solar Witness, Kin 157:  Red Lunar Earth.
White Dog Seal 10:  Dog or Divine Loyalty.  The twofold Accumulation of Merit has “already been completed“.  Dog shares love universally as the accumulation of Merit, both for him/herself, and for all beings. 
The Compassionate One exemplifies the power of Love as the unconditional regard for all creatures.  Seal 10 begin the SolarProphetic Return with SP-Mercury.  Polar Family;  North Pole;  Crown Chakra.
This Magic Turtle Day has a double connection to the Crown Chakra, and is aligned with the North Pole region from which the Volcano eruption Circumhorizontal arc photoPlanetary Cloud of Resonant Silica Crystal continues to emanate.  Let’s each create a telepathic  connection with its Silica Crystals, and see our Earth saturated with “Rainbows of Love and Compassion“.   This is also a Perfect way to demonstrate Divine Loyalty for the Creator of all Creatures.  🙂
Codon  37:   Power of  the Home; Cosmic Order Informs Time:


██████████   Codon 37 is the 3rd Master Codon for  this 3rd Quarter.

████▌▐████    Codon 37 codes Week 27, and this Week:  39.   


████▌▐████  We build the codon’s Cube from the Bottom up.

██████████  Day 1:   Lay this line (Yang;   Time) on the Bottom of the Cube.

This helpful graphic, and the image of Dog, above, are courtesy of Kin 13,  AnatanA.
Heptad 39:  Corresponds to Mercury and Pluto, creating a triple connection with Mercury today.  “Purity of Enlightenment.”
DALI:  Target;  GK-Mercury;  Crown:  “My Father is Intrinsic Awareness. I Feel the Heat.”  Throne;  Christ;  Omni-Galactic Source.  In Blue Week Three we begin building  the Occult Teleptahic Time Atom, by constructing the Sensory Quantum in during the first 3 days.  Build the Top of the Radion Cube.
Each day this week corresponds to one Year of the Mystery of the Stone.  Each day’s Plasma links aphasically to the next day’s Plasma.
DALI 15:   Victory Targets Mystery of the Stone.  AD 2004-2005.  Seal Bolontiku Stage 1 
Telektonon Day 15:  Second Prophecy;  Seal Two coded by Kin 249:  Red Lunar Moon.  “Last 7 Calamities rouse the Army of the Righteous to the 13 Moons.”
Cube Nine:  Purification.  Bolon Ik’s 2nd Weaving:   “By my unconscious Moon power of Purification, may Prophecy flow the Victory of the Righteous!  May Babylon Planet be forever cleansed!”  “May the Cosmic Eagle fly again!”
peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peaceThe wonderful comments emanating from our Community of the 441-144 Cube of Truth are so appreciated.  Tomorrow our newest members  will be introduced.  We are seeking  Wizard,  Earth and Storm Kin to complete the full spectrum of 20 seals  🙂  The promised website is delayed until 12.12, (which appropriately equals 144 when multiplied)     Thanks to Moi and others who spread the 9.9 post about our opportunity to telepathically seed the silica which is currently saturating the atmosphere of Earth.  This is the ‘Perfect‘ time to ‘Manifest’ Rainbows  of   Love,  Peace and  Compassion.  peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace
N. S.   1. 22. 10. 15.        Cube Nine:  PURIFICATION                 Kin 10

22 thoughts on “Kin 10: Planetary Dog on Dali 15 of Planetary Moon; Magic Turtle Day!

  1. powerful line in this – seen from “a burning sun through ancient, Icelandian earthly dust inbetween” :

    “Codon 37 codes Week 27, and this Week: 39”

    37 iz a keyfractal in 111, 222, … 999: 3×37=111
    and it communicates 10 / TEN

    27 iz 28 minus 1 pinpointing to the 9991 noogrid freQuency shattering earthcrust within the pivotal timespan we húmans experience guided by media and discovering the medium talents we rexonate …
    & it communicates 9 / NINE (2+7)

    39 directly sends 3×13 and we experience 40 having the +1 factor as the future dreamwise wanted better world with relations that telepath the trust ~ the Golden Mean
    9991 also communicates 3×9 and 1 and so 28 as the 0/zero hidden in the 13Moon Experience Out-Co-Me – me as the feminine quality in every human being as a temple aka an earth full of pages as butterflies on metamorph or already flying a’Gain as the one-daya-experience all the time … as a humble living water bag radiating love – life – void into glory …

    planetary dog … hmmm, isnt that about just that?

