Kin 12: Crystal Human codes Gamma 17 of the 10th Moon of Manifestation

TodayCrystal Human (12×12=144),  is the The Mystery Queen’s G-Force, and it is also now the Galactic Birthday of  the virtual birth of our  ‘441 Community of the 441 Cube of Truth’!    (The address of our new ‘Home’ is given below)  🙂

The Code Spell for Kin 12,  Yellow Crystal Human is:  “I Dedicate in order to Influence.  Universalizing Wisdom, I seal the process of Free Will with the Crystal tone of Cooperation.  I am guided by the power of Flowering.”

Yellow Crystal Seed
White Crystal Wind Yellow Crystal Human Blue Crystal Hand
  Red Lunar Moon

Today’s Analog is Kin 207:  Blue Crystal Hand, which codes the 12/21/2012 Solstice, whose numbers squared become the numbers that code our Community of the Cube:  144 and 441.  The Antipode, Crystal Wind, the Antipode represents our Cooperative and Inspired Communication at our new site.  The G-Force of 12.12 is 14.11, Spectral Wizard which codes the first declared Galactic Synchronization Crew in our Community. 

See  Kin 182’s (Michael) wonderful description of his visit to Palenque, posted on Kin 11, in which he also mentions that the 3 combined  Kin numbers of GSC 154 equal 414, the 3rd recombinant integer of 441.  The PSI that codes Moon 10, Day 17 is Kin 199, Blue Self-Existing Storm, which codes the Heart Oracle of the 6th Bolontiku, who we are awakening this year, and whose 3 Oracles (Self-Existing Seed and self-Existing Star) are part of our Cube Community.

Postulate 12.12 states:  “Galactic universal life transport vehicles represent evolving crystalline floral projective structures of advanced types of multiple  central axes.  Experiments possible only after AD 2013.”

 Seal 12:  Human.  The highest Degree (bhumi) has “already been ascended to“.  Human, uplifter to the highest Degree, dispenses Wisdom impartially from atop the ladder of Free Will. 

Human or Sage  exemplifies Wisdom as the source of Prophecy, and Prophecy as the enactment of Wisdom.  SP-Earth;  Core;  Equatorial Regions;  Heart of our Earth  :).

The 40th Anniversary of Earth Day is on Kin 14 on  19.13     This is a computer generated image provided by the European Space Agency which shows an artist impression of *   * ttp:// 

 Image Preview “Perhaps best known for his role in initiating the world famous Harmonic Convergence global peace meditation of August 16-17, 1987 José Argüelles (a.k.a. Valum Votan) was also one of the originators of the Earth Day concept and is recognized as the “Father of the Whole Earth Festival,” now in its 33rd year at Davis, California.”Go to fullsize imageGo to fullsize imageGo to fullsize image (Shown here autographing books at The Prophets Conference in Cancun, on his Solar Birthday, Jan. 24, 2010)

GAMMA 17:  Pacify;  SP-Venus;  Third Eye“My Lineage is the Union of Intrinsic Awareness and the Ultimate Sphere.  I Attain the Power of Peace.”  Mystery;  Pacal Votan;  Hunab Ku.Today we complete the Sensory Quantum of the Occult Telepathic Time Atom.  Build the Front of the Radion Cube.  ██████████ We “create the Triplet” by placing this line (Yang;  TIME) on the  Left face of the Cube for Codon 37:  Power of the Home.  Gamma 17:  Victory Pacifies  the Mystery of the Stone:  the Third Year;  AD 2006-2007.

Telektonon Day 17:  Seal 4 coded by Kin 199: Blue Self-Existing Storm.  ’13 Moons Peace restores sacred vision of Heaven as new social form’. 

Cube Eleven:  Magic    Bolon Ik’s 4th Weaving:  “By my conscious Monkey power of Magic, may Prophecy establish Victory of the 13 Moons as the righteous way of Heaven on Earth.”

New members of our Community of the Cube (our ‘new social form’) will be introduced on Kin 13 (allowing time for others to join now  :))  Kin 205 (Moi) mentioned  in a recent comment that the source of the Resonant Silica-filled cloud, Eyjafjallajokull ‘s letters add up to [a=1, z=26] 164.  That creates a further link to our 2013 Galactic Synchronization on Kin 164:  Yellow Galactic Seed.  Additionally, the last 3 letters = 21, 12, 12 echo the 21st day of the 12 month of ‘012 (and the ‘root’ of our Community of the Cube)!  Moi also mentions Celebration (=99, Galactic storm) With the synchronistic launch of our new site, during Earth Week, there is much to celebrate.  These beautiful images from Kin 100 (Sky) evoke a vibrant feeling of Celebration of our Earth and each other!

