Kin 13: Red Cosmic Skywalker codes Planetary Kali 18; Cube 12: Free Will

The first Wavespell of the 33rd Galactic Spin ends today with Red Cosmic Skywalker.  The Code Spell for Kin 13 is:  “I Endure in order to Explore.  Transcending Wakefulness, I seal the output of Space with the Cosmic tone of Presence.  I am guided by the power of Navigation.”

Red Cosmic Earth
Blue Cosmic Night Red Cosmic Skywalker White Cosmic Worldbridger
  Yellow Magnetic Star

Today’s Analog is a Pacal Votan Clear Sign;  Kin 26:  Cosmic World-Bridger.  Red Cosmic Earth Guides us into the 40th Earth Day celebration.  The G-Force is Blue Magnetic Hand:  7.1.  The Seventh Solar Witness, Kin 200;  Yellow Overtone Sun  codes the PSI for Planetary 18, and the Heart Oracle of the 7th Lord of Time/Bolontiku.

Postulate 13.13 states:  “Spiritual realization owing to facility in displacement opens to Psychozoic super conscious, and the development of dual forms of radiosonic architecture.  One form of radiosonic architecture is cultivated through deployment of vehicles of time transport;  analogous or complementary forms to “anchor” the time travel vehicles are created from within the social-biospheric matrix of the simple and highly sedentary culture of the evolving art spore.”

  Seal 13, Skywalker.   The Empowerment (abissheka)  has” already been received.”    Skywalker expolres space as the empowerment of all-abiding wakefulness.  Skywalker or Prophet or World Teacher  “exemplifies the Spirit of Prophecy as the wisdom of the future made present.”  SP- Mars;  Signal;  Southern Territories;  Solar Plexus.