    :-{ … }-:

  2. i welllcome the command suggested warmly in:

    “Thanks to Moi and others who spread the 9.9 post about our opportunity to telepathically seed the silica which is currently saturating the atmosphere of Earth.”

    since i’m addicted to the +1 and -1 service in a trinity with 0 …
    i even label this 9.9 as a 10.9.9 post while it iz placed in the 10th moon we are pass-in-G(ee) … It will take some yearcycles before the 10.9.9 occurs again having the 260 and the 365/6 gears in creative friction aka workinG(ee)

    G as the Hunab’Ku Character : – ))

    and then we see even better 10.9.9 equals – the year where time geared 20fold when we align to the Calleman Idea on what the 9 layers of a Mayan Temple communicate so full of strenght and growing “Icelandian” VAST.

    “CASH ! no ASH” a Financial Ministre emailed to his Icelandian Smart P’artner
    How funny we people take the mentally mediated disastre while the remedical factor is also active … having the TMQ advise in the meditations cleansinG(ee) is in my vision the anti-matter counter partnear of 9991 … and they both fuse in the bird of t’i~me


  3. Would there be any resistance to the notion of introducing Diana, Queen of Hearts (Kin 139 Blue Solar Storm) as a member of our Cube Community to be our missing Storm Seal? She seems to have quite a presence already….. 🙂

    What say you, Kin?

    Melovia Moon

      • come-in-G out of the rest-in-G room,
        Eye came face to face with ‘Diana’
        On 10.10 in the watch of the Mirror. She had many neck-laces and a cow-G-irl hat on with a serpent/rattlesnake with it’s mouth open.
        Eye sea-Ays YES to the Queen of Hearts!
        Q=17 line-ear
        Q=20 radial a.b.
        2Geather=37 (center tone of dzogchen intergalactic stat map-held by our Spectral Earth.

  4. Another 3/4 weirdness…

    On the exit off 99 to get to my house it says

    Maze Blvd. / Kansas Ave.
    (Hwy) 108 (Hwy) 132
    3/4 Mile

    Self-Existing Star / Lunar Human

    108 /4 = 27 / 3 = 9

    132 /4 = 33 / 3 = 11

    We are definitely not in Kansas anymore.

    New Zealand is so beautiful! You are absolutely meant to be there.

    Everyone keep up the grins! 😉

  5. Christine;

    Love the way your experiences/observations synchronize so beautifully with the day’s numbers! And what a great ‘sign’ (choice) Maze vs. Kansas. 🙂

    Part of yesterday’s lost post discussed 9/11 (2004) and what happened one Moon later: 10.10 (October 10, which TMQ had had many vivid dreams of) when her computer displayed 10/10/2004 hundreds of times as described here (on 10/10/2009):
    Yesterday she realized that the PSI for 10/10 is 15.10 (TMQ’s Long Count signature) and yesterday was (15)th day of Moon (10) 🙂
    The second writing of the post for 10.10 left that out, but your sign, which you cleverly reduced to 9/11, resurrected it!

    Grin and Synch on!

  6. P.S.
    That sign seems to indicate that your Tiger (132) is quite connected with the upcoming GM108X Day-out-of-Time!
    Are there any Bay Area D.O.O.T. plans yet? 🙂

  7. Oh my goodness – I didn’t even read the original article about that rainbow phenomenon until now – circumzenithal arc – and this was the other graphic!

    Andrew G. Saffas, a Concord artist and photographer, saw the colorful arc at 3:51 p.m. (WHAT!!?) on a beautiful day recently when a slight rain had fallen in the morning. He thought it was a rainbow, created by raindrops refracting sunlight the way glass prisms refract any bright beam of light.

    Read more:

    Friday, February 23, 2007
    Gamma Galactic 17 Overtone Dragon 16, 1 Gamma Moon 2006-2007 One Ring Catalytic Realm, Monkey Genesis

    So aye surmise aye am being challenged to have an event here in Mon-key land. 😉 My gears are now engaged. Eye will activate in order to explore; bonding wakefulness, eye seal the output of space – eye am guided by the power of navigation.