KORU DREAM Love & Happiness Mandala Rainbow Love

Today is an auspicious  Convergence of Synchronicity that seals the ‘Perfection” of ‘Manifesting” the birth of our 144 Community of the 441 Cube of Truth on this Crystal day of Cooperation, Free Will and Wisdom.  12.12 exemplifies 144, and this Gamma Day emanates from HunabKu 21 on the Inter-dimensional Star Map.  The 12 and 21 (squared = 144 and 441) is further sealed by the Analog of  Blue Crystal Hand (coding 12/21/2012).  12.12 is the G-Force of 18.8 (18×8=144).  12.12 + 18.8 + 10.1  (combined Year and Moon) equals 20.8, Yellow Galactic Sun, the Galactic Birthday (and P.V.C.S.) of Pacal Votan, today’s Patron who left us the crucial  information  for our 12/21/2012 transition.  Today, Cube 11:  Magic represents The Master Alchemist, Valum Votan, during whose  11.11 Galactic Birthday (in most of the world) these words are written. 

The Heart Oracle of the Bolontiku, ‘Vast Awesome Blue Sky’ Kin 199:  Blue Self-Existing Storm, whom we are awakening during this Cube 13:  Year of Prophecy;   is invoked thrice;  on this Gamma 17, which happens once a Moon,  as the PSI for Moon 10; Day 17, which occurs once a year, and as a telepathic member of our Community of the Cube which is unveiled today:  🙂 

Kin are  urged to initially leave suggestions (everything about this fledgling site is fluid and flexible) and  information of any kind, in the comments section of the initial post there, until there is a page for every topic we deem helpful to our development as a Community and our understanding of the 441 Cube Matrix of  Truth, Telepathy and Totality.

Our virtual Community of the Cube begins during Week 39.  The numbers in the title of today’s post equal 39.    

19.13:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.” peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace

N. S.   1. 22. 10. 17.       Cube Eleven:  Magic          Kin Twelve

7 thoughts on “Kin 12: Crystal Human codes Gamma 17 of the 10th Moon of Manifestation

  1. Pingback: José Arguelles-2012 Prophecy-Part 4 | 2012: End Of The World

  2. Something Fell,Then Quickly Rose.
    (My) Favorite Damn Disease.
    I Tend to Desire (Darkness).I (Night Time).When I feel SWEET (MOTHERMAYA) Reflecting Polarity?.When Solar Sun goes down…(REST) for (HER)
    Roll It?
    The Vertice gives me Serenity?
    Where the Vortex is quite a pretty Picture?
    The Wheel.
    The Turn.
    The Seasons
    .The (Turn-Re) of His Presence.(P.V.)
    With A More,
    ( Foc-u-sed Awareness Swallow) of Galactic Nourishment.
    When Eye Actually Realize Him.(V.V.)
    (P.V.) is Grace.
    So How Do I perfect What I do?
    How does all of (Olive) me become (HUNAB;KU),(You).
    Enriched, Enforcement?
    We are Powerful Individuals.
    Purpose To Expose (Weakness)+(Gain) Strength=Balance Of Matrix within the Cooperative 144.114.441.(Cube of Truth)……………
    I ask if (V.V)could be addressed,or simply asked”How can our 144.441 Cube be of Glorified Fully Allighned Activated(S.E.R.V.IC.E.)
    of MayanTruth?
    A layout?
    How we Can assist Prophecy.
    Thank you all.
    Such Progressed,Brilliant Minds in this 441.144. Hunab Crew!
    In La’kesh.
    (GalactiFied) (Certified)

    • I was in a Christian, fundamentalist musical in 1987, (A, eh, hoser?) the last year I was encircled by the Four-square Baptist Church, called “Army of the Lord.” Ill fitting fatigues and all.
      A Goya Biloxi Blues, as it were. 😉

      We are ALL HERE to report for DUTY.
      We Oui Wee Whee will await further/future

      Hell yes! (GalactiFied) (Certified!)

  3. It was basically a series of choral pieces but I did have a solo and a duet – totally pro-militaristic paranoid vigilance against “enemies.” Really Zionist leaning. I can’t seem to reconcile Jesus with an AK-47, but lots do. 😉

    Now…onto Skywalk. 😉
    The War for Consciousness will be fought with Positive Balanced Energy and Neutralization of Fear.

    XOXO 😉

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