Catalytic Blue Kali 18:   Catalyze/Establish;  SP-Earth;  Secret Center Chakra:  “My Name is the Glorious Lotus-Born.  I Catalyze the Light-Heat Within.”   KALI 18 Establishes the Catalytic link between the Sensory and Telepathic Quanta of the Occult Telepathic Time Atom.  Initiation;  Quetzalcoatl;  Ahua Kin (our Sun).
We telepathically create the Back of the Radion Cube.  “Establish the Fourth line”  ████▌▐████  (Yin;  SPACE) on the Back of the Cube for Codon 37:  “Power of the Home:  Cosmic Order Informs Time.”
UR Earth 5:  Day Earth.  The 4th Year of the Mystery of the Stone,  AD 2007-2008,  is time-compressed into Kali 18.   Seals Bolontiku Stage 4 (“Black Iron Garuda Crest”) Day 18:  Seal 5, coded by Kin 44;  Yellow Overtone Seed.  5th Lost Generation, led by White Electric Mirror. ” Universal telepathy of 13 Moons Peace releases Earth from illusion of money
Cube Twelve:  Free Will  Bolon Ik’s 5th Weaving‘Fall of Babylon releases 13 Moons Way into art of Earth meditation.”  “By my continuing conscious Human power of Free Will, may Prophecy release Victory of the 13 Moons as the power of Humanity to regenerate the Biosphere!”  “May Peace Prevail!” 
The Patron for Kali is Quetzalcoatl, and Seal 13, Skywalker represents Quetzalcoatl.  Today,  in Cube Year 13:  Prophecy,  the number 13  appears 5 times:  Kin 13, Seal 13, Tone 13, Year 13 all on Kali whose Patron is Quetzalcoatl, sealed by 13.
“It turns out that there have been a lot of symbols for Quetzalcoatl in modern crop pictures, too many to describe here“.  Researchers “associate many of those Mayan-type crop pictures with the long promised return of Quetzalcoatl in late 2012, when his Long Count calendar ends”.   They also discuss how often circles of Jesus and Quetzalcoatl appear together such as here:
The last day to contain so many Thirteens was described in Valum Votan’s last  Rinri Report (along with information on the 441 Cube Matrix)
 This crop circle appeared (July 9, 2009) on the day he was describing:  the 13th day of the 13th  Cosmic Moon, which was coded by Kin 247:  Blue Cosmic Hand (7.13).  (Burbuja 33’s Kin number adds up to 13, and is 13x19)  peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peaceThe newest Kins to join our Community of the Cube include our first  “Pacal Votan Clear SignTiger from the Eagle Bio-region, (introduced by wife Christine Kin 133) who is Kin 132, Yellow Lunar Human (12.2)  We are glad to have added 5 more Kin from the Night Region, North Island of Aotearoa:  Mike, Kin 226 (Overtone World-Bridger joined us during the Moon coded by World-Bridger.  His  son, Joe,  shares his tone:  Kin 44:  Yellow Overtone Seed.  Son Jack is coded by Kin 231:  Blue Planetary Monkey, matching the  tone of this Moon.   they compose a Galactic Synchronization Crew coded by Kin 241:  Red Resonant Dragon, a Galactic Activation Portal that anchors the top right corner of the Tzolkin.   They may merge with two Kin:  Sometime partner Kin 111:  Blue Spectral Monkey, also a Galactic Activation PortalAdditionally, and her daughter who is Kin 219:  Blue Spectral Storm.  These Kin bring lots of playful, activating and transformative energy into our Community of the Cube.  Kin 100 (Sky) is relocating to Aotearoa (New Zealand) in the near future  🙂
Several kin approved  Kin 129’s (Melovia)  suggestion that we include Princess Diana, Queen of Hearts Kin 139:  Blue Solar Storm.  Kin 205 (Moi) described a beautiful vision affirming this.   No one was opposed to the inclusion of Madame Helena Petrovna  Blavatsky (Kin 51:  Blue Crystal Monkey, who anchors the left end of the Horizontal axis of the 441 Cube. (Our 2 Kin 11’s hold the opposite end).  A fresh list of all the Kin in the 144 Community of the 441 Cube of Truth will be available soon at  peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace
 This last crop circle shows an 8 (Star) created out of 2 sets of 21 (Hunab Ku) circles.  In 8 days, it will be  Hunab Ku 21.21  (Minus 20.13 = 1.8).  Kin 21, Red Galactic Dragon,  is  the Galactic Signature of the ‘2013 and The Mystery Queen’  blog.  This Red Dragon Wavespell One, which birthed the virtual home of the Cube of Truth ends with the Magnetic Star’s Occult Watch.  This crop circle of one eight can also represent 8.1.
Last year, several crop circles had appeared by Planetary 18, so we can be expecting a “Celestial message to appear in the fields anytime now  🙂
 N. S.   1. 22. 10. 18.   Cube Twelve:  Free Will      Kin 13:  Prophecy

26 thoughts on “Kin 13: Red Cosmic Skywalker codes Planetary Kali 18; Cube 12: Free Will

  1. I Have been working by Moun. *(Rush)*(12)(*)More)*(60) National Blah,Blah,Blah.
    Anyways, my friends.
    Early this morning.
    I was proceeding on an outing with my G.O.D.(‘s)*D.O.G.(‘s).
    The Black Hills are on a smaller base scale to mountains. Ex.
    What Im getting at is.
    (One),has a hard time getting lost,
    Deer and Antelope,Bison and Mountain Goats.
    It was a buffet of Conversation!.
    As well as Connection(Natur-al) (13/20)?
    The weather is so fresh.
    Lots of Rain.Rainbows!
    Thick fog.
    Dark clouds.
    Cool Rain.(Tears).
    Was Notified of a “Blast”, that would occur at the Crazy Horse Memorial.
    This was the opening of what will embark my mind on a journey into the Study of This (Ogalala)*(Lakota)* (Sioux)**Chief**Shamanic** Leader**.

    Heres a little Information/Background(13.13)

    CRAZY HORSE, S.D. — He never let anyone take a photograph of him during his lifetime. But today, the face of Crazy Horse looks out upon the South Dakota landscape for all to see.