    Fitting that we will celebrate Earth Day four days from now as She is my Guide. On Cosmic Skywalker Kin 13 – I am very interested to see what Obama will do. 😉 He’s been on quite a roll, as it were, lately. The 40th Anniversary – 4 x 10 – two generation/dimensions vigesimal/organic construction expression – Mirror, Mirror

    In explaining the primacy of the energy of the Dragon wavespell to a friend, I realized its mirroring capacity as an encoding recalibration, much in the way a printer adjusts itself through symmetry exercise. It is still incumbent upon the user to CHOOSE the correct perspective (aspect ratio/trajectory/quantum level of fractality.)

    Jose (Lord)
    No amount of gratitude can be enough. 😉
    We are all servants to harmonic.
    Your courage, love, ten a city, message has spread.

    All in the cube!


    • Eye spent much T=EyeMe 2day with a beetle….
      sending mi ‘OsheArt’ out into the 10.10 daya….
      G-Raw-Eye-Sea-An-An-O-in-Us grazi Christine for the ‘All 2G-eathernow!”

  8. Dear Christine;
    It already figures prominently in today’s blog–So exciting!
    It’ll be done/posted in about an hour 🙂 I was just opening yahoo to see when it appeared, then saw your latest. -do you know the date of the Rainbow Grin? Thanks for finding and sending in this ‘crystal’ gem. Namaste, TMQ

  9. My prescription I picked up today, no joke –
    FRI 5:08 PM
    clindamycin – my Mother’s name is Linda and my sister and I as little girls were always referred to as “the mice,” Ha ha!
    $2.58 – Spectral Mirror
    Qty 28 – natural time
    20 Dram – Kin overlay
    (Capsule diagram)
    Blue and Green
    Front: G 150 mg
    Back: 3328
    Cell 43 – Self-existing Night
    Dosage: (predictive text = 367243 = forbid = forage = enrage, that was a hilarious one I stumbled upon a few months ago, 😉 )
    Take one capsule by mouth four times daily – watches

    It’s time for a nap.

    • Dear Sky;
      That is so beautiful!!! Did you create it?
      Thank you for sharing it 🙂 TMQ

  10. thX MOI ::
    Q=17 line-ear
    Q=20 radial a.b.
    (center tone of dzogchen intergalactic stat map-held by our Spectral Earth.

    may i note:
    17 is also minus 4 from DRAGON (1) and it iz the navigathor EARTH at SPECTRAL BOW: the (RAIN)BOW which iz an illusion however it teaches us to accept the auric field as a reality … as well as the effect a single húman being has by living its stand/seat/walk/dream …

    37 x 3 = 111
    37 x 3 x 3 = 333
    37 x 3 x 3 x 3 = 999

    having the lineair and the radial a.b. we also refine the higher orders
    they reflect (MIRROR), catalyze (STORM) and enlighten (SUN) the human R’ace

  11. i saw through: “… courtesy of Kin 13, AnatanA”

    from my wizardbox that vowes characters i numbers – the bivideotex AM=ZN=1-13 – aNaTaNa spells 1 13 1 7 1 13 1

    4 x 1 and 13 7 13 (33!)

    summed they give 37 (x3=111 / x3=333 / x3=999)

    at ur court-to-see }}{*|*{

  12. Ayoa!!!

    a G-if-t this AM=ZN=1-13….
    To scan and upload 37 OshArt.

    compassportal-IN-G in fom planetary moon kali 25 post.
    First day of Jamal-Beauty in the Bahai count…3rd of 19 moons.
    3×19=57 overtone earth….
    G-O-IN-G in and Re-SOUND-in-G the Vibrations!!!
    SalUtations S’ace…

    69+37=106kin, lunar worldbridger
    + AM=ZN=1-13 (so +37 to 106=143)

    • thX so noo-INTENSOULFUL dear moi 205 …

      did u know the alignment u have with skya?

      she iz 100 and u are 205 …

      getting the arrow before it hits the target?

      ;-)) moiH

      by the waya did u know it iz actually ZN in the right sequence?

      okay , this one i declare right awaya:
      Z=0=zero iz the 1st character of the alphabet …
      so in order we pronouce ZN as the shortage for bivideotex … which of course was the TRICKSTER active without a CAUSE (of course) but HEALING as a TEACHER from SPONTANEOUS INTERVAL … as TZOLK’IN tepsetry only stimulates the rebirth-in-Gee

      the clock ticks’ a little bit different by u and skya and TMQ and MELOWiah and the manY …

      as PACAL VOTAN was all the time hidden in the GAYAN bolon ik

      (psssT ~ be in a s’island mode)

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