    Far larger than life, the stone visage of the 19th-century Sioux chief is the only completed feature of what will be the largest sculpture in the world. Already his 87-foot-high head is bigger than the entire figures of the four presidents at Mount Rushmore 17 miles away — and that’s only a fraction of the total work.

    No timetable has been set for the completion of the Crazy Horse Memorial, but the work continues without letup.

    Every day when the weather is suitable, family members of the late sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski can be seen on the mountain, shaping the granite with explosives and laser cutters. When they are finally finished, Crazy Horse will be seen astride his horse in a monumental carving 641 feet long and 563 feet high.

    “There’s no way to tell when it will be finished,” said Ruth Ziolkowski, the sculptor’s 77-year-old widow, who has run the project since her husband died in 1982. “The dream is there. We just keep on working.”

    It’s an enormous undertaking, made more so because the Ziolkowski family has steadfastly refused to accept proffered monies from government bodies, twice turning down offers of $10 million. The work is financed solely by admission fees to the visitor center and private donations.

    When I first visited the Crazy Horse Memorial in the summer of 1982, more than 7 million tons of rock had been removed from the mountain — 18 times more than all of Mount Rushmore — but there was little to see.

    Most visible was the hole that had been blasted through the mountain; it is to become the space between the chief’s outstretched arm and his horse. What will become the head of the horse was outlined with 176 gallons of white paint on the mountain’s flank, and in the valley below was a small visitor center and the modest home of the sculptor and his family.

    Today, workers are beginning to shape the horse’s head and the visitor complex below the sculpture has grown to include a large pine-paneled museum of Indian lore and artifacts, a restaurant, exhibit halls, cultural center and gift shop. A key object is the 1/34-scale plaster model of the sculpture that stands on the viewing terrace of the visitor center. More than a million persons visit the project annually.

    Among the museum’s displays are 26 of the original beads that bought the island of Manhattan in 1626, two pipes owned by Chief Sitting Bull, a collection of Old West prints by photographer Edward Curtis, and historic Indian headdresses, blankets, buckskin outfits and beaded moccasins. The gift shop carries goods made by Native Americans.

    But even these elements pale beside Ziolkowski’s grand plan for the complex. If completed the way he envisioned, the Crazy Horse Memorial will also encompass an Indian University of North America, a medical training center, an airport, a much larger Indian Museum and an Avenue of the Chiefs lined with sculptures of Native American leaders, all in the shadow of the world’s largest sculpture.

    It’s all a part of Ziolkowski’s dedication to the betterment of Native Americans. The sculptor created a scholarship program for Native Americans that has given more than $500,000 since its inception 25 years ago, and Native Americans are not charged admission to the memorial.

    The memorial’s proximity to the monumental carvings at Mount Rushmore is no accident. Sculptor Ziolkowski had worked for a time with Gutzon Borglum on the Rushmore project and knew the area well. He also was an established artist, having won an award for a bust of Polish pianist and president Ignace Paderewski at the 1939 New York World’s Fair.

    That same year Ziolkowski received a letter from Sioux Chief Henry Standing Bear, asking him to carve a memorial to the American Indian.

    “I would the White Man to know the Red Man has great heroes, too,” the chief wrote.

    After military service during World War II, Ziolkowski accepted the invitation, acquired the mountain and set off the first dynamite blast in 1948. Work on the project since has been continuous, though slow.

    Ziolkowski married and raised 10 children while working on the project. Seven of them, plus some grandchildren, work at the complex.

    The man honored by the sculpture, Crazy Horse, was both a visionary leader and legendary warrior. “Crazy Horse defended his people and their way of life in the only manner he knew,” Ziolkowski wrote in 1949.

    After the United States broke the Treaty of 1868, Crazy Horse fought the white man’s encroachment successfully in several battles, including the 1876 Battle of Little Bighorn, also known as Custer’s Last Stand. “My lands are where my dead lie buried,” he once declared.

    The Indian leader finally surrendered to U.S. forces in 1877, but died at age 35 later that year when a soldier bayoneted him while another soldier held his arms. Completion of the monumental statue may not atone for the treachery that resulted in Crazy Horse’s death, but certainly will bring the story of a proud people to the attention of millions.

    Sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski had a strange relationship with Crazy Horse. The Indian chief was slain on Sept. 6, 1877, the same day Ziolkowski was born 31 years later. “The Indians believe Crazy Horse’s spirit roamed until it found a suitable host — and that was Korczak,” said his wife, Ruth.

    If you go

    GETTING THERE: The Crazy Horse Memorial is in western South Dakota on U.S. 16/385, about 17 miles southwest of Mount Rushmore. Nearest major airport is at Rapid City, 38 miles away.

    In La’kesh All.

  2. O.K.
    Anyone in The (441.144) Community of Truth:is:
    Here is the GAME>
    Name That Kin!
    I will give a Brand New!

    (C.H.C.) volume (2) book of the Avatar.
    To the (1st) member of the (441.144) Community of Truth, That correctly states the::

    Kin( I) have Chosen:
    1 – 260.

    I will reveal clues until its chosen.

    Good Luck All!!

    1-260???????????????Simple Enough:

    Ill ship it anywhere in the Galaxy.
    My Gift To You!
    Games On!

    • What a great game! The most telepathic one wins 🙂

      (A number comes to my mind, but will wait to see how closeit was) Will enjoy ‘watching’ 🙂

  3. Dear TMQ whew ‘in tune’ from Sky view- reworking the Papa Rangi with a kozmik backdrop over the day here

    looks cool on “the big picture”

    joined also Rysa on New Rays Art for any artists out there–have a looksee.

    taking a few days to recalibrate for proposed old matrix last threads being cutoff…and some deep cellular mutations, etcetera every1 here kNows.

    With you deep and high on the noo*
    Gratitude and Blessings

    (is K100, yet you have 2x said 200—so I take this as a kozmik sign to make also that Overtone Xploration.

    Holding energy on leMUria H.O.M.E. and HeartLand


  4. I may implode if this correct.
    10 Planetary God?

    On my commute home just now…
    I take the 99 Spectral Storm and as I was passing Exit 250 Electric Dog, Stockton Airport, natural Sky territory…
    I was following a chartered bus – on the top in bold –


    There is a billboard for the “Flying J” truck stop – HAHA – That’s levitation, homes.

    I have not gone into this, but nearly EVERY truck in the U.S. has a 53 on the side to denote standard length.

    It has been percolating since I received my copy of the Telektonon Revelation and the 260 Katun Cycles 52-unit light body chart – Ben, Wheel Baktun. One of my closest, truest amazing women in my circle is a Magnetic Skywalker – even though I rarely see her, she is always there.

    After that, I saw these three jokes –

    Watkins/Sheperd Trucking

    Maya Trucking, of Modesto

    GSC Logistics.

    Am I warmer?


    Christine 😉

  5. There is a Flying J Truck stop here as well. That is too Classic.
    No g.o.d. d.o.g.
    93.k.133.Skywalkers. 11.01 p.m. on (13.13)



    Not a G.O.D.!

    Love Y’all

  6. the beauty of the b’east in 441::144 in my pineall-eye iz:

    13 …

    why iz that?

    the outer 2 4’s imply -4 and +4 as the anti-matter and matter mystery fields!

    this makes 13 from 4+9 …
    but then 41::14 does vibrate 10 …

    YEAH … but then this field challenges us to 414 !
    so the :: (4 dots) imply: overcome the field of separation!
    and LOVE the unifying uniQversal SONGE …

    as T’eached by the Many Anvient Maps Given …
    so 441::144 also vibrates 22 …
    where the 4 dots represent the -4 to +4 field of attraction!

    Quite Simple ~ when it iz lived as its me-a-sure :-)) toYYY

  7. Crystalizing Mirrors…

    8+1+16+16+25+5+1+18+20+8+4+1+25=148 (overtone star)
    15+1+22+22+4+9+1+18+14+15+7+1+4=133 (electric skywalker)
    148+133 reduced by 260=21 (HUNAB KU) Galactic Dragon!

    • Dear Moi;

      Thank you for your lovely and enlightening first comments at our new home: our Cube of Truth which will lead to us to Original Matrix Attained 🙂

      Yes, you could say that we will be conversing ‘pri-merrily’ there, with this site always receptive to sum-merrily specific comments about le post-du-jour, and news and synchronicities regarding that day. 🙂

      Just figured out how to add more pages at Cube OMA, (and assume links work the same way) so soon more pages and links will be added (is your new site back up yet, Moi?). Kins’ suggestions for page topics/titles are requested, including pages some may want to ‘pri-merrily’ host themselves. We have the capacity for unlimited pages, and each can also ‘nest’ sub-pages. Our page: “Galactic Kin of the Cube of Truth” (or whatever Kin want to name it) is coming next and will have a sub-page for each family. 🙂

      TMQ is still ‘catching up’ on her posts, and appreciates your patience with the initially slow development of our new virtual Home. Thankyou for the comments from the first several Galactic Kin to speak up there. You are ‘bringing life’ into our Cube of Truth!

      With Love and Truth; In La’kesh, Kin 138; Galactic Mirror

      • Eye am G-reat-Full for the Patrick FlanniGan post….
        OshArt-in-G in a G-arden piece here in oregon…
        Blessed love and enTerG from you all—let us fill up the -C-Up with our 3T’s….and may the waters reach all this night…
        ionic oceans bring beaches of ormes..
        crystalizing frequencies
        4EVE-errrrrrrrrrr RA!

        Is anyone here part of an already exist-in-G Crest13 proJect?
        (well…ok…we ALL are…but plans for re-location?

        TMQ; mi site is standng on her pinky–after the storm rythmiclly cataleyez’ its dew and drops…mi rainbow will be resonat-in-G in de sun under the full moon.
        Eye look 441ward to nest-in-G in our new P-ages..


  8. Here’s my Sunny Star! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Oh my ever loving DOG!

    When the video begins, pay close attention to the SPONSOR. I felt a HEART DOWNLOAD. My jaw dropped.

    While I was finding this while also “catching up” on the posts with The Daily Show in the background from yesterday, and Our Kin 134, as far as I’m con-CERN-ed (ACCELERATOR) Jon Stew-ART, makes a MAYAN joke, in ORDER to

    Measure * Form * Define
    Enchant * Receptivity * Timelessness


  9. Okay so then because I’m paranoid, I made sure the SPONSOR would actually show up when it’s viewed and GUESS WHAT? The browser then alternated in three cycles of three between –


    Before it (K)Fin-ally came back to this.

    I am having a nerdgasm. Everything is going as always planned – all back doors in the programming are being opened. We have friends in powerful places. The Infinite Improbability Drive has been engaged. ACTIVATE!

    My Kin 154, Spectral Wizard has made a pledge to create a new layer of art everyday. The title of her first entry is

    day 1. i returned to yoga.!/photo.php?pid=3305021&id=705119825

  10. Following the wizard,
    there was a conFerence here last night–14 people.
    ‘Twas late…
    Sew I come to ‘do ray mi fa so la ti do’ here it this morn’ and sea there are 23 posts! Which makes this link, even more re(a)lEvent…

    Sew–Our Beloved Kin108 merries our P.V. clear sign Kin 132 in a cosmic ABSea dance…and we have the Sun Rythmically Dancing in Kin240!


    • Blessings.
      When I read – link- skywalked the thread you posted I think my (I) balls fell out. 😉

      Eagle just swooped me up….forward….;)


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